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  1. what is a "massive amount" of vegetables?
  2. Okay, So you can judge me.
  3. goal weights
  4. Gluten Free - substitue and concerns
  5. No Judgement Zone: What are you doing for weight loss?
  6. Doesn't it just drive you nuts?!
  7. I want to stay fat because....(Reviving an old thread)
  8. food obsession ?
  9. Do you ever feel like it's...
  10. Three NSV in as many days
  11. Weird tip!
  12. Not Proud of Myself Anymore
  13. Curves fitness center
  14. passed the first big challenge
  15. my scale ****
  16. Some progress pics.
  17. About six weeks to go!
  18. Day 1, trials and tribulations.
  19. I have a date....conversation in my house
  20. chinese food help?
  21. Yoohoo, Elvislover...
  22. I feel like im not getting ANYWHERE with my weightloss...please help!
  23. Thoughtful Thursday ~ New Topic
  24. Another reason toocal/native
  25. What's your go to food?
  26. I totally don't have a relationship with my body...
  27. Do you snack?
  28. Alone...
  29. Lurkers- Come out and play!
  30. Buying same brands?
  31. Lose It! App Friends?
  32. Breaking those habits!!
  33. If you had 1 lb per week loss guaranteed, would you take it?
  34. some advice please?
  35. Help getting rings sized
  36. DDP yoga
  37. Two years ago . . .
  38. The Wanderer returns
  39. Hi, I'm new here...
  40. 5 inches seems like 5 miles!
  41. What is Your Favorite Healthy New Food?
  42. What Motivates You?
  43. Your Experience with Calorie Counting
  44. So itchy on my fat!
  45. Good Morning, Ladies!
  46. What's your next Mini Goal/Milestone?
  47. Rewards for Weight Loss/Mini Goals/Milestones
  48. Thank you to whomever recommended Kim Bensen's book
  49. Eating Right and Gaining Weight
  50. Your Favorite Mini-Goals
  51. Weekly Weigh Ins
  52. Recipe Calorie Converter?
  53. One year at it - results and resolutions
  54. Junebug44
  55. Really having a hard time finding my motivation again
  56. Scale Mind Games/Tricks- How do you overcome?
  57. Take a deep breath.
  58. Your Dream Outdoor Workout Space
  59. how to you forgive yourself?
  60. New Romance...
  61. Emotional Eating - Friend Problem
  62. Biggest Loser - Season 14
  63. School starts again tomorrow... eek!
  64. Exercise works... they weren't lying!
  65. Lost 19.4lbs Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve
  66. Breaking up with my diet partner? (long vent-y post)
  67. How to stretch the clothing budget
  68. JANUARY 2013 Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  69. Anyone from San Antonio?
  70. Any 240s?
  71. Try try again
  72. Clothing size and weight questions
  73. Ok, I am coming back
  74. New Year Newbie Alert- Challenges and Rewards
  75. Getting ready to start again
  76. One reason you will stay on your plan today...January
  77. Confessions of a Sugar Addict
  78. Results of a Year Slightly Off the Wagon
  79. Biggest Loser = Child Abuse?
  80. Starting off the year inspired by old photographs
  81. Moving Killed My Weight Loss - I'm Back...
  82. January Goals
  83. *******An attitude of gratitude - Month of January 2013********
  84. Changes between sizes and weight
  85. New Year Fresh Start ~ January Daily Weigh-In Thread
  86. Tracking
  87. This just got so. much. easier.
  88. seriously at the end of my rope :-(
  89. 2012 Year In Review/2013 Goals
  90. Finally, I found a support board.
  91. confession to make...
  92. Science geek
  93. Christmas cookies have left the building!
  94. EASY & FUN workout idea!
  95. A Woman Emerges From An Amorphous Blob
  96. Something to smile about
  97. Need some magic
  98. No good deed goes unpunished.
  99. New Year's to Valentine's Day - Resolutions
  100. Unmentionables that no longer fit...what do you do?
  101. Short chubby chick sayiing hello to fellow weight losers:)
  102. It has been 3 years...
  103. It's Been So Long...Or Why Do I Keep Quitting?
  104. NSV - yay, finally :)
  105. Eatting late @ nite:(
  106. Hello Im new here.
  107. What should I put on my Christmas Wish List? Chalean Extreme??
  108. Looking for an accountability partner
  109. My 1st Week Went a Little Like This...
  110. Not sure I belong here, but...
  111. Many, many gifts of food will be coming in the door all month... Yikes.
  112. Healthy Holidays Suggestions/Advice
  113. Life!
  114. Beginning my long journey, one more time.
  115. ONE reason to stay on your plan today...DECEMBER.
  116. Hi ladies I have FINALLY lost 100 pounds
  117. ******* An Attitude of Gratitude - DECEMBER ********
  118. DECEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  119. Ho, Ho, Hope we reached our 2012 goals...December Daily Weigh In Thread
  120. Did/do your feet/toes tingle a lot from being overweight?
  121. Thought Of The Day
  122. My Own Husband Didn't Recognize Me!
  123. It is not a failure it is a learning experience
  124. I really planned and planned for this Thanksgiving
  125. I seriously need some help getting started
  126. blog spot
  127. Introduction
  128. My Thanksgiving/ Holdiay Survival Tips!!
  129. Well I am back, and I've got a plan!
  130. More than 100
  131. Returning to 3 fat chicks
  132. Gained 4 lbs in one day?
  133. heart palpitations....
