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  1. First Ten Gone!
  2. Wow. This is NOT pleasant.
  3. Starting anew!
  4. It was very painful, but I did it.
  5. Remembering why I/we want to do this.
  6. Almost breaking 220
  7. I think about food alot... planning it, buying it, cooking/preparing it...
  8. I was scared...
  9. ONE reason you will stay on your plan today. JANUARY
  10. A major setback and what's next for me (long)
  11. Ugh. Coping with cycle-related cravings.
  12. Non Scale Goals
  13. I'm back! READY, SET, GO!!!
  14. Beautiful Sunday Weather
  15. Questions
  16. Who's Ready for a Fabulous Week? ME!
  17. "Last Supper" mentality
  18. Adjusting plan for slower loss as maintenance approaches
  19. Kind of slow for the new year, isn't it?
  20. Yay! Nsv!
  21. Nsv!!!!!!!!
  22. being single, losing weight, dealing with dating
  23. New year. Fresh start!
  24. Body Gallery
  25. So I got a call from the doctor today....
  26. ***2012 Weight Loss Challenge***
  27. I've come a realization: BMI really doesn't work for me
  28. Getting Out of the 260's... 2012
  30. Being Sick / Calorie Count
  31. vacation weight
  32. Contest I Entered...
  33. Working through the 250's!
  34. I've never wanted December to end so freaking much!
  35. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......January 2012
  36. An Attitude of Gratitude********JANUARY 2012**********
  37. New Year, New You - January Daily Weigh In
  38. JANUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  39. 2012 Distance Challenge! (500 Miles in 1 year)
  40. BodyBugg
  41. When you burn most of your calories trying squeeze into those jeans..
  42. Honesty is not the best policy...
  43. Humbled and honored...
  44. Eating Well Magazine Online Diet Challenge
  45. PF Changs :(
  46. hating your mother means you're twice as likely to grow up fat
  47. Can you really wipe out three weeks of work in 4 days?
  48. New Year's Resolutions
  49. TOPS Information Needed
  50. Darn Stubborn Midsection Blob
  51. Down more than I could dream
  52. Succeeding through Christmas... how about you?
  53. New and vocalizing goal
  54. Wow - 4 NSV's !
  55. New to Counting Calories
  56. Feeling droopy
  57. Wake-up call? I think so.....
  58. So how was your weekend?
  59. Calm before the storm
  60. Don't know where to begin
  61. Starting over...In shock!
  62. I decided to change my GW from 132 to 140.
  63. Awesome You Tube video about exercise
  64. New Year to Mid Year Challenge!
  65. One more successful day with the Trainer!
  66. Sorting it out in my head (long)
  67. What does it take for you to lose the weight?
  68. Are you the carrot, the egg or the coffee bean
  69. Recipes?
  70. Because I can
  71. It's been a while...she said while enjoying her steamed broccoli
  72. Lacking motivation?
  73. Back after a long absence...
  74. I can do this!
  75. Just joined 3 FAT CHICKS.....
  76. Emotional eating related question
  77. weight problems run in the family
  78. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......December 2011
  79. I'm Pregnant!
  80. need an opinion over here!!! heart rate monitor or work out clothes?
  81. It's been a long time and I'm back....
  82. I don't understand sizing in inches? It makes no sense?
  83. An Attitude of Gratitude*********December*************
  84. DECEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  85. The illogical day to start - December 1
  86. Ho Ho Hold the Eggnog...December Daily Weigh In
  87. I actually *feel* lighter
  88. New clothes
  89. All these bones...
  90. I'm Back ....
  91. Portion control NSV!
  92. Will be MIA
  93. Maybe TMI: Help
  94. My first attempt at a BENTO snack size :) ANTS PLAYiNG iN THE SUN
  95. Whatever your food strategy for Thanksgiving... I wish you a day with no food guilt..
  96. How do you pull yourself out of a funk?
  97. Eating normally
  98. Getting out of the 150's!
  99. I am busy 24/7 but I am still doing it!
  100. water consumption
  101. Legs NSV!
  102. Getting Started
  103. I need some new goals...
  104. Shirt button nsv!
  105. 180s be gone!
  106. What's the best book you have read on nutrition?
  107. It's really a LOVE/HATE thing isn't it?
  108. Do you think my goal is attainable?
  109. Graduation Countdown (Self Challenge)
  110. has anyone tried noom
  111. Red Light Therapy
  112. 5k... again!
  113. April Snow WINS OCTOBER Points Challenge!!
  114. I was the fattest one
  115. I'm curious, why are so many of you taking baby aspirin?
  116. missing in action but not gone!
  117. Taking on the Turkey
  118. Meh-Hee-Co Misdemeanor
  119. extremely discouraged
  120. How much weight before you start noticing
  121. Weightloss Challenge At Work. $1000 at stake. HELP!!!
  122. Running a 5K race question. Have a dilemma
  123. I never dreamed it was possible!
  124. Trying to find my way around...
  125. The Freakin' Halloween Candy to Needs to Go!
  126. Overweight is NOT good enough: plateau psychology
  127. Not Bingeing but not Eating Well
  128. Feeling Lost
  129. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......November 2011.
