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  1. It's official...I am a loser! ;)
  2. Last Hurdle Cleared!
  3. Jeresy Ladies
  4. 2 weeks out...what I expected and what I didn't
  5. adding flavor to a liquid diet WITHOUT adding fruit! Revised recipes!
  6. adding flavor to a liquid diet with adding fruit! Revised recipes!
  7. New here with things on my mind.
  8. Anyone's WLS PAT on the 18th?
  9. Lap Band Commercials
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! I Have A Date!!!!
  11. Does jumping through hoops count as exercise?
  12. Happy Valentines Day
  13. Having fun with a liquid diet...recipes!
  14. Feeling Defeated
  15. Nutritionist Visits
  16. Feeling better...thanks!
  17. Need a little Rant!
  18. Boy OH Boy....what's next?????
  19. I'm feeling dizzy. Is that normal....
  20. I had some Epiphanies
  21. Hey All You Newbies!
  22. I was trying to help in a "normal" way but am not yet!
  23. who ever said laughter is the best medicine.....
  24. After WLS....is it more the mind or stomach?
  25. What can you NOT eat after WLS?
  26. Jiff update
  27. There and Back Again...a post-op's tale
  28. Considering Lap Band, Have a couple of questions
  29. Update on Angela
  30. give me ideas please: sample menu's
  31. give me ideas please: sample menu's
  32. New here and considering lap band surgery...
  33. Protein Powder Question
  34. Ok people...Cover me! I'm going in!
  35. Getting down to the Nitty Gritty
  36. I didn't see it coming so soon, it kind of blind sided me...strange
  37. Food questions
  38. Of roller coasters and merry-go-rounds
  39. poem...If I let go
  40. I don't understand why I feel so sad...???
  41. I did it! (kind of)
  42. surgery date stands at this Monday Feb. 4th
  43. Hair today, gone tomorrow!
  44. As we all prepare for February 3 -
  45. Jiffy You're going to be proud of me!
  46. Tofu Noodles
  47. Can you eat regular food?
  48. Lapband surgery and soda
  49. Transferring addiction?!
  50. one battle at ending...another in a long line of battles begins.
  51. NSV NSV NSV times 3!
  52. If attitude is half the battle the other half is....
  53. Meeting WLS people at Goodwill
  54. To Oatmeal or not to oatmeal, that is the ?
  55. Clothing Exchange...What fun that is!
  56. two weeks and two days???? And now my Dr. has put me on the hot list!
  57. WLS Chickies... Did You Know?
  58. Hi everyone I home now :)
  59. What should I ask?
  60. Weird Experience
  61. Oranges GRRR
  62. What was the Hardest to give UP!!
  63. UPDATE on me
  64. a poem "A funny thing happened on the way to surgery" OR "My new leather thong" hehe
  65. I'm finally learning to fill up before I give...
  66. SEABREEZE!!!!!! good luck!!!
  67. HI My surgery is jan 14th :)
  68. How long, on average...
  69. My own little update ...
  70. I Have a DATE!!!!!!!
  71. me? Bathing suit?
  72. Tired of fighting the fight
  73. Going for it
  74. Anyone still able to drink their coffee??? And more ????
  75. Concerns... first appt with surgeon post operation: NEED INPUT
  76. I still have 4 weeks to go? ;)
  77. My biggest thing right now is about drinking water post-op.....
  78. Running
  79. how long until approval
  80. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
  81. Goodbye to my grandfather
  82. I Was Approved!!!!!! Yyyyyyeeeesssss!!!!
  83. I was reading back a bit & nanj, you should do it! I say everyone should try it!
  84. "There is nothing a hot cup of tea and 12 hours sleep can't fix."
  85. Happy New Years and question on protein drinks please
  86. Believe it or not .... I'M BACK!!!
  87. a moment of sadness.....
  88. Just a quick wish for the new year...
  89. Concerning Belly Dancing....
  90. I'm back
  91. I wanted you all to know..."I WAS afraid and insecure"
  92. what about medications after surgery?
  93. Dance Dance Revolution and Belly Dancing...what else could I try?
  94. 4383 STEPS? Holy pedometer Batman!
  95. OMG I Got My Letter!!!!!
  96. WLS - New Years Resolutions
  97. Lesson Learned At Christmas
  98. The waiting Game......
  99. Thanks for staying with me until my family could get here...
  100. Merry Merry Happy Happy!
  101. I feel a bit nervous tonight and just need to talk..OK rattle on. LOL
  102. Things I can do instead of eat....a list, I love lists!
  103. Sugar vs Carbs
  104. because I'm Question Girl too, KO....:)
  105. Have you guys tried this powder?
  106. Christmas party...50 nice people and one idiot and who's comment do I focus on?
  107. Starbucks
  108. KO, you make a good point...vitamins
  109. Ok, someone pinch me...it can't really be 7 weeks away?
  110. Why surgery? Because "Darn it...I'm worth it!" :D
  111. A Confession and Cry for HELP!!!
  112. with Lap RNY or the Lap Banding...How long did it take you recover?
