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  1. It was a good day
  2. gym yucks
  3. Smoothie Ideas?
  4. My typical day: help please
  5. APRIL Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  6. Am I finally back on track?
  7. Water Question, I'm so Clueless!
  8. I've lost 50 lbs!!!
  9. Have U Tried Colonics?
  10. Double digits.... whoo to the hoo!
  11. I won a week with a personal trainer...
  12. Accountability, exercise, menu, chit chat, support - of March 29
  13. I have GOT to stop doing this....
  14. Wowziohohz for me!!!! (50 pounds gone)
  15. My first 4 weeks - (in reflection)
  16. ugh, casted and possible surgery
  17. down three pounds!!!!
  18. Why are pictures so awful?!
  19. woohoo
  20. wanna see my new outfit?
  21. Fair, Theme Park, Carnival, Midway Strategy?
  22. Good things aren't what creep up on me
  23. 18 months and 179 POUNDS LOST!!!
  24. Husbands and motivation!
  25. Saved by my own ineptitude!
  26. I just want to be taken seriously. (gym vent)
  27. 3x2
  28. so ever since I went low calorie
  29. Alright, Chickies! Time for the latest episode of "Look at my FACE!"
  30. Boyfriends Suck
  31. Cincy BL Weigh-in today
  32. The very best NSV - Gap Jeans!
  33. If you need a little prodding: here's a good reason to stay away from HFCS!
  34. Weight Lost
  35. Signed Up For My First 5K
  36. yummmm pizzzaaa
  37. I think it's over.....
  38. Call Me KRAYZAY..............(Biggest Looser)
  39. Mental exertion and energy
  40. 249.8!!
  41. Middle of the night craving crazies...
  42. Let's Talk Salads!
  43. Ugh... here we go... time to exercise
  44. OK...So how would you manage this ?
  45. Self indulgent, but not necessarily counterproductive
  46. Lets look at the positive side,
  47. target calories per day
  48. Any bloggers out there?
  49. Wow, wow, wow, So sore!
  50. Just Passed The Sign - "Welcome To Onederland"!!!
  51. Ode to frozen veggies
  52. now eat this ..
  53. Good Reads?
  54. long story.........but interesting!
  55. This wouldn't have made a difference last summer.
  56. I Decided to Change My Goal Weight Again.
  57. My Anniversary . . .
  58. Funny stuff
  59. Mini goal Rewards
  60. I just REALIZED something!
  61. It all started with an overly generous boss…
  62. Help its my TOM.. and I CANT STOP EATING
  63. WOW! Comparison shots!
  64. photos of your goal weight website?
  65. 100 Best Blogs for Weight Loss support
  66. 199 ... again...
  67. Dying laughing!
  68. Struggling to eat enough...
  69. Stayed on Track
  70. Din't want to workout but I did it, tonight
  71. Where to find cute or dare I say "sexy" workout clothes
  72. Jello Legs
  73. Help with Sodium, Please!
  74. So, I got really BRAVE and measured by waist size
  75. It takes a lot of work staying fat
  76. Wonderful start
  77. No longer morbidly obese!
  78. list the reasons for eating healthy
  79. Don't mess with my potatoes! - over-reacting??
  80. Anyone else crave something specific when sick?
  81. Nervous about Doctor Appointment Today
  82. Little Woosh! Loving the Woosh.
  83. How did you commemorate/celebrate reaching Onederland?
  84. Sagging, Loose Skin and Weight Training
  85. To Heck with Kirst Alley - JamieOliver all the way!!!
  86. Why thank you very much; or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the scale
  87. Loosing the BELLY weight.............
  88. Accountability, exercise, menu, chit chat, support - of March 21
  89. Gym mirrors!!
  90. Shrinking Weirdly
  91. Mid month -- check in?
  92. I DID IT! 13.1 miles for my first Half Marathon!
  93. Getting Out of the 200-Teens
  94. Been walking my little legs off in Paris
  95. Fat, protein, carb ratio
  96. GETTING OUT OF THE 250's
  97. So far so good........
  98. Gettin' outta the 260's!
  99. Onederland - finally - Exclamation Mark Day!!!!!
  100. Half the man I used to be!
  101. Vitamin D for weight loss support?
  102. starting my detox tomorrow
  103. Curves?
  104. wii active vs. wii active more question
  105. Interesting take on "change"
  106. Sooooo....I have to go out of town.......
  107. Way to Long
  108. It all started with the Corned Beef and Cabbage...
  109. I have a new breakfast choice
  110. Knowingly Ruining My Plan
  111. three meals at work today
  112. I found a skinny cow and brought it home.
  113. Out of commission
  114. NSV ... i guess ! im excited anyways !
  115. Spring is here, and we're ready!!
  116. Who else is cleaning fridge?
  117. Messed up body perspectives
  118. 2nd day of my new life
  119. I could use a hug.
  120. Kirstie Alley
  121. NSV - kid related
  122. Wow!
  123. I knew it was coming, but doesn't make it any easier to take
  124. hi help with my ticker please?
