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  1. Week 2...
  2. SOOOOO Frustrated!!!
  3. October 3rd - I wonder?
  4. Declaration of Thin Dependence
  5. Retaining Water? Any answers?
  6. How much is enough
  7. Need tips for quick healthy breakfasts!
  8. 2nd blow of the day....
  9. It's official......
  10. Marks and Spencer 'normalizing obesity'??
  11. Shopping from planet "wrong decade"
  12. Have BMIs changed?
  13. I will not eat!!!!
  14. Reached 20% Goal After Stall
  15. I knew a bounce would be inevitable.....
  16. Good Luck Matt!
  17. OT - What do you do for Health Insurance?
  18. Teeth Problems...
  19. Why can't I see it?
  20. I don't even know if this is related...
  21. Home Made "Microwave Meals"
  22. OT - The movies
  23. My NSV for today
  24. helicopter nsv
  25. BodyBugg
  26. 3 weeks Down and More to go!!
  27. Fun at the pet store
  28. New scale suggestions
  29. getting this show on the road...
  30. There is Chocolate in my House!
  31. Why exercise annoys me......
  32. First Day back on diet and...
  33. Protein ideas for breakfast?
  34. 2 Year Anniversary
  35. What's your favorite summertime salad?
  36. reward?
  37. NSV (attitude)
  38. Habits
  39. I think I am fat because....
  40. My son gained 8 lbs in one week
  41. Overwhelmed & Panicking A Bit
  42. random random
  43. Getting Over This Hurdle So I Can Move On
  44. There's a bone in my butt!
  45. It's a bit of a grind, this week
  46. I'd had enough...
  47. End of Week 1...
  48. After only a week of eating right...
  49. The difference 6 months has made
  50. Dog show food...
  51. Never thought I would be so happy to wear 18 jeans!
  52. Hi Everyone!
  53. New Favorite Spices
  54. A Shout Out To lala1022
  55. Perception Change
  56. 100 pounds lost
  57. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, goals, stuff....week of July 19
  58. Forgive me for I have eaten...
  59. OMG! I have a GAP!
  60. Survived Week 1!
  61. How do I beat self-defeat?
  62. Please someone help me
  63. vacation nsv!
  64. not enough food?
  65. Nsv!!!
  66. Size 14 Jeans! Woohoo!
  67. Little things at the gym today that made me smile
  68. prevention of loose skin
  69. I'm B-A-A-A-CK! Temporary side-trip taken...
  70. Plan on losing weight this Vacation.
  71. Was there a point when your skin became a mess?
  72. Fishing!
  73. !!!!!!! Goal !!!!!!!!!!
  74. NSV- sort of...
  75. newbie here -7.9 lbs gone in 4 wks
  76. Camping!
  77. The downside about weekly weighing....
  78. anyone felt like they don't deserve to lose?
  79. Snoring
  80. Is a calorie .... just a calorie?
  81. Trading one addiction for another...
  82. One foot in front of the other, repeat!
  83. Rant ... totally OT..
  84. Do you have plans for what your 'look' will be at goal?
  85. Rage - A - Hol
  86. Weight Gain, Failure and Being Afraid
  87. I will not order dinner...
  88. Feeling invincible and immune to failure
  89. Ups and downs of the day
  90. Things I have learned so far...
  91. B**ch, Moan, Whine Thread
  92. Morphing body image...
  93. Losing weight makes you think, doesn't it?
  94. OT - any recommendations for NC outdoor activities
  95. Co-worker NSV? :)
  96. Looking at the big picture
  97. 100lb loss pics
  98. New here...kinda, sorta!
  99. Who Will I Be?
  100. Headache...
  101. Two foot-related NSVs
  102. Quick and yummy water tip
  103. Lack of appetite, severe reduction in food, but eh, no pounds lost
  104. I went to the gym!
  105. Back in the swing...
  106. Here's something I haven't felt in a long time...
  107. It's official: I've lost a 100 pounds!
  108. Getting out of the 170's
  109. really angry!!!!(rant)
  110. Where to begin?
  111. Oh, the irony!
  112. I'm so glad 2 b back!
  113. Stuck in a rut! Last 20lbs
  114. Did you ever get to a "what's the use" number?
  115. started my goal to lose 127lbs
  116. A funny about my ticker
  117. Can i ask a silly question?
  118. When people say nothing....
  119. A good Monday morning start
  120. Help!Where do I start?
  121. 240 pound loss!
  122. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise or other stuff...week of July 12
  123. 150lbs to lose...wowsers.
