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  1. Hello and a question?
  2. Toot...toot.....100 Pounds Lost!!!!!!
  3. more then half way....
  4. Sad news
  5. Taking A Stand! The (If I may) Jiffy Challenge!
  6. taking a stand!
  7. Just sayin hi!
  8. (SAGB) Weight Loss Surgery Nearly Killed Me!
  9. Kim's Update I miss everyone here
  10. Keeping myself busy after surgery, I wanted to share my art and new music
  11. Favorite Grabbable Breakfast
  12. The process started
  13. Almost 2 weeks post op!
  14. Insurance
  15. Pamela's One minute Flax Muffin
  16. Hey everyone...check out my pic in my profile...finally a face to put with the posts!
  17. Gastric Bypass and Type 2 Diabetes
  18. Hair Loss
  19. Eating Out
  20. Best book
  21. Happiness and Sadness
  22. New girl with an insurance question
  23. SELF Magazine August Issue
  24. help for a friend
  25. 100 lbs!!!!!!!! OK, 102!!!!
  26. Newbie wanting to say hello
  27. why do i insist on FEEDING people??????
  28. Joining the club
  29. Does anybody have any
  30. a poem..."Holding On To Me"
  31. Wow what a compliment!!
  32. I'm in Stall-HELLo!
  33. AchievOne Protein
  34. need help with insurance
  35. Newbie here but not to wls, hi ya'll!
  36. Back from the Hospital!!! Make room on the losers bench please!!!
  37. Happy Birthday Jiffypop
  38. Waiting impatiently for my surgery
  39. SLC73 - update on your wife?
  40. Funny thing happened on the way to goal wieght....
  41. any suggestions about pay
  42. Quitting Smoking For Surgery!!
  43. Are you getting enough water?
  44. My husband is on a diet and it makes me want to throttle him!
  45. Question On portion size!
  46. 7 Days!!!
  47. Bariatric Support Meeting
  48. First Appointment Re: WLS July 3rd
  49. amatiza anyone?
  50. My Obese Mother!!
  51. A dream renewed weight loss hopes
  52. Family reunions!!! WOW!
  53. Explore all you can about WLS
  54. Yes, that was ME on the ELLIPTICAL !!!!
  55. thinking about plastic surgery...any thoughts?
  56. Gastric Pacemaker
  57. First time sick since WLS
  58. Let's talk about underwear!!!
  59. 6 month update ...
  60. Happy Birthday Juners!!
  61. 2 weeks and counting!!!
  62. My baby...Well, my grown up, woman kind of baby...
  63. Im so EXCITED and I just cant hide it...
  64. WOW 3 months out
  65. Problems...
  66. Pre surgery and new job
  67. I'm struggling with a few things...I need advice.
  68. Just this and that
  69. Drinking and Eating ??
  70. Oh I must repeat myself...The fall of my Arch Nemesis!
  71. Grateful Post!
  72. My Profile Pic changed...It's Before and Now in my red DRESS AGAIN!!!!!!
  73. Help!!
  74. Update on ...ME.....:)
  75. My husband is asking about LapBand surgery
  76. 'bout time!
  77. Losing my mind over protein
  78. Blood Work
  79. Welcome Heidabear
  80. taking things slowly
  81. sugar alcohol
  82. lipo and tommty tuck
  83. Any thought on not being able to take a full breath?
  84. Colonoscopy?? I have a problem!
  85. shopping ideas
  86. pursuing surgery.
  87. i lost 50 pounds!
  88. WOW 2 months out
  89. Shocked!!!
  90. about OTHER people
  91. Well, How was your day?
  92. Mothers Day plans anybody?
  93. Good Cookbooks Anyone?
  94. Surgery has been Scheduled!
  95. 241!!!!! My appointment with the surgeon and my Arch Nemesis, the 15' High Dive! !
  96. i got a scale!
  97. Remember me?
  98. Power Over a Craving
  99. Considering Lapband surgery
  100. Plateau? Again? Seriously!!!
  101. Trip to the doc
  102. Interesting turn of events!
  103. Necessity or Grazing?
  104. Any suggestions??
  105. Holey Moley its me on the bike!!
  106. I am...what? Trying to find out after a career change, empty nest, 80+lbs weight loss
  107. I looked in the mirror and thought "Who the heck are you?"
  108. just updating
  109. Need Information
  110. Changing my goals...on two levels
  111. Finally....I am SO HAPPY!!
  112. My New Walking Routine
  113. I'm going to call my doctor today
  114. I'm In Onederland!!!!
  115. Lapband Wannabee
  116. 60 Minutes and RNY
  117. Fact or Fiction?
  118. my third fill, i think he missed!!
  119. found my way here
  120. The battle reaches Midway! And not the island!
  121. Experiment with the NO NO NEVERS!
  122. WOW its been 6 weeks already!
  123. I inspired People today!
  124. Conceit or Self-esteem, that is the question!
  125. I did it as a Wogger! 5K!!!!
  126. Clothing at Sears on sale!
  127. Making Myself Crazy
  128. Guess what!! I joined the gym!!!
  129. B12 Injections
  130. 3FC 5K race? walk? survival test?
