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  1. Midnight Snacking
  2. Why I don't talk about my weight loss in public...
  3. Evaluation time
  4. Needing Some Moral Support
  5. FitGirlyGirl WINS AUGUST Points Challenge!!
  6. My son just told me I'm the fattest girl he's ever seen
  7. RANT UPDATE (Awakening)
  8. NSV - treated myself to new undies!
  9. My own worst enemy
  10. Coping with a lack of support
  11. See (Much Less of) You in September! Daily Weighing Thread - Part 2
  12. Weight Loss Rant
  13. Evil Forces
  14. working through changes
  15. Out of the Mouths of Babes
  16. Giving up before I even start?!?
  17. Giving up pop!
  18. Food Addict Research?
  19. New "does anyone belong to other forums" question
  20. Restoring Lost Motivation
  21. NSV: Jeans!
  22. help with goals/ mini goals
  23. Anyone belong to any other forums?
  24. ...annnd I'm back.
  25. What's this about?
  26. Starting again
  27. NSV Facebook Photo
  28. Weighted NSV
  29. NS(jeans)V!
  30. Re-losing the same weight over and over and over...
  31. NSV! Underwires!
  32. Kickboxing?
  33. weight loss, Wii and my son
  34. Are there any challenges going on right now?
  35. Getting out of the 190's??
  36. A huge NSV for me
  37. 11lb loss in first week :D
  38. NSV & Scale Victory ~ I can see it for the first time!
  39. Baby Steps: Just One Week of Greatness
  40. Future NSV reward
  41. Kefir, anyone tried it?
  42. Reward suggestions...
  43. I'm back and recommited to losing the rest of the weight.
  44. Want some cheese with that Whine?
  45. Really Sad
  46. NSV - New jeans
  47. From the air...
  48. Scales
  49. 120 lbs to go
  50. SEPT One reason you will stay on plan today...
  51. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......September 2011
  52. Crash & Burn.
  53. I have just joined :)
  54. An Attitude of Gratitude - Month of September
  56. Losing it too fast?
  57. NSV-- is that me?!?
  58. Changing my "goal weight"
  59. so, I went on a bender yesterday...
  60. Another battle with the monkey
  61. Things I am gonna do different in Sept !
  62. SEPTEMBER Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  63. Fit or thin?
  64. NSV - social event
  65. Me and My little brother..
  66. See (Much Less of) You in September! Daily Weighing Thread - Part 1
  67. You are so petite!
  68. Looking for 100 lb Club/MyFitnessPal Friends
  69. Dr. Oz
  70. Back!
  71. Food jags
  72. dealing with feelings gets easier
  73. Weight loss anxiety
  74. The last place I gained weight
  75. I must be in denial
  76. Major Fitness NSV
  77. Anybody heard from...
  78. Feeling quite zen about things today
  79. Going to try to post pictures - 110 lbs gone... so far :)
  80. Before Pics..
  81. Is a schedule important to you?
  82. 100 pounds gone!
  83. What a wimp!
  84. Did you take before pictures?
  85. such a long road!!!
  86. Carbage Cravings GAH!!!
  87. Do you know what the NICEST THING about being on plan is?
  88. New here... can you guide me?
  89. undiagnosed sleep apnea?
  90. Im Alive .. . .
  91. Weekly Weigh In Thread
  92. Sugar Addiction
  93. Chocolate Cravings
  94. Somewhere between a NSV and a PSA
  95. A little Inspirtation
  96. Yeah, it's a NSV, but it's a hassle too
  97. How the **** did this happen?
  98. I battled the monkey yesterday
  99. ONEderland by the New Year...
  100. Huge Nsv!!
  101. My Silly Brain
  102. angry & resentful (read: sorry for myself)
  103. Newbie!!!
  104. Great Balls of Fire! Back from vacation!
  105. Lots of NSV's here's mine!
  106. My NSV
  107. Some NSVs
  108. I stand here not knowing exactly where to go or what to do
  109. Omega 3 question
  110. 17 Days of Getting Back on Track. Anyone want ot join me?
  111. well there's one way to stay on plan
  112. August Rush Us Into The Next Decade (Daily Weighing Thread - part 2)
  113. Pics of myself from 2002--yikes.
  114. A bit of an NSV...
  115. My first trip out
  116. A Plethora of NSVs
  117. Today vs. Tomorrow
  118. % Body fat...I'm confused!
  119. Losing Weight Faster When Bigger?
  120. Soda Vs Tea
  121. linJber WINS July Points challenge!!
