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  1. Is welbutron(spelling?) the same as Zyban?
  2. Ups & Downs Support Group: April 2014
  3. Sertraline after Pregnancy....
  4. Mood Swing Again!
  5. Depressed..
  6. Beat depression, but still fat. Can I just vent for a minute? :(
  7. FiancÚ and I very depressed, up 50+
  8. Fellow eating disorder people?
  9. Easy to cope on a good day but coping when even walking feels like a task
  10. Grief and Weight Gain
  11. weening off cymbalta
  12. Realizing I'm Fat - And Sad
  13. Forgiveness and Weight Loss; Grudge an Weight Gain.
  14. Need Advice about Depressed Friend...
  15. A shy hello from new zealand :)
  16. Ups & Downs Support Group: March 2014
  17. Bad reaction to Escitalopram
  18. Sorrow, mommy sorrow.
  19. Tired from Exercise?
  20. Risperidone and weight gain
  21. Psychiatric Med's and Weight Loss
  22. hi
  23. New! Compulsive Eater Battling Depression
  24. Hi! New here.
  25. February Exercise Thread, Fighting Depression!
  26. No stamina to bath/brush teeth. Exercise?!
  27. Heartbroken..
  28. Antipsychotic Weight gain!
  29. Ups & Downs Support Group: February 2014
  30. I have Bi-Poler
  31. New on Prozac+Atarax. What future for my diet?
  32. Natural ways to fight depression.
  33. Anyone with Panic disorders/issues?
  34. On 300mg Wellbutrin
  35. does anyone here take l-glutamine for depression?
  36. Starting again
  37. New and feeling down
  38. Is wellbutrin a good antidepressant?
  39. Feeling Hopeless
  40. My doctor can't figure out what is wrong with me...
  41. How do you deal with depression?
  42. January Exercise Thread!
  43. Books and reading about depression and anxiety?
  44. Goal Setting to deal with Winter Depression
  45. Steps to start getting help, Anxiety, Depression, Intimacy issues
  46. Ups & Downs Support Group: January 2014
  47. Back to 3fc after weight regain from depression
  48. Boyfriend has never dated an overweight woman before...
  49. Newbie here with anxiety, depression + more
  50. Binge Eating
  51. not sure were to start
  52. Overwhelmed but still fighting - returning member! (x-posted)
  53. Ups & Downs Support Group: December 2013
  54. December Exercise Log, to fight depression!
  55. what is the ideal weight i need to be?
  56. I can't believe he said that...
  57. Dysthymia - who's with me?
  58. Cipralex & Phentermine
  59. Holiday Support!
  60. Weight gain after anti depressants,more depressed than ever.
  61. How to get healthy weight loss?
  62. Not sure what to do anymore?
  63. Looking for Support Buddies!
  64. Just Not Myself Anymore :(
  65. Feeling Insecure
  66. Mood stabilizers and weight gain
  67. Compliment From Daughter Still On Mind
  68. "Once I'm Skinny..."
  69. gaining weight ridiculously fast
  70. Do I need medication?
  71. November Exercise to Fight Depression
  72. seasonal depression and anxiety
  73. my spare tire just won't go away! very angry
  74. Bipolar disorder I
  75. Time to introduce myself
  76. No more appetite
  77. I have bi polar disorder
  78. I feel like I'm losing my mind!! Social Anxiety ****!Advice?Don't know where to turn
  79. Off meds getting down on self!
  80. Wellbutrin + Doxepin + Weight Loss
  81. Emotional eating
  82. Is this normal?
  83. 16 year old girl, depressed and losing hair
  84. off topamax, back on prozac
  85. Will I lose weight on Wellbutrin the 2nd time around?
  86. medication for bingeing?
  87. Lingering effects of Lexapro/Celexa?
  88. When did your appetite start decreasing? Wellbutrin users?!
  89. 64 years old, bipolar since age 7 and, fat
  90. Finding it hard to lose weight whilst on mirtazapine.
  91. Depression Has Reared It's Ugly Head And...
  92. embarrassed and terrified to write this
  93. Feel like I'm losing my mind
  94. Oh, it's been awhile... but I'm back.
  95. Hey guys
  96. Psychotherapy???
  97. Recent widow
  98. Anxiety, withdrawal and weight
  99. wedding dress woes
  100. September Chat
  101. AntiD's that DON'T cause weight gain?
  102. It hurts.
  103. Any Wellbutrin (Buprobion) users?
  104. Frustrated with the community counseling center
  105. Really don't know how to keep going
  106. Reimbursement from BC/BS for meds?
  107. Why do I eat to feel better???
  108. topamax 25mg
  109. Help? weight gain all of a sudden?
  110. Feeling hopelss
  111. anxiety about working out :(
  112. Coping Help
  113. Homemade Freezer Meals are a Bipolar's Dream
  114. Will the eating disorders ever end?
  115. Lack of motivation...
  116. August Chat
  117. Antidepressants & Weight Gain
  118. I Don't Know How To Deal
  119. Desperately Need Help
  120. bummin'
  121. afraid to call my doc
  122. Sleep and procrastination
  123. Prosac rambling
  124. only me?
