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  1. Stomach issues...probably TMI
  2. Old and Current Measurements
  3. NSV - blood labs, 5K
  4. Baaahhhck
  5. This is a Calorie In/Out question
  6. Nsv
  7. 15th of the month - was a little late this time!
  8. New measurements
  9. I actually think I see a little difference...
  10. A NSV- running in 35 degrees, rain, dark, slugs...
  11. Blood Pressure - NSV
  12. Staying positive, no matter what!
  13. Obesity May Interfere With Vitamin D Absorption
  14. I'm cold!
  15. Not doing it alone
  16. How to count calories?!
  17. Local Biggest Loser Competitions
  18. Does your ID match your true weight?
  19. Early Christmas present! (nearly)
  20. Feel like a failure...
  21. I'm having a love affair with a salad
  22. Can't eat with adrenaline revved up
  23. Are YOU The Next Biggest Loser?
  24. The one thing I hate about shopping at Trader Joes...
  25. Having a hard time with the holiday treats this morning.
  26. Ugggg.... I can't wait for New Years!
  27. Celebrate your accomplishments - report your NSVs here!!
  28. Gluten Intolerance (finding out the hard way!)
  29. My 22's FIT!
  30. Cleaning out my closet today :)
  31. Goal weight!
  32. So apparently I haven't lost any weight!
  33. I've stalled
  34. Had a rough week....
  35. 100lbs in 8 months!
  36. Eh...
  37. How do you handle Movie Theater?
  38. 100 to lose + 365 miles in 365 days = Challenge
  39. Exercise break followed by calorie cycling
  40. Off track, cry and scream!
  41. Who is hanging in there?
  42. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Scalemas! Dec daily weigh in thread! Part 2
  43. Struggling - Need Advice Or A Kick
  44. Almost out of onderland- trying to revamp my wardrobe
  45. 10 Week Results
  46. A&E's "Heavy"
  47. This stinks
  48. Potatoes???
  49. Your True Weight
  50. RESTART. Shame
  51. Went clothes shopping for the first time on my weight loss journey
  52. Doctor's appointment NSV - sorta kinda maybe? :D
  53. Getting started again.
  54. Sleeping and feeling heavy
  55. I'm Back to 25 LBS Lost!
  56. pre holiday depression has kicked in
  57. My first hyper-cold reaction!
  58. What is your positive for today?
  59. The snow/cold is killing my diet!
  60. New member dollieanna
  61. went off phenergen
  62. Today is my 5 month anniversary!!!!
  63. Making Choices That'll Last Ya & Changes That'll Fix Ya! - Join Me!
  64. And THIS is why we are fat. HAHA
  65. half-as$ed effort
  66. Heartburn drinking water - any one else?
  67. Not the way to lose three pounds
  68. Bloated up like a balloon
  69. Lost Robin?
  70. can't get full
  71. Happy Birthday Sandi!!
  72. Back at square one.... SO frustrating!!!
  73. OT: Be very jealous... ;)
  74. went to a trial ww meeting today...
  75. A hard won half pound :)
  76. Does anyone know why the 50lbs by new years challange thread is closed?
  77. Here We Go Again
  78. Pain and exercise/activity
  79. Life and everything like it- rant/whine LONG!
  80. What the nutritionist said....
  81. Awful newly skinny picture
  82. Scale discrepancies... Can I celebrate?
  83. A little embarrassing....
  84. Panty hose!
  85. Writing a letter to your former self.
  86. Shouldn't I be losing more?
  87. taking it slowly this time
  88. NSV.. while driving
  89. NSV with clothes... finally!
  90. Writting a letter you your future self?
  91. Look! No haircut!
  92. uplifting moment
  93. Kind of bummed I didn't measure or weigh myself...
  94. When you do what people ask and then they get mad.
  95. challenging week
  96. crazy fad diet
  97. taking a maintenance month . . . . thoughts?
  98. Nsv!
  99. DixC Chix WINS November Points challenge!!!
  100. Ways to destress...come destress with me
  101. If I cut my hair, I'd be overweight!
  102. I Am On Track And It Feels Goood!
  103. Unusual NSV
  104. New then and now pics
  105. Pics of 100+ pounds lost
  106. Uber fesses up!
  107. vanity sizingon the talk
  108. Weird body image experience at the gym
  109. How does one shop thrift stores?
  110. Bye-bye 50 pounds - officially
  111. both disabled & on food stamps
  112. Do you?
  113. What the heck?
  114. What are the first things you noticed as you started eating healthy and losing weight
  115. Absolutely horrific things you used to do...
  116. NSV: Conscious Eating
  117. Size Confusion
  118. 50 pounds lost, finally!
  119. Hit a wall
  120. I wish I could get that excited about frozen water
  121. The EVIL company Christmas party just happened.
  122. A sample of a normal day on plan for me
  123. readjusting to eating more than once a day
  124. Are "Good" and "Bad" Really Good?
  125. Bad Back & Boots!
  126. Can't sleep, getting cranky and hungry
  127. Interesting pattern to my weight loss
  128. My half century
  129. solitary confinement study on eating behaviors, not shocking!
