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  1. It feels good to wear clothes that fit!
  2. Innerscan scale, water weight, and new "knowledge"
  3. My weight is psychologically disabling me.
  4. 250's are GONE!
  5. Apple-squashing exercises needed!
  6. Exercise is torture!
  7. Seeing Lyn's thread reminded me - I've also lost 100 lbs!
  8. Oh I am SO excited!! I lost 100 pounds!
  9. Interesting statistic about cardio/weight gain...
  10. and day 3 of zoloft
  11. When people don't understand how you did it
  12. Any teens?
  13. Estimating Calories in Homemade Soup
  14. zoloft... day 2
  15. What Motivates You?
  16. What EXACTLY IS your plan?
  17. OT - Breast Biopsy Results
  18. What are your irrational thoughts?
  19. SO's healthy eating struggle, motivation and enablers
  20. OT - Cigarettes
  21. rockinrobin (and other big losers)
  22. Weight loss myth pet peeves
  23. If you don't think you can, you can't...
  24. Triathlon
  25. First day on Zoloft
  26. Hormones are wreaking HAVOC! Ugh!
  27. My recent NSVs :)
  28. Saw my doctor today
  29. Can't stay motivated
  30. Hunger is weird
  31. help deciding on long term goal
  32. How many more times will I come back here hanging my head in shame?
  33. Coping when it's not working? Advice?
  34. How many pounds did you lose before you went down in clothes size?
  35. Curse you TOM!!
  36. I'm on a binge but...
  37. Shopping for your revolving closet tip
  38. Happy Dance Happy Dance
  39. Surgery Update - food victory.
  40. OT - Breast Biopsy
  41. A quick ME update
  42. Positive self-talk
  43. "you dont even know what you cant do yet"
  44. Where will you be 6 Months from Now?
  45. Is there a certian time you exercise?
  46. Having a bit of a downer :(
  47. Losing Weight Cooking Job
  48. Time is a funny thing
  49. How often have you or do you lose ten lbs in a month?
  50. Now I know - Mirena IUD
  51. I have completed my first triathlon!!!
  52. I never "finish" anything...
  53. Coffee Lover Question...
  54. Switched to CC - How Many Calories?
  55. Is there a certain time you weigh yourself?
  56. NSV - Time for new undies!!!
  57. Bare arms irony
  58. OT - Surgical Glue
  59. How do you record it all?
  60. Attention Musicians Working Towards Their goal
  61. Halloween Candy
  62. Looking for blender advice, inquire within!
  63. This every happen to anyone?
  64. Been Away Too Long....
  65. 15th of the month is photo time!
  66. Better Sleep?
  67. Don't let the scale spook you! October daily weigh in thread, part 2!
  68. 2 Weeks from Today
  69. When did you start losing weight in the chest area.
  70. New tools have got me excited again
  71. feeling good about myself today who else is feeling good?
  72. Wilting Romaine~
  73. Surgery - food - recovering - non weightbearing etc.
  74. On holiday ~ Day#2
  75. how do I get from "why bother, I"m so hopeless" to at least trying again?
  76. Does it matter how I FEEL about it?
  77. What do you drink besides water???
  78. Having a good week!
  79. Why is my left foot swelling up??
  80. Are you really losing it or it's just photoshopped photos?
  81. Three Month Anniversary of my "Lifestyle Change"
  82. Onederchic surgery update
  83. Dropping calories is always hard
  84. On holiday ~ Day #1
  85. Weight Loss Milestones
  86. Hubby and I in the paper!
  87. Back to the gym today after an 8 month absence.
  88. Roasted vegetables
  89. Tactless "Compliments"
  90. Will I ever leave the 200s??
  91. When did People start Noticing?
  92. OT - Update on mammogram
  93. NSV - A Huge Grin
  94. Hopping on counters!
  95. Over Halfway There!
  96. Ot - When it rains, it pours?
  97. Must never go back
  98. Wll someone please come & hide my scale on me!?
  99. Net calories for the day too low - late snack or not?
  100. can I get an honest opinion?
  101. Dealing with a weight-loss stall.
  102. The bigger the goal, the longer it takes...
  103. How many of you ladies gain weight right before AF is due?
  104. Foods that are easy to prepare and eat?
  105. Low Blood Pressure - Advice Please
  106. 10-10-10 My New "BIRTH" Day!!!
  107. 30 Days on Plan?
  108. Need tweak suggestions: last 20 lbs
  109. my Saturday..long and strange (tmi)
  110. Picking up back yard NSV! (TMI)
  111. Back after a hiatus...
  112. How do I remove my head when it is lodged so firmly in my behind?
  113. getting very frustrated with my husband
  114. Body shape morphing???
  115. Sometimes we all just need a little reassurance (NSV)
  116. Avatar Change - 50+ Pounds Down!
  117. What's your goal weight ?
  118. cabbage question..comparing it to lettuce
  119. are you more emotional during times of rapid weight loss?