  125. Pmdd?
  126. Is this really all there is?
  127. Feelings of total worthlessness
  128. Any Zoloft Takers??
  129. Short Temper/Impatient on diet?
  130. ***REALLY*** need some support & helpful advice over here!
  131. buspar/buspirone
  132. my bestest friend
  133. Does anything ever really change?
  134. Wedding planning stress & urge to binge
  135. July Chat
  136. Depression and lack of appetite
  137. Prozac?
  138. It's starting to seem like the more weight I lose..
  139. Which is worse? To hate your body or to hate your face?
  140. Loneliness and food
  141. Exposing my 10 year secret
  142. Overwhelmed
  143. Gah
  144. relationships
  145. Involuntary Muscle Movements/Twitching
  146. NES problem
  147. Fat, Stressed and Depressed
  148. How do you love yourself?
  149. June chat
  150. June Exercise!
  151. Long term depression and losing weight
  152. Anxiety Sucks (Vent)
  153. How to help my mum?
  154. Weight loss following a depression spell
  155. How does my twin sister manage to eat like a pig, not exercise and still be skeletal?
  156. A little down at the end of my pregnancy...
  157. Depression + curbing appetite help
  158. Just switched from Paraguard to yaz
  159. Topamax
  160. Mood "High" Symptoms, Loss of Appetite
  161. Exercise Help with Anxiety
  162. Social Anxiety, Skills, Support, and a Job with this Weight
  163. May Chat
  164. Any one with PMDD/severe PMS plus depression/bipolar ever get triggered?
  165. Sad
  166. .xenical For my weight gain
  167. May Exercise!
  168. Pmdd?
  169. Serotonin Power Diet
  170. St John's Wort answer to my problems!
  171. Cymbalta and trouble loosing weight...
  172. How to get over a broken heart?
  173. PMS? Depression?
  174. standing there sweating in the dark over a pack of chips..
  175. Happy Birthday Mustang!
  176. What if it's not enough?
  177. I feel so stable!
  178. My depression is ruining my diet.
  179. What are your positive coping skill ideas to use that don't involve food??
  180. Emergency at School Today
  181. BiPolar Disorder/Depression/Anxiety, scared to start?
  182. is weight you lose frm not eating actual fat or???
  183. depressed and lost control: how can I break this pattern?
  184. Never thought I would reach this point...
  185. facebook friends
  186. Accepting myself
  187. Depession, Panic attacks, Anxiety, PTSD, yep that's me
  188. Going to the psychiatrist, sort of?
  189. Alone. It's how I feel.
  190. Lexapro - nothin' but trouble!
  191. Stretch marks and depression
  192. :[ So lonely and fat lol
  193. new and having a bad day
  194. Starting the journey as a TEEN? Help
  195. April Chat
  196. Punishing myself
  197. When Cravings Are Persistent
  198. Does happiness play a role in keeping you disease free ?
  199. April Exercise
  200. What about a general psych thread???
  201. Recurrent emotional cycles
  202. Blaming the Meds
  203. weight & depression domino effect
  204. I wonder if this is depression
  205. It's a long one. (How can I forgive?)
  206. Feeling My Depression Lurking..
  207. Effexor/Venlafaxine
  208. I feel depressed..
  209. just going to try and explain myself here
  210. Celexa
  211. Teaching related obesity?
  212. I never thought I suffered from depression
  213. Me...venting
  214. March Chat
  215. I want to scream and cry when I look in the mirror.
  216. Dysthymia and a Happy Journal
  217. March Exercise!
  218. Need some advice about my (non) weight loss
  219. Monthly message thread?
  220. Depressed after transitioning to clean diet, but not feeling deprived
  221. emotional abuse and overeating - sorry long and venting - upset
  222. Anyone can please tell me about strep throat symptoms??
  223. Depression, anxiety, loss of control
  224. Severe emotional detachment
  225. lost weight gained it back-problems staying motivated
  226. Website or Chat Room Recommendations??
  227. Depression / Hypomania / Sugar
  228. Viibryd Anyone?
  229. How to keep at it when you feel hopeless?
  230. Risperdal causing increase in weight and in hunger :(
  231. Risperdal causing increase in weight and in hunger :(
  232. February Exercise!
  233. Pay It Forward Challenge
  234. Ahhh Stress Eating!
  235. Wellbutrin is helping my weight loss journey
  236. Comfort in food.
  237. Depression has lead me to Binge eating...
  238. So angry, then so empty
  239. The guilt..The lost time..
  240. Can't snap out of it...
  241. Lost on my weight loss journey
  242. Climbing out of this
  243. "It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you?"
  244. Water Retention & Cymbalta 30 mg/daily
  245. Bpd
  246. I overeat when I am depressed, what helps you get motivated to work out?
  247. Antidepressants affecting your period?
  248. sad and not movitated and more sad
  249. January 2013 Chat thread
  250. January Exercise Thread!

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