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  7. Does anyone else think there may be a link between PCOS and IBS?
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  20. If it's not PCOS, what could it be?
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  24. Here a hair, there a hair, everywhere a hair hair.
  25. New Here
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  27. Hello, I'm new here. Glad I found this board !
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  31. Good doctors?
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  33. Sweaty Betty
  34. What should I ask my doctor?
  35. "Eat to Live" and PCOS. It works!!
  36. Hi!! I'm new but not new to the board but not to PCOS
  37. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  38. PCOS WL Support July 09 (EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!!!)
  39. I didn't think it would happen this time around
  40. metformin for weight loss
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  43. Never realized what it meant to be diagnosed...
  44. Insulin Resistant 40 year old
  45. LOW GI Suggestions?
  46. Hair loss, regrowth after weight loss?
  47. Favorite IR Snacks & Recipes?!?!
  48. I have lost 33 lbs!!!
  49. So Sluggish & BCP
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  51. Metabolic Disorder
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  53. Tingling in Extremities? =/
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  55. Sense of failure before you even start
  56. Lower Back Pain
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  58. Just discovered this sub-forum!
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  62. just a little something i am stoked about today
  63. Today is the DAY!!!!
  64. Dark spots on cheeks?! AAAHHH!
  65. testing blood sugar at home?
  66. hirsutism = pcos?
  67. Test Results
  68. WL Support with PCOS May 09' (All Are Welcome!!!)
  69. Has anyone
  70. PCOS -Trying..Again..Met and weight loss?
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  72. Blueberries
  73. what types of excercise work best for you?
  74. candida overgrowth and PCOS?
  75. met, hunger and queasiness
  76. Vitamins?
  77. Has anyone else read the book Syndrome X?
  78. Insulin Resistance, Metformin and weight loss
  79. PCOS WL + TTC Support for APRIL 09
  80. TOM 9 months in a row = no PCOS?
  81. Anyone out there use Prometrium?
  82. Blood tests
  83. health insurance issues...
  84. Anybody know anything about hashimoto's thyroiditis?
  85. Where does your hair grow?
  86. nono hair remonal system
  87. Spironolactone... Results?
  88. Supplements
  89. total annovulation and med vs Soy
  90. Alli
  91. PCOS and natural supplements
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  98. my body is sooo messed up right now
  99. March 09' PCOS WL Support (TTCer's are Welcome!!)
  100. Provera
  101. Anyone have success with South Beach Diet?
  102. Chicken/Egg Question: Which came first, the weight or the PCOS?
  103. Has anyone tried the Flat Belly Diet?
  104. PCOS question
  105. Depressed
  106. I have a PCOS question
  107. Staying full
  108. acne?
  109. PCOS WL Support February 09' (TTCers Welcome!!!)
  110. Has this ever happened to anyone before *Warning TMI*
  111. i need a new doc.....
  112. Need Help Getting off the Merry-Go-Round
  113. New To This!!!
  114. Spironolactone?
  115. Have you ever had your cyst & or ovary removed? My surgery is Scheduled & Im worried!
  116. Endometriosis?
  117. Where Oh Where is AF?
  118. Success with WW?
  119. Dandruff!
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  134. Can't lose weight whatever i do, and suffer from PCOS-need help!
  135. whats the longest that AF has been MIA?!!
  136. Metformin for life
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  138. Anyone with PCOS got pregnant with BC pills?
  139. Anyone with PCOS have WLS????
  140. PCOS and Thyroid problems
  141. I need a JUMP START!!
  142. Just looking for some friends who understand...
  143. 22 year old latina new to PCOS ...Please Help
  144. Struggling to lose weight :(
  145. Frustrated...
  146. PCOS WL Support November
  147. Books related to PCOS and Insulin Resistance
  148. Low Gi Recipes?
  149. So Glad I Found This Forum!
  150. Just "diagnosed" with PCOS
  151. Metformin and jittery feeling?
  152. Agave vs. honey
  153. Questions about blood glucose test - Please help
  154. Question for those with PCOS
  155. New to the group!
  156. how long need to be off spironolactone before getting pregnant?
  157. New to the board, seeing MD for possible PCOS
  158. Hi
  159. PCOS - weight loss and symptoms?
  160. nearly constant period
  161. Bad Bad Week
  162. PCOS for starters
  163. Insulite Results?
  164. PCOS WL Support October
  165. Took the 3hr GTT today
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  167. Taking to GTT 3 hour to see if I am IR
  168. Problem that needs handeling...
  169. POLL: Have you lost weight?
  170. Special exercises/food?
  171. Discoloration under breasts
  172. Does anyone else with PCOS sweat a lot?
  173. Question about Fruit
  174. Low sugar recipes (that taste just as sweet)!
  175. PCOS and My Awakening
  176. How do I tell my friend that I think she has PCOS?
  177. What are you Metformin results to date?
  178. Hi everyone!
  179. Hello all...
  180. Soya So Good...Or Bad?
  181. Hair Hair Everywhere
  182. Finding the right clothes, or my first Lane Bryant experience
  183. New to PCOS and this group!
  184. METFORMIN and my upset stomach !!
  185. New kid in town
  186. PCOS WL Support September
  187. Is your diet coke killing you?
  188. A little disappointed
  189. Been having a hard time
  190. Any suggestions?
  191. PCOS and menstruation
  192. Stuff my ob-gyn said that you may be interested in
  193. PCOS and brain fog, lethargy
  194. To Met or not to Met...
  195. Oh NO!
  196. Insulite - Remembering the pills?
  197. Low GI Diet
  198. All but one
  199. Question about Diagnosis
  200. Ttc
  201. Metformin if you are NOT IR?
  202. Doctor question
  203. Another Newbie!
  204. bleeuughh...Metformin
  205. Anyone tried this?
  206. Success with metaformin with IR and/or PCOS
  207. New to forum
  208. Adderall for Weight Loss- Allure Magazine article
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  210. Will the PCOS go away??
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  212. Minimum calories to take with Metformin
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  214. New here, and byetta?
  215. Exercise
  216. Just joined
  217. New to Forum - question re:Metformin and IR diet
  218. SOOOO Tired
  219. Doc's appointment today
  220. Not new to 3FC, new to PCOS!
  221. Mood swings/depression with pcos treatment?
  222. Dosage of individual ingredients in Insulite?
  223. Average weight loss?
  224. Velvet Patches of Skin (Acanthosis Nigricans)
  225. Alas, hairiness.
  226. PCOS, Metformin and Possible Pregnancy
  227. Balance Bars and PCOS/IR?
  228. Hi! New to 3 Chicks:)
  229. Um.. Wow...
  230. PCOS Organic Solutions Chat~July
  231. Anyone doing "The Insulin Resistance Diet"?
  232. Aha! maybe all the info is coming together - finally
  233. My OB/GYN said this about Insulite
  234. Exercise & Metformin
  235. Any PCOS-ers NOT low-carbing?
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  237. Facial Hair. What to do about it?
  238. Useful Supplements for PCOS
  239. For those of you who count calories...
  240. Newbie here looking for support and help
  241. Weight Loss and Facial Hair
  242. Anyone with PCOS having success with "eating clean"?
  243. Newbie here....
  244. Insulite
  245. Insulite!!!
  246. Anyone esle have Pseudotumor Cerebri?
  247. PCOS WL Support July
  248. My struggle (newbie)
  249. Newby from Oklahoma, here!!
  250. Ditto on being a newbie...