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  1. my new progress ticker
  2. ive lost 6more pounds
  3. Can we talk about rewards?
  4. OK well I think this is good news...
  5. FINALLY dropped a size
  6. I broke out of the 250's! Then BINGED like an idiot!
  7. My surgery is in two days....some musings
  8. Accountability/Menu/Planning 15 - 21 June
  9. Can I hang out here, and is this normal?
  10. It's happening...
  11. Hi I'm new, but was here a long time ago too.
  12. Weekly weigh-in June 15 to 21
  13. still struggling with hunger.
  14. Back on Track =0)
  15. I am new here and want to join you!
  16. !Hasta luego!
  17. Congratulations are in order
  18. How to stay motivated?
  19. Hello wrinkles
  20. Fiber One bars?
  21. Not really getting support..Vent..
  22. PIcs from 2behealthy: Can you see a difference?
  23. I cant give up
  24. I cant give up
  25. I Just Don't Get This...
  26. Finally the longed-for comment! And yet...
  27. Speaking of NSV's
  28. My beginning and a a couple questions
  29. Gave myself a bouquet of NSVs!
  30. crummy day- warning- whiny
  31. I got my ticker!!!!
  32. Breakfast...what's cookin?
  33. exercise as an appetite suppressant?
  34. Cant Afford Benefiber, any cheaper alternatives?
  35. What day do you weigh in at?
  36. Sad News
  37. Carbs--Does not eating them in evening really help?
  38. oh dear. Vacation packing dilemma...
  39. Laxitives...
  40. Feelings....
  41. Can you be addicted to endomorphins this fast?
  42. Advice for eating on a cruise
  43. Tuna?
  44. why did this comment hurt so much?
  45. Trying to psych myself up for camping
  46. 50 @ a Time
  47. challenges=victories
  48. Bringing sexy back
  49. 75lbs GONE...25lbs to go!!!
  50. A list of threads we want to go back to time and time again!
  51. My Weight is Up 7.6 Lbs since 5/19.
  52. FAIL day
  53. CandaceG WINS MAY Points Challenge!!!
  54. My beginning goals...
  55. Need Recipe: Low carb/low fat/low calorie DESSERT
  56. Healthy Breakfast Cereal?
  57. When you lose weight, where does it go?
  58. ok here we go...
  59. Goodbye, Morbid Obesity!
  60. I'm still around...
  61. My first unofficial goal..
  62. A little pick-me-up for today (entertainment)
  63. Feeling Defeated
  64. You can make a good choice
  65. I don't regret 181
  66. fitday troubles tonight
  67. Everyone looks so!
  68. what i have eaten today
  69. How are you doing when it comes to taking care of yourself?
  70. OK so all that rah rah rah I did? pfft
  71. Can I Toot?
  72. keep going part 2
  73. keep going....
  74. Tingling in extremities?
  75. How much did we loose this week?
  76. Accountability/Menu/Planning 8 - 14 June
  77. Weekly weigh-in June 8 to 14
  78. darned scales
  79. You are what you eat. - What are You
  80. turning around and not stopping till I reach my goal
  81. what are you looking forward to?
  82. So what's on the agenda for today?
  83. A better way....
  84. Yep, I remember that sound...
  85. Why do we fall off the wagon
  86. kinda interesting...I'm actually ENJOYING food
  87. Jiggling
  88. I love shopping, and that isn't a good thing!
  89. How do I stop eating EVERYTHING the week before my "friend"??
  90. What's keeping me from the gym?
  91. I'm an idiot....
  92. Sheesh, trying to beat the sugar.
  93. First 10%!
  94. Workout Music
  95. Operation Buffet: Success!
  96. The Daily Plate
  97. Are you a picky eater?
  98. I'm a behaviorist....
  99. what diet are you on?
  100. I've been a cooking fiend!
  101. Been here before help me start again please!
  102. yet again i've been talked into something stupid
  103. Ok--so the honeymoon "rush" is over--now what?
  104. I am: Kathy Bates & Delta Burke
  105. senior members???
  106. 785 stairs!!
  107. Clothes in my closet!
  108. Lost 20 pounds but still in the same cloths?
  109. Dumbest excuse for being overweight EVER!
  110. advice on breakfast
  111. new avatar ;)
  112. I'm stuck and not sure why
  113. What Works and What Doesn't.
  114. inches lost....
  115. Strange pain
  116. things looking south!
  117. Blouse joy!
  118. Freezing Bulk Cooking...
  119. Look who got their TICKER!!
  120. Anxiety Overload
  121. What's for dinner tonight?
  122. Today I ate
  123. listen all y'all its a sabotage..
