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  1. Want to do this....again.
  2. New Here & Very Excited!!
  3. To Bugg or not to Bugg
  4. NSV - Putting away the Christmas decorations
  5. Weekly Weight loss - 1/10-1/16
  6. Does anyone else feel like the weight makes them Not who they REALLY are?
  7. Lifetime weight loss total
  8. Finally got myself a present :)
  9. Great exercises that work for you?
  10. I've been bad....
  11. Losing weight and bra size, help?
  12. Drum roll please! *2010 weight loss challenge results*
  13. 1.3lbs in 9 days - please push me!
  14. Vitamin A Question...
  15. Do any of you blog about your journey?
  16. Jeans!
  17. Learning to eat "just one"...
  18. Snowboarding!
  19. Sweeteners
  20. Too lazy to peel an orange? Really??
  21. First proper 'good' day this year!
  22. What is your favourite healthy breakfast
  23. who does ir doesnt like the attention you get from losing weight?
  24. NSV I can fit in my size 22 Jeans!
  25. Does skin get flabby before tightening back up?
  26. Random thoughts and complaining :)
  27. Post your 'Healthy Living" apps here! (preferably, cheap to free!)
  28. more of the "lets pick something healthy" game
  29. Support Group Advice
  30. Part 2- getting out of the 230's and 220's!!!!!
  31. For those of you who experience weight bouncing: Plz remain calm!
  32. LOL - The Chocoloate Diet
  33. Starting over....feeling feverish!
  34. My first exercise day of 2011 and an awesome xmas gift!
  35. A major thank you to kaplods...and a little note to any newbies~
  36. Proud of myself!
  37. Getting out of the 250's........ 2011!!
  38. Sooo... how you doing with 2011?
  39. Im actually afraid . . .
  40. Celebration! :)
  41. Scale Question Please
  42. Psychology etc. can be stupid
  43. Trying on trip clothes - switch tripped?
  44. Back
  45. Nsv! Finally!
  46. Hitting a psychological roadblock. Just need pearls of wisdom!!!
  47. This WILL be my year.
  48. Scale woes
  49. Going to be on a weight loss panel tonight
  50. I am having trouble forgiving myself for overeating and gaining last month.
  51. Mind if I join you?
  52. Awesome CANADIAN show!
  53. Hypnosis
  54. so far so.... good[ish]
  55. January: One reason you will stay on your plan today
  56. Seven Answers: what are yours?
  57. Im Here and ready!
  58. 1 Year anniversary...still going!
  59. Still stuck
  60. Slightly strange clothes related question
  61. I need to get organized!
  62. Enlighten me all you Gym Divas and Dudes
  63. Well, that was fun.....NOT
  64. Newbie... 100lb to lose
  65. Have you heard of this woman trying to gain weight?
  66. Reset my ticker for the new year....
  67. Back...Again
  68. 2nd mini goal met
  69. Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff - Month of January 2011
  70. So far, so good
  71. Hey y'all!! I'm back!
  72. when healthy options go bad...
  73. Currently weigh 270....confused about number of calories to eat!
  74. Ugh
  75. I drove away from the drive thru
  76. OMG - talk about hissy fit !!
  77. Back to ..........
  78. Red Dress Update: do you see a difference?
  79. I don't have any water this morning!
  80. January Weekly Weigh-In
  81. An attitude of gratitude - January 2011
  82. Happy New Year!!!
  83. Well, that was an eye opener~!!
  84. Daily weighing in the New Year! Part 1
  85. JANUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  86. Confused...
  87. NSV - clothing
  88. My weekly accountability thread... from starting weight to goal!
  89. Biggest Factor In Dieting
  90. Exercise equipment...
  91. From smugness to regret
  92. If you have trouble remembering water, check this out:
  93. Bah, popular season at gym has already started
  94. confession: doctor phobia
  95. There's going to be a little goddess....
  96. Remember the Family Guy episode (TTMMII!)
  97. Weird how fast it happens...
  98. 2 yr old exercising with me . . .
  99. Ugh! What is wrong with me?
  100. Matt you showed up on my Facebook news feed!!
  101. Cold & Flu Season and affects on weight loss?
  102. we got a new scale!
  103. newbie needing help deciding
  104. Did you start off with a New Year's Resolution?
  105. Whitesnake and take 2
  106. It wasn't what I thought it would be...
  107. ROLL CALL!: Was anyone able to maintain or lose over xmas week?
  108. Tryin to get my head back in the game
  109. January 7th deadline for the 2010 weight loss challenge!
  110. ***2011 Weight Loss Challenge***
  111. 100 lbs in Costa Rica
  112. Loseit! App for the iPhone
  113. My Year 2010 in Review.
  114. Losing Weight in 2011!
  115. 5k on Christmas Day
  116. A Summer challange only 6 months to June
  117. Some advice on starting shift work and healthy eating
  118. Egg-cellence! A Happy Easter Challenge!
  119. Re-set my ticker
  120. Feeling full all the time....
  121. NSV: office baking & chocolate insanity
  122. Fat legs!
  123. Food Addiction study, SO INTERESTING!
  124. Do you believe this/is it true for U?
  125. Christmas Day Plan?
  126. Just taking a bit of a break
  127. Who else has wii fit and how accurate do you think it is
  128. Bounce wrangling
  129. Winter Jacket NSV!
  130. Stomach issues...probably TMI
  131. Old and Current Measurements
  132. NSV - blood labs, 5K
  133. Baaahhhck
  134. This is a Calorie In/Out question
  135. Nsv
  136. 15th of the month - was a little late this time!
