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  1. I'm that person....
  2. How long until someone notices & clothing is lose?
  3. New, and a little confused.
  4. turns out my binge was not so much a binge after all....
  5. Well, I've been here over a year and didn't think I would be here
  6. Really...
  7. Question for the folks that measure
  8. Buffet Tips
  9. Happy St Patrick's Day
  10. Working for Onederland - 299 to 200 - Part 3
  11. Going to need some NEW SHORTS...
  12. one really good thing about a very lo-cal diet
  13. Plateau Conquered!
  14. Regainers Relosing. Get it off AGAIN! - pt 2
  15. Planning for your day
  16. *Silly Topic* Has anyone ever had...
  17. What can't you do?
  18. Buffet *Cue HORROR music*
  19. Bizarre comments
  20. One year ago, today.
  21. NSV:Clothing
  22. Support for the last 10-20lbs.
  23. Stranger in the Mirror
  24. Question ~ Low Calorie Days
  25. On Going Achievement I am very proud of!!
  26. Blahhhhhhhhhhhh
  27. Why do bellies lose slower than everwhere else!?
  28. i'm going to try zigzagging my VLCD
  29. NSV: Inches lost!
  30. Do you take a multivitamin?
  31. Share your favorite motivational quote
  32. The Real Skinny on TLC
  33. My Personal Barrier
  34. It's NOT a diet!
  35. Is my dress too short?
  36. TMI warning (really sorry)
  37. I am
  38. MY Motivation
  39. Things I HATE about losing weight
  40. When do you need the most willpower?
  41. sluggerbean WINS February Points challenge!!!
  42. Whats different this time?
  43. Favorite Salad Ingredients
  44. Favorite Salad Dressing
  45. Wii fitness??
  46. are peanut m&m's a nutritious snack ?
  47. Great Article
  48. 10.5 lbs in 6 days is that normal?
  49. I have the perfect weight loss tool
  50. Does stress cause hunger pangs?
  51. What's Your Payoff for Being Overweight?
  52. I love Avocados
  53. Naked and in the morning, but...
  54. Don't give up
  55. Getting Out of the 240's Again!
  56. Writing it Down
  57. I want to talk about "ME"
  58. Bizzaro world...
  59. Here I go -
  60. thoughts on BMI?
  61. Looking For A New Scale
  62. How much did you lose before you started feeling comfortable with yourself?
  63. March - How many miles/steps/minutes
  64. Today I will remind myself that I CAN
  65. How do you feel about yourself today?
  66. Ya'll are a quiet bunch today
  67. Mini Goal Rewards
  68. I'm at 100!
  69. Accountability, plans, exericse, support, stuff...MARCH
  70. I'm in my local paper!
  71. I dyed
  72. Bye Bye Morbidly Obese!!!
  73. March NSVs
  74. ONE reason you will stay on your plan today...Month of MARCH 2012
  75. *******An attitude of Gratitude ~ Month of MARCH 2012*************
  76. Problem Meal
  77. New Attitude
  78. Naan Bread Pizza Saved My Day...
  79. (NSV) I said no, lol
  80. Let's March the pounds away this spring season - March Daily Weigh In Thread
  81. I'm so beyond exhasperated (Rant: Read at your own risk)
  82. Goal 2 - Epic Fail
  83. MARCH Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  84. Lucky March-Daily Weigh In Thread
  85. [NSV] Resting heart rate is awesome!
  86. Feeling Frumpy
  87. Clothes Swap
  88. Plateaus SUCK! (A Rant)
  89. 100 lbs lost!!!
  90. Period Issues?
  91. Heart Rate Monitors
  92. In a showdown with 106 pounds!
  93. March Goals
  94. Getting out of the 180's
  95. Trying to Get away from 200
  96. People who gave up sugar
  97. March for better health -- Daily Weigh In Thread
  98. Nsv!
  100. The Cereal isle overwhelms me.....
  101. Am I the only one who doesn't like whole wheat?
  102. Gym Membership vs Home Gym?
  103. Weight Loss Support Group Mean Girls
  104. This could be dangerous.
  105. vent of a former smoker
  106. Was already having a bad week
  107. Small NSV :)
  108. I feel like a balloon!
  109. Have To Share.... Naan Bread Pizza
  110. Proud of losses, but Sooooo much more to lose!
  111. Can you suggest a tastey lite bread?
  112. What temptation did you resist today
  113. Is my loss rate normal?
  114. How to stay strong in moments of weakness
  115. All Exercise Bike Owners
  116. I guess 3 mins on a bike is better than nothing...
  117. I don't understand my body!
  118. What was your defining moment?
  119. cheat days?
  120. Cardio - I'm so out of shape!
  121. Trying to get out of the 250's :)
  122. Anyone in the 220's??
  123. How many calories to you eat a day? Plus.....
  124. I am curious
  125. Time to break my six month plateau!
  126. djs06 WINS JANUARY Points Challenge!
