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  1. I've been here FOREVER!
  2. FitGirlyGirl WINS April Points Challenge!!!
  3. Okay, let's get real: Belly Fat (please help!!!)
  4. There must be one at every gym...
  5. Time to start a 250's thread
  6. Why I'm doing this. A reminder.
  7. A MOM is fantastic, even when it's spelled upside down she is a WOW!
  8. NSV - I'm winning
  9. Ok ladies....thigh fat question
  10. how to conquer over indulging
  11. There are some days I just love children :)
  12. Help with Advice!
  13. NSV...actually non weight loss victory!!
  14. i've been waiting for this day!!
  15. Losing fat, NOT weight
  16. Crystal Light Pure Fitness
  17. should i sign up for a 5k?
  18. What works for the long haul?
  19. need to talk to some one else in the 300s
  20. from obese to overweight!
  21. Chicks - Please Help Me!
  22. i feel so good right now!
  23. Company's Coming online cookie cookbook
  24. 2 months on this journey
  25. MAY One reason you will stay on plan today...
  26. I did it, I did it, I FINALLY did it!
  27. Back again
  28. I walked 20 miles today!
  29. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff.......May 2011
  30. back pain and criss crossing your bra straps
  31. An attitude of gratitude...month of May
  32. MAY Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  33. ilbnej
  34. May the Force of the Scale be with us! Daily weighing pt 1
  35. please help - i can't seem to get control!
  36. Biggest loser cardio max dvd - level 1
  37. Unsweetened Almond Breeze
  38. A Cautionary Tale
  39. Ideal :)
  40. Reflection
  41. So, I got that Mirika sports bra....
  42. I caved - and I don't feel guilty
  43. closthing NSV!
  44. Do you remember when you started?
  45. Book Review: Naturally Thin
  46. I decided to count
  47. Back Knee Fat
  48. 30, 60, 90 day challenge? Anyone intersted?
  49. Only fat chick at the gym?
  50. 290's Club
  51. Overwhelmed
  52. The medical results are in
  53. Whats worked best for you?
  54. Newbie
  55. Lane bryant online sale today! 30% off...I bought...
  56. sports bra question, does anyone own this?
  57. I'm starting a 10 day High Raw challenge.. Wanna Join me?
  58. How Do I Do This??
  59. Question for you....
  60. The Biggest Loser AUSTRALIA
  61. wedding outfit - 135lbs lost, 10 to go !
  62. Long time! & back at step 1
  63. Question: switch from low carb to calorie counting...
  64. online Walking Club?
  65. Getting out of the 170s
  66. Dressing Room Wake Up Call
  67. I joined here March 2008, still within 10 lbs. of my weight back then
  68. Lose 10 pounds by June 1st
  69. Vacation challenge
  70. 58 days - Birthday Challenge
  71. Looking for other 240's to 260's folks, where are you?? Part 2
  72. Harry Potter Weight Loss Challenge
  73. NSVs (that's right, plural!)
  74. 2 years since I decided to take off 100 lbs.
  75. feelin blue? exercise!
  76. What's your plan for Easter?
  77. Learning to LOVE work outs
  78. NSV... yay me!
  79. For the commitment-phobes
  80. NSV -- with pic
  81. What Happened?
  82. To weigh-in, or not to weigh-in?
  83. Onederland! After 30 years in exile!
  84. How much have you lost so far?
  85. Feeling very down after morning weigh in...
  86. What shape are you?!?
  87. Job stress - Help me stay on plan please!
  88. The Arm Aftermath
  89. Anyone up for a big summer push???
  90. TMI - sigmoidoscopy
  91. Getting out of the 170's
  92. What plans are you following?
  93. Introduction
  94. My first bikini!
  95. introduction and happy news!!
  96. C.C cookies, help before I eat them all
  97. One good day
  98. OT: Another stupid show I watch LOL
  99. Getting Out Of The 260's
  100. No Fooling the Scale in April - Daily Weighing Thread pt2
  101. Overlooked NSV :)
  102. International Scale is stuck day!
  103. My Nemesis--- Exercise
  104. It may be time for a new gameplan.
  105. Who is this woman?
  106. Behaviours Influencing Successful Weight Loss
  107. I'm giving away a cookbook on my blog!
  108. Stressed about meeting next week
  109. Feeling overwhelmed...
  110. April - One reason you will stay on plan today...
  111. Several NSVs the Past Few Days
  112. Chat
  113. I'm Surrendering
  114. Comfortably wore pants that didn't fit two weeks ago!
  115. What clothes size where you and what clothes size are you right now?
  116. Kind of a gross, weird question
  117. Pictures ruin my confidence!
  118. NSV - Forever 21
  119. Talk to me....
  120. Newbe! So worried about getting rid of all these pounds.
  121. One year =130lbs lost !
  122. Yay for child and diet proofing -LOL-
  123. For can't eat and _____
  124. Do you consider yourself to be a food addict?
  125. What is McD's thinking?
  126. NSV - zumba clothing
  127. What's for dinner?
  128. Starting again challenge *oops*
  129. Gotta keep trying....
  130. Rocco DiSpirito's Now Eat This
  131. Nsv
  132. TooManyDimples WINS the March Points Challenge
  133. Lost the first 20:)
  134. Sitting on my hands
  135. Fuming!
  136. Halfway there!
  137. how's this for an NSV?