  125. I don't want to exercise today
  126. Hi ?
  127. I got jumped in an alley by a burger(contains food porn)
  128. My LUNCH today...makes we want 2 cry happy tears!
  129. Almost in the Teen's
  130. laugh of the day - ice cream party at work
  131. Top 'o The Mornin'!
  132. My first NSV!
  133. need help
  134. Frustrated with myself.
  135. Ahhhhh
  136. What to do?
  137. wow am I sick
  138. NSV: No more granny panties (sorry guys)
  139. Nsv!!
  140. Anxious -- need a little support!
  141. Foods you *thought* you didn't like
  142. On that note ... the meaning of your user name?
  143. my mother gets to me so bad i get so fustrated
  144. Real Names?
  145. This Really Got To Me
  146. Life. It exploded. How do you guys do it?
  147. greek yogurt?
  148. I just wanted to say...
  149. Sick then Trip
  150. Big carrots...yum
  151. My kids dance update (totally OT for those that care)
  152. 1 pound away from 40!
  153. Video Diary
  154. Accountability, menu, exercise, chit chat support- Week of March 15
  155. Outta the 230's!!!
  156. Getting over a bug and feeling 'entitled' to eat-support, anyone?
  157. Do you ever get sucked into this belief?
  158. Cankle Question
  159. Hurry up and wait!
  160. Good News/Bad News
  161. New Mini Goal Suggestion
  162. Snug Clothes
  163. Self Esteem Issue: Do you compare yourself with others?
  164. 250's
  165. What keeps you on track?
  166. Quick teaser picture...
  167. if your in need of a little inspiration please click
  168. Wide pants. Funny story!
  169. MOVIES.........(big trigger)
  170. Motivating workout music
  171. Is Chicken Parmesan Healthier than Eggplant Parm?
  172. Thirty lbs. till goal!! And I'm about to give up! Help!
  173. I do not like shopping and that hasn't changed!
  174. LL: Check earlier!
  175. discouraged but at least I'll save money
  176. Yeah, that's why I'm losing weight!
  177. Question about pain
  178. Sad realization
  179. NSV: PAP down, ultra sound to go...
  180. Starting C25K. Anyone with me??
  181. Did this place slow down?
  182. Every time I "skip" a day of exerise I gain!!
  183. Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds online?
  184. Junk Food Junkie?
  185. Little NSV for me!
  186. Looking for suggestions:best way to count calories?
  187. My Dad's surgery date is March 23rd.
  188. that BASKET of chips..............
  189. No, I don't feel better
  190. Ugh. I have a cold. Throwing plan out the window.
  191. Ok...ok! I take it back! (HIIT and hunger)
  192. Two-thirds of the way there!!!
  193. Ow ow ow
  194. Starting Again
  195. Everyone who has lost 100 pounds
  196. Headaches?
  197. FitGirlyGirl WINS February Points Challenge!
  198. Walking the dogs NSV
  199. embarrassing question about gas pain and constipation..
  200. Un-Folding!
  201. A lack of "X"s
  202. Number Realisations
  203. Supersize me the reverse
  204. What do you do to help keep you focused?
  205. Vita-Mix
  206. I'm only 22 lbs obese!
  207. Oh, Crap! I'm all talk... (stressful Sunday-Monday slip)
  208. Spring has spung
  209. Inconsiderate people
  210. Slipping
  211. Yay! Our tickers are back....
  212. weekly weigh-in thread
  213. Severe Constipation
  214. Challenging week...
  215. Plans to see an old friend Friday**Nervous**
  216. OT - Surgery tomorrow
  217. Huge NSV (for me anyway)
  218. I DID IT......I survived!
  219. NSV: I am sore!
  220. Any Fitbit users?
  221. Accountibility, menu, exercise, chit chat, support - Week of March 8
  222. Like a werewolf...but chubbier and with less hair...
  223. Struggling To Stay Positive
  224. Fell off Wagon --- Rolled down Hill ...UGH (restarting Monday)
  225. Need Advice and Encouragement
  226. Oh Man...This is not for Whimps .
  227. I never woud have guessed how lazy I am.
  228. All You Can Eat Buffet NSV
  229. This must be the place to be
  230. new here
  231. I will be MIA
  232. Workout / Getting Moving
  233. does weight lifting cause hunger?
  234. A short commercial break - pb2
  235. How do you cope with being "formerly fat"?
  236. What is UP with this????
  237. OT-Where the heck is
  238. Funny neighbor NSV.
  239. I said "no" to Girl Scout cookies
  240. Well.....5 full day's in.............
  241. How much money have you spent on your weightloss journey?
  242. I have a NSV to share!
  243. Goodbye 260's! Hello....
  244. Free Work Lunch NSV
  245. Down for the count..
  246. Ok..totally grossed out - warning - gag material here...
  247. From nearly 400 pounds to ONEDERLAND
  248. Insecure. :o/
  249. Starting an exercise routine
  250. 100lb gone!