  113. Skin Removal Prices (tummy)
  114. Giving up soda
  115. I'm So Behind!!
  116. self care...a long time coming
  117. Egg Nog (hope this is not inappropriate!)
  118. I'm a bit confused...pre-op diet or no pre-op diet, that is the question... LOL
  119. Insurance Denial
  120. Protein Shakes
  121. CULTIVATING a positive additude
  122. Sodium question
  123. Huge Achievement! (xp)
  124. I had my pre-op appt today at ssf Kaiser
  125. As JFK said..We do these things, not because they're easy but because they're hard!
  126. wow...I didn't think that even some support would make me cry...
  127. I'm actually scared and it's not of the surgery
  128. 3 years I have waited...3
  129. Upset... (understatement) and alone.
  130. I'm still here....I have my psych. eval on Wednesday!!
  131. Some questions
  132. Back on Disability
  133. How Many Little Containers?!?!
  134. Self Talk
  135. I'm astonished!!
  136. Does anyone have trouble eating scrambled eggs???
  137. Life List 100 things
  138. Decided to have surgery
  139. I am New and i need advice
  140. WLS doesn't work on it's own, Its how you work it!
  141. The Lightbulb went off
  142. WLS and migraines
  143. Post-Op diet information request!
  144. Newbie... long intro ...lots of questions
  145. went to a meeting of docs
  146. Need info on Michigan Bariatrix Clinic
  147. Well, how did Turkey Day go?
  148. scared of extra skin
  149. Starting Point
  150. hello again
  151. I got my surgery date my friends :):):):)
  152. Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  153. Ouch! Darn Wound!
  154. COUNTDOWN Starts
  155. Qualified BMI 35 and Diabetic
  156. Things That Make Us Feel Good NOT FOOD
  157. GRRR Nutty Nutritionist
  158. totally afraid!!!
  159. Looking for a Protien powder to add to hot beverages
  160. I'm Pathetic!!
  161. Below 300!!
  162. question on gastric bypass surgery please
  163. Normal, stupid or both??
  164. Hello everyone! Miss Loser here!
  165. One Year Appt
  166. I made it!
  167. Just a thought...
  168. Weight loss surgery did not work for me
  169. Question about wine consumption
  170. yoo-hoo NANJ!!!
  171. Best wishes, Simply ME!!!!!
  172. Thank God
  173. For those who have gone before...a question about skin
  174. Some questions
  175. Four more sleeps!
  176. Is THIS NORMAL??
  177. So what do I ask?
  178. Am I just lazy?
  179. Recovery time?
  180. hi Need to talk :)
  181. Questions about gastric bypass and insurance
  182. Tell me Im crazy.....
  183. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself!
  184. Fired up and ready to go, but....long
  185. 6 month structured questions
  186. You know you have had WLS when:
  187. As Carvinmom has her surgery -
  188. I'm ba-ack
  189. two weeks post op help with stage 3
  190. What's up, everyone?!
  191. These 2 rules...
  192. How much food can one eat?
  193. Hello all from Ohio
  194. Kier's one-year checkup!
  195. Tracey? how'd it go?
  196. question for you WLS experts...
  197. Ugh!
  198. 2 wks pre surgery
  199. Protein shakes...
  200. i be jiggered!! Date is finally Set
  201. making it through the holidays
  202. i'm SOOO grateful for this
  203. Surgery risks
  204. See...I told her so!
  205. WLS , changing same eating patterns
  206. Just found this site
  207. Two Questions Sortof
  208. 3FatChicks?
  209. 1 year Anniversary
  210. Checking in after meeting my surgeon in ssf Kaiser
  211. Documented weight loss
  212. Annie (Dogpal) is doing great!
  213. energy level
  214. Weightloss by december...
  215. Question on energy level after going off caffeine
  216. I got my appt to talk to the surgeon :)
  217. Latest NEJM studies on mortality and WLS
  218. Power of Positive Thinking
  219. Strange pain/discomfort
  220. archive help
  221. Should be happy
  222. Hi, I Need some info
  223. Nsv
  224. Jax ??
  225. unlearning - learning - unlearning - relearning
  226. Psych Eval
  227. WLS and medicare, any stories?
  228. Why do we have to lose weight before WLS?
  229. It's LEENIE's birthday!!!!!!
  230. Just Getting Started!
  231. What are the steps if you want the surgery?
  232. WLS Members, Please Read.....
  233. "Rules of the Pouch"
  234. Food cravings and LapBand
  235. MSN article
  236. Dr. said mortality rate is 1 in 200?? Seriously??
  237. Concerned about weight loss
  238. What did people tell their boss or co workers about what surgery they were having?
  239. just joined
  240. Thanks for the advice
  241. size requirement for GBP
  242. Yet another Personal Q from me!
  243. Cemented my decision
  244. Brand new to this thread
  245. The Atkin's diet?! (long)
  246. I can only ask this here!
  247. 6-month diet...I've gained 1.5 pounds!!! HELP
  248. Nsv!
  249. Okay jiffypop
  250. thinking about it

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