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  1. Happy Birthday Jiffypop
  2. Great Blog for post WLS
  3. I bought a house!
  4. Question for Ms Jiff
  5. I really need to read lables better
  6. need help thinking this out - ds vs sleeve
  7. Clothing
  8. New:)
  9. What is the best part of life since surgery?????
  10. what was/is the hardest part for you
  11. Dizziness and Lightheaded
  12. looking for some answers about weight loss surgery?
  13. Introducing myself
  14. birth control/hormones after surgery
  15. I am new here :)
  16. Meal Plans
  17. Your BMI then and now
  18. really stupid move on my part
  19. Muscle Weakness?
  20. Lap band questions!
  21. Vit & MInerals& Pills??
  22. Intro
  23. introducing myself . . .
  24. hair....
  25. Sensitive question for DSers
  26. I'm bored with food...just sayin'!
  27. Changing my mind?!?!
  28. Considering WLS, I need Help!
  29. Has the change in your own eating habits helped those around you at all?
  30. Got bad news from the doctor need to vent.
  31. Does Head Hunger Ever Go Away?
  32. Help Me!!!
  33. I feel like a lapband failure.
  34. Getting through clear liquids
  35. If ultra low calorie diets don't work, why does WLS work?
  36. Failed WL Surgery
  37. Considering WLS, but don't know where to start
  38. 2 years out...I don't eat enough OR too much....I gain weight!
  39. How did you know you could handle the major lifestyle change?
  40. PMS after RNY
  41. My one year annivesary =)
  42. Gastric Sleeve
  43. I find myself stress-undereating....
  44. Considering LapBand, afraid I wont be eligible.
  45. before and after pics :)
  46. Gallbladder stones and gastric bypass surgery
  47. How Long Off Work After GB
  48. has anyone done facial Isometrics and other exercises?
  49. What surgery type may be right for me?
  50. Did anyone have to change meds after surgery?
  51. how long before you started to feel more "Yourself"
  52. Man I hate to exercise (some questions)
  53. Had RNY on 4-28---home now
  54. Had Laparorscopic DS on Monday, home now
  55. Changed my pic to "Before GBP (300+lbs) and After plastics"
  56. Yellow teeth after the surgery.
  57. Almost 7 months and down 109+ :)
  58. Workin' out
  59. Lap banders - does anyone else consider yourselves unsuccessful?
  60. updated "after plastics" pic...6 months out
  61. TVP Hot Cereal
  62. How many goal weights can a girl have?
  63. TG for my healthier life!
  64. What about Vitamin B-12?
  65. what makes a good nutritionist?
  66. April 20 will be my 9 year "Rebirthday"..
  67. Protein supplements. How many of you take them?
  68. decided the nut was a Nut
  69. One year since my hybrid DS
  70. Considering the surgery
  71. Maybe May
  72. Questions
  73. Goign to the Nut tomorrow
  74. Pics of my black dress...finally!
  75. Over 2 years out and I just have to say....
  76. Favorite medical website for wls?
  77. Sleeve vs RNY
  78. St. Patty's days wish
  79. How do you deal with anxiety?
  80. Need help with advice for a family member (not my mother in law this time)
  81. From 329 lbs. to 175 lbs. in 11 Months
  82. A WLS Caution! LOL!
  83. Fibro Meds
  84. Hospital Days around surgery (RNY)
  85. taking the first step
  86. weight loss stopped after roux-n-y bypass
  87. LB post-op food phases
  88. Dinner Question What do you eat at night?
  89. MocK Muffins
  90. Protein
  91. Vitamins
  92. When did you get back to work after gastric bypass?
  93. i think i'm going to give up eating at night
  94. New Lap-Bander, need others support
  95. uh-oh! Not gonna "eyeball" my portions anymore!
  96. My perspective
  97. Help for my essay this week, please!
  98. a new picture.. - 105lbs
  99. I Did It!!!!!!
  100. Panic - Am I overreacting?
  101. This may be tmi... but umm sex?
  102. New clothes on a budget?
  103. For Jiffy,photos to show visual effect of padded underwear
  104. This is in reguards to HELP I CAN'T SIT DOWN...
  105. A shout out to AWOL WLS people!
  106. HELP - PreOp Diet Failure
  107. BMI of 35, questions about wls
  108. A little nervous and a little excited
  109. Help I can't sit down...for long anyway
  110. Quick question on the subject of maintenance
  111. so much healthier!
  112. Need some input ...
  113. I Finally Got Sleeved!!
  114. Fort Worth Surgeon
  115. Starting the process
  116. Medications
  117. Omg... Onederland
  118. Questions about WLS
  119. My wieght goal picture!!!
  120. newbie here starting my journey with wls
  121. Hair loss.
  122. Reached My Goal Weight Today!!!
  123. Exercise and Gulping Water
  124. Baby Utensils???
  125. Want yummy flavor and high protein ?
  126. checking in
  127. Anyone gone to the CWM in Chelmsford, MA?
  128. who chooses the type of surgery?