  124. the fat on my body is changing
  125. Quick easy foods
  126. Protein powder recipies
  127. Finding Nutritional Value for Resturant foods
  128. Day 10
  129. Honesty....
  130. 2.7lbs to go!
  131. The Self-Distruct Button has been engaged...
  132. Vacation eating
  133. Have You Ever......
  134. What have you given up because of your weight? 93 lbs challenge.
  135. What the...?
  136. Hello I'm new and just starting the attempt again
  137. Panic has set in!
  138. Looking for a please..
  139. Wondering if I'm on the right track...
  140. Water retaining question?
  141. Intro... and a question re: night craving
  142. Thanks 3FC!
  143. Why can't I just take the compliment?
  144. patience.....
  145. I've crossed to the light side!
  146. a first. a whaaaahooo!
  147. Is it just me? Can you see a difference?
  148. So what's going on?
  149. Could the government prevented you from becoming obese?
  150. Computer Problems
  151. Huge NSV for me
  152. Im hopeful...
  153. I want to create a 9391.66 calorie deficit - possible?
  154. Milestone!
  155. How are things going for you?
  156. How do you stay cool?
  157. I get close to 207 and then I gain weight.
  158. Progress: pictures and the emotional variety
  159. New food aversions...
  160. Mini Goal - Run a 10K - Accomplished!
  161. How Big is "Too Big for the Tanning Bed"??
  162. Today Is Special for Me
  163. A positive weekend
  164. June NSV's
  165. Just popping my head in to say Hi!
  166. Six Months!! Healthy Lifestyle has stuck around..
  167. discouraged today
  168. June - one reason you will stay on plan today
  169. Accountability/Menu/Planning 1 - 7 June
  170. The Scale
  171. After so many tries, have you ever had this one moment...
  172. Weekly weigh-in June 1 to 7
  173. a happy side effect to an otherwise awful thing
  174. checking in
  175. 40 month low
  176. Sorry Just Venting
  177. different ways to grow
  178. My first week totally on plan.
  179. This is a first...
  180. NSVs getting fewer - good sign
  181. Can I join?
  182. You know how I said I'd post a picture?
  183. JUNE Points Challenge (This has nothing to do with WW)
  184. Wanting a little---something sweet
  185. trying to check out new ticker
  186. Weight training and weight gain
  187. A new plan
  188. Do you feel more in control when OP? and more questions!
  189. I need some boy help-you know, SERIOUS business.
  190. Weight Watcher Scale giving different Weights
  191. Saved by the grocery store label
  192. weight loss, flu, muscle loss? oh my
  193. A Morning of Weakness
  194. a temporary setback
  195. Am I NEVER going to see 185?!?!?
  196. Feeling sad (sorry, long).
  197. Miracles still happen
  198. Oh my goodness
  199. Gall Bladder update... meh
  200. What did you wish you knew when you started
  201. Help me not lose it today!!
  202. Back from PerogyVille!!!
  203. change is inevitable
  204. My first time SHRED observations..
  205. OT - good ladynews
  206. And Still no-one notices!!!
  207. Positive thinking: Tell us 3 things you like about yourself
  208. I am losing weight!!!!
  209. 10% Goal!
  210. So today I found a situation I Would eat unwanted food in
  211. Twoderville :)
  212. 5 Lb Gain
  213. How do you figure out what is your mental block?
  214. Im mad! Need to bleepin vent!
  215. I am back - boy do I need to focus on me for awhile.
  216. I broke up with them...
  217. good morning e1 and have a good day
  218. Rewards?
  219. Back in the saddle again....
  220. Plod.
  221. What are your mini milestones?
  222. Im more concerned about my health
  223. Shine on you crazy diamonds...
  224. P. related question. TMI but I had to ask.
  225. May have to give up Gym Membership
  226. In the News today - Mike Tyson's Daughter injured
  227. My turn in the Emergency Room...UGH
  228. I never used to have this problem (warning - whiny)
  229. Electronic Number Generator disappoints today
  230. 1 day down...
  231. CF Mama you are an inspiration
  232. My First 10K
  233. OMG i lost another 4lbs!!!!
  234. Weight loss blahs
  235. Wii thingie...
  236. Accountability/Menu/Planning 25 - 31 May
  237. weightloss and patience
  238. Weekly weigh-in May 25 to 31
  239. What I did this morning
  240. New here.
  241. Worried about not being able to lose
  242. OMG so yummy!!!!!
  243. its hard to get really serious about this
  244. So I thought I'd found this cool European designer...
  245. So Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired But No Motivation
  246. To announce your weight loss goal or not?
  247. Driver's License weight
  248. Digital scales make me mad
  249. Luxury chocolates lasted 3 days in the fridge
  250. my progress