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  1. Anyone else planning on participating in one of these?
  2. Running Game + C25K alternative
  3. Dancing dvd's
  4. Does this sound feasible? (Need motivation, guidance, advice)
  5. Workout Clothing for Cold Weather
  6. Walking exercise question...
  7. Longer or faster?
  8. swimming in the winter
  9. Sweat it out......or not.
  10. Measuring Your Flexibility
  11. Increased Flexibility After Weight Loss
  12. What are your favourite workout songs?
  13. Exercise and a toddler
  14. Workout Recovery Methods
  15. Chest Pain while Exercising?
  16. Zumba Exhilaration
  17. OCTOBER RUNNING - let's run off those trick or treats!
  18. Turbo Fire????
  19. TABATA anyone?
  20. NSV - Tough Mudder
  21. in the car
  22. Working Out at Home
  23. Exercise NSV!!
  24. What time of day do YOU do it?
  25. Super Short Cardio?
  26. Play Lists
  27. The case for morning workout
  28. First Ever 5k Advice????
  29. Upper arm flab...
  30. Planet Fitness. Thoughts?
  31. The 21 Most Incredible Themed Races
  32. Insanity Anyone?
  33. Running shoes for a big gal.
  34. My first race this weekend!
  35. So, tell me, how is this possible?
  36. Exercise HURTS
  37. One side getting toned more than the other...
  38. How do you go from walking to running
  39. How do I deal with morning leg stiffness?
  40. Dumbbell Workouts ?
  41. How can I exercise with a bad hip?
  42. Don't give up! Progress is coming!
  43. How much is too much?
  44. Exercise for the lazy girl?
  45. Work out at Bosses house or at School?
  46. Why is it so much harder running outside?
  47. Maximum heart rate?
  48. 10K Race report
  49. Leslie Sansone LIVE this morning!
  50. ideas for the ultimate beginner
  51. Better endurance?!
  52. Why is there more men than women in the gym?
  53. Running/Walking Smart Phone FREE App?
  54. Pinterest Workouts?
  55. SEPTEMBER RUNNING - Fallllll into running.
  56. Owowow...
  57. Any Good Weight Training Apps for IPhone?
  58. Running in the winter
  59. I Love Standing !
  60. Exercise in the morning when you're not a morning person?
  61. Knee pain - push through or back off?
  62. Sometimes I just don't want to!
  63. Limited exercise options...
  64. I became a sweat junkie.
  65. Resistance Bands
  66. Noob gain ?
  67. Starting to run a little more...
  68. Been working out for 5+ months and no change in arms
  69. Anyone use protein powder/whey protein?
  70. Is this a good post workout meal?
  71. Expresso Bike - (fun, interactive bike rides)
  72. Stationary Bike Tips?
  73. Suggestions for exercises with small dumbbells
  74. I think I'm obsessed with WALKING!
  75. Gardening and landscaping as exercise
  76. Zumba and Weight Gain
  77. So much stiffness and pain
  78. Athena Triathletes
  79. Injured
  80. Just exhausted after workout is this normal?
  81. Does anyone take breaks during 30 day shred?
  82. Insanity!
  83. Swimming ?
  84. 30 min at once or breaking it up ?
  85. Set program's on York elliptical?
  86. Polar Ft4 vs Ft7?
  87. Exercise to do day before race?
  88. Cardio that I can do with my severe asthma and unwillingness to leave the house?
  89. Audiobooks while running/walking
  90. Resistance bands?
  91. can you lose a good amount of weight while putting on alot of muscle
  92. Ankle pain when walking.
  93. Not feeling as sore the day after workout, time to change it up?
  94. Initial Weight Gain After Starting an Exercise Program
  95. need help loosing arm fat!
  96. Anyone use ActivTrax
  97. I want to start exercising but not sure where to start.
  98. Running vs walking and hunger
  99. Strengthening Lower Back?
  100. Zumba! :)
  101. Socks for walking?
  102. AUGUST RUNNING - baby we were born to run
  103. Can your muscles be "swollen" after exercising?
  104. Too Much Cardio?
  105. Zumba!
  106. How long did it take you to run 5k without stopping?
  107. Recumbant bike?
  108. At home workout?
  109. Work your way to a mini-vacation. Any takers?
  110. question about my exercise routine
  111. online exercise videos
  112. Running and Foot Hurts
  113. do you 'eat back' what you burn?
