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  1. What Works Best For You ?
  2. One good day (+metatarsalgia + citalopram)
  3. Tired tonight
  4. Kicking Salsa-butt (rant)
  5. I am BACK after some tough stuff
  6. Cuz I need more !@#$%& problems!
  7. lab work results NSV
  8. First Trainer Session
  9. Acurately tracking weight loss
  10. picking an eventual goal weight?
  12. Body fat scales?
  13. FEBRUARY - One reason you will stay on plan today
  14. FEBRUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  15. It's so funny how people notice.
  16. Reel me in or tell me to keep going?!
  17. Weigh-in Day.....At last !
  18. An attitude of gratitude - February
  19. Accountability, menu, exercise etc - week of Feb. 1
  20. I just cooked...
  21. RAGBRAI route and my plan!
  22. Helpful idea?
  23. Any vegans?
  24. Idle Hands...
  25. Taking off pants without unbottoning
  26. How do you stop yourself from obsessing or.......
  27. Do you remember your first three months?
  28. MAJOR NSV...for me
  29. NSV - I'm brave
  30. Today's ugly, bad, and good
  31. Confused about sizes? Maybe you can help?
  32. Dealing with an Unforseen Divorce
  33. Jeans NSV
  34. Wow, you can't be sure of where the next eating trigger will come from
  35. Do you ever manipulate the scale?
  36. Scale and Non-Scale Victories
  37. a hodgepodge, mix and match, assorted potpourri of a post...
  38. Calling on your experience
  39. Best workout song on my mp3 player is...
  40. BJ's nutrition info???
  41. Fitness NSVs
  42. Friend needs menu idea help
  43. Need to reboot my plan
  44. Roll Call!!
  45. Waiting on new grandbaby
  46. NSV: 24 to 12
  47. Wearin' the coat - Picture!
  48. To dream the impossible dream....
  49. NSV! I'm An Inspiration!!
  50. Am I the only one...
  51. maintaining
  52. Wearing the tee shirt
  53. Any Runners out there?
  54. google 15 weight trend tracker?
  55. I NEED chocolate!!
  56. How often do you change the scale batteries?
  57. OMG Wow
  58. 99 Lbs Left To Lose.
  59. Landmark
  60. Losing that baby weight...
  61. Wonderful, motivating thread on Maintainers Forum
  62. Dgrammie has a double celebration - birthday and healthy living anniversay
  63. Contemplating when I'm supposed to be sleeping :P
  64. Biggest Loser
  65. Yummy Yummy Dinner
  66. Help, i'm scared here!: Heart Palpitations, arm/neck pain, and pressure in my head.
  67. I walked and walked again!
  68. I Need Help. I'm Scared.
  69. It just occured to me...
  70. a habit of indolence...
  71. a small NSV
  72. New Low
  73. Update from India :)
  74. Putting Back The Vrooooom ???
  75. Beans. beans, the magical fruit lol.
  76. Struggling to get back to that mindset
  77. Remember my plateau whine last week?
  78. NSV sneakers
  79. My very good, not at all bad day (Down 50 lbs!)
  80. Olympics
  81. The Medication Munchies
  82. What is your food item?
  83. 39.83!!!
  84. Flat Out wraps
  85. Fiber?
  86. Talking to the voice in my head!
  87. A salty situation..
  88. Weekly Weigh-In Thread: January 25 - 31
  89. Weird things you do to stay on track
  90. Grocery Store NSV
  91. Best ever NSV! My son!
  92. Accountability, Menu, Exercise, etc - week of Jan. 25
  93. NSV! shoes!!
  94. NSV! Need a new bra
  95. moral support ... didn't binge at least
  96. Getting ready to join a gym.
  97. Weird Question.
  98. Clothes during weight loss?
  99. I missed my scale
  100. NSV - Inches Lost
  101. changing my goal - timing, not amount
  102. Me on working through this plateau
  103. why do people look so different at their weights?
  104. Big non scale victory!
  105. Is it possible?? (Calories burned walking Q)
  106. Accountability...just for today...
  107. I guess it is a Whoosh!
  108. Sliding Back (in a good way)
  109. I'm fat!
  110. I am going to walk to the grocery store
  111. The Salsa Returns, with extra kick and possible accountability
  112. Sitting here in my Levi's....
  113. Can't seem to conquer the stress....
  114. Chee-cha?!
  115. NSV - I can button my pants! LOL
  116. Which online calorie calculator do you use?
  117. Drink comparison chart
  118. Up at 5:20 am for water aerobics!
  119. Finally!!
  120. **ahem** ticker change
  121. "Fake" Lean Cuisine!
  122. Well what to have for breakfast?
  123. It's Official!!!
  124. *pic update!* I know I haven't been around, but I promise I'm on track!