  130. Uncharted Territory? Never been this thin.. How did you handle it?
  131. Spaghetti squash
  132. Trying to resist shouting out my weight loss
  133. whooshed into ONEDERLAND!!!!
  134. NOVEMBER One reason you will stay on plan today...
  135. An attitude of gratitude *****November*****.
  136. NOVEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  137. New Year's Day Challenge
  138. New Breaking Out of the 240s Thread!
  139. Can't quit emotional eating....what do you do when you feel like this?
  140. November? No Problem! - Daily Weigh in Thread Pt 1
  141. Blogging for Beginners....some questions
  142. Sabotage or my own fault?
  143. Starting AGAIN.
  144. I love Stomach Growling
  145. How do I tell him I need more?
  146. Frenemy help
  147. Back on the Wagon and This is IT!
  148. First Day for Me!
  149. Embarrassing but funny question
  150. When did people start to notice your weightloss?
  151. Met my goal!
  152. What's your next mini goal/milestone?
  153. NSV - jeans!
  154. Clothing NSV
  155. Where do I Begin?
  156. Fit into my goal pants this morning!! (pic)
  157. My Progress Pics :)
  158. Nsv
  159. best kind of NSV
  160. My Self Esteem and Life is Improving!
  161. I am new
  162. Motivation Photos
  163. I'm ready for a new beginning.
  164. Having surgery and still losing weight?
  165. Fun shopping stuff
  166. The Elephant and the Rope
  167. Small Victory!!!!
  168. Ready to rock
  169. Motivational, Silly, Encouraging Pic of the Day!
  170. First day off plan but I feel ok about it
  171. Don't Let the Scale Spook You! October Daily Weighing Pt 2
  172. Guess What I Found!!!!
  173. I'm making a comeback! Old chick returning :)
  174. NSV- former "skinny jeans"
  175. Sweating! Eww!
  176. Mad you've only lost one pound? Photo puts it in perspective
  177. i am NOT a failure!
  178. Project 155 has been activated....
  179. April Snow WINS the September Points Challenge withg a PERFECT Score!!
  180. Can I join in this club?
  181. Working for Onederland - 299's to 200's - Part 2
  182. Sometimes it is so hard to see.
  183. NSV - sort of!
  184. NSV - closet shopping
  185. Guess how many miles I have walked so far?
  186. Nsv
  187. Hello there - vacation dieting tips
  188. Happy Thanksgiving W/E Fellow Canadians!
  189. The treadmill... ugh!
  190. Food guilt
  191. Vacation in 2 days
  192. 3 Weird Things I Want To Do....
  193. So funny/embarrassing...
  194. NSV - I Love October Already!
  195. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......October 2011
  196. OCTOBER One reason you will stay on plan today...
  197. Newbie Here
  198. An Attitude of Gratitude - *** October ***
  199. What is your plan?
  200. OCTOBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  201. Nsv!
  202. Having issues getting below 200...
  203. Don't let the scale spook you! October daily weigh in thread, part 1!
  204. Stupid summer with stupid ice cream in it
  205. how long did it take?
  206. 250's Thread - Part 2
  207. New pic
  208. Jewish holidays
  209. Kidz & Weightloss
  210. Staying on plan while sick....
  211. Back on the Wagon
  212. "Falling Off The Wagon"... Help, Tips?
  213. Difficult after halfway through: tips?
  214. NSV - maybe!
  215. i bought a bathing suit!!!!
  216. I HATE being an apple shape!
  217. My 1st 5k
  218. Nsv..they Fit!!!!
  219. NSV. New Jeans!
  220. Progress graphs - post 'em if you want to
  221. No appetite?
  222. 100 Day Challenge
  223. The Biggest Loser - Season 12 (yes, spoilers)
  224. nsv - stairs
  225. New newbie noob-noob :D
  226. Exercise Paradox
  227. How big/how small does your progress seem?
  228. Need Strength!
  229. Midnight Snacking
  230. Why I don't talk about my weight loss in public...
  231. Evaluation time
  232. Needing Some Moral Support
  233. FitGirlyGirl WINS AUGUST Points Challenge!!
  234. My son just told me I'm the fattest girl he's ever seen
  235. RANT UPDATE (Awakening)
  236. NSV - treated myself to new undies!
  237. My own worst enemy
  238. Coping with a lack of support
  239. See (Much Less of) You in September! Daily Weighing Thread - Part 2
  240. Weight Loss Rant
  241. Evil Forces
  242. working through changes
  243. Out of the Mouths of Babes
  244. Giving up before I even start?!?
  245. Giving up pop!
  246. Food Addict Research?
  247. New "does anyone belong to other forums" question
  248. Restoring Lost Motivation
  249. NSV: Jeans!
  250. help with goals/ mini goals