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  1. Ive now lost 102 lbs!
  2. Letting go
  3. Nothing major but...
  4. I've stopped writing my food down:
  5. I'm around... honestly
  6. Stickin in Their!
  7. But This Time It's Different...
  8. How do you drag yourself away from the brink of disaster?
  9. Off for a while
  10. Having a smoothie day today
  11. ever feel like you wont get there?
  12. And yet another "pupdate"
  13. Serious Ab Workout
  14. Kids say the funniest things!
  15. The "rules" you set yourself
  16. Fish Oil
  17. Weight loss while sick...
  18. Have you ever?
  19. Staying on Plan when it's "hard"--how do you do it?
  20. Favorite Hummus Recipes?
  21. Tailgating food?
  22. Does anyone work nights?
  23. Five More Pounds!
  24. Twelve Weeks. Forty Pounds Down.
  25. Stinkin' Thinkin'
  26. Loosey-goosey
  27. What do you think? Scale Issues
  28. Anxious, anxious: what can I do?
  29. Two 2 year olds and a bald eagle
  30. slight hiccups along the way
  31. All the things I didn't eat...
  32. Do you eat less when refrigerator and cupboards are full?
  33. What are you snacking on these days?
  34. went bra shopping....
  35. I lost a four-year-old
  36. OT - A Peek of Sunshine
  37. Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin- Time Magazine Article
  38. Day 4 and I don't want to speak too soon.....
  39. Brushing Myself Off
  40. It does happen eventually. It really does.
  41. once an apple always an apple?
  42. Can you actually picture yourself at your goal weight?
  43. Is 1300-1400 Enough?
  44. Finally 140 pounds gone
  45. Some days
  46. Chipping away
  47. Wow, what an attitude change
  48. My Introduction
  49. How long does it take to lose 20 LBS?
  50. Help ... boys names
  51. Help! I'm under-eating...
  52. I'm tired, getting sick, my 4yr old hates me and I'm deprived...
  53. Day 3
  54. On the runway...
  55. I am a salsa addict...
  56. Free Meal
  57. I really HAVE lost weight!
  58. Anyone else make their weight loss a game?
  59. What do you do when sexual assault is the reason...
  60. Teaching children about good nutrition
  61. Out of town for a few days.
  62. A sorta kinda nsv :)
  63. Tofu question, help asap please :D
  64. % Body Fat
  65. What vitamins and or supplements are you taking?
  66. Do you ever keep your weight loss to yourself?
  67. Got a home gym.... now what?
  68. Fatigue and tmi
  69. I want my grandchildren to see normal size grandmother
  70. When did you notice that you had more ENERGY?
  71. For those who are dessert people
  72. Day 2
  73. shopping revelations and frustrations
  74. Question
  75. Weekly Weigh-In Sept. 7 - Sept. 13
  76. I'm scared I'm going to give myself an eating disorder
  77. imagining myself skinny
  78. What does this mean?
  79. Stupid 230's
  80. 100 lb Accountability 7 - 13 September
  81. Nope, still not quite got it
  82. Hi!! (Introduction:))
  84. NSV - Pants
  85. Ruby
  86. I'm not gonna call 'em "goals" anymore!
  87. Finally! Bye Bye Forever!!
  88. Still Working At It...
  89. A pupdate on Bella dog!
  90. I did It!! And it feels good.
  91. Holy Cow!
  92. PLEASE UPDATE if you are in on ANY challenge...
  93. Jingle Away the Jiggle Chat Thread
  94. Can you believe it?
  95. Brrrrrrrr
  96. Really?!?! I did it?!? Me??
  97. the ice cream is calling me
  98. OT - Really Upset
  99. I'm Officially Sick :(
  100. Found an area where I slip up
  101. I just realized...
  102. 10% of Total Body Weight Gone 4 Good!
