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  1. Anyone else ever feel like this in the middle of the night or morning?
  2. Just goes to show you...
  3. What a TOTALLY crappy day...
  4. Omg!! Omg!!
  5. What's the truth about metabolism and meal frequency?
  6. Am I exercising too much?
  7. Competative streak help you at all?
  8. Anone know about or do Chalean Extreme?
  9. Should we do a "phone tree" (email version?) for members who go missing?
  10. What is your favorite high fiber food?
  11. Starting over... again
  12. Because if I type it up I'll be able to actually do it
  13. I'm home: includes surgery recov. and vacation
  14. CandaceG WINS JULY Points Challenge!!!
  15. Feeling silly buying "diet" foods
  16. When did the change come?
  17. I need a kick too!
  18. Took the Plunge!
  19. For when you are feeling like giving up
  20. Speaking of books...
  21. Goal rewards
  22. Self talk, something we already do/need to do/or need to do more of.
  23. Bad Eating Habits how do we break them?
  24. my NSV for the day
  25. Frugal recipe ideas, please?
  26. Tips and Personal reviews?
  27. Goodbye 270's and question about feeling weak during exercise
  28. Deciding what to wear
  29. Eggs & Cholesterol:How many are too many per day?
  30. How often do you eat?
  31. Fast Track Your Fat Loss article from Prevention
  32. As encouragement
  33. Leaving tomorrow!
  34. Heartache = the new diet
  35. Dying in pieces, or, what was your tipping point? Here's mine...
  36. Im discouraged and sad..went shopping for pants
  37. Nutritional Yeast
  38. Does anyone else here have rapid heartbeat?
  39. Got my labs back today
  40. Accountability/Menu/Planning 10 - 16 August
  41. New to the 100 lb club
  42. Weekly weigh-in Aug. 10 to Aug. 16
  43. New
  44. Advice needed
  45. Personality and weight changes
  46. More or less ramblings!
  47. am I on track?
  48. Weighty Issues, self-help and boy doesn't she have SUCH a pretty face...
  49. Weighing at the same time of day
  50. Are we afraid to be hungry?
  51. Whoo!(plus a question)
  52. How much cardio is enough???
  53. A Big "Thank You" To RockinRobin and to the 3fc 100+ lb to lose community!
  54. Kinda back to where I started!
  55. Not Letting the Scale Determine My Success
  56. For the first time ever...
  57. WHy Exercise Won't Make You Thin: (A TIME article)
  58. Your period could actually help you lose weight!?
  59. VERY spicy black bean chili recipe
  60. Taking Credit for Weight we've Lost.
  61. Buying smaller sizes.
  62. It happened... to me.... finally!!
  63. need some encouragement...
  64. A msg to the lurkers....
  65. Hate to Exercise
  66. Recaptured the 170s. Again.
  67. Staying OP in stressful times (warning: long)
  68. Soo....I was tempted....
  69. Bruising
  70. MIL Nightmare... stressing, help! (LONG)
  71. 130lbs down!!
  72. Is anyone interested in this calorie deficit chart I got? (It's excel)
  73. Wish me luck...
  74. gone too far to fall down now...
  75. Hitting the Buffet Tomorrow!
  76. Ugh, I'm feeling the school days blues (OT)
  77. Grrr I have to get back on track
  78. Quickly popping in!
  79. Favorite Healthy Foods
  80. Do you twitter? (add me plz)
  81. lost 4 sizes so far...
  82. Health and Fitness realted Rewards for Weight Loss
  83. Dairy?
  84. Are you having trouble staying On Plan?
  85. Help I'm sore and I can't get up!
  86. Awesome social media site
  87. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!
  88. Is it ever ok to emotionally eat?
  89. I went shopping today! (pics!!!)
  90. Anyone else keep getting exercise injuries?
  91. ALSO on the topic of scales...
  92. -103 + 52 = -90
  93. If I started then instead of now...
  94. DIVINE INTERVENTION for DH (off topic, long!)
  95. What do you do?
  96. new bra size?
  97. Arrgh, Im doing it again... any ideas ??
  98. ? about loose skin and weight loss
  99. What scale do you have and why it works?
  100. August NSV's
  101. Can someone "splain" this to me?
  102. You Are Beautiful!
  103. Haterade? (A thread for positivity)
  104. Reaching for ONDERLAND!
  105. So, The Haterade Begins...
  106. Im fat! AND I can run!
  107. Big step achieved
  108. my rant
  109. Weekly weigh-in Aug. 3 to Aug. 8
  110. Accountability/Menu/Planning 3 - 9 August
  111. If you live in the Southwest United States...
  112. Have you registered?
  113. can i join in the fun?