  125. Taco Bell Fresco Menu
  126. Funny how the mirror "reflects" how well I'm following my plan
  127. Advice needed about personal trainers
  128. Haha, I can run longer than he can...
  129. Omg Nsv
  130. My NSV :)
  131. Warning: Disgusting rash under stomach fat roll - yuck!
  132. You would think living alone would make it easier to diet....
  133. uplifting song
  134. OT - Back from free clinic
  135. 6 Days on Plan Finally and I blow It!
  136. Body fat calcs. does this work?
  137. Ounces away from onederland!!!!
  138. Anyone else have trouble finding out calories in beef?
  139. Can someone explain why plateaus happen?
  140. Winning the battle!
  141. this is not the plateau update I wanted to post
  142. 3 weeks.
  143. Is anyone losing weight without counting calories?
  144. Exercise and Water Weight...?
  145. Totally discouraged today
  146. I"ll go but I'm going out fighting!
  147. And this is why I love 3FC!
  148. want to see an absolutely HORRID picture of me???
  149. so what's for dinner TONIGHT?
  150. A thread for keeping up with NSV's
  151. I'm exhausted all the time....
  152. 100 LBS left to go until I reach Goal Weight.
  153. Why the scale lies (weight flucuations)
  154. shopping and shoes, OH MY!
  155. Flirty Girl Fitness?
  156. Why I hate exercise...or maybe it's the scale
  157. Chick Closet Chronicals
  158. I must break this habit...
  159. A bad plan day
  160. Ever so quietly ... SO Bonus ... or NSV perhaps
  161. an inch from being halfway to goal!
  162. Crappy, crappy day! UGH.
  163. Can I Really Do This?
  164. NSV and Somebody Noticed!!!!
  165. Doctor Anxiety
  166. Anyone try the shoes that claim to help tone?
  167. Lost 10lbs my first week, but......
  168. The Power of Habit
  169. Dawn of the living bread...
  170. Here I go again.
  171. Slinking back into the fold...Hello everyone. New again.
  172. Cant Believe I did it
  173. NSV and the best exercise ever!
  174. so i finally ..
  175. Sports Drinks
  176. Weekly Weigh-In Thread: January 18 - 24
  177. Raging battle in my head
  178. Finally!!!
  179. This little chickie....
  180. Accountability, menu, support. etc...
  181. Kid Stress, sorta OT, but how to cope?
  182. Nat Geo show this Wednesday - Taboo: Fat
  183. Hi Gang
  184. What?!?!?
  185. Why I love Mae West
  186. Could do with a hug, please.
  187. First Post -- Here!
  188. Veggie Burgers
  189. FINALLY! Closer to 199 than 300!
  190. cute workout towels
  191. Eating before or after cardio
  192. WHAT??? Sugar Cravings???
  193. I Ran!!!!
  194. Warning..Totally OT **** How to handle halitosis?
  195. Natural sweetner?
  196. Nutrition question
  197. The Surgery Plan - Without the Surgery
  198. Happy Dance!
  199. Is it possible???
  200. my friends wedding
  201. Craving... HELP!
  202. Loving Me
  203. So I peeked at the scale today...
  204. hair and weight loss question
  205. And I'm back... again!
  206. Diabetic(low carb) diet vs. low fat???
  207. Do we have to figure out why we are overweight to get to Goal Weight?
  208. Signature... kinda sad ;o)
  209. The only NSV I really care about! They're noticing!
  210. OT - Anyone in New York, please inquire within
  211. Stuck, but it's okay
  212. Office Weight Loss Challenge (Feel Free to Join in)
  213. I Whooshed Into the 2 Teens!
  214. Binge eating: help for a friend
  215. Newbie saying hello!
  216. Your favorite dieting blogs?
  217. Your Goal Weight ..... Mine was 150
  218. Weight Trend... curious if anyone else has noticed?
  219. steel cut v. rolled oats?
  220. Starting exercising...remind me to keep my head on straight!
  221. Fur Rondy Fretting
  222. Reistance or weight training?
  223. Class Reunion
  224. For those of you scared to eat at the high end of your calorie intake...
  225. Realy?!!??
  226. Nsv!
  227. personal trainer NSV!!!
  228. Weighing In vs. Clothes Sizes
  229. 20 More to go!
  230. New Food
  231. Exercise... how much?
  232. Accountability for Keillynsmom
  233. High Volume/Low Cal Healthy food Ideas
  234. Poss OT: sleeping problems
  235. sick
  236. Difference between then and theory.
  237. It's working!!
  238. Bmi - I Hate You!!!!
  239. Snack ideas!
  240. NSV!...sort of
  241. OT- where did it go?
  242. New but not new
  243. Time to admit my true goal
  244. Fave cookbooks?
  245. Well, here I am again...
  246. Snacking problem! HELP!
  247. my body doesn't want me to be fat just yet...
  248. What did you eat for breakfast?
  249. Returning... cause it is always January at 3FC
  250. I Say I Want to Lose Weight But Can't Stay on my Plan?