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  1. Beware of the too big swimsuit
  2. if not music...what?
  3. NSV at the Plant Swap....
  4. NSV I think
  5. crunching numbers
  6. I feel like a ten year old!
  7. What rules, tricks, or special lil quirks do you use to stay on plan?
  8. Sweet Boyfriend NSV
  9. 4th of July weight loss challenge?
  10. 1 Year = 100 Pounds
  11. Huge income healthy food ideas?
  12. Clothes Help!!
  13. I just realized......
  14. really pretty plus sized dresses skirts and tops..
  15. Do you "hold your stomach in?"
  16. My ticker....
  17. Once IR always IR?
  18. 65 LBS....IN Three MONTHS ?
  19. First day of calorie counting....
  20. <3 False starts. [sarcasm] Hello, again.
  21. Argggggh!
  22. not fearing the camera!
  23. Binging at night...
  24. Need Advice From Other Moms
  25. Sentimental NSV
  26. Do you think this diet is healthy?
  27. Halfway To Goal
  28. Another weigh day!!!
  29. Urgh...tough week.
  30. Scale drama.
  31. No appetite in warm weather
  32. teasing the body??
  33. Anyone else feel too overwhelming?
  34. I think I know the answer, but still...
  35. Being the obese mom and other motherly blues
  36. An observation of how I feel after I eat junk...
  37. Working out the morning made me hungry! Anyone else?
  38. Front loading the calories
  39. "So I noticed...."
  40. Scale Foe....
  41. Major weightloss and friendships
  42. Eating on Ambien
  43. Hair Issues with Weightloss?
  44. Sweet Tater Storage
  45. Pedometer/Stepping/Walking in Place Question
  46. Strange Observation
  47. Back!(and ready to try again)
  48. Progress pic
  49. 1,200 cal a day folks, what is your menu?
  50. Another Clothes NSV...Sorry!
  51. Four years and many pounds later...I'm back.
  52. Clothes here, clothes there, clothes clothes everywhere... ee i ee i oh!
  53. Okay.. a quick new clothes picture
  54. Chocolate Banana "Ice Cream"--Delish!
  55. do you ever get tired of eating...?
  56. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans etc ...for the week of May 17....
  57. C25k!
  58. Graduation week
  59. Just curious....
  60. I'm baaaccck.for good.
  61. on negative self talk and being the goddess of false starts.
  62. NSV-Clothes :)
  63. Restarting after months of MIA, at a higher weight then ever!
  64. Why am I gaining weight?
  65. OT - My boyfriend's mom
  66. more nsv.. can it be!
  67. Musing
  68. New Decade! Hello 170s.
  69. I did NOT give up!
  70. I made it to ONEderland!
  71. Compliment NSV
  72. exercise question
  73. Oh guilty pleasures...
  74. 100 lbs. milestone song
  75. I'm going shopping
  76. Success story question....
  77. What do you do when you eat all calories by 3pm?
  78. When An Injury Sets You Back
  79. Stress NON-eaters!
  80. Some things we are doing RIGHT this time...
  81. Inches VS Scale...
  82. My little boy's weight struggle: a brag
  83. Fifty pounds and half way there!
  84. Gym Skipper.....
  85. Gym NSV!!!
  86. I'm learning....
  87. any ideas?
  88. Cold dinner ideas, please!
  89. I'm so excited about summer!
  90. Annoying dieting co-worker
  91. Slipup and a NSV
  92. Countdown to Size Twelve.....
  93. Weird low calorie "binge"- I don't understand it
  94. Off Plan
  95. Tibute to my sister. :)
  96. Who is that blob in those pics with my kids???
  97. Funny Funny NSV-My pants fell down!
  98. pictures can be tricksters...
  99. s/o TOM.....
  100. Can anyone help me with my breakfast situation
  101. Angry at myself
  102. Hawaiin Bread NSV
  103. Anyone watch Oprah today?
  104. What kind of scale do you use??
  105. When will this weight loss start to show in my face?
  106. One week ago today ..
  107. Learned a lesson...
  108. Chiropractics?
  109. Dreaming of cheesecake
  110. My weigh in this morning :(
  111. I am overweight!!!
  112. Omron Pocket Pedometer
  113. The Last 10 Pounds!!
  114. A few NSVs
  115. Can I join please?
  116. Weight lifting hampering weight loss??
  117. Fresh start
  118. airplanes?
  119. Guess what? There's even vanity sizing in...
  120. Is this normal ..
  121. Vegetables we've learned to love
  122. What do you do when you are having a hungry day?
  123. ring sizes
  124. Happy news!
  125. When the scale is your enemy...
  126. I bought it!
  127. Need Advice
  128. Do you ever get the kid's meal?
  129. Am I Mad?
  130. Something I now have the confidence to do
  131. Accountability, menu, exercise, etc......week of May 10
  132. 70 Pounds Gone Pics!!
