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  1. Why am I GAINING weight.... please... anybody....
  2. Does anyone weigh weekly?
  3. Changing Gears
  4. Dogged by the black dog!
  5. new pt's on heavy
  6. *rolls eyes & sneezes*
  7. According to Iphone App, I'm no longer "OBESE"
  8. stalling already???
  9. They Didn't Even Recognize Me
  10. I'm a "success story of the week" :D
  11. Dear impatient, self-loathing, self-pitying prick
  12. I have not quit again...
  13. I survived the last couple of days
  14. Re-evaluating my goal weight
  15. Thoughts about gatherings and food
  16. What are you going to say when the time comes for you to share your goal story?
  17. I would really appreciate some advice about my stall
  18. Gulp - what now then ?
  19. Normal weight plus dresses for the wedding pics
  20. Stomach Fat Question (Lower and Upper Ab)
  21. The looooooong haul
  22. A nice sunny day for *2* NSVs!!
  23. I'm scared and don't know if it's okay to ask for help
  24. NSV: I'm sure this sounds silly
  25. Recommitting: I can do this
  26. dgramie WINS the JANUARY Points Challenge!!!
  27. Seems like a lot of us are having a hard time...
  28. Was the january points challenge every tallied?
  29. Shopping for clothes is not my favorite thing to do.
  30. Countdown to onederland!
  31. Am I ever going to not be a ticking time bomb!!!
  32. I know I'm a bad member...
  33. *sigh* feeling very discouraged
  34. My 6 weeks diet journey
  35. My 6 weeks diet journey
  36. Falling in Love With Your Scale in February, Daily Weighing Thread pt2!
  37. I've been messing up...
  38. Needing some love...dreading this wedding
  39. New here
  40. Almost out of the 280's
  41. Ribcage
  42. NSV: OMG, Lab Results!
  43. Are you happy now?
  44. 2 Post
  45. Water's Stupid :P
  46. Pics with the child I have "lost"
  47. When you first started.. did you exercise?
  48. Cooking for the Family
  49. How to deal with Sabatour's ...
  50. ughs and happys
  51. Exercise ?
  52. Day #5 Trip Report
  53. Its time to play...suggest an order from this restaurant!
  54. Informal "normal" poll
  55. Rip
  56. Evil Pretzels
  57. Frustrated
  58. Lyn2007 - Wouldn't It Be Nice...
  59. Shopping at home!
  60. Do you ever look at older posts...
  61. Re-Introducing myself and getting back on that wagon.
  62. NO WAY!!!! Have I seriously lost that much?!!
  63. Day 4 Trip report
  64. Are you a weight loss blogger or do you read weight loss blogs?
  65. Just starting out
  66. Super Strict to get to Goal
  67. NSV: work uniform fits!
  68. I need a kick in the pants.
  69. Really saving $$
  70. Scale question
  71. Just how far back does it go for you?
  72. New clothes this week
  73. She's here! And she came with a super bonus!
  74. Dating, dinner and self image (help!)
  75. My first really fabulous shopping trip!
  76. I'm in Onederland!
  77. At A Loss
  78. I just wanted to share my bit of happiness...
  79. When did your "back fat" go???
  80. Feb. NSV
  81. I want to be DONE WITH THIS already!!!
  82. Little bit gutted after being compared
  83. desperately seeking encouragement...
  84. OK. Now I need help, please.
  85. 100 pounds gone!
  86. Hubby and Blood Pressure...(little OT sorry!)
  87. I've come to the conclusion that I'm too hard
  88. A month in - my weight loss
  89. Plateau Tantrum
  90. Why it doesn't show
  91. Weight for those who do and do not binge?
  92. Let me officially jump on the band wagon
  93. Bye-Bye 205's
  94. Weird, kind of embarrassing, question
  95. Best-worst NSV
  96. Great way to exercise if you have hip probs?
  97. Day 3 Trip report
  98. Finally figured out how to get in my water...
  99. February: One reason you will stay on your plan today
  100. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, stuff - Month of February, 2011
  101. An attitude of gratitude - Month of February, 2011
  102. Moving out of the 260s!
  103. Falling in Love With Your Scale in February, Daily Weighing Thread
  104. FEBRUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  105. It could have been worse!
  106. Didn't do so great today :(
  107. Does this mean I'm back on track?
  108. Your favorite tips
  109. Ayone try any of the under 550 calorie meals at Applebees?
  110. I'm sure you've heard the famous 5% stastisic:
  111. is a year too much to ask?
  112. Looking for sympathy, I admit it
  113. NSV Flying!
  114. Too sick to exercise!
  115. Anyone getting out of the 290's ?
  116. stupid scales
  117. 15 years plus!