  137. New measurements
  138. I actually think I see a little difference...
  139. A NSV- running in 35 degrees, rain, dark, slugs...
  140. Blood Pressure - NSV
  141. Staying positive, no matter what!
  142. Obesity May Interfere With Vitamin D Absorption
  143. I'm cold!
  144. Not doing it alone
  145. How to count calories?!
  146. Local Biggest Loser Competitions
  147. Does your ID match your true weight?
  148. Early Christmas present! (nearly)
  149. Feel like a failure...
  150. I'm having a love affair with a salad
  151. Can't eat with adrenaline revved up
  152. Are YOU The Next Biggest Loser?
  153. The one thing I hate about shopping at Trader Joes...
  154. Having a hard time with the holiday treats this morning.
  155. Ugggg.... I can't wait for New Years!
  156. Celebrate your accomplishments - report your NSVs here!!
  157. Gluten Intolerance (finding out the hard way!)
  158. My 22's FIT!
  159. Cleaning out my closet today :)
  160. Goal weight!
  161. So apparently I haven't lost any weight!
  162. I've stalled
  163. Had a rough week....
  164. 100lbs in 8 months!
  165. Eh...
  166. How do you handle Movie Theater?
  167. 100 to lose + 365 miles in 365 days = Challenge
  168. Exercise break followed by calorie cycling
  169. Off track, cry and scream!
  170. Who is hanging in there?
  171. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Merry Scalemas! Dec daily weigh in thread! Part 2
  172. Struggling - Need Advice Or A Kick
  173. Almost out of onderland- trying to revamp my wardrobe
  174. 10 Week Results
  175. A&E's "Heavy"
  176. This stinks
  177. Potatoes???
  178. Your True Weight
  179. RESTART. Shame
  180. Went clothes shopping for the first time on my weight loss journey
  181. Doctor's appointment NSV - sorta kinda maybe? :D
  182. Getting started again.
  183. Sleeping and feeling heavy
  184. I'm Back to 25 LBS Lost!
  185. pre holiday depression has kicked in
  186. My first hyper-cold reaction!
  187. What is your positive for today?
  188. The snow/cold is killing my diet!
  189. New member dollieanna
  190. went off phenergen
  191. Today is my 5 month anniversary!!!!
  192. Making Choices That'll Last Ya & Changes That'll Fix Ya! - Join Me!
  193. And THIS is why we are fat. HAHA
  194. half-as$ed effort
  195. Heartburn drinking water - any one else?
  196. Not the way to lose three pounds
  197. Bloated up like a balloon
  198. Lost Robin?
  199. can't get full
  200. Happy Birthday Sandi!!
  201. Back at square one.... SO frustrating!!!
  202. OT: Be very jealous... ;)
  203. went to a trial ww meeting today...
  204. A hard won half pound :)
  205. Does anyone know why the 50lbs by new years challange thread is closed?
  206. Here We Go Again
  207. Pain and exercise/activity
  208. Life and everything like it- rant/whine LONG!
  209. What the nutritionist said....
  210. Awful newly skinny picture
  211. Scale discrepancies... Can I celebrate?
  212. A little embarrassing....
  213. Panty hose!
  214. Writing a letter to your former self.
  215. Shouldn't I be losing more?
  216. taking it slowly this time
  217. NSV.. while driving
  218. NSV with clothes... finally!
  219. Writting a letter you your future self?
  220. Look! No haircut!
  221. uplifting moment
  222. Kind of bummed I didn't measure or weigh myself...
  223. When you do what people ask and then they get mad.
  224. challenging week
  225. crazy fad diet
  226. taking a maintenance month . . . . thoughts?
  227. Nsv!
  228. DixC Chix WINS November Points challenge!!!
  229. Ways to destress...come destress with me
  230. If I cut my hair, I'd be overweight!
  231. I Am On Track And It Feels Goood!
  232. Unusual NSV
  233. New then and now pics
  234. Pics of 100+ pounds lost
  235. Uber fesses up!
  236. vanity sizingon the talk
  237. Weird body image experience at the gym
  238. How does one shop thrift stores?
  239. Bye-bye 50 pounds - officially
  240. both disabled & on food stamps
  241. Do you?
  242. What the heck?
  243. What are the first things you noticed as you started eating healthy and losing weight
  244. Absolutely horrific things you used to do...
  245. NSV: Conscious Eating
  246. Size Confusion
  247. 50 pounds lost, finally!
  248. Hit a wall
  249. I wish I could get that excited about frozen water
  250. The EVIL company Christmas party just happened.