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  1. I think I'm going to be French...
  2. Do you stay on plan on the days you workout?
  3. What do you do after you've blown it?
  4. This is it...
  5. Calories Burned Climbing Stairs?
  6. exercise accountabilty thread week of 2/16
  7. OT--I'm not suppose to be at work today!
  8. HEY! Guess what?
  9. Just starting with a long way to go
  10. Boils, boils, everywhere.
  11. *Weekly Weigh-in Feb 16th -22nd*
  12. Need a kick in the bum!
  13. And so it begins.....
  14. Accountability/Menu/Planning 16 - 22 Feb
  15. On a slippery downward spiral. Help.
  16. Meridia / Reductil
  17. A very off topic update on my Mama :)
  18. Starting again already this year---argh!!
  19. Studying and cravings
  20. flu bug - ugh!
  21. OT: Who here crochet's?
  22. Tis time to start the LEAN MEAN GREEN MACHINE St. PATRICK'S DAY weight loss challenge
  23. Almost, but not quite...
  24. stalling after only 12lbs?
  25. Not Gone....just crazy
  26. AHHHH cupcakes galore!!
  27. really weird stuff coming up....
  28. Tahini---Yikes! Fat Grams not worth it...
  29. My hubby is the greatest!
  30. Friday the 13th is a GREAT DAY!!!!
  31. Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
  32. Fitness challenge at work
  33. Polar Body Age Test - My results and a Question
  34. OT: The Daily Plate - Update issues? (Friday 2/13)
  35. What is your reward?
  36. Successful strategies
  37. hello weight loss, where are you?
  38. Buying a treadmill
  39. Telling yourself no?
  40. Three words (only) the describe your mood right here, right now
  41. good fats question, please
  42. drum roll please...
  43. Mentally defeated
  44. A challenging day, but I am victorious! *CHAMPION POSE* hehehe!
  45. How much money are you saving?
  46. I Did It!!!
  47. Control issues.
  48. fiber question
  49. Has Anyone Read
  50. Need a replacement for your standard 'scooping tool'
  51. What has happened to YOUR old standbys?
  52. Thoughts of sledge hammering the scale....
  53. OT: Any Losties??
  54. I need some advice...
  55. A Hump Day Funny
  56. And she's smug again!
  57. Struggling
  58. Ugh! I can't believe I used to eat like this all the time!!
  59. 1/3 of the way and I still feel like a failure!
  60. whew! saved by 2% cheese
  61. wow what a work out ..
  62. Second week issues ..
  63. Haagan Dazs!
  64. Not a stranger to this site
  65. but what actually made you start?
  66. Let's Make Weight Loss FUN!
  67. Did anyone hire a personal trainer and lose more weight than solo?
  68. Chronic Dizziness?
  69. BarbPA WINS the JANUARY Points Challenge!!!!
  70. I ain't foolin' around! I mean it!
  71. Weekly Weigh-In: Feb 9 - Feb 15
  72. exercise accountabilty thread week of 2/9
  73. Weight and Resistance training.. how much, when to start?
  74. Back again ..... after 6 or so years?
  75. Mercury and high fructose corn syrup
  76. New Outfits!
  77. Fibre help?
  78. Wii and Wii Fits. Who's got 'em? Is it worth it? Opinions...
  79. Accountability/Planning/Menus: Feb 9-15
  80. Nutri System
  81. Tired of sitting on the sidelines
  82. Where to begin....
  83. Hamburger and Tofu
  84. I gained 14 pounds! Time to take action!!
  85. Today I saw something that I have NEVER seen before...
  86. Losing 5 Pounds, 24 Times
  87. PCOS question
  88. OT: Song for Saturday
  89. changing cardio
  90. I am changing
  91. resizing rings?
  92. just not that hungry ..
  93. Adios fast food
  94. Disgusted with myself~
  95. "Eating Clean"?
  96. Gotta love PMS
  97. Dealing with jealousy?
  98. Tdp
  99. roll rash?
  100. Is this realistic?
  101. Valentine's Day Breakfast Menu
  102. I am feeling weary.
  103. Capsule wardrobe - advice, please!
  104. Making the Unhealthy, Healthy!
  105. Anybody suffered from recent ICE STORM?
  106. How did you do it? How are you doing it?
  107. Stress and weight gain/retaining water? (Long Post, venting)
  108. Lost my job! Big time binge yesterday...
  109. What to do with the flu
  110. WHY do YOU want to lose weight?
  111. Does diet soda make you eat more?
  112. Why I'm quitting my diet
  113. "I Don't Eat That Kind Of Stuff"
  114. Turn of events.....
  115. First weigh in ..
  116. Are you a Biggest Loser watcher? OT kinda
  117. I did it! 100 pounds lost!
  118. Does anyone here have big families they have to cook for everyday?
  119. I'm so excited to be............
  120. I hit a wall...any advice?
  121. Not exercising? I'll show you why you SHOULD
  122. Why do I make it so hard?
  123. Gotta get serious again!
  124. Turns out, I am a Night Runner.
  125. Exercising with a severely herniated disc? I need surgery but don't want to aggravate
  126. Wii Fit and My Fitness Coach...?
  127. Working out-Have you been wondering why
  128. Where's the Weekly Exercise Thread??
  129. I have. the. flu.
  130. Calling all soda-pop addicts
  131. Back Again!
  132. Why I am NOT going to the gym today.
  133. The Daily Plate
  134. Butter Spray?
  135. Weekly Weigh-In: Feb 2 - Feb 8
  136. Calorie cycling question (yes, another one ;)
  137. bagged lunches...
