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  1. Has your weightloss changed your sex life?
  2. Bad Posture
  3. Just for fun - a cake I made (with help) for a baby shower
  4. What is the cutoff size between "thick" and "fat" for a girl?
  5. Scared for 2nd part of journey?
  6. My mom wants to date again, HELP
  7. Chubby&With Higher Education: I might be a virility killer...
  8. Roommates?
  9. Can you eat fast food?
  10. Feeling guilty about SO
  11. What keeps you going?
  12. Feeling insecure right now...a guy rejected me because of my weight.
  13. post gym hair frizz
  14. WEIRD TRIGGERS: Mine= CARTOONS! What's yours?
  15. Special needs mums?
  16. How to wear my hair?
  17. Mommy guilt, WWYD?
  18. Ah Spring! Pretty Tables and Bouquets
  19. Oh! If I could divide my heart into little pieces...
  20. Ladies, question on birth control and pms...
  21. Online dating
  22. Gym Rant
  23. Gardening folk: Question about perennials
  24. Neat walk/run tracking site
  25. Happy Monday!
  26. Balyage highlights, has anyone tried it?
  27. Does anyone notice this? So annoying!
  28. Way off the wagon, having surgery in 2 days and scared out of my mind
  29. How has the opposite sex reacted to your weight loss?
  30. Casting Obese Families for Cable Network Show
  31. Work-life balance
  32. Fighting the addiction to eat
  33. Moving House--anyone else?
  34. OUCH! WRIST PAINS! Horrible and constant.
  35. Any cat experts?
  36. Motivation
  37. Flappy Bird
  38. Anyone in Asia?
  39. When someone is a one-upper...
  40. Advice for how to help an almost homeless family member?
  41. Relationships and weight
  42. Somebody was in my house....
  43. Feeling guilty about taking classes while home with the kids, advice please.
  44. Has anyone started a meetup group?
  45. Pretty Fingers and Toes or Mani / Pedi Colors and Combos
  46. Follow up on the events with my neighbors for anyone that is curious...
  47. Too scared to weigh myself...
  48. Stop bashing surgery
  49. Does your current boyfriend/husband know about ex?
  50. What are you reading April 2014?
  51. flitblr anyone
  52. SO itchy! Help?
  53. I was groped at my work
  54. 5 things...
  55. Do you have a "Reward System" to keep yourself motivated?
  56. Bikini to burkini, what's your ideal swimwear?
  57. Who are/were the 3 fat chicks?
  58. Woman told to cover up her body because it was too toned...
  59. Food inventory iPhone app?
  60. I'm done with my gyno (possible TMI)
  61. Are non-animal lovers bad people?
  62. A little story ....
  63. Mixed Feelings After Reading Facebook
  64. any Doctor who fans out there? Allon-sy!
  65. M&M advertisement is just cruel really! lol
  66. Wife drops 100 pounds to surprise Army hubby
  67. How many pounds?
  68. Ok detectives, here's a story, what do you think happened??
  69. Too much water as dangerous as too little
  70. 2 weeks without soda!
  71. Happy St. Patty's Day!!
  72. I'm nervous
  73. Dinner during road trip, help?
  74. Should I cancel this job interview?
  75. Favorite Blogs
  76. Any anime fans?
  77. What did you give up for lent?
  78. What all did you learn from your weight loss?
  79. Another motivational figure..."What's your excuse?"
  80. My uncle has stage 4 cancer :(
  81. DNA Testing
  82. Any Crafty People Here?
  83. Self conscious about stomach/new date
  84. "Its Your Fault"...book talking about how fat people think vs fit people
  85. "Are you pregnant?"
  86. Student Loans and Adult Decisions
  87. What did your Exes think of your weight loss?
  88. Great article on avoiding temptation
  89. Sad to be cutting the apron strings
  90. When should a girl plan a date with a guy...
  91. iFit?...anyone know anything about it? Please help.
