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  1. solitary confinement study on eating behaviors, not shocking!
  2. O/T: It finally happened
  3. Big bowl of Christmas chocolates - Awesome
  4. 32% of goal left to go . . . :?:
  5. There's a 1 in front of my weight!!
  6. Day 2..Staying Focused!!
  7. 6 weeks and NO change in photo's :(
  8. Is ONE day off a good idea?
  9. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff - Month of December.
  10. Oh dear... update
  11. Crying Over Chocolate
  12. After Workout Hunger
  13. DECEMBER - One reason you will stay on your plan today
  14. Accountability, Menu, Plans, Exercise...and more...December
  15. Redesigning plan to fit new lifestyle
  16. I've shrunk!
  17. Any stairmaster users?
  18. NSV - Doctor visit
  19. so incredibly hungry
  20. Can't stop weighing myself...
  21. An Attitude of Gratitude - December
  22. Your "celebrity body"
  23. Back 2 Basic..Mirror Says So!!!
  24. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Scalemas! Dec daily weigh in thread!
  25. Am I the only one??
  26. DECEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  27. 25%
  28. Looks like my foot/ankle surgery is a go for Thursday - food strategies.
  29. Do you really lose from the top down?
  30. Hello 100lb Club :)
  31. any tips for metabolism boosting?
  32. Sickie here -
  33. What does satisfaction mean to you?
  34. Why am I overeating after having such great weight loss this month?
  35. Anorexic !
  36. NSV- 1 Month Turbo/Moderately Healthy Eating Results
  37. I Often Wonder....If I Ate Like Those Who Had WLS..Would I still Loose the Same?
  38. 4 week "Boot camp"
  39. MAYBE a LITTLE Early....But VALENTINES DAY Challenge? Anyone Up to It?
  40. Got my first 'you've lost too much' today
  41. BMI, measurements and sizes
  42. back again and this time it's personal
  43. Protein and weight loss??
  44. Still chug chuggin along...
  45. Getting Complacent
  46. So sick of vanity sizing!
  47. Apple shrinks!
  48. NSV: Realizing how far I've come
  49. Do it now :)
  50. minutes old newbie
  51. So......
  52. I stuck to my plan through Thanksgiving...
  53. December WEEKLY weigh in
  54. Looks like I'm heading home early :)
  55. Nothing to brag or be overly upset about
  56. Boast Alert!
  57. Feeling twitchy without a scale...
  58. Being the change you want to see in the world.
  59. Roll Call!!!! If you're eating On Plan after a Thanksgivings, splurge, get in here!
  60. We have plenty of 'worst fears', lemme know the things you're looking forward to!
  61. Who has started to/is up for making some new, healthier, holiday traditions!
  62. Do you cook seperate for you/your fam, and why?
  63. Gobble Gobble Gobble!
  64. To ALL my "WE" Buddies!!!! Accountability Time :)
  65. My Thanksgiving Feast (pic included!)
  66. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Do you like feeling full?
  68. 3 lbs gone!
  69. Eyes opened by tragedy
  70. Could I have an o/t hug or two, please?
  71. Weighing yourself weekly or daily?
  72. Can I Hear a "WE" in Here ???????????
  73. What are your worst fears for your weight loss journey?
  74. Why I feel guilty
  75. getting really discouraged here
  76. Just an interesting factoid
  77. How do you plan to 'save you from yourself' this holiday season?
  78. Hrm...what does it mean?
  79. My "I'm gonna LOSE weight over the Holidays"
  80. Groundbreaking weight loss ads!
  81. Sooooooo how many shoe sizes have you lost??
  82. I think I may have pushed myself over the line
  83. Half a pound - but it's precious!
  84. Getting out of the 2 teens and into Onderland
  85. Normal BMI...sort of!
  86. Need some suggestions
  87. Where is CFmama?
  88. Good day :)
  89. Scale Woes--warning long!
  90. Ruby (the show) and food addiction quote
  91. I ran!
  92. Weight loss as a side effect, is this what you guys mean!?
  93. Qdoba made healthy and the 'full' and 'hungry' signals=milestone!
  94. I twisted my knee.. if I can't do WATP tomarrow...
  95. Stir fry soup!
  96. 87lbs down -photo!
  97. I Got Spanked on the Highway
  98. Ugly head space
  99. GOAL!!! Well, Not Exactly
  100. NSV- Hit my 5% goal today and then some
  101. It's sabotage i tell you!
  102. Feeling like a spiral
  103. NSV's, celebrate here!
  104. Keeping my mind off of food
  105. new & have some questions
  106. Weird conversation yesterday. What would you have done?
  107. Had to post Im excited
  108. Losing weight and calorie requirements changing
  109. Anyone have a good homemade salad dressing?
  110. Night sweats AFTER weight loss?
  111. See you, 150s
  112. Goodbye 190's
  113. Change of address
  114. What is support to me? My pledge.
  115. Loss Patterns and Feeling The Loss
  116. Get ready for Winter - Stews and Soup
  117. Xbox Kinect, weight loss, pain management...
  118. Cellulite
  119. Relighting the Fire
  120. The Most Important Thing (novel length!)
  121. I keep losing the same 3 pounds!!!
  122. My journey with a Tummy Tuck
  123. 15th of the month is photo time!