  134. 50 pds gone!
  135. New Bras
  136. Well It's Just Got To Stop
  137. How do you get past a slump/ lack of motivation
  138. Traditional Thanksgiving or Just Another Day
  139. 1.6 pounds away from the 1/3 point
  140. I will have a houseful of family for four days at Thanksgivng. You?
  141. do you usually know exactly how much you weigh?
  142. Well I finally weighed myself this morning (insert scary music)
  143. November Roll Call - General Chatter Thread
  144. I must learn that I can't eat something because everyone else gets to eat it.
  145. Back in the Mindset
  146. Starting my 100lbs goal today
  147. Peeks in and waves
  148. I need to lose 100 lbs...
  149. button/zipper pants/jeans
  150. Do you have a strategy for getting through the Thanksgiving holiday?
  151. staying on the wagon
  152. Getting back into it
  153. I packed up my fat(ter) clothes and sent them to the East Coast...
  154. what's the difference btwn fat and slim?
  155. I'm baaaackkk!!!!!
  156. I need u all to plz describe your first couple of weeks of losing weight
  157. My inner child= sabotage
  158. I Bought A Scale >_<
  159. does anyone do carb cycling?
  160. What is your NSV this week?
  161. November~ Work off the Turkey Exercise Thread
  162. One Reason to Stay On Plan~November
  163. One Reason To Stay On Plan Today - November
  164. ReGainers ReLosing ~ Get it off again!
  165. *** An Attitude of Gratitude for November ***
  166. A Time for Giving Thanks ~ November Daily Weigh-In Thread
  167. Old Shirt vs. New!
  168. NOVEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  169. How important/effective are each of these things for weight loss?
  170. Do you keep blog here or externally - advantages to either?
  171. Is obesity irreversible?
  172. Glad to be here!
  173. new here and restarting WW really need support
  174. Tyler Perry lost it . Dumplin can too .
  175. 100 days on fruits veggies nuts and seeds Challenge!
  176. First reall NSV
  177. Hey everybody...Newbie here looking for support
  178. Getting out of the 260s and 250s ::new::
  179. How did you celebrate losing 100 lbs?
  180. Some questions
  181. I have a cold and am so hungry
  182. 100 to lose and doing INSANITY!
  183. Celebration!
  184. husbands, weight and empty compliments
  185. Thank You Everyone
  186. Thoughtful Thursday
  187. Getting out of the 240's thread *new*
  188. Reasons Not to Lose Weight - Share and Let Go
  189. Introducing myself....again...
  190. Haven't posted in awhile, but I am back
  191. I met with a Registered Dietician today.
  192. Emotional Attachment to Larger Clothing
  193. Closet Clutter
  194. Long Distance Relationships and Weight
  195. Pleased with results
  196. Getting out of our 218-"teens"
  197. feeling hopeless, need encouragement!
  198. don't know whatcha got til it's gone
  199. Why do I keep sabatoging my weight loss? :-(
  200. New here with over 100lbs to lose
  201. Feel Fabulous Friday
  202. Glass scales???/
  203. Thoughtful Thursday - Is weight loss consuming you?
  204. Why did I EAT ThAt?
  205. Lost 100 pounds
  206. new here - motivation problems :/
  207. Holidays - OMG can we skip them all?
  208. Kroger is Eeeee-vel!
  209. coworker copycat - ugh!
  210. My Rube Goldburg Machine morning...
  211. So let me tell you about me
  212. Part 5: Getting out of the 220s and 230s.
  213. Just over the hump - 300 to 290
  214. Favorite Fall/Winter Low Calorie Recipe
  215. October Roll Call
  216. What is your positive for today?
  217. Thoughtful Thursday (A little late)
  218. October ~ I like to move it, move it thread
  219. Cake Interference
  220. One Reason to Stay On Plan Today~October
  221. Where the heck is everyone???
  222. Motivational plateaus
  223. Plateaus SUCK!
  224. I have a slow leak...
  225. Back after a break...
  226. Confess to Progress
  227. I ran a half marathon yesterday
  228. Chemical Free October
  229. OCTOBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  230. **** An Attitude of Gratitude in October ***
  231. ReGainers ReLosing in October ~ Get it off again!
  232. A Spooky Time ~ October Daily Weigh-In
  233. looking for diet suggestions
  234. Support for the Last 10-20 lbs for 100 lb. club! (Part 2)
  235. Hi Chicks!
  236. a gain of 8lbs in one week
  237. Is the 100lb club for...
  238. Losing Weight - The Top Ten Tips for Success
  239. Facing Your Once Fears
  240. Healthy pumpkin recipes!!
  241. Shocked!
  242. Weight loss slowing down is just flat out lame.
  243. In such a rut!!
  244. Ultimate Goal Weight
  245. Scale Fear-Anyone?
  246. Thoughtful Thursday
  247. Halloween Candy Pledge
  248. Do you eat stuff you hate, just because you feel like you should?
  249. I am leaving on a jet planeeeeeeee
  250. My should know better husband disregards my top weight