  103. First 20 pounds gone!
  104. Yes!!!!!!!!
  105. I need party help...
  106. Uggh, I'm stuffed!
  107. Just gotta share!
  108. Who doesn't cook?
  109. Changing a few things
  110. BarbPA WINS the AUGUST Points Challenge!!!!
  111. Daycare lunches... trigger food!
  112. Tomato Cabbage Barley Soup that's been requested....
  113. It's sitting on my counter.....
  114. OT - What happened on More to Love?
  115. What do you put in your egg white omlette?
  116. Parental controls--for food ads?
  117. Ugh, finally!
  118. Is the prejudice growing or is it me?
  119. I learned something new today!!
  120. I didn't tell anyone this time
  121. I really do love my husband but....
  122. NSV...sort of
  123. Doc Told Me To Keep Doing What I Am Doing!
  124. Two simple rules to lose 9 pounds per week - yeah, right!
  125. A COMPLETELY off topic puppy update
  126. One pound... JUST ONE FREAKING POUND
  127. Random thought...
  128. Need support
  130. SEPTEMBER - One reason you will stay on plan today
  131. Fav foods under 100cals
  132. How much weight loss before you see a difference?
  133. I just Emotionally Ate
  134. the plateau from ****
  135. The scale finally moved again!
  136. Trying to get back in the saddle.... sigh
  137. Landmark ACHIEVED!
  138. Attempting to kick another habit
  139. I moved....
  140. I got a jo-ob, I got a jo-ob!
  141. Woo-Hoo!!! New Scale=Scale Victory
  142. Yikes.
  143. not XXX rated
  144. How does body fat % work???
  145. On clothes that fit...
  146. Work in or out of the home poll
  147. Diet Plan question
  148. Something to look forward to
  149. Leg cramp
  150. May have turned the tide
  151. Whats for Lunch?
  152. hi. not new. just been busy
  153. a newbie says hi.
  154. What have you learned about yourself
  155. Naturally thin people just don't get it!
  156. The Perfectionist Trap
  157. Goal to be out of plus sizes by Christmas.
  158. A little "start of new school year" in all of us?
  159. Re-birth of old frustrations
  160. Yes, World. It is possible to lose weight without surgery or diet pills.
  161. Fat Buddies
  162. How did you break up with junk food?
  163. I put the scale away!
  164. Twenty Pounds
  165. I can see clearly now...
  166. Rawr!
  167. How come
  168. Loving this site
  169. Biggest Loser fans!
  170. Body Changes?
  171. One Thing
  172. I was wondering
  173. Bought some smaller clothing!!!
  174. Am I in denial?
  175. Interesting observation...
  176. Re-Committing
  177. Yeehaw!!
  178. Flabby arms and thighs
  179. 3 weeks goal and 3 day mini goal --- 8/31
  180. Obstacle--can't think of what to eat
  181. quick thought on 80/20 thing
  182. TOM cravings??
  183. SEPTEMBER Points Challenge (has nothing to do with WW)
  184. I need help: Im not doing so well
  185. I had an off plan weekend
  186. Weekly Weigh-In Aug 31 to Sept. 6
  187. 100 lb Accountability 31 August - 6 September
  188. Ugh. Bad Day.
  189. I Need a Bike
  190. Scary Moments and Making Priorities
  191. How many TOO SMALL sizes do you keep in your closet?
  192. 90 Pounds Lost!
  193. 21# gone forever!!!!
  194. SUCH an amazing feeling!
  195. Frustration with Scale
  196. I discovered drinking and dieting don't mix...
  197. Scale continuing to rise
  198. Your first step to exercise...
  199. Some perspective
  200. Diet/Exercise: Really 80/20?
  201. Weird NSV...
  202. resting heart rate
  203. Do you think mate's messiness has anything to do with your weight?
  204. Beauty and success...
  205. Shipoopy
  206. iphone users, pedometer app! (free)
  207. I need some Motivation/ Will Power
  208. I did it! I met a mini-goal!
  209. Old skirt, new skirt? and walking progress...
  210. Finally found a goal--but must lose 127lbs to get there
  211. I know I'm not the only one lately but...
  212. Thanks Paris81
  213. Oh Man, Chaffing Issues From Exercising!
  214. OT: girl kidnapped 18 years ago found alive
  215. nutrament
  216. Would you ever consider doing a month or 2 of a liquid diet?
  217. I think this is the place for me:
  218. scale dilemma
  219. Feeling like...
  220. Envisioning the Future
  221. The stomach's amazing ability to shrink...
  222. Okay. Yep. Gottit. Lets move on.
  223. I did my very first aqua class today!
  224. Fingertips still on the wagon!
  225. Because I'm doing this now...
  226. NSV-resisting temptation!
  227. does this ever happen to you?
  228. Light wheat bun
  229. my new breakfast...yummm
  230. Farewell 230's
  231. Just not as satisfying...
  232. Just went for a bike ride.
  233. Feeling the waters rise...
  234. Food Coupons.
  235. one minute at a time
  236. VERY excited...
  237. please tell me im not the only one ..
  238. Calorie deficit confusion
  239. Am I hitting a wall?
  240. Please help me pick a dress for a baptism-photo's of both inside
  241. The next step
  242. I don't understand where my oomph went
  243. Scale woes - and when to invest in a new one.
  244. Iced Tea Frustrations!
  245. Biotin and Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules
  246. It's been one of those days!
  247. Quick, convenient lunches for a girl on the move!
  248. Oh my gosh... Anybody else as overwhelmed as I am?
  249. So close and yet so far
  250. So, I am keeping track of what I eat/calories and such and have a question.