  118. I made a dr. appointment!
  119. Ugh.. annoyed
  120. I Want To Lose Weight Because...
  121. Teeny, tiny post-vac update
  122. When does it get to be an obsession?
  123. How To Accurately Figure Out Your Frame Size?
  124. Carrie Fisher put it out there...
  125. Fast Food problem...
  126. Funny weight loss annoyances
  127. Life...
  128. My Virtual Model
  129. That was scary!
  130. New here.... Need support and here to support
  131. Opinions needed on the home strecth to Goal
  132. So Far, So Good!
  133. Spring please?
  134. I just feel like a BLOB
  135. Back Again
  136. You have a pretty face....
  137. Healthier Buffalo Chicken
  138. Time for another "What Strange Object Have You Lost?" thread
  139. Guess Your Weight
  140. Couldn't find jeans to fit
  141. The warm fuzzy glow of a goal reached 3+ weeks early!
  142. Swimming NSV!
  143. Deja-vu NSV
  144. What did you do today?
  145. UGh..........why can't I get this going?
  146. Have you ever thrown it away?
  147. I have been thinking of a plan - need input
  148. <--- Hey. look at that!
  149. Nsv
  150. Indian Buffet tomorrow...
  151. having issues at a football party
  152. OMG my first NSV
  153. My very own NSV!
  154. A few questions about food/beverage
  155. NSV: I'm an inspiration
  156. Lose a 100 lbs by Dec 31st, 2015
  157. regarding challenges
  158. 6.6lb lost so far!
  159. NSV: 3 servings, not 1 serving. (Long Post)
  160. Reevaluating My Plan and Goals
  161. NSV: "Mommy, You are getting SO strong!"
  162. Only 7 lbs from my lowest weight in 6 years
  163. Daily weighing in the New Year! Part 2
  164. Onederland!!
  165. My first NSV
  166. Best Shopping Trip Ever!!
  167. Inside Out Weight Loss
  168. I finally joined WW :)
  169. How to tackle exercise embarrassment?
  170. C25k
  171. Blaaaaah...I have 143lbs to loose still
  172. Made me feel so good about myself
  173. Maybe Gallbladder? (TMI)
  174. If you're dying for cake...
  175. Hey Everyone! I'm new to this support group and looking for freinds
  176. What was I waiting for, an engraved invitation?
  177. Office Weight Loss Challenge (Feel Free to Join in)
  178. Birth control and weight loss
  179. Smoothie Ideas needed (for kids too)
  180. So my Mother says . ..
  181. Get me out of the 270's
  182. Questions for those who have lost 50-100lbs
  183. Help Please....
  184. What?? Bacteria make you fat?!?
  185. Weighing myself on the wii yesterday was not good
  186. Change of strategy
  187. So... first week back on plan
  188. 3 months On Plan!
  189. HaHa Oh My Stars!
  190. Biggest Loser BS! *Spoiler Alert!*
  191. Stupid FLU!
  192. Selective Purging
  193. Your Children's Weight
  194. Is losing 100lbs in a year realistic?
  195. Why the scale means NOTHING.
  196. Lori featured on Yahoo news
  197. Off on my travels!
  198. Will I ever be happy with me weight?
  199. My NSV
  200. WHOA! NSV's AHEAD!
  201. What's the meanest thing someone said to you because of your weight?
  202. Is Weighing In Every Day Good??
  203. Can I do P90X at this weight? Has anyone tried it?
  204. just starting out
  205. In the 2teens...anyone??
  206. A & E's Heavy
  207. My mother in law posted pictures on FB from 80 lbs ago!
  208. A gift for my vegan fat chicks!
  209. My first 30 pound progress pics
  210. My best advice would be....
  211. I'm back, and Married (PIP) but much bigger :/
  212. What was your turning point?
  213. 15th of the month is photo time!
  214. Aaargh!!! 234, I hate you!!
  215. Treadmill
  216. This dress for a 36 year old?
  217. Progress Pic DL pictures
  218. Dirt and blooms
  219. I want to be a nutritionist. Advice?
  220. I Wasn't Recognized
  221. Ski-ing -from size 22 to size 12
  222. 100lbs to go - oy
  223. ONE habit to change
  224. So Close!!!!
  225. I hit my first 50 pounds lost in 4 months
  226. Getting Out Of The 280's
  227. What Were/Are Your Excuses?
  228. Re-introducing myself...
  229. afraid of loose skin
  230. Never reached goal...
  231. Just the motivation I need
  232. 100 Lbs to Go.
  233. must keep "swimming".....
  234. dieting and insomnia?
  235. Haven't gotten it into gear this year...
  236. The "Girls" seem to be restless
  237. Frustration and Improvement
  238. what a bummer!!
  239. Hey everyone Im new here
  240. Snowed in in Georgia with too many carbs!
  241. dgramie AND lottie63 WIN the December Points Challenge!
  242. Getting OUT of the 240's ...2011
  243. Weighed myself today...
  244. Um..Where is Onderland?
  245. I'm expecting blood test results today...
  246. My Epiphany
  247. I lost 40 lbs overnight! Learn my secret....
  248. reading material
  249. Just realized this group is for me!!!
  250. A moment of self-reflection derived from.... porn??