  129. ouch! my puchie hurts :(
  130. Please help!
  131. Insurance & WLS
  132. On Track for Vertical Sleeve
  133. What's your fav recipe now?
  134. Offered WLS but terrified of surgery
  135. The nerve of some people!!
  136. Where did the old me go!!!
  137. What was your recovery time with RNY?
  138. noob
  139. Pre-Op Liquid Diet
  140. Update
  141. Considering WLS-BMI about 38
  142. Closing in on ONEderland
  143. it's official...I'm a Grandma!
  144. digestion question
  145. 3 1/2 weeks post op ups and downs
  146. What are the real statistics?
  147. A little update
  148. Update, 3 months
  149. My RESET button!!!
  150. A sceptic asking for answers
  151. Lapband w. small hiatal hernia?
  152. If low cal diets don't work, would Lap-Band work?
  153. WLS Seminars - are they just sales pitches?
  154. Losing Slump
  155. WLS - Now sluggish and 'foggy'
  156. Longterm dietary restrictions ... Sugar restrictions..More silly questions of mine =)
  157. Maintenance...#(*&$#@!(*!
  158. Do you all know who Ruby is?
  159. Lap band and gaining
  160. Happy New Year 2010
  161. How did you decide that surgery was right for you?
  162. Medical Tourist
  163. P Lease Help Me Figure This Out And Oh Hi!
  164. Newbie
  165. New clothes for Christmas~smaller size
  166. Hi Everyone! Especially Newbies!
  167. Jumping up and down excitably HOORAY
  168. Wanting WLS
  169. Day 10 and feeling a little nervous
  170. Merry Christmas !!
  171. RnY was Tuesday and now im home..
  172. Plateau and Attitude change
  173. Is it to early to consider WLS?
  174. Hi Everyone!
  175. Things aren't the same
  176. Thank god for Kohls and Sears
  177. newbie
  178. AND another thing!!.....hehehe
  179. I am tired of hearing it's my lack of protein!!
  180. Sticking my nose in!
  181. Holy Cow! I have my surgery date scheduled for Dec. 22! Didn't expect it so soon!
  182. OT...I never would have done ANYTHING like this before surgery!
  183. Considering surgery
  184. Cereal Monster
  185. Scared about psych eval tomorrow
  186. One more chance to see the "before and after" surgery pics...
  187. Intragastric balloon
  188. Yarn Sales
  189. ANOTHER of Jiff's home maintenance posts!
  190. Slim-Fast Recall
  191. Reactive Hypoglycemia SUCKS GRRR
  192. WOW!!! 4 lbs to goal!!
  193. Consult-getting band
  194. Lost my best friend~~now what?
  195. darn these hormones.... (a long ranting AW post)
  196. My Hands and Feet are soooooooooo cold? WHY?
  197. Uh oh.... 8 week review
  198. Goign to have WLS
  199. Water~Vitamins~ Food~Protein drinks
  200. Happy Gratitude day! Remember....
  201. Menstrual Cycle and WLS--TMIish
  202. You asked about the pain of abdominoplasty....
  203. Ok, before and after pictures of my Fleur de lis Abdominoplasty!
  204. I'm home~~
  205. curious about pre op testing
  206. I had my first date since surgery.
  207. having trouble tolerating anything sweet
  208. newbie
  209. 8 weeks out... report...
  210. I had my 6 month checkup today and.....
  211. first time
  212. Decided to Postpone Surgery--Little Sad.
  213. Starting Liquid diet on Friday am
  214. New to this site :)
  215. upset and venting
  216. Advice on Paying for Surgery Desperately Needed
  217. Duckslove??
  218. What's the skinny on salad?
  219. Vities HMM
  220. Tempanoplasty/abdominalplasty
  221. I think I found my "me time" activity
  222. Too Full, SO you still Upchuck??
  223. Glad to be having this thing out, having it has been.....Draining! hehehehe
  224. 20 Days from today.....
  225. Dry skin?
  226. Went to my first Halloween Bash at a bar
  227. here's a pic of me in my Halloween Costume...I look tiny! hehehe
  228. Ok, three weeks out and I'm doing better after my tummy tuck
  229. Boooo Happy Halloweenie ~~~~~
  230. Guess what I did today?
  231. Books on Food Addiction
  232. first bout of dumping
  233. FINALLY got my "Before" pictures scanned. Here they are.
  234. Pre-Op Food Frenzy!
  235. Who remembers me? 8 Month Post op, Lost 135 lbs
  236. Feel Like I'm falling off the "Band Wagon"
  237. can you give me advice to speak to a relative who needs post-surgery counseling?
  238. my 1 month checkup is today
  239. Two weeks out of Abdominoplasty...and would I recommend it? OGM, no!
  240. Food Scale
  241. How to get around insurance
  242. surgery November 2nd
  243. LadyBugNessa
  244. Got A Surgery Date!!
  245. Acorn Squash
  246. WLS Second Anniversary
  247. Calcium
  248. Weight Loss Surgery is the EASY way to lose weight!
  249. So am I truly a failure?
  250. Regret, does it last