  114. Mexican pita pizza w/ guacamole
  115. Just thought I would share this...FABULOUS site. :)
  116. My One Year Anniversary...114 Pounds Lost!
  117. Back on it!
  118. My first weigh-in
  119. A new low, and I don't mean weight
  120. Bulk Cooking Day
  121. Had to Share
  122. It's definitely the cereal.
  123. New Right Fit Jeans (New as of this week)
  124. So I'm going on vacation
  125. Had to share (hope you'll dance with me!)
  126. AUGUST NSV's
  127. AUGUST - One reason you will stay on plan today
  128. Boots up bms, please
  129. Weight not coming off!
  130. With the more weight you gained, did you let yourself go?
  131. The cold cruel facts of life
  132. If you are on spark...
  133. Someone thought I was pregnant :-(
  134. I call this person a friend?
  135. Muscular Strengths and Weakness (survey)
  136. Re-evaluating long term goals
  137. I need a kick in the ........
  138. Cherry Pit Diaries
  139. Planning
  140. Caloric restriction: Living longer through fewer calories?
  141. Uncle moving in - keeping the balance
  142. Angel's Cinnamon Pinwheels & Eva's Frosting
  143. Danger Will Robinson
  144. AUGUST Points Challenge (This has nothingto do with WW)
  145. Why do I feel "RESPONSIBLE"?
  146. Working at my kids' camp wiped me out
  147. Fat ankles, IV fluids and MEGA HOT
  148. Signing up at the gym
  149. Brand New to 3FC -- need help, pls., to correctly post!
  150. Lack of Motivation
  151. Do any of you have a recumbent bike?
  152. I estimate I am 2 workouts away....
  153. Yay! Second 10% goal met!
  154. My New Motivation
  155. Can someone explain this yo-you thing?
  156. Stupid scale.
  157. Early morning and late night workouts
  158. Ha, the heat made me snap!
  159. birthday blues
  160. More to Love
  161. New workout DVD's, Motivational image site, Getting pumped back up
  162. I have a bad case of I want it now!
  163. why am I gaining?????
  164. Komen 3 day walk completed!
  165. The good, the bad, and the fatty!
  166. What A Summer!
  167. New to the Board
  168. clean plate club
  169. I'm home!
  170. feel like crap today
  171. Feeding ducks, exercise.
  172. New to your forum & I'm a weenie
  173. I have support for mental..but not weight loss :(
  174. Calories?
  175. Roasted Vegetable Soup Recipe
  176. Taco Soup Recipe-super yumolicious!
  177. OK, WHO was it you were going to mess with?
  178. Well I'm off!
  179. Tripped but didn't fall.
  180. Benchmarks
  181. New Scale Frustrations
  182. Paris Pounds
  183. Can you recommend a good toning DVD?
  184. Tortillas?
  185. half of me parties?
  186. Birthday party torture
  187. Jingle Away the Jiggle v. Chat Thread 7/27-8/1
  188. And I'm not going to eat breakfast tomorrow, so there!
  189. new ticker and myself
  190. Do I need to buy a new scale?
  191. Buds and roses (OT)
  192. Accountability/Menu/Planning 27 July - 2 August
  193. Always an excuse...
  194. Weekly weigh-in July 27 to Aug. 2
  195. Trainer Update - positives
  196. Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw (LONG self pity part)
  197. I KNOW this is unreasonable... bear with me
  198. Humid Weather, Sweating,Scale Moving!!
  199. Hi all I have a question (lap band)
  200. I went for Sushi and wound up at McDonald's
  201. A very quick update post from Tammy
  202. My First Post On Here
  203. Grocery Shopping!!!!
  204. Am Poor,..But gaining life and melting!!
  205. Hurry up already!
  206. Binge
  207. Bathing suit fear
  208. Fessing up
  209. Recommitted
  210. A little LESS efficiency please
  211. Survived a party!
  212. body image
  213. my current goal may kill me
  214. i'm so excited
  215. Seizing social opportunities
  216. OK, I know I've been having a chippy week but still...
  217. OT - I'm in love with a skinny boy
  218. Update for CFmama from her husband
  219. Fried foods, yuk?
  220. Chicken overload
  221. Step away from the cake ... and no one gets hurts
  222. the blues with personal trainer - long
  223. I met my sort-of first mini-goal!
  224. would someone be willing?
  225. Rolling back the rollback
  226. A year from now, you'll be glad you started today
  227. Why is it so hard?
  228. Anyone else have trouble with mini goals?
  229. The Heck with it! Im having me some salt!
  230. Starting again ..
  231. Hi!
  232. After Much thought, I'm Joining the 100 Club
  233. The dreaded plateau
  234. How did you get to ONDERLAND?
  235. In Praise of WALKING
  236. Circling the drain
  237. More math -- do those who weigh alot eat alot too?
  238. The quote thread!
  239. I am SO EXCITED TODAY (please share!)
  240. I have a small announcement to make, that is 15 years in the making!
  241. Went to vacation, came back needing a kick in the butt
  242. Since I could not sleep I posted pictures!
  243. I lost 20 lbs annnnd that was it.
  244. Jingle Away the Jiggle v. Chat Thread 7/19-7/25
  245. Can you UNDO two days of bad eating?
  246. Introduction
  247. Need Support I've put back on 15 LBS!
  248. Sorry in advance
  249. Weekly weigh-in July 20 to July 26
  250. Needing a boost today