  131. Okay ROLL CALL!
  132. Before and Now pics!
  133. Finally expirenced Dumping!
  134. 50lbs...not official but milestone!
  135. I want...I want...I want...Ahhhhhh
  136. Frist Month Out and Traveling life style!
  137. Gained 2 lbs and worried!!!
  138. i need help
  139. Eating Post-Op
  140. Feeling a little bit off, but.....
  141. sick after surgery
  142. Called the NUT for advice on the plateau I've been on.....
  143. Cost of Lap Band
  144. A all the members of the losers bench!
  145. I have to eat out three meals a day for an entire week!
  146. I'm home!!
  147. OT - Help a college student!
  148. Good Luck Floridachick
  149. Easter Feast, Family and
  150. Nervousness has settled In
  151. I have a consultation for lapband
  152. The gallery is emptying and the Cavalry showed up the help!
  153. Need help Delicate!
  154. Happy Easter
  155. Woohoo! a step down...finally!
  156. NonScaleVictories...the MVPs of NSVs
  157. Strangely feeling better this morning...weird!
  158. Driver's License Photo
  159. Problem...I have to see a Gastroenterologist!
  160. 2 fat chicks!!!
  161. I had a mini melt-down last night
  162. do you ever get tired of touching yourself...
  163. "I Can Make You Thin"
  164. Congratulations GrammyRN
  165. I am still around....
  166. Happy St Patricks Day!
  167. Whitelion Is One Big Wonderful Loser!!!
  168. Have my date!! Yet, having a hard time
  169. Denied
  170. Easter plans
  171. Lap Band and Oxford Health Insurance
  172. Nothing more uplifting then a bit of flirting!!!
  173. hello I had gastric bypass 1998.
  174. First Post Op visit
  175. True Or False?!?!?!
  176. if you can't run, walk...
  177. How do I calulate?
  178. subway tuna?
  179. Info about me. At least I think it's interesting.
  180. Wow
  181. Trials and Errors and learning
  182. cleaning things out...both in my life and in my heart.
  183. Down sizing...sad times for a sad girl.
  184. Honey I'm Home!
  185. Cooking for two and WLS!!!
  186. Along the lines of my last "delicate" topic...careful...talking body function people!
  187. Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
  188. Anyone having GBP soon-ish?
  189. Need a lap band buddy!
  190. thinking of you whitelion!
  191. 1 day 5 hours and counting
  192. sad news
  193. Well Ladies the time is close!
  194. Hey....scoot in I'm home and want on the loosers bench too!!
  195. The NUT and me
  196. Happy 38th Anniversary to me!
  197. Autoimmune connective disorders-band
  198. Personal Questions
  199. Man oh Man!!!
  200. pulling out of the "attic" of old memories, my mother's lessons in Tayloring!
  201. Lapband ?
  202. in case you check in before surgery....Good Luck, Chrissy!!!!!!
  203. Pre surgery dieting
  204. okay fill her up doc!.. my first band fill
  205. Back AGAIN!!! stay hopefully.
  206. exercising 3 weeks after surgery
  207. Tomorrow is MY day!!
  208. Detox
  209. Oh my wonderful DH!
  210. I have a question of a...delicate nature...only the strong of stomach read this!
  211. Stall!
  212. Good website with statistics
  213. This and That
  214. Lap Band Question
  215. Dumb Am I?
  216. My NUT and ME
  217. It's official...I am a loser! ;)
  218. Last Hurdle Cleared!
  219. Jeresy Ladies
  220. 2 weeks out...what I expected and what I didn't
  221. adding flavor to a liquid diet WITHOUT adding fruit! Revised recipes!
  222. adding flavor to a liquid diet with adding fruit! Revised recipes!
  223. New here with things on my mind.
  224. Anyone's WLS PAT on the 18th?
  225. Lap Band Commercials
  226. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! I Have A Date!!!!
  227. Does jumping through hoops count as exercise?
  228. Happy Valentines Day
  229. Having fun with a liquid!
  230. Feeling Defeated
  231. Nutritionist Visits
  232. Feeling better...thanks!
  233. Need a little Rant!
  234. Boy OH Boy....what's next?????
  235. I'm feeling dizzy. Is that normal....
  236. I had some Epiphanies
  237. Hey All You Newbies!
  238. I was trying to help in a "normal" way but am not yet!
  239. who ever said laughter is the best medicine.....
  240. After it more the mind or stomach?
  241. What can you NOT eat after WLS?
  242. Jiff update
  243. There and Back Again...a post-op's tale
  244. Considering Lap Band, Have a couple of questions
  245. Update on Angela
  246. give me ideas please: sample menu's
  247. give me ideas please: sample menu's
  248. New here and considering lap band surgery...
  249. Protein Powder Question
  250. Ok people...Cover me! I'm going in!