  120. I love my co-workers . .
  121. Does a good result make you tearful?
  122. OK, it's the wheat
  123. TMI and Worried...
  124. Insanity workout
  125. Reasons to never go back!
  126. Let's talk concave armpits
  127. Sizes and pounds
  128. Let's Get Out Of The 240'S.
  129. Barriers
  130. I guess I just expected more..
  131. Lovely compliment from the rudest person
  132. Tuck Everlasting
  133. It's been a skin of the teeth week.....
  134. I don't get it...
  135. Oh, the joy of rings!
  136. Stuffed but barely making calorie goals! (Maybe not such a bad thing?)
  137. Has anyone gone from Weight Watchers to Calorie Counting??
  138. OT - Surgery
  139. Fall foods
  140. Things I HATE about loosing weight..
  141. Positive self-talk....
  142. Regaining Weight
  143. If you started out with your boobs hanging at your waist...
  144. the struggle is never over
  145. julz05 WINS The SEPTEMBER Points Challenge!!!!
  146. Accountability, menu, exercise goals, and other things - MONTH of October...
  147. Half way!
  148. Anyone using Daily Mile?
  149. Let us talk about lettuce...
  150. shirataki noodle
  151. Stationary bikes & buttaches.
  152. Weird...and probably TMI, but I'm curious
  153. Bye-bye 50/50
  154. Saving a bad day
  155. What do you do when you feel like going off plan?
  156. Unzipping the fat suit
  157. 19th July 2005 - What were you doing? (Warning: Boast)
  158. Zumba
  159. Thank you
  160. Oh OH!!
  161. running challenge?
  162. Body Bugg users...
  163. OCTOBER NSV's
  164. OCTOBER - One Reason you will stay on your plan today...
  165. Don't forget the "2010 weight loss challenge" update
  166. Getting out of the 150's
  167. October Weekly Weigh-Ins?
  168. An attitude of gratitude - Month of October
  169. Im sure this has been asked before but OH WELL here it goes?
  170. Don't let the scale spook you! October daily weigh in thread, part 1!
  171. Gym Lady Downer Rant
  172. weight loss and urination
  173. Just a vent...
  174. OCTOBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  175. Nsv
  176. Goodbye 230s, I was not fond of you
  177. A whole bunch of SVs!!!!!
  178. Cold feet but excited (plastic surgery)
  179. So... what's for dinner TONIGHT!
  180. Just wanted to say HI and see how everyone is today?
  181. GROOVIN your workout
  182. Crockpot cooking!
  183. My first stupid "anorexic" comment
  184. Do you sabotage yourself?
  185. I gotta share, and it has nothing to do with weight, but does have to do with wait.
  186. Hard to work out during TOM?
  187. Do you ever stink up the office with healthy food?
  188. Two-derland! hahaha
  189. Protein help
  190. When do they become vanity pounds?
  191. Finally!!!!!!
  192. Anyone wanna do a Halloween Challenge with me???
  193. My shoes are too big...and other complaints.
  194. Can a person lose 50 lbs in 11 weeks?
  195. Slippery slope
  196. mind lagging behind body?
  197. 2 years of weight loss
  198. I didn't disappear - been reading, just not posting much.
  199. Can I try on my preserved wedding dress?
  200. A sugary situation!
  201. a really dumb RMR question...
  202. I didn't think I was over the top (food and inlaws)
  203. The rare compliment
  204. Hectic Month.
  205. Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff...week of September 27
  206. When people are stressing you out
  207. Diverticulitis, anyone?
  208. Losing weight without a diet?
  209. Stuck. Need help moving forward.
  210. Back after a long absense
  211. I swear it's all muscle
  212. Gonna be a Body Bugger!
  213. 90% of the time I love you all, but....
  214. Can I reheat mashed taters?
  215. Fatigue
  216. Whats your 1 weight loss tip
  217. C25k on a treadmill?
  218. McIntosh Apples
  219. Reminder of mortality
  220. Omega's, Cod Liver Oil, flax seed . .. ahhhhh
  221. does milk keep the weight on?
  222. Day One: Take 1359
  223. Were my eyes ever opened!
  224. Need some advice from those that have "been there, done that."
  225. Center of attention
  226. When do we stop dreading things?
  227. Fitness NSV!
  228. vloging
  229. lost a significant amount & working on last ~20lbs? I need an accountability buddy!
  230. Amazing What Sodium Can Do!!
  231. Robbed of the satisfaction...argh.
  232. The best thing America ever gave us .....
  233. The End of Overeating
  234. Going to bed hungry
  235. Progress
  236. another family and food issue
  237. What kind of scale do you have?
  238. Feeling good about feeling like crap
  239. Learning? What's that??
  240. I'm bringing sexy back!
  241. "You're always eating"
  242. What do you say?!?
  243. Times Are Changin'
  244. Facing the new scale
  245. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff....week of September 20....
  246. Weight confidence = mood confidence = argh.
  247. As skinny as before but higher weight?
  248. Back on 3FC after extended AWOL!
  249. Any suggestions?
  250. My last first day