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  1. A little OT- questions about LC and baby/toddler nutrition
  2. You know what happens when you whine and moan?
  3. i need a company
  4. Attractive vs Attracted to...which is which?
  5. I dont like once fat-skinny mean people.
  6. It's peanut butter jelly time!
  7. 22 Years Later She Said IT!!!!
  8. I think I just ended it with a friend
  9. Newly Employed :D
  10. Party Tunes!
  11. How perfect are you at your job?
  12. Vent/advice request for lazy step-son
  13. So what do you all think of the NYC ban on large portions of sugary drinks?
  14. To Juice or not to Juice
  15. App?
  16. Who would have thunk it !
  17. Jokes...
  18. Tattoo placement?
  19. 2012 June Housekeeping Thread
  20. Need advice concerning paternal rights
  21. Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition
  22. Motivation Bead Ring challenge
  23. Nose Piercings - Thoughts?
  24. Is it dangerous to date an older man?
  25. Trouble with guys? ]':
  26. Depressed
  27. What are your favourite workout songs?
  28. TMI Question, should I be worried?
  29. Just Venting-My mom
  30. Feeding a college student
  31. Help! Need Non-food dating ideas STAT!
  32. Struggling
  33. You Need to Put Him on a Diet
  34. OKC Cakes?
  35. Who is addicted to MFP?
  36. I Wish She Had A Bigger Rack....
  37. Extream Bloating-Cant get Bloating in Control
  38. Insomnia
  39. Finding LOVE
  40. Awkward situation :/
  41. Friend Advice Needed
  42. Whatcha Readin' June 2012
  43. Do you fit into your birth order description?
  44. Loving ex, snarky mom, baby in the middle.
  45. Sigh.
  46. Any tips on protecting yourself against wild animals?
  47. An "Oldie" Returning.......
  48. Herbal remedies for anxiety???
  49. I Hate Constipation!
  50. What is your shape?
  51. Congratulations to Mandalinn82!
  52. Sandwich Poem
  53. tattoo ideas for a couple
  54. Tanning
  55. No connection left in this relationship
  56. Good books to read in DC?
  57. Any military families here?
  58. Not FAIR! There has to be a LAW!!
  59. Is she that crazy...
  60. 20 something's (everyone else too) - what do you think about this re: friends
  61. Dealing with sensitive skin/reactions to products
  62. Hiking!
  63. Motivation
  64. Need advise
  65. Rediscovered the Wii
  66. Just don't know what to do anymore... (adult content)
  67. myfitnesspal?
  68. (long)
  69. My body measurements are weird.
  70. That awkward moment when. . .
  71. Why do irrational thoughts invade my brain....
  72. my date told me he's got a girlfriend
  73. Real life soap operas: Post a crazy true story!
  74. HORRIBLY Nauseous from stress?
  75. The Feeders
  76. What does your screen name mean?
  77. Rahhhrrrrgggggg. Rant.
  78. My healthy smile journey starts today
  79. If I could lose a pound for every hour I spend on here...
  80. Did you sh*t yourself?
  81. leaving my kids with my 15 year old niece?!?!
  82. When to change a carseat forward??
  83. Am I wrong? I gotta get a knife outta my back
  84. New vet asst. job and pant/shirt size! Phew!
  85. Seriously, what's wrong with me???
  86. Size Question Petite vs Average
  87. Tea lovers!
  88. Myfitnesspal buddies
  89. I have Questions about these Health Problems
  90. Another Question For Coffee Drinkers?
  91. Have you deliberately missed a family event due to your weight gain?
  92. Ok, biting the bullet and asking this TMI question
  93. Ugh. Some men at the gym are so annoying.
  94. Do you like GOOD music??
  95. Red Raspberry Ketone ??
  96. Curvy?
  97. Have I gone completely mad?
  98. HBO Documentary
  99. Canadian fishing trip recommendations needed
  100. Well, Im now the proud owner of a shiny new Fiance
  101. Bob Harpers Skinny Rules
  102. Eating one thing at a time
  103. oooohhh man!
  104. Diva Cup/Lunette/other Menstrual Cup
  105. A Medicine Cabinet TRADGEDY!
  106. Where's the LIKE button?
  107. Disagreements? Offensive posts? Some guidance
  108. Do you suck in your stomach?
  109. How accurate really is the BodPod?
  110. was it really that bad??
  111. Don't eat my leftovers!!!! Gah!
  112. Spider rant eeek
  113. Beach vacation and my period
  114. Outfit ideas for date tonight???
  115. My relationship with my mom...
  116. Southwest seatbelts
  117. Menpause or Constipated?
  118. The unusual pregnant question.
  119. Going to the dentist tomorrow!
  120. Interesting! Pictures and info about what people eat and do around the world!
  121. Asbestosis?
  122. Sharing my joy
  123. Addressing the In-Laws as "Mom & Dad"
  124. For tumblr readers,
  125. Broken??
  126. strawberries are so frustrating!
