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  1. Wash hair without shampoo???
  2. Nuvaring
  3. Accupuncture
  4. Like button???
  5. Treat Yo' Self 2K15!
  6. Wanna see my craft room?
  7. Happy Friday Party
  8. What Shows are you watching these days?
  9. I Miss Wine
  10. Weather where you are?
  11. People just don't like me.
  12. So what's on for the weekend?
  13. Dating while Fat
  14. Bill Cosby, Ugh!
  15. Reunion - would you go?
  16. Just a vent about not being part of the group, pity party...
  17. What are your quirks that people tease you for?
  18. Receiving "special assignments" at work
  19. Do you "tan" (lay out in the sun)?
  20. Looking for a new kitchen tool
  21. Fit Bit Users?
  22. Is there any nutritional value in Nutella?
  23. I wish I had punched this mother today!
  24. Am I overreacting? Relationship issue.
  26. Why are people starting to have problems with me?
  27. Cashier didn't mind her own business.
  28. 30th Birthday ideas
  29. CONFESSION: Who are YOUR 5?
  30. Robert Kardashian
  31. Of course it just didn't fall off!
  32. Wedding Pictures
  33. Homophobic church.... I'm gay and they didn't know it
  34. Can't win so enjoy the ride
  35. Why are people more hostile in written form than in life?
  36. Job Hunting Issues - Advice?
  37. Melissa McCarthy lost 50lbs!
  38. 2 weeks from ****
  39. How to overcome insecurity about body image?
  40. Reading any good books?
  41. Motivational Song!
  42. So where has the activity gone?
  43. going to Disneyland in a year, worried about not fitting on rides
  44. Eurovision Tonight
  45. Like a skinny guy, now self conscious about my weight. Advice?
  46. Dieting while feminist
  47. Networking Thread
  48. The Greatest Generation: What did they know they we don't know?
  49. The Poor Kids Who Don't Have Anything to Eat: Their percentage in you weight?
  50. Giving up artificial sweeteners and carbonation
  51. Color scheme help!
  52. reconciling what others want and what you want
  53. Lump on outer thigh
  54. Customer service. Deep sigh.
  55. Walmart Weight Machine
  56. Please Be Positive With Names
  57. "Blaming my mom" - experiences of mothers with eating disorders?
  58. Stage (fat) fright - turning down opportunity?
  59. Cat advice
  60. Brain FOG
  61. Weight Watcher founder Jean Nidetch has died at 91.
  62. Will a hook-up get him "out of my system"?
  63. Any one else with reverse SAD?
  64. Anyone else looking for fitbit friends? add me!
  65. Hormones Hinders Weight Battle
  66. IRS may have overpaid me
  67. We have a CELEBRITY among us!!!
  68. Kindle
  69. In great need of some relationship advice
  70. The thing I love about this site is the genuine well wishing
  71. Finally weigh what the Driver's License says I do!
  72. Apps and Website (tech) to help you lose weight
  73. Random - Has anyone ever owned a Ford Escape?
  74. Anyone else love tracking their numbers?
  75. Random complaint
  76. Looking for an app that would work like this?
  77. Any physiotherapists out there?
  78. I love 3fc because!
  79. I Think This Might Help to Improve the Forum
  80. Feeling sad and mad at myself (financial)
  81. The downside of healthy eating--can you relate?
  82. Which chain restaurants have nutrition facts on their menus?
  83. Which sides do you like?
  84. Just need to vent
  85. Everybody on the internet is crazy
  86. Furious
  87. Preschool showed inappropriate video but says they didn't, advice please.
  88. Agoraphobia...
  89. Best bathroom scale?
  90. When did you start to see/feel a difference?
  91. REALLY!? Just a vent.
  92. Just one of those days, no particular point
  93. What happened to my family?
  94. Have You Ever Had to Wrestle Your Share of Support in a Friendship?
  95. Computer / Internet addiction...??
  96. The Dress
  97. Anybody heard of le-vel's Thrive???
  98. "I'm going to have to pass"... rude or polite?
  99. Wrong vs. Right motivations
  100. My world is in ruins and I really, truly need support.
  101. Indian food is diet-friendly
  102. So, This happened...
  103. Bothersome shyness...
  104. Need Some New Blogs to Follow!
  105. I wore shorts in public today. :)
  106. Anyone else spend Valentine's Day crying face down in a box of chocolates?
  107. How do you go to the doctor for a check-up?
  108. 1st plus sized model in Sports Illustrated
  109. Modern clothes aren't designed for my body type!
  110. Advice on dad, weird situation, not sure what to do...
  111. Travel advice
  112. Who does the diet industry REALLY benefit?
  113. Dairy Sensitivity?
  114. Need to vent about a bad experience at nail salon...
  115. Calories in farts
  116. Its amazing what 10 lbs can do!
  117. Headbands
  118. I'm that personal chef people say they'd love to have, but not appreciated at home
  119. Fitbit anyone?
  120. Do you have a square card reader? Do you like it?
  121. What are your reasons for losing? Support thread
  122. blew a job interview(?), now spending the weekend anxious...
