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  1. It's a soup day!
  2. Hurt lower leg, need advice - please
  3. Ooooh this makes me SO CROSS
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Hurry.. help!! I need a side to go with sauerkraut and pork!!
  6. Jogging/Running First Time - Advice Please
  7. How has having a cold/flu affected your weight loss?
  8. Question for weight lifters
  9. Stressed, gain for no reason
  10. My Weigh In!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!
  11. Spinning
  12. Miracle noodles
  13. Onederland
  14. so you gotta check my new av...
  15. why i'm weighing in but not setting a goal weight
  16. Eating for Entertainment
  17. When you do a side by side photo.. it is sooo motivating!
  18. I am around... I swear
  19. My scale cheered for me this morning :)
  20. the problem with *not* overeating...
  21. Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Fitness Plan
  22. Accomplishments
  23. Don't know where to Begin....
  24. Bad News First...
  25. Numbers, numbers, numbers
  26. 10%--30 lbs lost!
  27. Can counting calories stave off diabetes as well as low carb?
  28. Goal ... met
  29. Weekly Weigh-In: October 19 - 25
  30. Any walkers out there?
  31. Introduction
  32. Jamaica in April
  33. where commitment kicks in...
  34. home now
  35. scalecation...7 day challenge
  36. 100 lb Accountability 19 - 25 October
  37. My NSV over the weekend!
  38. checking in
  39. A Happy Dance
  40. Almost 20 Pounds!!!
  41. 12 more pounds
  42. Confession time!
  43. I was too discouraged to post this when it had actually been a year but here goes:
  44. AFter no loss for one month, finally a WHOOSH!
  45. Menu Watch Words
  46. My Sorta kinda NSV - Picture
  47. And lo, the motivation aboundeth!
  48. New to board and ready to give up
  49. Crappy crappy weekend
  50. Let Me Tell You (again) Why You Need to Lift Weights
  51. Sorta kinda NSV
  52. Encouragement!
  53. Hello again ladies
  54. Third 10% goal met!
  55. question for calorie counters...
  56. First goal Down
  57. Sooooo Far Off Track.
  58. 100 pound loss!!!
  59. Ouch!!
  60. Crap! I quit smoking!!
  61. loose skin PICTURES
  62. Did u ever have a moment
  63. bar food
  64. Where to buy boots for the wider calf
  65. Putting away summer clothes
  66. First 15 lbs gone...
  67. Online Recipe Sites
  68. Bodyfat Testing
  69. Less than 100 to go!
  70. Loose skin?
  71. don't want to go overboard tonight...
  72. What do you do about clothes on the way down?
  73. Time to move the goal posts
  74. Old Clothes NSV!
  75. Help! I'm frustrated...
  76. No longer obese
  77. Back from vacation - aack!
  78. Need Exercise Advice
  79. MAJOR NSVs
  80. I am so HAPPY!
  81. Feel Like Caving, Help!
  82. Surgery tomorrow
  83. Finally starting to feel like I'm changing
  84. Good-bye lane bryant! hellooooo burlington! new clothes!
  85. Sleeveless *cringes*
  86. A calorie cycling observation...
  87. Who is your greatest motivator, and your worst saboteur?
  88. I found out something today
  89. Advice Please :)
  90. Handbags/Purses on the Obese
  91. OT-Comments about body
  92. Do you ever wish you just didn't have to eat to survive?
  93. I didn't update
  94. ? about water
  95. ~OT~ I need fresh and honest eyes.
  96. A negative experience turned into a positive one.
  97. How many times a day do you think about food?
  98. Work Lunch (Bosses)
  99. NEW...about 130 To Go
  100. I didn't think it would happen...
  101. Obesity and H1N1 Flu
  102. I think I had a sugar crash
  103. How much do you wonder what you'll look like?
  104. Bye Bye 250's
  105. Weekly Weigh-In: October 12 - October 18
  106. Do you ever feel like you are going in circles?
  107. Recommitting to a better me
  108. How do I get reenforcement when the scale isn't budging?
  109. Do U See a Difference?
  110. Is it normal for pace of loss to slow?
  111. Will some one just smack me, please?
  112. Birthday Present to Myself
  113. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends here.
  114. 100 lb Accountability 12 - 18 October
  115. Fb????
  116. Greatest NSV EVER!!
  117. Here we go again.. Again.
  118. What are your plans?
  119. Boo-yah!
  120. more carbs, more weight loss?! what!?
  121. "I don't understand why you can't go off your diet just this once!"