  138. Getting out of the 180's - PART 2
  139. Advice please
  140. In the 260's and Looking for a Buddy
  141. I ate off my plan today and feel like !!!!
  142. proof Im not crazy and that food addiction is real!
  143. Postpartum Obsession--Trialthon!
  144. I don't sweat like that!
  145. What's in your smoothie?
  146. Committing for one month
  147. How do other non-patient people cope?
  148. Mid-Way Blahs Has Anyone Felt This Way Before??
  149. 40 most slimmed down celebs on VH1
  150. even google is trying to derail my progress...
  151. NSV: Socks
  152. I am worth it even when I don't feel like it
  153. Venting: I hate my scale this week!
  154. If anybody is in need of some inspiration :)
  155. Hungry Girl?
  156. Lost weight on vacation!
  157. Proud! - and a little annoyed!
  158. Ear Stapling
  159. Treats you want to give yourself when you make your goal?
  160. What I Don't Do Because I am Fat...
  161. this diet stuff is dangerous.
  162. water retention question
  163. A fun NSV!
  164. Accountability, Plans, Menus, Exercise, Sutff....Month of April 2011
  165. The Backhanded Compliment
  166. An attitude of gratitude - Month of April
  167. New to 3FCs and 100 lb. club
  168. Stupid TOM
  169. New Here - Have 115 pounds to lose
  170. Top of the world (with pics)
  171. APRIL Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  172. No Fooling the Scale in April - Daily Weighing Thread pt1
  173. Speaking of dating guys 250+ overweight...(heavy)
  174. What I wanted VS. What I ate
  175. My Life Right Now
  176. Losing The "Baby" Weight
  177. The concept of 'progress, not perfection' inspired this:
  178. Mean things people say *venting about family*
  179. REALLY OT: Movie "Hereafter" * SPOILER
  180. Walking, for more than burning calories.
  181. Battle of the Plans
  182. no exercise tonight :(
  183. Need support not weight loss related
  184. Spinach at Subway?
  185. Kids & Healthy Body Image
  186. Hopefully I'll learn from this
  187. Ma'am, I think you'd prefer the fried chicken
  188. Best Gym Routine?
  189. Replacing your least favorite body part
  190. "HEAVY" Follow-up Show!
  191. Day #22/46
  192. Anyone have success with a nutritionist?
  193. Mini Goal suggestions
  194. Rough Morning, sure to be rough week
  195. Trying to get to ONEderland!
  196. Ive been in a funk and have been slacking
  197. Bye Bye Obesity!
  198. Non scale victories - let's celebrate
  199. My Brush with Biggest Loser Season 11 *Spoiler*
  200. Braces
  201. Security Clothes
  202. Ugh! Frustrated with doctor (TMI warning - and long)
  203. All this training and weight loss made today possible!
  204. I just RAN for .5 miles!!
  205. Rough day :(
  206. Sizes and stats
  207. so depressing!
  208. I think my "hunger center" is broken.
  209. Can Someone Help Me With Calories I Need?
  210. Stretch marks getting worse as I lose weight
  211. I don't like sweets...BUT..........
  212. Stupid Cold!
  213. Day #17/46
  214. 252.5
  215. No Uber, you do NOT weigh 300 lbs.
  216. How are you getting enough Fiber?
  217. How long to get a weight ticker?
  218. I was gone, but now I'm back!
  219. Frustrated
  220. Farrell's / Boot Camp - anyone ever done these, and if yes what was your experience?
  221. Nike training App for Ipod/Iphone
  222. The old "People treat me different" topic
  223. Dilema with fight classes
  224. Rambling/Update of sorts (kinda long)
  225. Had to change my starting weight. Not doing that again.
  226. How did your weight gain happen?
  227. Heart Palps???
  228. Is the gym an awesome food deterrent for anyone else?
  229. Day #13/46
  230. Not taking that bite
  231. The Good and the Bad
  232. Complaining about thoughtless husband/brother-in-law
  233. If you're near a closing Borders bookstore!
  234. A year ago, I couldn't...
  235. Day #11/46
  236. Any suggestions for quick, FILLING breakfasts?
  237. Crazy scale results from weight lifting
  238. How do I prepare Tilapia without oil or butter
  239. Ever feel like "I've done so good I should be 30 #s lighter?"
  240. Altered Workout and Now No Change on Scale
  241. Day #10/46
  242. Overwhelmed By the Idea of Planning
  243. Score! (NSV and great deals)
  244. 15th of the month is photo time!
  245. NSV !!!! (new capris, with pic!)
  246. Day #9/46
  247. Miata?
  248. Protein Powders and all the CHOICES??
  249. NSVs
  250. To Give it My All or Just Give Up?