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  1. Anyone using Daily Mile?
  2. Let us talk about lettuce...
  3. shirataki noodle
  4. Stationary bikes & buttaches.
  5. Weird...and probably TMI, but I'm curious
  6. Bye-bye 50/50
  7. Saving a bad day
  8. What do you do when you feel like going off plan?
  9. Unzipping the fat suit
  10. 19th July 2005 - What were you doing? (Warning: Boast)
  11. Zumba
  12. Thank you
  13. Oh OH!!
  14. running challenge?
  15. Body Bugg users...
  17. OCTOBER - One Reason you will stay on your plan today...
  18. Don't forget the "2010 weight loss challenge" update
  19. Getting out of the 150's
  20. October Weekly Weigh-Ins?
  21. An attitude of gratitude - Month of October
  22. Im sure this has been asked before but OH WELL here it goes?
  23. Don't let the scale spook you! October daily weigh in thread, part 1!
  24. Gym Lady Downer Rant
  25. weight loss and urination
  26. Just a vent...
  27. OCTOBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  28. Nsv
  29. Goodbye 230s, I was not fond of you
  30. A whole bunch of SVs!!!!!
  31. Cold feet but excited (plastic surgery)
  32. So... what's for dinner TONIGHT!
  33. Just wanted to say HI and see how everyone is today?
  34. GROOVIN your workout
  35. Crockpot cooking!
  36. My first stupid "anorexic" comment
  37. Do you sabotage yourself?
  38. I gotta share, and it has nothing to do with weight, but does have to do with wait.
  39. Hard to work out during TOM?
  40. Do you ever stink up the office with healthy food?
  41. Two-derland! hahaha
  42. Protein help
  43. When do they become vanity pounds?
  44. Finally!!!!!!
  45. Anyone wanna do a Halloween Challenge with me???
  46. My shoes are too big...and other complaints.
  47. Can a person lose 50 lbs in 11 weeks?
  48. Slippery slope
  49. mind lagging behind body?
  50. 2 years of weight loss
  51. I didn't disappear - been reading, just not posting much.
  52. Can I try on my preserved wedding dress?
  53. A sugary situation!
  54. a really dumb RMR question...
  55. I didn't think I was over the top (food and inlaws)
  56. The rare compliment
  57. Hectic Month.
  58. Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff...week of September 27
  59. When people are stressing you out
  60. Diverticulitis, anyone?
  61. Losing weight without a diet?
  62. Stuck. Need help moving forward.
  63. Back after a long absense
  64. I swear it's all muscle
  65. Gonna be a Body Bugger!
  66. 90% of the time I love you all, but....
  67. Can I reheat mashed taters?
  68. Fatigue
  69. Whats your 1 weight loss tip
  70. C25k on a treadmill?
  71. McIntosh Apples
  72. Reminder of mortality
  73. Omega's, Cod Liver Oil, flax seed . .. ahhhhh
  74. does milk keep the weight on?
  75. Day One: Take 1359
  76. Were my eyes ever opened!
  77. Need some advice from those that have "been there, done that."
  78. Center of attention
  79. When do we stop dreading things?
  80. Fitness NSV!
  81. vloging
  82. lost a significant amount & working on last ~20lbs? I need an accountability buddy!
  83. Amazing What Sodium Can Do!!
  84. Robbed of the satisfaction...argh.
  85. The best thing America ever gave us .....
  86. The End of Overeating
  87. Going to bed hungry
  88. Progress
  89. another family and food issue
  90. What kind of scale do you have?
  91. Feeling good about feeling like crap
  92. Learning? What's that??
  93. I'm bringing sexy back!
  94. "You're always eating"
  95. What do you say?!?
  96. Times Are Changin'
  97. Facing the new scale
  98. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff....week of September 20....
  99. Weight confidence = mood confidence = argh.
  100. As skinny as before but higher weight?
  101. Back on 3FC after extended AWOL!
  102. Any suggestions?
  103. My last first day
  104. A NSV of sorts...
  105. What's for Dinner?
  106. What is Onederland ?
  107. Single ladies question
  108. Is planning to fail, really failing?
  109. Don't know what to do...
  110. What's going on?
  111. 6 inches!!!
  112. A Rare Weight Update
  113. Aaack! I almost gave in to Costco tempation!
  114. What can you do NOW that you couldnt when you started your journey?
  115. Today I went shopping and I bought.....
  116. Onederland
  117. More photos
  118. Pictures and measurements-NSV!!!
  119. Weighing in during TOM
  120. Ugh . . office lunch
  121. Not sure whats wrong?
  122. Pants are too tight, and feeling discouraged....
  123. It's Sep-timber and pounds are falling! Part Dos of the Daily Weigh In Thread!
  124. 15th of the month is photo time!
  125. When will this pass?
  126. Losing steam...
  127. can anyone relate? Im lost...
