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  1. APRIL Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  2. No Fooling the Scale in April - Daily Weighing Thread pt1
  3. Speaking of dating guys 250+ overweight...(heavy)
  4. What I wanted VS. What I ate
  5. My Life Right Now
  6. Losing The "Baby" Weight
  7. The concept of 'progress, not perfection' inspired this:
  8. Mean things people say *venting about family*
  9. REALLY OT: Movie "Hereafter" * SPOILER
  10. Walking, for more than burning calories.
  11. Battle of the Plans
  12. no exercise tonight :(
  13. Need support not weight loss related
  14. Spinach at Subway?
  15. Kids & Healthy Body Image
  16. Hopefully I'll learn from this
  17. Ma'am, I think you'd prefer the fried chicken
  18. Best Gym Routine?
  19. Replacing your least favorite body part
  20. "HEAVY" Follow-up Show!
  21. Day #22/46
  22. Anyone have success with a nutritionist?
  23. Mini Goal suggestions
  24. Rough Morning, sure to be rough week
  25. Trying to get to ONEderland!
  26. Ive been in a funk and have been slacking
  27. Bye Bye Obesity!
  28. Non scale victories - let's celebrate
  29. My Brush with Biggest Loser Season 11 *Spoiler*
  30. Braces
  31. Security Clothes
  32. Ugh! Frustrated with doctor (TMI warning - and long)
  33. All this training and weight loss made today possible!
  34. I just RAN for .5 miles!!
  35. Rough day :(
  36. Sizes and stats
  37. so depressing!
  38. I think my "hunger center" is broken.
  39. Can Someone Help Me With Calories I Need?
  40. Stretch marks getting worse as I lose weight
  41. I don't like sweets...BUT..........
  42. Stupid Cold!
  43. Day #17/46
  44. 252.5
  45. No Uber, you do NOT weigh 300 lbs.
  46. How are you getting enough Fiber?
  47. How long to get a weight ticker?
  48. I was gone, but now I'm back!
  49. Frustrated
  50. Farrell's / Boot Camp - anyone ever done these, and if yes what was your experience?
  51. Nike training App for Ipod/Iphone
  52. The old "People treat me different" topic
  53. Dilema with fight classes
  54. Rambling/Update of sorts (kinda long)
  55. Had to change my starting weight. Not doing that again.
  56. How did your weight gain happen?
  57. Heart Palps???
  58. Is the gym an awesome food deterrent for anyone else?
  59. Day #13/46
  60. Not taking that bite
  61. The Good and the Bad
  62. Complaining about thoughtless husband/brother-in-law
  63. If you're near a closing Borders bookstore!
  64. A year ago, I couldn't...
  65. Day #11/46
  66. Any suggestions for quick, FILLING breakfasts?
  67. Crazy scale results from weight lifting
  68. How do I prepare Tilapia without oil or butter
  69. Ever feel like "I've done so good I should be 30 #s lighter?"
  70. Altered Workout and Now No Change on Scale
  71. Day #10/46
  72. Overwhelmed By the Idea of Planning
  73. Score! (NSV and great deals)
  74. 15th of the month is photo time!
  75. NSV !!!! (new capris, with pic!)
  76. Day #9/46
  77. Miata?
  78. Protein Powders and all the CHOICES??
  79. NSVs
  80. To Give it My All or Just Give Up?
  81. Day #8/46
  82. Frustrated!
  83. OT: The Bachelor!
  84. Back Again
  85. What was your hardest weight to break through?
  86. Day #7/46
  87. How often do you weigh yourself and why?
  88. Get me out of the 260's
  89. Extreme Make-over: Weight Loss Edition
  90. The numbers take a while to sink in.
  91. What a weekend...
  92. Help me figure out how to stop retaining water during TOM (ladies only please)
  93. What's wrong with me?
  94. Day #6/46
  95. March-ing to a new beat - Daily Weigh in Thread part 2
  96. Day #5/46
  97. Starting with a set-back...
  98. One of those days...
  99. Small Victories
  100. Just the beginning!
  101. Anyone know if the onederland express thread is still up?
  102. Day #4/46
  103. Help on Calories and Fiber
  104. Day #3/46
  105. It feels good to be back!!!!
  106. Thoughts.....
  107. Perspective
  108. For those who made it to goal, a question...
  109. Blessing in disguise?
  110. In praise of QUINOA
  111. Day #2/46
  112. I noticed something exciting today
  113. Sheep!
  114. Could I be afraid of reaching goal???
  115. FitGirlyGirl WINS February Points Challenge!!
  116. Day #1/46
  117. I actually LIKE bras now!!
  118. 40 Lbs Down 90 More to Go.