  92. What are you reading March 2014?
  93. Project Runway Anyone?
  94. Needing some ideas.
  95. If you could live in one city...
  96. Do you know a GOOD forum on home organization/ cleaning?
  97. My 17 year old dog
  98. Pity Party, really love my new body but hate
  99. I don't understand men..
  100. I TEACH. Does that count for exercise? :)
  101. Co worker, deep sigh!
  102. Scared to go on a date
  103. Help/Advice/Tips - Moving to Houston
  104. My husband is an @#$%, and that's why I love him
  105. Giving It Up For Lent?
  106. A great blog!
  107. TV development company looking for overweight women losing weight together
  108. Fun things to do on Valentines.. and GO!
  109. Females over 140 lbs are big enough for their own awards?? What?
  110. Ever give a "friendzoned" boy a chance? VENT!
  111. Very illuminating article. Chemistry not 'character' key to healthy weight?
  112. What can I do to help my ankles/joints?
  113. We are the Wisdom of Crowds
  114. Cooking for 100 people
  115. Valentine's suggestions?
  116. Dear new girl at the gym...
  117. Make It STOP!!! Snow Rant ...
  118. Giving your scale a name!
  119. Breast Fat Necrosis?
  120. Still doesn't seem real to me
  121. Pencil test to determine butt lift?
  122. What are you reading February 2014?
  123. Bethenny rant
  124. Upset tummy with a bit of dizziness?
  125. Heart surgeon speaks about how sugar is causing heart disease, not fat..
  126. Why do my sheets keep turning blue?
  127. Most/Least tempting carb food for you?
  128. FatFoe™
  129. A gassy problem
  130. Don't want to babysit. Advice?
  131. Getting married and kinda sad.
  132. Were the 3 fat chicks 3 fat friends?
  133. Carbonated beverages?
  134. Advice on running with my son...
  135. Dealing with insomnia
  136. Make ahead breakfast recipe????
  137. Arnold Schwarzenegger Working Under Cover At Gold's Gym!
  138. Bully Calls News Anchor Fat
  139. For anyone that has heard me talked about the struggles with hubby's weight...
  140. There is something wrong with my cats eye! Help!
  141. How Dogs/Cats teach their offspring to use the stairs
  142. PhD admission needed asap, what options do I have?
  143. Is your winter coat REALLY WARM
  144. Jealousy is the best motivator!
  145. Torn Meniscus-your experience, recovery time, exercise
  146. Any other lady werewolves (moody pms/pmdd bingers)?
  147. Representations of Women in Advertising - Video
  148. Will Losing Weight Deepen My Nasiolabial Folds?
  149. Lunch Bag Help…Paper Bags Won't Do
  150. Best Apps Ever?
  151. Book: "What are You Hungry for?"
  152. Checking in
  153. Really helpful and amazing video: fit to fat to fit
  154. Bit by my cat and screamed at my dad.
  155. Need help making decision to keep stray cat
  156. How has losing weight affected your height?
  157. Judgment Free Whining Zone - NEW!
  158. Hubby's treadmill time...
  159. Did anyone see the Northern Lights last night?
  160. I need help with suggestions for a gift??
  161. 'Metabolic Advantage' and why the First Law of Thrrmodynamics does not apply
  162. Kinect games......
  163. Birth Control Pills and weight loss?
  164. Food related hobbies
  165. The real impact of weight loss forums?
  166. Where can I go pant shopping?
  167. How much SH!T do you have?
  168. Weight Loss Calendar 2014
  169. Menopause, deep sigh.
  170. Any tips for cleaning up a crime scene?
  171. What Are You Reading Jan 2014?
  172. Fit Bits, and Flex - Anyone have one of these?
  173. New And In Desperate Need!
  174. What motivates you on your weightloss journey?
  175. Practicing gratitude?
  176. Food Network
  177. Snacking and eating without acknowledging it
  178. Best workout sneaker?
  179. Family/Friends are complaining..
  180. Anorexia explained
  181. Yogurt Maker good one
  182. Am I fat because of lack of plants?
  183. Am I wrong to be annoyed about this?
  184. Why it's ok to be fat?
  185. Why is making fun of overweight...
  186. People giving weight loss advice when they have other poor health habits themselves.
  187. Top 30 Worst Foods in America
  188. Oh so a cupcake is healthier than a candy cane...?
  189. What does love mean to you? Song Version
  190. What Xmas family traditions do you have?
  191. Upper lip---wax, bleach or pluck?
  192. What Are You Reading-December 2013
  193. It's a girl!
  194. Anyone else have family drama that makes Christmas difficult?
  195. Lost a long-time member--Rosebud has passed away
  196. Frustrated and overwhelmed
  197. Podcast
  198. what do you have on repeat
  199. I hate winter!
  200. Anyone have trouble eating after clothes shopping?
  201. Airplanes
  202. Gamers Unite!
  203. Understanding habits and self-control
  204. Help with budget division!!!
  205. If you went off your diet...
  206. Whey Protein causing tiredness?
  207. Car Input Needed
  208. What's on your Christmas List?
  209. Freelance, Ebay Listings etc?
  210. what's your favorite part about the holidays?
  211. Feminist Frequency (women in video games and other topics)
  212. Sinus infection and abx
  213. Fancy apple sugar free drink mix (tastes like honeycrisp, fuji, pink lady)
  214. Dating Advice Needed!
  215. Losing Facial Weight
  216. Ugh ugh ugh. Don't know what to do.
  217. Labeling women "crazy"
  218. Been away -Planning a Wedding
  219. Ugh. Terrible Day
  220. Super Fun Night..
  221. Dear Lululemon
  222. Funeral
  223. Any Spanish blogs about fitness or running?
  224. Questions for someone who has lost over 200
  225. Hi
  226. Sorry but hope you don't mind me having a moan
  227. Rant
  228. Should I accept this job offer?
  229. What Are You Reading - November
  230. People that need to always disagree...
  231. Lady spills coffee in lap and sues for millions
  232. Can anyone recommend moisturizing soaps/body washes?
  233. Spoken word
  234. Military wives/gfs...need your input
  235. Getting angry with others who complain about weight and do nothing.
  236. Bruising?
  237. Question for SAHM about spending money...
  238. Dream about the death of my ex...
  239. Tickers... I want one!
  240. Searching for A Song
  241. Social Anxiety, and Not knowing what to do
  242. Anyone know what kind of owl this is?
  243. MTV True Life-- Want a chance to be on the show?
  244. Video - wow!
  245. How often do you update your ticker?
  246. cliques at the gym
  247. Weight Discrimination at Work
  248. Cedar Point walk of shame anxiety MF
  249. Totally awesome: Giving Blood is Karma in Action
  250. Coursera (online diet and diabetes courses)

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