  123. Epipen Usage
  124. O/T Skin Care
  125. Just Diagnosed with Low Thyroid
  126. The courage to go back to school
  127. Update & Thank You
  128. Medical 'Emergency'
  129. Airplane seats
  130. Rude, Rude, Rude! People at the gym-a New Years Rant
  131. Something that bugs me
  132. Just need a moment to!
  133. When using search motors (google, bing, yahoo, etc) what page do you stop at?
  134. Rant about kid's eating habits.
  135. What Are You Reading? January 2015
  136. Food containers to keep food hot
  137. The Vintage Hourglass Look
  138. Distancing myself from someone for my own sanity
  139. Procrastinator Thread
  140. Anyone else get the fitbit for Christmas or active user and want to add me?
  141. Goal Tracking App on Android
  142. Just 4 fun!! share over here the nickname/motto u made for your weight loss journey!
  143. Feeling kinda low lately - boyfriend and weight insecurities
  144. Any Business Owners? (bar/resturant)
  145. Tablet fans: Nexus, iPad or me choose.
  146. Crafty, content chicks
  147. New Years Resolutions?
  148. How do I stop?
  149. Shut up, coworker you are annoying me.
  150. Husband issues; Does this happen to you?
  151. Why can you not out exercise poor eating choices?
  152. Feeling pretty today! Got glasses, got my hair cut, got a headband!
  153. boyfriends boss got me feeling uncomfortable
  154. Should i go on anxiety meds?
  155. Pinterest
  156. Inner Peace
  157. Anyone here have endometriosis?
  158. My dad's reaction to an unexpected death...
  159. Got rejected by my own mother
  160. Need Makeup Help!
  161. Something's wrong with my cat?
  162. People that lie about how much they eat. What's the point?
  163. There has to be other gamers here!
  164. Is it just me?
  165. Insurance health assessment?!
  166. how's your weekend? please share here
  167. Sirius/XM radio in your car?
  168. Thanksgiving - how do you deal?
  169. Motivated again!
  170. Need help! My 38sqf Cluttered bedroom
  171. Exercise while on vacation?
  172. How to learn to have candy in the house
  173. What would you change about your body?
  174. Anyone else ever had a 3:1 low lh/fsh levels?
  175. I need a new blanket :-)
  176. Interesting article..
  177. Sleep study results "PLMD index?"
  178. Shakiness / raging hunger following sudden stress?
  179. Password Theory
  180. Mortifying/Wake Up Call Stories
  181. Please share this link with any animal lovers
  182. Visual Encouragement
  183. Rant: I hate my job but it pays the bills
  184. Your opinions on how you rank a place to live:neighborhood, schools, house/land size
  185. IUD, TOM, and Weight Loss
  186. Parents that worry excessively
  187. Just a stress dumping rant. Thanks for listening.
  188. Fed Up documentary
  189. Restless legs syndrome?
  190. People who take advantage of kindness
  191. Restaurant Help Please
  192. Urban Outfitters, another horrible shirt, I can't even believe this...
  193. Trying so hard not to overeat- tell me your rewards!
  194. Let's declutter our homes?!
  195. Best Way to Manage an itunes Library???
  196. Over-thinking everything - is it just me?
  197. Dating, Relationships and Weight Loss
  198. Getting rid of "fat' clothes?
  199. Don't feel worthy of to get past that?
  200. Hysterectomy
  201. Arg matey!
  202. Am I a Freak? Not Stressed About Wedding
  203. having a low day
  204. Nice People. :)
  205. Any statisticians here?
  206. Uncomfy sleeping
  207. Will I ever get closure from my ex?
  208. BC/TTOM issues
  209. Anybody having or had this problem?
  210. Scientifically speaking is there a difference between love and infuaction?
  211. need advice re a friend's child custody hearing
  212. Rant about mom, she cannot say "sorry"!
  213. A shirt that say Eat Less!
  214. Not sure where to put this thread....
  215. Anybody just wanna chat?
  216. Book on Hispanic culture
  217. Parents
  218. Medical and fitness test
  219. these matchdotcom guys are nutty nuts!
  220. Body Weights and Airline Seating
  221. Getting married in one month!!
  222. Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear
  223. I lost my pants!
  224. If it wasnt' for this belly fat (fill in the blank)
  225. Big beautiful new home in declining area vs smaller older home in safer, better town
  226. Some Great Advice, Some I'm doing, Some I think I'll Start!
  227. Hello!
  228. Are there any Menopause support groups on here?
  229. DCC:making the team season 9
  230. Another budget thread, what do you spend on food per month?
  231. Thinking of buying a food scale...
  232. Iphone App I Just Love!
  233. Do you take supplements?
  234. Do you have a goal outfit?
  235. Noooo... Not Robin Williams!
  236. Moving company help
  237. more water less acne?
  238. Help with a Keurig
  239. they need to do away with vanity sizing and add tax
  240. Amazing, wonderful supportive thing
  241. Another scale thread- What do you recommend?
  242. Just need a place to say, GRR!
  243. I wish sizing also went by body type
  244. Update
  245. Beautiful hips, well endowed breasts: + size models make me feel bad.
  246. Yay!
  247. People who take shortcuts in life
  248. One Eyed Jacks
  249. Old binge eating friends...
  250. Scale 1-10