  138. Accountability/Menu/Planning 2 - 8 Feb
  139. Substitutions, if you please
  140. inches vs. pounds
  141. Do you blog?
  142. being a motivation
  143. Feeling sick... food to feel better
  144. Help - Gaining weight
  145. The dreaded word...SCALE!
  146. FEBRUARY - one reason you will stay on your plan today..
  148. It's Super Bowl Sunday - plans or strategies??
  149. Extreme Sledding!
  150. Very VERY OT: I might be losing my job. Freaking Out!
  151. My Birthday Challenge
  152. Where do you shop?
  153. Surgery ?
  154. Oatmeal and fiber question
  155. Back
  156. I just e-mailed the daily plate! *angry*
  157. Newbie
  158. Long week for RG
  159. Caloric Ratios
  160. It's been a week of old habits
  161. Back again
  162. FEBRUARY Points Challenge (has nothing to do with WW)
  163. New scale = back to starting wt
  164. Where do you fall on the "fat acceptance" scale?
  165. New to the club...
  166. first week weigh in
  167. dryer jeans?
  168. my body is confusing me
  169. Any truth to the theory of...
  170. Injured
  171. FINALLY - I'm doing the HAPPY DANCE!
  172. how can I make this diet work for me???
  173. Let's see you and your kids or furkids!!!
  174. Hello I am new here and I need help
  175. When it rain, it pours!
  176. Visiting my skinny mom
  177. Ahh! The White Death! (Sorta OT, Sorta Not)
  178. Newbie here ..
  179. Class Action Suit against Applebee's
  180. What Diet are you on?
  181. I have PUPPY PICTURES!!!!
  182. My New Bracelet for Goals
  183. So what is 10lbs...Inspiration for you!
  184. Meal idea's (WW & CC) w/ pics :)
  185. I could really use a buddy
  186. It's taking every single OUNCE of my willpower...
  187. Does 3fc have a chat room?
  188. Fresh Start Day Today--anyone care to join me?
  189. hi! I'm a noob! :-)
  190. Weight Loss timeline?
  191. saucy sauces.
  192. What "Plan" Do You Follow?
  193. Stupid Economy!
  194. whole grain brown MINUTE rice????
  195. Mourning the loss of Qdoba
  196. Egg Plant or Brussel Sprouts Anyone???
  197. Did anyone else see this on fox news this morning?
  198. What is your favorite healthy snack?
  199. TOM and stalling...
  200. Bad Weekend--Must Do Better!
  201. Weekly Weigh-in: Jan 26- Feb 1
  202. Where can I find......
  203. Accountability/Menu/Planning 26 Jan - 1 Feb
  204. Are your significant others at a healthy weight?
  205. I can only tell you all this...
  206. A little shakey
  207. wondering if these have any validity?
  208. I AM around...
  209. Blog
  210. Do you get rashes?
  211. Team Washington
  212. It's Unofficial!
  213. My life has turned upside down (death related)
  214. excited and anxious at the same time
  215. Back in the saddle again...
  216. Safe foods for "fat" craving?
  217. Where to get energy
  218. This has been the worst weekend
  219. Size 20 Jeans!!! Whoo hooo...
  220. What is Calorie Cycling?
  221. Low Calorie, Low Carb, Low Fat?
  222. Those Weird Things That Come With Being MORBIDLY OBESE. (A thread for laughs)
  223. OT- How old?!
  224. IMPORTANT*****Biggest Loser Casting Call
  225. a tiny gain, but it's okay!
  226. First, "You look a lot thinner" :)
  227. Have you ever tried...
  228. Made Hummus before? easy/cheap/great
  229. Mexican food
  230. Body changing without letting the scale in on the plot.
  231. New Too
  232. Just for fun, ladies! How many creative ways can you compare your weight loss?
  233. FIBER--let's flush the pounds away!
  234. Blisters
  235. Office Foods
  236. I got a weird, but wonderful, compliment today
  237. I went on a date... hmmm...
  238. New here
  239. This is sooooo good for my diet
  240. Checkin In!
  241. Once More
  242. I thought I just really liked the cookies
  243. Printable Vegetable Carb Content List--where can i get one?
  244. Skinny sister ate my apples!
  245. Blast from the past -Activeadventurer engaged and cancer free
  246. Food Awareness Idea
  247. i happened i did it.
  248. So Sad!! Yet strangely inspiring...TLC 900 lb Mom
  249. Stressed - Need some positive energy
  250. I got two workouts today!