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  1. Warm, Comforting Foods
  2. Is this true?
  3. hiya
  4. Just dropping in to say hey while I try not to fall asleep at my desk....
  5. Hiii=]
  6. What do you put in your Tuna?
  7. sharonrr1
  8. Showin some love....
  9. approachign two big milestones
  10. I have a problem, can you shed some light?
  11. Ped-o-meter-from-****! Where do you get yours?
  12. Overwhelmed!
  13. Jasmine31 reaches ONEderland!!!!
  14. Weekly Weigh In Nov 26-Dec 2
  15. Exercise
  16. Accountability/Planning/Menus: Nov 26-Dec 2
  17. Happy Birthday Nicolen!
  18. Planning
  19. I have got to get back on track!!
  20. Loose Ring Help!
  21. 200lb Loser Club
  22. Letting go....
  23. Happy Birthday WinterStarzz!
  24. What has happened? Need encouragement :(
  25. Yes, I ate too much, but I also had some GREAT things happen today!
  26. I ate so much!
  27. Thanksgiving's Over - Back on Track
  28. stay on track for today!!!
  29. B.m.i.
  30. McDonalds Sweet Tea
  31. Happy to be here
  32. ugh-A breakdown admission!
  33. What Type Scales Do You Use?
  34. Just wanted to wish Happy Thankgsgiving to everyone in the USA...
  35. The Biggest Loser ***NO SPOILERS****
  36. I actually enjoyed the doc visit today...well, kinda.
  37. Downward Spiral
  38. Any opinion on The Rush... fitness complex??
  39. Totally OFF TOPIC....Branson question
  40. Hoping I can do this with all of you.
  41. Accountability/Planning/Menus November 19-25
  42. A selfish complaint
  43. My first goal revision
  44. Weekly weigh-in ~ Nov 19-25
  45. One month to go and I'm stepping it up...
  46. Anyone else thinking of Thanksgiving?
  47. My 1/2 Marathon walk
  48. Finally heard from the Oprah show! My visit to the Plastic Surgeon
  49. SO not fair! hahah
  50. Do you think you are/were addicted to food
  51. BMI milestone - Anyone else?
  52. Question for those who have just started visiting here in the past few months
  53. Show some love
  54. the worst time of the day
  55. Calorie Counting Resource
  56. Happy Birthday Lifeguard!!!
  57. Good News
  58. Scary incident with chewy granola bars
  59. Excersizing is SOOOO hard!! :(
  60. Robin41 in ONE-derland!
  61. I Blew It!!!!!
  62. just checking in
  63. people I need help finding a good low fat Turkey day dessert........
  64. I want to get to know you ladies
  65. and the hits just keep on coming...
  66. New Goal....
  67. OT: Portland here I come!!
  68. Very off topic... but I have rediscovered drawing!
  69. Does your hair grow faster since eating healthier and exercising?
  70. Mmmm, Birthday Cake?????
  71. So, we've had the talk
  72. Kelly hit her WW goal!
  73. Weekly Weigh-In: Nov. 12-18
  74. Accountability/Planning/Menus: November 12-18
  75. WOW! I am in the 140's!!!!
  76. OT: Work = not so much.
  77. Ab weight
  78. rockinrobin happy birthday!!!
  79. A reminder that it's really all about being healthy
  80. Less than 100!
  81. Back after a while
  82. Just what I needed now..NOT!
  83. Does Your Body Really Settle at the Perfect Weight?
  84. Yahooooooeeee!
  85. Oh My. My friend wants to go to Disney.
  86. I am a horrible mother.....
  87. Is TOM REALLY to blame??
  88. Cheat meal?
  89. I think I figured out why I have been Binging
  90. Cravings
  91. hard work Can pay off
  92. Can anyone recommend a great cookbook?
  93. YES! ::does a dance::
  94. Grrrrr. ::shakes fist::
  95. Week Long Binge Ends IMMEDIATELY
  96. Following a Heart/Stroke diet or Diabetic diet as a preventative measure???
  97. Dehydrated Fruit
  98. Snack ideas
  99. Ticker: To update or not
  100. why you may NOT be losing weight
  101. For those of you that have been successful, what is working?
  102. calorie distribution
  103. I know
  104. suggestions to maintain moptivation on the weekend, pls!
  105. How do you convince yourself this is the last time?
  106. I'm starting my life over.
  107. Nighttime Snacks
  108. Diet Friendly Grocery List
  109. I could use some suggestion here, ladies
  110. I Finally Told My Husband
  111. Starting over
  112. Bad Mommy Bad!!!
  113. an amusing musing....
  114. My mom...I love her...but I have some work to do.
  115. How Much Water Weight Can One Carry?
  116. for the billionth time..
  117. How do you make an egg white omelet
  118. Health going down the drain
  119. Binge and Devasted
  120. I met someone and I'm fearing a weightloss block
  121. Finally starting to feel better!
  122. Willpower
  123. Recommittal
  124. Celebrating successes
  125. Weekly Weigh-In~Nov 5-11
  126. Accountability/Planning/Menus: Nov 5-11
  127. Alli... successful?
  128. Supersub WINS the October Points Challenge!!
  129. anyone else delusional???