  122. Finally back on 3FC!
  123. help
  124. contentment and re-evaluating goals
  125. Hello friendly friends
  126. Soda Problem..Ugh
  127. 3FC is seriously depressing me
  128. Advice about getting a trainer (so confused)
  129. Proud!
  130. Hi! Can I join you?
  131. My NSV when the scale won't move
  132. My 1 month reward
  133. Hi, I am New
  134. NSV!! (Trying to find that silver lining.)
  135. 22 lbs in 8 months
  136. Been 2 months...Hello!
  137. Just Dance! Oh my!
  138. Jumping back on the bandwagon!
  139. It's been a LOOONNGG time--but I'm BACK!
  140. Getting Out of the 160's
  141. Surprise Saturday exercise
  142. Posture and back fat
  143. Giant, Huge, Amazing NSV
  144. Green smoothies???
  145. My Daily Affirmation
  146. Let me tell you what worked for me!
  147. Officially joining the 100lb club - Military Weight Loss
  148. Falling of the Wagon.
  149. Crystal Light Pure
  150. push-ups NSV
  151. Inspiring Article
  152. What have been your AH-HA moments so far?
  153. Substitue for cream of chicken soup? Ideas? :)
  154. I'm eating McDonalds right now...
  155. What else should I be doing?
  156. I am Back
  157. Wearing my tight jeans is motivational
  158. Getting into a new perception of what is NORMAL for you?
  159. Still on track
  160. Any luck with speeding up your weight loss?
  161. Why is it so hard?
  162. Has anyone seen fat, sick and nearly dead? (documentary)
  163. Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff......August 2011
  164. August: One Reason You Will Stay On Plan Today...
  165. New take on the MyPlate graphic
  166. My blood work
  167. An attitude of gratitude -Month of AUGUST.
  168. NSV -- Warrior Dash!
  169. My 11YO son is concerned about his weight.../
  170. Mini Goal For August
  171. AugustRush Us Into The Next Decade (Daily Weighing Thread - part 1)
  172. Struggling
  173. Can we take one more rant?
  174. Trying to make the best of one of the worst days I can remember...
  175. What's on your play list?
  176. Well crap. I guess that seals the deal....
  177. AUGUST Points challenge! (This has nothing to do with Weight Watchers)
  178. New here, and advice welcome
  179. charlie horse, c25k
  180. I need YOUR opinion!
  181. Got rid of the cupcakes!
  182. What's cookin? (with pics!)
  183. Size? MEDIUM!!!
  184. Dealing with a narcissistic family.......
  185. My pants finally feel looser, and other self gratifications
  186. Getting to the gym!!!
  187. Need a weight lost buddy please
  188. Looking for MyFitnessPal pals
  189. Who is with me?
  190. My mind is all I'm losing this week!
  191. What thinner people may not understand
  192. I started C25K yesterday, now I have a kind of gross question
  193. What do you eat now that you never thought you'd like?
  194. Can PMS cause a stiff back?
  195. Acceptance Pledge:at any size....
  196. red wine...really?
  197. home ALL day... distract me from food!
  198. PART 3-Getting out of the 220s and 230s!
  199. Another hot man, big lady thread...
  200. First week: Down 4
  201. When People Assume.....
  202. Please let me vent!
  203. 2-teens thread?
  204. Do you get rid of fat clothes?
  205. Let's have some fun and Laugh!!
  206. Work out DVDs: Your recommendation please
  207. Low Carb Question
  208. Finding a Way of Eating - Advice?
  209. No more Diets!! " A new way of living"
  210. Here we go...
  211. Fat people don't exercise or they'd be skinny
  212. Ground Flaxseed
  213. Blow out day
  214. I'm Back...
  215. Saying Hello (again) My story
  216. Belly Fat??? Please tell me it does go away!
  217. Why can't I get started?
  218. Down four in two days!
  219. Your Favorite Exercise Regimen!
  220. Not morbid you say?
  221. Horribly tacky person I work with - 2 stories
  222. NSV - Major One For Me
  223. Just an observation....
  224. Scale Don't July To Me - Daily Weighing Thread Part 2
  225. A HUGE milestone! (almost. . .)
  226. Stress of Playing Caretaker due to accident
  227. This is going to be hard.
  228. 1 year...82lbs!!!
  229. Completely fell off the wagon...
  230. Just starting off
  231. "You look f#$%ing AMAZING!"
  232. Realization!
  233. The journey as the reward
  234. Late Night Losers
  235. Ugh. Company is interfering with my Plan.
  236. Is a bypass my only option?
  237. Back Again!
  238. Looking to join here
  239. In defense of fat people wearing tight exercise clothes
  240. Bad, Bad, Knee
  241. Going the wrong direction
  242. Literally half the woman !
  243. Help! Fish scares me!
  244. yay! nsv's!
  245. Nsv
  246. The next three days are going to be HARD!
  247. NSV of sorts
  248. NSV(s) - Goal Clothes
  249. Oh my goodness!
  250. Succeeding...In spite of myself