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  1. Day 3 Trip report
  2. Finally figured out how to get in my water...
  3. February: One reason you will stay on your plan today
  4. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, stuff - Month of February, 2011
  5. An attitude of gratitude - Month of February, 2011
  6. Moving out of the 260s!
  7. Falling in Love With Your Scale in February, Daily Weighing Thread
  8. FEBRUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  9. It could have been worse!
  10. Didn't do so great today :(
  11. Does this mean I'm back on track?
  12. Your favorite tips
  13. Ayone try any of the under 550 calorie meals at Applebees?
  14. I'm sure you've heard the famous 5% stastisic:
  15. is a year too much to ask?
  16. Looking for sympathy, I admit it
  17. NSV Flying!
  18. Too sick to exercise!
  19. Anyone getting out of the 290's ?
  20. stupid scales
  21. 15 years plus!
  22. I made a dr. appointment!
  23. Ugh.. annoyed
  24. I Want To Lose Weight Because...
  25. Teeny, tiny post-vac update
  26. When does it get to be an obsession?
  27. How To Accurately Figure Out Your Frame Size?
  28. Carrie Fisher put it out there...
  29. Fast Food problem...
  30. Funny weight loss annoyances
  31. Life...
  32. My Virtual Model
  33. That was scary!
  34. New here.... Need support and here to support
  35. Opinions needed on the home strecth to Goal
  36. So Far, So Good!
  37. Spring please?
  38. I just feel like a BLOB
  39. Back Again
  40. You have a pretty face....
  41. Healthier Buffalo Chicken
  42. Time for another "What Strange Object Have You Lost?" thread
  43. Guess Your Weight
  44. Couldn't find jeans to fit
  45. The warm fuzzy glow of a goal reached 3+ weeks early!
  46. Swimming NSV!
  47. Deja-vu NSV
  48. What did you do today?
  49. UGh..........why can't I get this going?
  50. Have you ever thrown it away?
  51. I have been thinking of a plan - need input
  52. <--- Hey. look at that!
  53. Nsv
  54. Indian Buffet tomorrow...
  55. having issues at a football party
  56. OMG my first NSV
  57. My very own NSV!
  58. A few questions about food/beverage
  59. NSV: I'm an inspiration
  60. Current 100 lb challenges
  61. regarding challenges
  62. 6.6lb lost so far!
  63. NSV: 3 servings, not 1 serving. (Long Post)
  64. Reevaluating My Plan and Goals
  65. NSV: "Mommy, You are getting SO strong!"
  66. Only 7 lbs from my lowest weight in 6 years
  67. Daily weighing in the New Year! Part 2
  68. Onederland!!
  69. My first NSV
  70. Best Shopping Trip Ever!!
  71. Inside Out Weight Loss
  72. I finally joined WW :)
  73. How to tackle exercise embarrassment?
  74. C25k
  75. Blaaaaah...I have 143lbs to loose still
  76. Made me feel so good about myself
  77. Maybe Gallbladder? (TMI)
  78. If you're dying for cake...
  79. Hey Everyone! I'm new to this support group and looking for freinds
  80. What was I waiting for, an engraved invitation?
  81. Office Weight Loss Challenge (Feel Free to Join in)
  82. Birth control and weight loss
  83. Smoothie Ideas needed (for kids too)
  84. So my Mother says . ..
  85. Get me out of the 270's
  86. Questions for those who have lost 50-100lbs
  87. Help Please....
  88. What?? Bacteria make you fat?!?
  89. Weighing myself on the wii yesterday was not good
  90. Change of strategy
  91. So... first week back on plan
  92. 3 months On Plan!
  93. HaHa Oh My Stars!
  94. Biggest Loser BS! *Spoiler Alert!*
  95. Stupid FLU!
  96. Selective Purging
  97. Your Children's Weight
  98. Is losing 100lbs in a year realistic?
  99. Why the scale means NOTHING.
  100. Lori featured on Yahoo news
  101. Off on my travels!
  102. Will I ever be happy with me weight?
  103. My NSV
  104. WHOA! NSV's AHEAD!
  105. What's the meanest thing someone said to you because of your weight?
  106. Is Weighing In Every Day Good??
  107. Can I do P90X at this weight? Has anyone tried it?
  108. just starting out
  109. In the 2teens...anyone??
  110. A & E's Heavy
  111. My mother in law posted pictures on FB from 80 lbs ago!
  112. A gift for my vegan fat chicks!
  113. My first 30 pound progress pics
  114. My best advice would be....
  115. I'm back, and Married (PIP) but much bigger :/
  116. What was your turning point?
  117. 15th of the month is photo time!
  118. Aaargh!!! 234, I hate you!!
  119. Treadmill
  120. This dress for a 36 year old?
  121. Progress Pic DL pictures
  122. Dirt and blooms
  123. I want to be a nutritionist. Advice?
  124. I Wasn't Recognized
  125. Ski-ing -from size 22 to size 12
  126. 100lbs to go - oy
  127. ONE habit to change
  128. So Close!!!!
  129. I hit my first 50 pounds lost in 4 months
  130. Getting Out Of The 280's
  131. What Were/Are Your Excuses?
  132. Re-introducing myself...
  133. afraid of loose skin
  134. Never reached goal...
  135. Just the motivation I need
  136. 100 Lbs to Go.