  130. Feeling good all "under" (and over)...
  131. Happy Birthday RitzyFritz!
  132. Dumping denial
  133. Is it unrealistic to think I can lose 16 pounds in a month?
  134. TOm
  135. Hi all
  136. Need a Kick Start
  137. Happy Birthday Melsfolly!
  138. Am I Crazy?
  139. Adventures in supermarket shopping
  140. OT - Lousy Week
  141. My weight is incredibly fluid - is this "normal?"
  142. DUMB walking question!!!
  143. OK....I know I need you guys
  144. wow... i lost some weight
  145. Why didn't I know about this??? LOL
  146. What's your longest plateau??
  147. I have met 2 of my goals for this year!
  148. Update
  149. November~What's For Dinner Tonight?
  150. Don't Lose Hope- Read this now!
  151. Wooh!
  152. RockinRobin - acorn squash
  153. I had an incident with "THE CANDY" (doo doo)
  154. I guess I'm the only one that bombed with Candy on Halloween?
  155. NOVEMBER Points Challenge (This has NOTHING to do with WW)
  156. November~The ONE reason I'm staying on plan today is:
  157. November NSV's
  158. OT: My Dad Got A Kidney
  159. Has anyone tried any of the 101+ chicken recipes?
  160. 'Tis the Season (for leaves)
  161. Happy Birthday Rakel.........
  162. So Hungry today! Sigh.....
  163. Halloween Showdown at the 3FC Corral
  164. exersize suggestions pls?
  165. So absolutely confused.
  166. OT.. just a laugh
  167. 101 Ways to Make Vegetables
  168. hello everyone
  169. Teetering on the edge of rock bottom/ me over???
  170. Feeling frustrated and upset
  171. It's WORKING!! :)
  172. Surprise - I feel fat again - huh?
  173. Who knows your real numbers?
  174. Who's got your back?
  175. Coming out--of my fat pants--NSV
  176. Somebody pinch me, cause I must be dreaming....
  177. Hello
  178. Weather & Scale Effects?
  179. What size are you?
  180. Still Celebrate with Food??
  181. Trader Joe's: The Aftermath
  182. Weekly Weigh-In ~ Oct 29-Nov 4
  183. Accountability/Planning/Menus: Oct 29-Nov 4
  184. Happy Birthday iminhere
  185. Im so mad at myself!!
  186. Flight Fit
  187. Picture Surprise
  188. OMG I'm such a LIAR!!!!
  189. I feel so stupid...
  190. Curves Scale questions?
  191. I must admit...I am ADDICTED!!! OT
  192. Can I Do It?
  193. Changing my thinking
  194. Healthy, filling, Winter Recipe Recommendations!
  195. Update....
  196. Happy Birthday daimere!!
  197. Exercise and Reading makes it go quick
  198. Any News ON Lessofsarahtolove
  199. Halloween
  200. Its hard to be happy or excited...
  201. Calorie Alotment - Whats eaten + Cals burned? = O.0
  202. Calling all Fiber One fans...
  203. Where I've been... (pinched nerve, miscarriage, what next)
  204. Trader Joe's
  205. Whew
  206. I conquered it!
  207. No change in 4 weeks, in fact
  208. Healthy Quick Breads for Winter
  209. Please tell me I'm not the only one....
  210. Rice Delima--Need Help Figuring This Out
  211. I know it's water weight, but I'll take it!!
  212. OK that was FUN!
  213. I made it through the first day...
  214. Testing 1,2,3...Testing 1,2,3
  215. Calories Question
  216. This annoying thing called time- Food Journals
  217. Room for another?
  218. Are you going to give yourself a treat when you reach your goal?
  219. young & looking to start life healthy
  220. Transitional clothing - where did you get it/get rid of it and for how much $$$?
  221. Pin the medal on me ;)
  222. Who Should I See About My Knees?
  223. Mary (Sockmonkey) and CC - are y'all still there?
  224. Info on diet deception
  225. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SoulBliss!
  226. Why do I feel so guilty?
  227. Book Suggestions?
  228. Falling Apart
  229. Am I totally off my rocker or what?????
  230. Losing Weight without Gym membership
  231. Happy Birthday Puff0518!!
  232. Accountability/Planning/Menus Oct 22-28
  233. Do any of you use this website?
  234. Weekly Weigh-In: Oct 22-28
  235. Weekend food - Way off plan - Don't read if you are easily tempted.
  236. Crazy???
  237. I shoulda had a V8??
  238. Four days later........and she's......
  239. How do you count?
  240. OT - What is good for fine lines and tiredness???
  241. I lost a pound (in 3 months) and I'm happy!
  242. I am still here....
  243. Quaker Simple Harvest
  244. Bored with your workout??
  245. WHY is the weekend so hard?!
  246. Shockingly RUDE!
  247. Feeling MORE Self Conscious
  248. I have lost 80 lbs so far!
  249. My Friday Night Lesson...
  250. A Victory