  128. I can't believe I'm this big
  129. NSV - I'm what size?!
  130. Sometimes you just have to adjust
  131. Drinking tons of calories!
  132. Enough is enough!
  133. Did the way you carry yourselve change when you gained/lost weight?
  134. If I can just make and hold 181 by Friday...
  135. I broke my toe
  136. Why am I doing this to myself?
  137. I HATE food...I really do....
  138. Frustrated-----with myself. Sabotage and other ramblings
  139. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff...week of September 12
  140. Back on that weight loss horse!
  141. Back to 3FC's 100 lb club.
  142. Dinner time...literally
  143. NSV at the gym today!!
  144. twinkletoes23 WINS AUGUST Points Challenge!!
  145. Help??
  146. Losing wt affect mammogram results?
  147. Am I more jiggly now?
  148. Unexpected "victory" during shopping trip
  149. Can u hear thunder? !!!!!
  150. A Plea for Help
  151. Anyone else halfway there?!?!
  152. Matt H glides into ONEderland
  153. From cycling to surgery in half an hour
  154. So far, so good
  155. NSV with pics :)
  156. I've fallen off the excersise wagon
  157. Favorite Body Part
  158. Onederland is tormenting me
  159. Not sure what to believe...
  160. My Dad is so awesome!!!
  161. Have you reached any of your new year resolution goals for 2010
  162. Interesting thoughts on food....
  163. 50 Lbs By New Years Challenge
  164. Please give me some perspective!
  165. When does 5 lbs make the difference . .
  166. OT - Health Insurance Update
  167. trying to hang in there...
  168. I am joining you in Onederland!!!!!
  169. Fearing the "after" body
  170. Progress Pics Finally
  171. The benefits of tracking
  172. Shred it with weights came out today :)
  173. What was your worst compliment??
  174. Body Fat Percentage???
  175. Ugh. Shoot me now.
  176. Chicken breast vs Chicken thigh
  177. 15-20 pounds to "normal" BMI
  178. Oohhhhs on our way to Onederland!
  179. Let's get through the 2-teens!
  180. Another 100 lb. club member passes that milestone
  181. Thintervention
  182. Getting out of the 250's
  183. Christmas 2010 - What will you look like?
  184. I tripped on Sunday - but it's all good
  185. Sizes and fit
  186. My treadmill is mocking me....
  187. Hit the wall...
  188. Who knows your weight??
  189. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, stuff - week of September 6...
  190. Freaky Eaters
  191. Family support
  192. Web Resources for Menu Planning/Calorie or Food Tracking?
  193. Fall is here!
  194. Jingle All the Way Challenge CHAT
  195. So glad there's not a camera in my bedroom...
  196. Good stuff
  197. What's your latest NSV?
  198. My introduction to this area
  199. Introducing myself
  200. TMI shirtless picture (loose skin)
  201. 2Teens - Nice to meet ya!!!
  202. I'm short-sighted. Thank goodness!
  203. It's Happening!!!
  204. one small step?
  205. Waxing philosophical and coveting that chickie
  206. Change of perception.
  207. Anyone watch Too Fat for Fifteen?
  208. I lost ten pounds this month!!!!
  209. My very own little NSV!
  210. Mentality NSV
  211. I feel like crying (in a good way)
  212. Yoga is the shiz-nit.
  213. Silly NSV, but I can't stop thinking on it
  214. It's official! My pop addiction is CURED!
  215. Anyone Have A Body Bugg?
  216. Weight Loss is Catching....!
  217. I don't really cook anymore
  218. An honest doctor
  219. SEPTEMBER - one reason you will stay on your plan today...
  220. Bit of a grim death situation
  221. 10,000 Step Pedometer Club
  222. Back from my first follow-up at my Weight Loss Clinic
  223. I will not . . .
  224. Kind of in shock...
  225. Don't forget to update your 2010 Weight loss challenge
  226. An attitude of gratitudes...Month of September
  227. Random NSV!
  228. Zumba Fitness ~ Reviews?
  229. What is your next big weightloss milestone?
  230. It's Sep-timber and pounds are falling! Daily Weigh In Thread!
  231. I've come to a truce with my belly.
  232. NSV's!!!
  233. Down 40 Pounds
  234. SEPTEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  235. Same old me.
  236. 100th day NSV!
  237. Evil Motivators
  238. TSH Levels
  239. LDL Cholesterol
  240. One of THOSE posts - back on the wagon
  241. Nsv- C25k
  242. struggling to eat enough.. wtf..??
  243. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff...week of August 30
  244. People I might want to look like - an odd combo!
  245. almost same stats, different size clothes?
  246. What are you looking forward to in the short term??
  247. Hit my first Mini Goal - 20 pounds GONE!!!
  248. Missing some of our friends
  249. Hello!
  250. NSV (with a touch of S)