  130. O/T: It finally happened
  131. Big bowl of Christmas chocolates - Awesome
  132. 32% of goal left to go . . . :?:
  133. There's a 1 in front of my weight!!
  134. Day 2..Staying Focused!!
  135. 6 weeks and NO change in photo's :(
  136. Is ONE day off a good idea?
  137. Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff - Month of December.
  138. Oh dear... update
  139. Crying Over Chocolate
  140. After Workout Hunger
  141. DECEMBER - One reason you will stay on your plan today
  142. Accountability, Menu, Plans, Exercise...and more...December
  143. Redesigning plan to fit new lifestyle
  144. I've shrunk!
  145. Any stairmaster users?
  146. NSV - Doctor visit
  147. so incredibly hungry
  148. Can't stop weighing myself...
  149. An Attitude of Gratitude - December
  150. Your "celebrity body"
  151. Back 2 Basic..Mirror Says So!!!
  152. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Scalemas! Dec daily weigh in thread!
  153. Am I the only one??
  154. DECEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  155. 25%
  156. Looks like my foot/ankle surgery is a go for Thursday - food strategies.
  157. Do you really lose from the top down?
  158. Hello 100lb Club :)
  159. any tips for metabolism boosting?
  160. Sickie here -
  161. What does satisfaction mean to you?
  162. Why am I overeating after having such great weight loss this month?
  163. Anorexic !
  164. NSV- 1 Month Turbo/Moderately Healthy Eating Results
  165. I Often Wonder....If I Ate Like Those Who Had WLS..Would I still Loose the Same?
  166. 4 week "Boot camp"
  167. MAYBE a LITTLE Early....But VALENTINES DAY Challenge? Anyone Up to It?
  168. Got my first 'you've lost too much' today
  169. BMI, measurements and sizes
  170. back again and this time it's personal
  171. Protein and weight loss??
  172. Still chug chuggin along...
  173. Getting Complacent
  174. So sick of vanity sizing!
  175. Apple shrinks!
  176. NSV: Realizing how far I've come
  177. Do it now :)
  178. minutes old newbie
  179. So......
  180. I stuck to my plan through Thanksgiving...
  181. December WEEKLY weigh in
  182. Looks like I'm heading home early :)
  183. Nothing to brag or be overly upset about
  184. Boast Alert!
  185. Feeling twitchy without a scale...
  186. Being the change you want to see in the world.
  187. Roll Call!!!! If you're eating On Plan after a Thanksgivings, splurge, get in here!
  188. We have plenty of 'worst fears', lemme know the things you're looking forward to!
  189. Who has started to/is up for making some new, healthier, holiday traditions!
  190. Do you cook seperate for you/your fam, and why?
  191. Gobble Gobble Gobble!
  192. To ALL my "WE" Buddies!!!! Accountability Time :)
  193. My Thanksgiving Feast (pic included!)
  194. Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. Do you like feeling full?
  196. 3 lbs gone!
  197. Eyes opened by tragedy
  198. Could I have an o/t hug or two, please?
  199. Weighing yourself weekly or daily?
  200. Can I Hear a "WE" in Here ???????????
  201. What are your worst fears for your weight loss journey?
  202. Why I feel guilty
  203. getting really discouraged here
  204. Just an interesting factoid
  205. How do you plan to 'save you from yourself' this holiday season?
  206. Hrm...what does it mean?
  207. My "I'm gonna LOSE weight over the Holidays"
  208. Groundbreaking weight loss ads!
  209. Sooooooo how many shoe sizes have you lost??
  210. I think I may have pushed myself over the line
  211. Half a pound - but it's precious!
  212. Getting out of the 2 teens and into Onderland
  213. Normal BMI...sort of!
  214. Need some suggestions
  215. Where is CFmama?
  216. Good day :)
  217. Scale Woes--warning long!
  218. Ruby (the show) and food addiction quote
  219. I ran!
  220. Weight loss as a side effect, is this what you guys mean!?
  221. Qdoba made healthy and the 'full' and 'hungry' signals=milestone!
  222. I twisted my knee.. if I can't do WATP tomarrow...
  223. Stir fry soup!
  224. 87lbs down -photo!
  225. I Got Spanked on the Highway
  226. Ugly head space
  227. GOAL!!! Well, Not Exactly
  228. NSV- Hit my 5% goal today and then some
  229. It's sabotage i tell you!
  230. Feeling like a spiral
  231. NSV's, celebrate here!
  232. Keeping my mind off of food
  233. new & have some questions
  234. Weird conversation yesterday. What would you have done?
  235. Had to post Im excited
  236. Losing weight and calorie requirements changing
  237. Anyone have a good homemade salad dressing?
  238. Night sweats AFTER weight loss?
  239. See you, 150s
  240. Goodbye 190's
  241. Change of address
  242. What is support to me? My pledge.
  243. Loss Patterns and Feeling The Loss
  244. Get ready for Winter - Stews and Soup
  245. Xbox Kinect, weight loss, pain management...
  246. Cellulite
  247. Relighting the Fire
  248. The Most Important Thing (novel length!)
  249. I keep losing the same 3 pounds!!!
  250. My journey with a Tummy Tuck