  124. Robin and stew!! A thank you!
  125. Christmas Challenge? Renew your vows. :)
  126. sigh...........
  127. No-vember, No excuses! Don't be a turkey! Daily Weigh in Thread, pt 2!
  128. Why does my stubborness not help me with weight loss?
  129. I think the owner of my gym feels sorry for me lol...
  130. Soymilk
  131. Keri's Journey
  132. I'm a medium-sized woman!
  133. Feeling smart...dealing with Thanksgiving
  134. UGH Awful Pictures!
  135. Strange NSV!
  136. "Escape from Obesity" Blog...Wake up call for me....
  137. What's your favorite (yeah, right) scale?
  138. Ugh-
  139. Stuck in the 240s!
  140. filling foods?
  141. what keeps you motivated?
  142. Totally OT - For Colored Girls - a must see movie for all women
  143. Happy Day NSV
  144. I took a little vacation...
  145. My First Post
  146. I lost 10 pounds!
  147. Oh man was that BAD but I own it and it's ok!
  148. Do you feel like a changed person?
  149. Feeling a little defeated today...
  150. 250 and doing the C25k - anyone else?
  151. Awesome incentives
  152. New Beginnings
  153. Home from the hospital
  154. I have a million questions!
  155. I'm wearing the new beau's Levis!
  156. Stress and the scale?
  157. Yay, I finally have a siggy!
  158. You look hot !
  159. Finally setting some goals
  160. SeaWave WINS OCTOBER Points Challenge!!!!
  161. Hungry Day
  162. Why is it....
  163. NSV last night!
  164. The Pit beckons.....
  165. Hysterectomy, will I gain or lose?
  166. What a difference a bra makes!!
  167. Sides of lower legs hurt when walking
  168. Nervous or anxious about weight loss? Anyone else going through tons of emotions?
  169. Update on me, and the pregnancy etc... (ultrasound pic!)
  170. More family drama.....I need some positive vibes plz.
  171. RockinRobin and LoriBell, question for you!
  172. CAN you say no?
  173. Size Stuff
  174. You're back!
  175. No Pudge Fudge ?
  176. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  177. Some self motivation
  178. best workout ever
  179. Horrible Middle Night/Day
  180. I NEED to see a difference SOON!
  181. Preparing for losing?
  182. I'm New Here and I lost 119lbs!
  183. Losing Energy
  184. People don't lose this kind of weight
  185. I Want Off This Rollercoaster!
  186. non-scale indicators of progress
  187. emotional eating, other stuff *WARNING: TRIGGERS, abuse*
  188. When will they notice
  189. Well that didn't take long.....
  190. Climbing the mountain.
  191. They seem so disappointed
  192. Restaurant Substitutes
  193. How fast are you losing?
  194. How honest is your ticker?
  195. What the heck?
  196. Kinda OT: It's going to be a hard week
  197. torn rotator cuff
  198. Looking to try something new
  199. Tomorrow is the day.
  200. NSV--semiannual gathering
  201. I"m ANGRY at the USDA!!!
  202. Always jealous, never quite satisfied!
  203. My small victories.
  204. Awe crap...three more days of white knuckling it
  205. Roller Coaster help, will I fit?
  206. i need to lose more than 100 pounds!?!
  207. Awful day, and some insights...
  208. bought a "goal" dress
  209. Threw out the cake...
  210. Motivating quotes/poems/songs
  211. How accurate?
  212. "A bite here or there won't hurt...."
  213. When you have been blind to common sense for so long...
  214. What is your plan for Thanksgiving?
  215. Anyone Use Map My Run or Daily Mile
  216. My, but weight loss is weird
  217. Cafe conversation
  218. Fear, Anxiety and Dieting
  219. Interesting information...
  220. Does how you exercise make a difference?
  221. M&M's ACK!
  222. Anyone else feel they are too heavy for some exercises?
  223. 20 pound per size?
  224. Made my first mini goal
  225. Woooohooooo!!!
  226. Anyone else get the xbox Kinect?
  227. Yoga . . . .
  228. I need to come back :(
  229. Anyone else give up drinking entirely?
  230. How are you dealing with Halloween candy?
  231. eating out decision
  232. Food and coping with health problems and pain...
  233. Lower Calorie Allotment folks (Less than 1500) did you start there?
  234. That last taste of something sweet
  235. how do you distribute your calories?
  236. Did I hear correctly???
  237. Vodka apparantly is the DEVIL!
  238. and we wonder why we have such an obesity epidemic...
  239. One pound closer to...
  240. What a wake up call!
  241. Nsv
  242. Bikini Challenge! Summer 2011
  243. rules
  244. should I ease back in?
  245. OT - Rough Days
  246. Rolling back nearly 35 years!
  247. Eating while travelling/ on the road
  248. Confession Time
  249. I have an NSV--I'm flexy!
  250. What About Me??