  124. Unlearning & Relearning
  125. OMG I have never been this happy
  126. Giving up calorie counting
  127. Got upset and binged
  128. Medium-Sized Uber
  129. Do you look forward to...
  130. I feel whooshy! Oh so whooshy! I feel whooshy and swooshy and light!
  131. Broken ankle and weight loss?
  132. A Little Over One Year Pics
  133. Back up your computer! A cautionary tale...
  134. Weekends! Ahhhh!
  135. Changes - Photos of Close to 100 Pounds Lost
  136. Sounding my barbaric yawp...from Onederland
  137. freaking myself out
  138. I love Zumba Classes
  139. Ubergirl. You are NOT XXL
  140. Proud of myself.. and thankful for wonderful support from coworker
  141. The silly things you can't wait for....
  142. 102 degrees outside and I am freezing!
  143. gain 8 pounds this week and I'm out.
  144. Analog or Digital---which should I believe?
  145. Carb confusion
  146. where did my motivation go?
  148. I don't ever want to forget
  149. I love you more then food!
  150. I made it there......ONEDERLAND
  151. The Safety of my Home...
  152. 7 Day Calorie On Plan Thread
  153. Calorie/Measurement Question
  154. Coming Out of the Closet Was Easier- Seriously
  155. Oh my gosh!!! I just realized!!!!!
  156. There's something about the 200s foothills
  157. A year ago
  158. Don't feel bad if no one notices.
  159. 3 Days and going good.
  160. Any other 230's and 220's out there??
  161. PCOS....Why do you hinder me!?
  162. NSV - the only kind I can have right now, anyway!
  163. I thought for the longest time...
  164. can't get it together
  165. back in the game!
  166. Back again When is it ever gonna stop!!
  167. So how do you lose 25 years of fried chicken?
  168. FitGirlyGirl WINS June Points Challenge
  169. Happy Scale Related Victory
  170. ONEderland by Christmas?
  171. What do you eat when you are camping?
  172. I hate that I've wasted almost a whole year!
  173. Progress pics
  174. My NSVs (maybe? :D)
  175. OT - Boyfriend's son...
  176. That 'conversation' with yourself in your head...
  177. not being recognized - NSV
  178. Accountability, menu, exercise plans, stuff....week of July 5
  179. I'm Overweight!!!!And I lost my baby weight!
  180. Pictures I like...and amusing shots.
  181. I Ran My First Race!!!
  182. My super duper NSV!
  183. Bead #1!!!!!
  184. random random random
  185. Pictures still demotivate me...see for yourself
  186. NSV!!! Swimsuit
  187. Overweight people freezing the thin folk?
  188. Celebrating for real this time!
  189. Three day holiday weekend (Americans). What is your strategy/plans?
  190. People telling me I'm not Fat!
  191. Favorite Healthy Food Blogs
  192. Taking It Slow
  193. 103 lbs. to lose, and I was just wondering... (shake?)
  194. What are your rewards?
  195. Water - stupid question
  196. Family/friend comments
  197. Woot! I thought it would take longer.
  198. JULY - one reason you will stay on your plan today...
  199. JULY NSV's
  200. Six months in review - how about you?
  201. Afraid I may jinx myself
  202. NSV - but weird...
  203. 7 Day Calorie On Plan Thread
  204. Any other Bakers/Foodies out there??
  205. 19 weeks, 42 pounds
  206. Could I just not be ready to do this?
  207. An attitude of gratitudes....Month of July
  208. Advice, Tips, Suggestions, Slaps and Kicks needed, inquire within
  209. Week 1 -- fantastic! Now to stay motivated for week 2
  210. Scale, don't JULY to me! Daily Weigh In Thread
  211. NOT eating due to stress
  212. How long is this @$#% road
  213. I'd like a little diet-transition help, please
  214. The newest 100 lb Club triathlete! (LONG)
  215. JULY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  216. What Am I Doing?!
  217. Scale Worries
  218. It is my 40th birthday
  219. Back from Mexico, and a brought a little something with me!
  220. Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff....week of June 28
  221. A couple of pictures...
  222. Nothing Happening!
  223. Blah :|
  224. matt_H
  225. Sleep Deprivation vs. Working Out
  226. Hello! New and have a question....
  227. Re-committing
  228. Favorite Healthy Snacks
  229. Is anyone else's figure type changing?
  230. UGH, what is it with the lazyness and crazy stuff?
  231. I guess I'm a member!
  232. could I really be starting to feel....normal?????
  233. Sometimes I Wish I Could Jump Ahead in Time
  234. This has to be it...I have to make changes
  235. NSV: Maintained on vacation!
  236. Does the excess sweating ever go away?
  237. variety vs. predictability
  238. Serious plateau demotivation (vent)
  239. Successful first week!!
  240. Chub Rub Help
  241. 80 Pounds Gone pictures
  242. Stability Ball Chair. Am I going too far?
  243. Being lifted up - and then brought right back down to earth
  244. Fuguring one pot meals?
  245. A booty movin challenge!
  246. Goodbye Fat Self
  247. Back and Hanging out in Onderland
  248. For all my calorie counters out there...
  249. Gotta have it!
  250. Suggestions of soft mushy travel foods..