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  1. grapes vs. gelato
  2. fitbit?
  3. It cant be a lifestyle change unless you change your life. Right?
  4. 3FC Member FresnoBeeDude passes
  5. 100 lb Accountability 28 September - 4 October
  6. New hungry kick
  7. Punishment and blisters
  8. My guilty pleasure.......
  9. Gonna change it up and get to goal!!!
  10. Plateaus
  11. Planning is the key!!!
  12. Jillian Michaels or WW?
  13. Help me make sense of this... please!
  14. This is the reason I don't like left overs...
  15. How can I change the REST of my life?
  16. Recommitment
  17. Let's talk about a touchy subject...
  18. (Long long vent) I'm very MAD! Friend on welfare and shouldn't be is getting G/B...
  19. Change of Plans for Me.
  20. OT - Tomorrow is the day..
  21. Flavored Coffee Beans?
  22. I could use some vibes and a tractor beam
  23. Is this a problem
  24. Plodding along just fine!
  25. Under 250!!!
  26. I will do great with....just for today.
  27. A thought...
  28. What is wrong with me, :-(
  29. I bought a bike!
  30. What's happening, what I think is the cause, encouragement would be good
  31. What is the deal with clothing sizes?
  32. Obesity on verge of becoming top cancer cause
  33. First time doing a picture post- not sure if it works!
  34. my story in the goal section
  35. Shirataki Noodles and Gastric Issues?! (Maybe TMI for some)
  36. Im back
  37. Walking while holding weights? Your opinion...
  38. Opinions wanted: Exercise 2 x a day
  39. Anyone in the 100lb club use a pedometer?
  40. Flabby Arms
  41. And... I DID IT!
  42. Any sayings or quotes that inspire or help in your journey.
  43. I am feeling weary...
  44. Major Milestone - 70 Pounds Lost
  45. 14w
  46. Sweet Potatoes
  47. New member of the family!
  48. How do you manage to travel and stay on your diet?
  49. I just comfort ate
  50. Wow... huge milestones approaching
  51. One year ago today, I said to myself "I WILL lose 100 lbs"
  52. puppy obesessed people read within...
  53. Ot: Job Interviews
  54. The Dr. Oz Show.
  55. jeans: stretch or fitting better?
  56. My haves a tummy birus...
  57. I want to weigh LESS than my husband
  58. Need help...
  59. Half Marathon!
  60. I finally broke through my plateau!
  61. Feeling Good Have to Share!
  62. pub food?
  63. Not sure why I'm hungry all of a sudden...
  64. hunger versus craving...
  65. A Bit of happiness!
  66. Big girls toddlers???
  67. Happiness is a loose cassock!
  68. 16 Days countdown
  69. Hello
  70. How did you personally set your daily calorie intake?
  71. calorie doubts.
  72. Weekly Weigh-In Thread: Sept 21 - Sept 27
  73. Jumping the gun!
  74. Unfortunate, Fortunate (My Friday 13th Challenge)
  75. about Winter
  76. How Do You Get the Motivation to Get Back on Plan?
  77. Do you get stuck at certain weights?
  78. early morning rant! x_x
  79. 100 lb Accountability 21 - 26 September
  80. I am going out for dinner tomorrow night
  81. Veggies
  82. Oh No!
  83. I am back...again!
  84. for any vegetarians/vegans that might be lurking here:
  85. What do you do?
  86. Anyone lose by cutting but not counting calories?
  87. Seeing where I was...
  88. Anybody go from jeans size 26 to 24?
  89. Dusting myself off, and getting right back on the wagon!
  90. Mini-goals and yayness and stuff
  91. just overweight!! hehe
  92. one fourth of the way there!
  93. Just a little ramble...
  94. I went shopping!!
  95. two weeks later...