  127. If you are still here... hooray!
  128. New pants :)
  129. Oh no...Easter candy!
  130. On a vegetable high
  131. Really not feeling "this" anymore
  132. I had my baby and I AM BACK
  133. How did you get started?
  134. As I went in and out of a feverish sleep I kept thinking...
  135. vanity sizing
  136. Is this appropriate or not?
  137. Phew. 35 lost, 75.2 to go before goal. (with photos)
  138. Little Pat On My Back!
  139. I was bad today
  140. A non-PC side effect to weight loss
  141. The difference a year makes...(pics)
  142. Shattering my illusion
  143. Today I realized 25 lbs is 1/4 of 100 lbs.
  144. Body Chemistry Changing?
  145. I think Whitney said it best
  146. Unexpected side effect . . .
  147. Top Motivators For Your Weight Loss
  148. losing more than 2 pounds per week.... I thought this wasn't healthy?
  149. Hip pain....
  150. Anyone have a Bodybugg
  151. Ah Ha Moment
  152. When Could You "See" The Changes?
  153. Commit to something today!
  154. Hungry Girl 300 recipes under 300 calories
  155. Sugar and joint pain
  156. why oh why is my scale being mean?
  157. Birthday weekend...
  158. Completely off topic - Bangs
  159. Weight Loss Plateau
  160. Ever wonder what happened 100lbs ago when you thought you were fat?
  161. Finding the total amount to lose number really daunting....
  162. loose skin concerns
  163. suzukigurl
  164. Dieting = Losing Hair?
  165. 1oftheLuvs WINS DECEMBER Points Challenge!
  166. Diet Shakes
  167. I am really not feeling life today
  168. Fast Food Addiction
  169. Annoying Co worker question
  170. Cravings
  171. Say one positive thing about yourself each day
  172. Auntie Flo
  173. What Kind of Eater Are You?
  174. Exercise Regimen
  175. Confession of a Scale Addict
  176. The tickers here depress me sometimes.
  177. Starting AGAIN!!!
  178. Feeling anxious about going off plan.....
  179. Crappy Food Day at Work
  180. Discouraging Media Reports
  181. I am nervous about gaining a lot of weight back...
  182. ideas for limited exercise
  183. Why THIS time will be different (a pep talk)
  184. I'm officially at a 10lb loss, y'all!!!!!!
  185. my funny(ish) "poem" about pounds,kilos,stone
  186. Who loves pancakes? ME! (recipe!)
  187. How often do you change 'plans'?
  188. Leaving the 270's behind...
  189. PART 4-Getting out of the 220s and 230s!
  190. Dukan Diet??
  191. Faturday?
  192. Going away on business...AHHHHHH
  193. The dress did not fit
  194. An observation...
  195. One of my biggest nightmares just came true...
  196. I'm so tired...I hate deadlines
  197. ONE reason you will stay on your plan today.....FEBRUARY.......!
  198. *** An Attitude of Gratitude - February 2012 ***
  199. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......February 2012
  200. February NSVs
  201. I FINALLY weigh less than my husband!!!
  202. Body Fat % Questions
  203. Newbie Introduction
  204. FEBRUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  205. knee problems
  206. So frustrated
  207. Packing lunches to parties?
  208. Shift Work
  209. Scale inching back up - is that normal??
  210. New Year, New You - January Daily Weigh In (Part 2)
  211. Love to see great numbers - February Daily Weigh In Thread
  212. Diet Fatigue... HELP! So over it
  213. Hi there 100lb club! (=
  214. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! (not weight related)
  215. Stopping lurking and saying hello
  216. Any experience with 3 servings of yogurt?
  217. does your hubby/bf/so know how much you weigh?
  218. NSV! - called a good example :)
  219. how much weight did you lose those first few weeks (in proportion to starting weight)
  220. Colds & eating.
  221. Losing weight, but still look "big"
  222. I have to stay on track cause I wanna be a NINJA!!
  223. I don't exercise and I'm ok with that
  224. My New Outlook on Exercising!
  225. Winter, cold hungry and gaining
  226. Distractions/dealing with the urge for unplanned eating.
  227. What is it about being fat that you HATE? A list for motivation!
  228. Cold and scared :)
  229. Regainers Relosing. Get it off AGAIN!
  230. Walking. If you're not, you must.
  231. My 20th post Woohoo! (and losing already!)
  232. please kick Uber's behind
  233. managing an unplanned day
  234. Can you access 3FC blogs from mobile apps??
  235. Today Oprah has repeats of many of her weightloss shows on her network.
  236. I'm Pregnant!!!
  237. New!
  238. Back from the shadows. [Reposted]
  239. Needing support...literally
  240. I can't eat like my husband or whenever he eats...
  241. unrealistic
  242. Watch what you say to the young
  243. Do any of you use blogs? And are blogs incorporated as part of the message board?
  244. How often do you weigh in?
  245. For those who can share on having lost significant weight, share some insight...
  246. Where do I start? (help for a newbie!)
  247. The Three D's of a Regain
  248. Before eating a meal or snack I am doing something helpful.
  249. Eat nothing processed for one month?
  250. Newbie