  119. Pic from wedding
  120. Question about weighing
  121. Arg.. having a kid is hard LOL
  122. Uber in Trouble
  123. What do you do to keep your mind off food?
  124. Flailing...
  125. Do People Really LOOK at each other.....
  126. Realization
  127. March: One reason you will stay on your plan today
  128. A weird victory...
  129. What is WRONG?
  130. Is there a short circuit?
  131. My Lane Bryant splurge
  132. 40% off lane bryant
  133. Last 25lbs - lets get it off !
  134. How do I make it right?
  135. why wont my butt fit?
  136. For real this time? YES!
  137. Jerk criticizing my body
  138. I've named the day!
  139. Any of you include protein powder in your weight loss menu.
  140. No more potential...weird headspace
  141. Pre-baby weight! Woo hoo!
  142. Just checking in, not doing so hot
  143. Oh my stars, ONEDERLAND!
  144. Realistic time-frame for 38lbs?
  145. 10 months later... what a difference!
  146. I'm doing it, losing weight that is
  147. Can't Seem To Get Started
  148. Accountability, menu, exercise, plans, stuff--Month of March 2011
  149. Where are you losing the weight?
  150. Room for one more??
  151. Bust, waist and hips
  152. An attitude of gratitude... Month of March
  153. Eating like Charlie Sheen
  154. Heavy
  155. March-ing to a new beat - Daily Weigh in Thread part 1
  156. Clothing sizes after losing 155 lbs aka is this normal?!?
  157. What would you wear?
  158. Eating in secret
  159. I shouldn't care what people think, right?
  160. NSV -- tmi? But...anyone else notice?
  161. MARCH Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  162. Read it...Really!!
  163. NSV - New clothes!
  164. victory dance ... ?
  165. Something I realized last night....
  166. Met my 3rd and final MINI goal now Im off to tackle my MAJOR goals (pics included)
  167. Weekend trip to Detroit
  168. Food Scales
  169. Why am I GAINING weight.... please... anybody....
  170. Does anyone weigh weekly?
  171. Changing Gears
  172. Dogged by the black dog!
  173. new pt's on heavy
  174. *rolls eyes & sneezes*
  175. According to Iphone App, I'm no longer "OBESE"
  176. stalling already???
  177. They Didn't Even Recognize Me
  178. I'm a "success story of the week" :D
  179. Dear impatient, self-loathing, self-pitying prick
  180. I have not quit again...
  181. I survived the last couple of days
  182. Re-evaluating my goal weight
  183. Thoughts about gatherings and food
  184. What are you going to say when the time comes for you to share your goal story?
  185. I would really appreciate some advice about my stall
  186. Gulp - what now then ?
  187. Normal weight plus dresses for the wedding pics
  188. Stomach Fat Question (Lower and Upper Ab)
  189. The looooooong haul
  190. A nice sunny day for *2* NSVs!!
  191. I'm scared and don't know if it's okay to ask for help
  192. NSV: I'm sure this sounds silly
  193. Recommitting: I can do this
  194. dgramie WINS the JANUARY Points Challenge!!!
  195. Seems like a lot of us are having a hard time...
  196. Was the january points challenge every tallied?
  197. Shopping for clothes is not my favorite thing to do.
  198. Countdown to onederland!
  199. Am I ever going to not be a ticking time bomb!!!
  200. I know I'm a bad member...
  201. *sigh* feeling very discouraged
  202. My 6 weeks diet journey
  203. My 6 weeks diet journey
  204. Falling in Love With Your Scale in February, Daily Weighing Thread pt2!
  205. I've been messing up...
  206. Needing some love...dreading this wedding
  207. New here
  208. Almost out of the 280's
  209. Ribcage
  210. NSV: OMG, Lab Results!
  211. Are you happy now?
  212. 2 Post
  213. Water's Stupid :P
  214. Pics with the child I have "lost"
  215. When you first started.. did you exercise?
  216. Cooking for the Family
  217. How to deal with Sabatour's ...
  218. ughs and happys
  219. Exercise ?
  220. Day #5 Trip Report
  221. Its time to play...suggest an order from this restaurant!
  222. Informal "normal" poll
  223. Rip
  224. Evil Pretzels
  225. Frustrated
  226. Lyn2007 - Wouldn't It Be Nice...
  227. Shopping at home!
  228. Do you ever look at older posts...
  229. Re-Introducing myself and getting back on that wagon.
  230. NO WAY!!!! Have I seriously lost that much?!!
  231. Day 4 Trip report
  232. Are you a weight loss blogger or do you read weight loss blogs?
  233. Just starting out
  234. Super Strict to get to Goal
  235. NSV: work uniform fits!
  236. I need a kick in the pants.
  237. Really saving $$
  238. Scale question
  239. Just how far back does it go for you?
  240. New clothes this week
  241. She's here! And she came with a super bonus!
  242. Dating, dinner and self image (help!)
  243. My first really fabulous shopping trip!
  244. I'm in Onederland!
  245. At A Loss
  246. I just wanted to share my bit of happiness...
  247. When did your "back fat" go???
  248. Feb. NSV
  249. I want to be DONE WITH THIS already!!!
  250. Little bit gutted after being compared