  96. living in denial
  97. I got lost...again.
  98. my pants are falling down
  99. What has your new-found energy added to your day?
  100. Keeping it going
  101. My ticker is now right!
  102. Kinda off topic...
  103. Utterly mortified
  104. And here are the jeans ;)
  105. Have I been blind, why haven't I ever noticed all the overweight people?
  106. What's for dinner?
  107. What is your favorite quick easy healthy meal?
  108. Moments of temporary pleasure is not worth giving up the Real Desire!
  109. I had my baby and it was a Girl....
  110. Hey.. I've lost 50lbs!
  111. I'm running in a 5k!
  112. The Biggest Loser
  113. Can vlc lead to tmi?
  114. Any particular diet that seems to work best?
  115. Bad Scale Day...
  116. How to eat foods that you love in moderation
  117. How do you eat healthy cheaply?
  118. Does anyone know how alcohol affects your weight loss?
  119. Seriously?????
  120. supermarket disaster
  121. I'm in the TWO TEENS!! Woo Hoooo!
  122. Nsv Involving Chocolate!!!
  123. I am so excited!
  124. Eat this, Not that!
  125. Need advice: when friends ask…”How did you do it?”
  126. 3 Months
  127. Weight loss is a thing to celebrate no matter how small it is.
  128. Eggbeaters?
  129. Yesterday was gooood
  130. What was the turning point for you?
  131. Confussed
  132. Stretch Marks
  133. A shopping NSV!!!
  134. Questions about water
  135. I love fall cooking
  136. So proud of myself!!!
  137. Love this NSV...!!
  138. Finally been here long enough for a signature!
  139. Putting myself first...
  140. WWHHaatt
  141. Have you had to cut your carbs way down to lose?
  142. Random Thoughts and Realizations
  143. Gaining after Losing
  144. I'm the Tomato Fairy...
  145. An attitude of gratitude.
  146. How long do your workout sessions last?
  147. So Close
  148. I think my plateau broke
  149. When it really hits...
  150. How often do you weigh?
  151. OT-Need prayers please...
  152. Tired but I went to the gym anyway
  153. Fruits and Veggies
  154. I wanna wear High Heels so badly!
  155. On a lighter note: Pun Intended: ;)
  156. Prizes and treats???
  157. confused about measurements vs clothing fit
  158. I Need Will Power Dust, Please Donate :)
  159. Zumba
  160. Have I mentioned how much I HATE my period
  161. Weekly Weigh-In Thread Sept 14 - Sept 20
  162. Small Victory
  163. Omg ! Homamade Granola
  164. Hello Again All You Hotties!
  165. Dr. Oz
  166. I just need some support
  167. My first 20lbs...
  168. No bread for me today!
  169. 100 lb Accountability 14 - 20 September
  170. Trying yet again
  171. Snoring
  172. able to ride amusement park rides again
  173. I got called SMALL
  174. Assessment time!
  175. Most definitely a NSV!
  176. Do you ever not go to a function because it's hard to deal with the food?
  177. officially back to where I was before the medication change (and weight gain!)
  178. If you're "on the wagon" is it good???
  179. I Figured Out My Issue
  180. A 4 year old McDonalds Happy Meal!!
  181. Ive now lost 102 lbs!
  182. Letting go
  183. Nothing major but...
  184. I've stopped writing my food down:
  185. I'm around... honestly
  186. Stickin in Their!
  187. But This Time It's Different...
  188. How do you drag yourself away from the brink of disaster?
  189. Off for a while
  190. Having a smoothie day today
  191. ever feel like you wont get there?
  192. And yet another "pupdate"
  193. Serious Ab Workout
  194. Kids say the funniest things!
  195. The "rules" you set yourself
  196. Fish Oil
  197. Weight loss while sick...
  198. Have you ever?
  199. Staying on Plan when it's "hard"--how do you do it?
  200. Favorite Hummus Recipes?
  201. Tailgating food?
  202. Does anyone work nights?
  203. Five More Pounds!
  204. Twelve Weeks. Forty Pounds Down.
  205. Stinkin' Thinkin'
  206. Loosey-goosey
  207. What do you think? Scale Issues
  208. Anxious, anxious: what can I do?
  209. Two 2 year olds and a bald eagle
  210. slight hiccups along the way
  211. All the things I didn't eat...
  212. Do you eat less when refrigerator and cupboards are full?
  213. What are you snacking on these days?
  214. went bra shopping....
  215. I lost a four-year-old
  216. OT - A Peek of Sunshine
  217. Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin- Time Magazine Article
  218. Day 4 and I don't want to speak too soon.....
  219. Brushing Myself Off
  220. It does happen eventually. It really does.
  221. once an apple always an apple?
  222. Can you actually picture yourself at your goal weight?
  223. Is 1300-1400 Enough?
  224. Finally 140 pounds gone
  225. Some days
  226. Chipping away
  227. Wow, what an attitude change
  228. My Introduction
  229. How long does it take to lose 20 LBS?
  230. Help ... boys names
  231. Help! I'm under-eating...
  232. I'm tired, getting sick, my 4yr old hates me and I'm deprived...
  233. Day 3
  234. On the runway...
  235. I am a salsa addict...
  236. Free Meal
  237. I really HAVE lost weight!
  238. Anyone else make their weight loss a game?
  239. What do you do when sexual assault is the reason...
  240. Teaching children about good nutrition
  241. Out of town for a few days.
  242. A sorta kinda nsv :)
  243. Tofu question, help asap please :D
  244. % Body Fat
  245. What vitamins and or supplements are you taking?
  246. Do you ever keep your weight loss to yourself?
  247. Got a home gym.... now what?
  248. Fatigue and tmi
  249. I want my grandchildren to see normal size grandmother
  250. When did you notice that you had more ENERGY?