  137. must keep "swimming".....
  138. dieting and insomnia?
  139. Haven't gotten it into gear this year...
  140. The "Girls" seem to be restless
  141. Frustration and Improvement
  142. what a bummer!!
  143. Hey everyone Im new here
  144. Snowed in in Georgia with too many carbs!
  145. dgramie AND lottie63 WIN the December Points Challenge!
  146. Getting OUT of the 240's ...2011
  147. Weighed myself today...
  148. Um..Where is Onderland?
  149. I'm expecting blood test results today...
  150. My Epiphany
  151. I lost 40 lbs overnight! Learn my secret....
  152. reading material
  153. Just realized this group is for me!!!
  154. A moment of self-reflection derived from.... porn??
  155. Want to do this....again.
  156. New Here & Very Excited!!
  157. To Bugg or not to Bugg
  158. NSV - Putting away the Christmas decorations
  159. Weekly Weight loss - 1/10-1/16
  160. Does anyone else feel like the weight makes them Not who they REALLY are?
  161. Lifetime weight loss total
  162. Finally got myself a present :)
  163. Great exercises that work for you?
  164. I've been bad....
  165. Losing weight and bra size, help?
  166. Drum roll please! *2010 weight loss challenge results*
  167. 1.3lbs in 9 days - please push me!
  168. Vitamin A Question...
  169. Do any of you blog about your journey?
  170. Jeans!
  171. Learning to eat "just one"...
  172. Snowboarding!
  173. Sweeteners
  174. Too lazy to peel an orange? Really??
  175. First proper 'good' day this year!
  176. What is your favourite healthy breakfast
  177. who does ir doesnt like the attention you get from losing weight?
  178. NSV I can fit in my size 22 Jeans!
  179. Does skin get flabby before tightening back up?
  180. Random thoughts and complaining :)
  181. Post your 'Healthy Living" apps here! (preferably, cheap to free!)
  182. more of the "lets pick something healthy" game
  183. Support Group Advice
  184. Part 2- getting out of the 230's and 220's!!!!!
  185. For those of you who experience weight bouncing: Plz remain calm!
  186. LOL - The Chocoloate Diet
  187. Starting over....feeling feverish!
  188. My first exercise day of 2011 and an awesome xmas gift!
  189. A major thank you to kaplods...and a little note to any newbies~
  190. Proud of myself!
  191. Getting out of the 250's........ 2011!!
  192. Sooo... how you doing with 2011?
  193. Im actually afraid . . .
  194. Celebration! :)
  195. Scale Question Please
  196. Psychology etc. can be stupid
  197. Trying on trip clothes - switch tripped?
  198. Back
  199. Nsv! Finally!
  200. Hitting a psychological roadblock. Just need pearls of wisdom!!!
  201. This WILL be my year.
  202. Scale woes
  203. Going to be on a weight loss panel tonight
  204. I am having trouble forgiving myself for overeating and gaining last month.
  205. Mind if I join you?
  206. Awesome CANADIAN show!
  207. Hypnosis
  208. so far so.... good[ish]
  209. January: One reason you will stay on your plan today
  210. Seven Answers: what are yours?
  211. Im Here and ready!
  212. 1 Year anniversary...still going!
  213. Still stuck
  214. Slightly strange clothes related question
  215. I need to get organized!
  216. Enlighten me all you Gym Divas and Dudes
  217. Well, that was fun.....NOT
  218. Newbie... 100lb to lose
  219. Have you heard of this woman trying to gain weight?
  220. Reset my ticker for the new year....
  221. Back...Again
  222. 2nd mini goal met
  223. Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff - Month of January 2011
  224. So far, so good
  225. Hey y'all!! I'm back!
  226. when healthy options go bad...
  227. Currently weigh 270....confused about number of calories to eat!
  228. Ugh
  229. I drove away from the drive thru
  230. OMG - talk about hissy fit !!
  231. Back to ..........
  232. Red Dress Update: do you see a difference?
  233. I don't have any water this morning!
  234. January Weekly Weigh-In
  235. An attitude of gratitude - January 2011
  236. Happy New Year!!!
  237. Well, that was an eye opener~!!
  238. Daily weighing in the New Year! Part 1
  239. JANUARY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  240. Confused...
  241. NSV - clothing
  242. My weekly accountability thread... from starting weight to goal!
  243. Biggest Factor In Dieting
  244. Exercise equipment...
  245. From smugness to regret
  246. If you have trouble remembering water, check this out:
  247. Bah, popular season at gym has already started
  248. confession: doctor phobia
  249. There's going to be a little goddess....
  250. Remember the Family Guy episode (TTMMII!)