  122. Attn: Cfmama
  123. Making yogurt
  124. Brand New to 3FC
  125. Any hypochondriacs out there?
  126. How I changed,
  127. Kinda Bummed - OT
  128. buffalo 'chicken' recipe and some nutritional content
  129. Whoohoo, A New Stone!
  130. Maybe a dumb question...
  131. Message of gratitude for all 3FC members
  132. Salsa! Step away from the cookies!
  133. I quit!
  134. It's a Onderful morning!
  135. Onerland
  136. Guess What!!!!!
  137. Walking with weights has kicked my butt!
  138. Chipotle Chipotle
  139. I did it! HOORAY!!
  140. Hi, I'm New
  141. calorie king daily calorie amount seems too high! 1850!??!
  142. proud of myself!
  143. Semi OT: I'm stressed about a million things and the end of calorie counting...
  144. Repeat after me
  145. anyone play the wii fit plus?
  146. Grrrrrrr!
  147. Anyone Pre order The Spark from It's on sale!
  148. Today's unexpected life lesson!
  149. Need advice on gym workouts
  150. ***Completely OT***and ready to pull out my hair!
  151. getting married!
  152. Any Ideas to RE-start diet when going through alot of Stressful times?
  153. Need help getting hubby to not worry
  154. Exercising while sick & gross cafeteria food x_x
  155. Lets change the mood a little!
  156. There is a Turkey in my oven.
  157. Varities of Eating Patterns
  158. slides stops right now!
  159. I will not give in!
  160. To The Mods
  161. Letting myself go
  162. Taking the f-word out of the dictionary
  163. Do any of you do martial arts?
  164. The best I can do
  165. How many of you ladies keep your hair longer for this one reason...
  166. I'm a rut.
  167. Home and disappointed...
  168. Bike!
  169. (CDN) Thanksgiving--How will you cope?
  170. HAve you been noticing the amount that you can eat is much smaller now?
  171. What I did
  172. A Non-Scale Scale Victory
  173. Passed my half way point
  174. No no no no no...please not a plateau ALREADY! What is going on????!
  175. Weekly Weigh-In Thread: October 5 - October 11
  176. I hate digital scales!
  177. Feeling confident
  178. Shopping anxiety
  179. I feel like running and crying....
  180. When you are sick, do you retain a ton of water?
  181. Does your weight come off in whooshes?
  182. OCTOBER - One reason you will stay on plan today
  183. OCTOBER NSV's
  184. You have all been an inspiration and a great help
  185. 100 lb Accountability 5 - 11 October
  186. Just feeling really down
  187. Something Cool Happened
  188. Still hanging in there
  189. I did a 25-mile charity bike ride!
  190. Someone talk me down from the cookies...
  191. Here's a laugh for ya
  192. A LOOK change
  193. margarine or EVOO
  194. A lightbulb on lifestyle...
  195. Best Friend... or Foe?
  196. 5 months later....
  197. OT: emotional stress
  198. Opinions Please! (OT)
  199. I learned something new to me today.
  200. GoodBye 300's
  201. weight loss=feeling more vulnerable
  202. Sagging skin
  203. I just want a cookie!
  204. hpnodat WINS SEPTEMBER Points Challenge!!!
  205. Anyone else with this problem?
  206. Do You Belong to
  207. Can a plateau be predicted? Prevented?
  208. Wii Victory!!
  209. Hello everyone!
  210. When one bad day turns into a week, which becomes two weeks...
  211. Crackers
  212. It had to happen sometime I guess
  213. Proof the scale is evil
  214. Changing the 'rules'
  215. Travel Fun!
  216. Really struggling!!!
  217. Planning to Plan
  218. 31 Days to Healthier Kids - Print out calendar
  219. Goodbye 250's!
  220. Bad day with good results...
  221. Trip day one: on track
  222. Bad Day!
  223. Smallest dress size in 25 years
  224. Thanks!
  225. TOTALLY off topic kid post
  226. sick(and off-plan)
  227. A story that was told to me recently...
  228. OCTOBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  229. hypothyroidism?
  230. What to do when you are doing everything you can, but still not losing?
  231. The scary jeans box
  232. fits and starts?
  233. Confessions
  234. Physiologists And Microbiologists Find Link Between Sitting And Poor Health
  235. maybe I shouldn't work out???
  236. Are we there yet????
  237. Yikes!
  238. Anyone wear a 48 G bra?
  239. Kinda worried about my 8 year old daughter
  240. I Saw It!!
  241. Halloween Overcomers!
  242. Why won't the desire for cake just go away?
  243. One Month Down
  244. Photo from today!
  245. starting to falter
  246. OMG I did it
  247. Annnnnnndddd....WHOOSH!
  248. Vitamins, Herbs, Nutritional Supplements
  249. Ot- Not For The Faint Heart
  250. The human body is a marvellous thing