  127. This site is sooo awesome.
  128. Well that's frustrating
  129. Anyone Read This Article in the NYT?
  130. Overweight in the job market
  131. Is healthy weight impossible for many Americans?
  132. Missed period while on birth control...huh?
  133. Concerned about Pulse, any advice?
  134. Stamina booster pills - powdered human flesh from China seized
  135. Any other Aussies?
  136. Name some of the nicer words used in place of "fat"
  137. My family is stressing me out over something...
  138. Anyone's S.O. working graveyard shifts?
  139. What do you buy at Sams or Costco?
  140. question about weigh ins
  141. Suggestions for glasses?
  142. son (10) calls 911 due to blood curdling screams from his brother
  143. Gym class memories? LOL
  144. On the verge of being rejected?
  145. Chubby hands?
  146. Summer Movies
  147. I Have A Date Tonight!
  148. why is everyone but me pregnant?
  149. Rejected
  150. Eater's Remorse
  151. This is pretty awesome...and made me cry.
  152. Multivitamins and vomiting
  153. Tgif!!!
  154. Getting vomit smell out of sink?
  155. Tgif!
  156. Anyone here live or have lived in Texas?
  157. Soul destroying jeans... why?? why? I hate them!! Help!!
  158. Family drama: WWYD dealing with ex?
  159. Parents and Food
  160. Embarrassing problem
  161. Right thigh bigger than left...
  162. May Housekeeping Thread!
  163. Putting kids in sports
  164. Date on Saturday and I'm FREAKING OUT
  165. A lady on here posted her weekly weight loss
  166. I tore my calf muscle today and OMG the PAIN!
  167. I have an odd question
  168. Creative Weightloss Trackers??
  169. Childbirth TMI horror?
  170. About my new job
  171. What are you reading in MAY 2012?
  172. What did you eat as a kid? (pics inside)
  173. Decoupaging! Arty advice needed
  174. A challenge for when you feel stuck in a rut (life in general)
  175. I Hate Being a Picky Eater (Meat Rant)
  176. Hair removal...ack!
  177. Are you an expert in.....taking skinny headshots of yourself?
  178. Made a special cake this weekend for a friend
  179. Progress pics on facebook?
  180. 60 pounds of concrete
  181. HS sports: How much say do parents have in your school?
  182. First thing you do when you reach weight loss goal?
  183. I am literally the only single person in my vicinity right now.
  184. Man, I feel like an idiot...
  185. I have a favor to ask! Please help!
  186. Grrr house flies ew ew ew
  187. Question for all of you coffee drinkers...
  188. Silly TV Commercials
  189. Woooooooo!
  190. Getting over anger...
  191. My never-suppress-a-compliment challenge.
  192. Well, seems I have a "true" shoulder injury
  193. Need opinions on this text
  194. Forum pet peeve!
  195. Dog Lovers
  196. The definitive TMI share and a heapin' helpin' of humility.
  197. I feel miserable but I don't know why
  198. Body wraps
  199. My down moment
  200. Free movie tickets with Fandango! :)
  201. Do you have a chip on your shoulder when meeting a thin woman?
  202. Are Heavier People More Friendly and Approachable?
  203. Old glasses to big for my face?
  204. Got a job offer, but....
  205. Help! My insecurity is killing me right now. My husband is a personal trainer.
  206. Fad
  207. A question about bifocals.
  208. I woke up feeling
  209. Transgender question.
  210. HPV Vaccine..
  211. And the the earth moved...
  212. How do you answer the question - What's the secret?
  213. Well that was humiliating
  214. An Army wife rant- Not really diet related.
  215. Disney trip to celebrate weight loss!
  216. question about gender typing
  217. iphone "Suri" moments
  218. rant rant rant - pregnancy rant
  219. how i see the whole issue of dieting
  220. Open MOUTH, Insert FOOT!
  221. Small town social politics
  222. How to get women to exercise more!
  223. if it had been anybody else, i'd've been crushed.
  224. Awkward convo on FB with guy (explained) lol
  225. I sued my EX, now what!?
  226. Hairbows
  227. People can be so juvenile...
  228. I'm trying to find a surprise block
  229. stressing and ready to cry - really long, sorry
  230. A Rant--Remember this when you pay your electric bill
  231. Bad day at work! Women manager rants!
  232. Bummed...
  233. Regarding infertility; I just need to vent
  234. Weight loss and um the "drive"?
  235. LGSIL pap with +HPV
  236. You know how people say not to go under 1000 calories a day?
  237. ooooookay, stupid deed for the day!
  238. Harrassment in the workplace?
  239. Hidden benefits of losing weight and getting fit
  240. Weird things happening following weight loss progression?
  241. I did something crazy that turned out good
  242. Two Sure-Fire Invisibility Shields - Weight and Age
  243. Pantry Challenge
  244. Does Being Thin Trump Being Pretty?
  245. For a friend who's having a hard time..
  246. Workspace Meltdown
  247. Am I right to be angry at my doctor??
  248. Hockey: Penguins/Flyers game
  249. Extreme dieting with feeding tube and no food
  250. Bridesmaids dilemna