  133. My collar bones keep bugging me
  134. To all the Mommy's on the board:
  135. Walking further than you have to
  136. Resurrection
  137. Hello All!
  138. Funny foot NSV
  139. What'd ya have for dinner?
  140. 2 years ago today....
  141. You mean doing dishes doesn't have to hurt?
  142. Oh hey, I'm NORMAL.
  143. Funniest compliment EVER
  144. Refresh or confirm my memory please :)
  145. Baby News
  146. Will it ever change completely?
  147. What I did today, that I couldn't have done two years ago
  148. amusement park rides revisited: Cedar Point
  149. Smoothie Help needed!
  150. What did you say NO to today?
  151. NSV!!! body fat %
  152. I dont get it ..
  153. Accountability: Potential for disaster coming up
  154. I just walked my first 5K!!!!!!
  155. dgramie WINS APRIL Points Challenge!1
  156. Another 10 Day Challenge??? U know u wanna...
  157. So excited!
  158. Yoga?
  159. sudden realizations
  160. NSV for me!
  161. No more battery ..
  162. Running...weight loss....WHEN??
  163. 20 lbs Gone!!! Whew!
  164. Fat Girls and love (or lack thereof...)
  165. Protein Breakfast for Picky Eater
  166. Lost It
  167. Wellness program = Bacon????
  168. a quick me update
  169. This Happen To Anyone?
  170. Need encouragement
  171. The whole foods lifestyle in action...
  172. Question about eliminating white flour and sugar
  173. Down 3 more pounds!
  174. So, does breakfast make all the difference in your day?
  175. Weird Question: Favorite Bra?
  176. OMG - Vitamins
  177. Why oh why
  178. Kicking it up a notch
  179. Sisters, arghh!!
  180. Any military wives or girlfriends out there?
  181. Pounds of Pressure You Have Lost
  182. To all the "Losers".. Any Tips??
  183. To those that lost it all and then gained it again.
  184. I am in search of...
  185. Drinking/Eating with friends... feelin' the pressure.
  186. Mexican for Dinner... Opinions Welcome! :)
  187. Special Occaisions/Weekends
  188. So Close But So Far Away
  189. Wow, starting to really see change.
  190. Tired of being in Pain! Need to Vent a litte . . .
  191. Horseback riding NSV
  192. NOOOOOO teacher appreciation WEEK
  193. Weight Loss Awkwardness Around Thinner People
  194. Back again - when will I get it right?
  195. wanting something crunchy
  196. Upset
  197. Planning is just not my cup of
  198. Had A Bad Few Days - Need To Get Back On Track
  199. Onederland?? Somebody pinch me!
  200. Not embarrassed... more like embattled ;)
  201. do you handle stress better now?
  202. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, etc - week of May 3...
  203. Skinny BF who just doesn't get it? *rant*
  204. just looking for more buddies..:)
  205. Hi
  206. 6 months, (almost) 40 lbs gone
  207. Biggest Loser is....
  208. New Territory, misc!
  209. 2010 weight loss challenge update!
  210. Don't forget to update the 2010 Weight Loss Challenge (sticky above)
  211. MAY - NSV's
  212. MAY - one reason you will stay on your plan today...
  213. An attitude of gratitudes...month of May
  214. Is there anyone in the 270's or 280's out there?
  215. Stupid Things Strangers Say
  216. I think I am becoming one of THOSE people...........
  217. Best Veggies to Grill & how you do it
  218. How to live with temptation
  219. Activia Yogurt (Somewhat gross subject matter)
  220. a scale victory...sort of
  221. Not sure if this qualifies as an NSV...
  222. A suprise side benefit to my new weight
  223. MAY the scale be with you - Daily Weigh In thread
  224. calorie counts when sick
  225. Body NSV's
  226. NSV: The dryer is no longer my enemy
  227. does being thinner ever make you feel fatter?
  228. Something I noticed...
  229. my hangover hoorah! nsv kinda...
  230. So what happens to tattoos?
  231. Would you want to know how much you weight every second?
  232. Fat cells are fighting back
  233. Walking backwards (It's a long one!)
  234. DH says "I think I like being thinner".
  235. My New Mantra
  236. the "gaining up to a lap-band" chat
  237. What does you in?
  238. One third of me is gone!!!!
  239. MAY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  240. Need A Hug Or A Slap
  241. Final Weight In
  242. Work hard...gain a pound. Round and round we go.
  243. New here
  244. Is it REALLY possible?!
  245. C25k
  246. UTIs are not fun
  247. NSV - crossed legs!
  248. Mia
  249. Losing alcohol weight...
  250. is cfmama still around