  114. Lost 145lbs added in gym and gaining?
  115. Favorite Workout Music
  116. What kind of bike should I get?
  117. No weight loss in 5 weeks
  118. Does shopping count as exercise?
  119. Best excercises for arms and stomach
  120. Sprained Ankle, any advice?
  121. Cycling!
  122. Yoga DVD
  123. exercise bike= massive foot cramp. help?
  124. A New Runner With Some Questions =]
  125. Working out makes me HUNGY!!!!
  126. Is A Heart Rate Monitor A Must Have For Losing Fat?
  127. Running and BMI
  128. "Lazy River" water workout
  129. Getting into Cycling! (and calorie concerns)
  130. What Are Ab Exercises For?
  131. Too fat to ride a bike?
  132. I had an excersise breakthrough!
  133. What's your gym routine?
  134. Any long-distance racers who can give me advice?
  135. 51 Fastest Fat Burners..
  136. Exercise Question....
  137. Stuck at a desk all day...
  138. Heart Rate Monitor/Calorie Burner Display
  139. How Do You Like To Mix Exercise Up For Weight Loss?
  140. Anybody doing Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis?
  141. Looking for some strength training advice
  142. Scheduling exercise
  143. How Often Do You Do Yoga/Flexibility Training Per Week?
  144. Flexibility and doing the splits
  145. Abdomen excercise for a real beginner?
  146. Last exercise was Friday. Losing more weight than when exercising?
  147. finding time to exercise???
  148. Has anyone tried the Beach Body Brazil Butt Lift?
  149. Upper thighs, lower stomach
  150. How much cardio/weights when trying to lose a lot of weight?
  151. Wii Fit
  152. Is exercising on hotel stairs allowed if I don't rent a room?
  153. sit ups are they worth doing when you have so much fat to lose on your big belly
  154. Returning after injury?
  155. Bicycle: What Kind?
  156. My Personal July Fitness Challange..Whats yours
  157. A question for the runners out there.
  158. Does it get better? The treadmill about kills me!
  159. ouch ouch ouch
  160. No motivation to go to the gym?
  161. Heavy lifting on very little sleep
  162. low impact / water exercises
  163. JULY RUNNING - Feeling HOT HOT HOT!
  164. Is it normal to suck this badly?
  165. Body Pump!!!
  166. fat knees?
  167. Suggestions for what to add to my exercise routine.
  168. Resting heart rate
  169. Butts
  170. Injured myself, both physically and emotionally...
  171. How hot is too hot?
  172. I Exercised!
  173. Biking hard vs. biking easy for fat loss
  174. Weight Training INSTEAD of cardio?
  175. Taking Zumba and Hot Yoga on the same day?
  176. What do YOU do on the elliptical?
  177. jillian michaels giveaway
  178. The Couch to 5K (C25K) Running Plan Thread #2
  179. Aqua Fitness - how good of a workout?
  180. I need exercise advice.
  181. OMG! So cool. Zombies Run (game/app)
  182. rowing machine hurting my ankles
  183. Is 2 hours a day working out okay?
  184. Possibly TMI - period related.
  185. working out without working myself to death
  186. Ab Coaster Pro
  187. machin e help
  188. Get Movin! Part 3
  189. A very cool running app
  190. Best calorie burn for weight loss/stroke rehab
  191. Hobbled out of bed this morning, now what?
  192. Anyone else trying ballet?
  193. Getting motivated to work out...when I don't want to )':
  194. For Those Who Exercise At Home..
  195. First time running!
  196. Breast Size and Weight Loss
  197. Beginning strength training program
  198. Killing My Feet! Any advice?
  199. Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred" - Starting Today 6/17/2012!
  200. Twitchy butt cheeks o.o
  201. Heavy weights are heavy!
  202. Am I Over Training?
  203. How to balance training & staying within calorie goal
  204. C25K graduate!!!
  205. 23 1/2 hours
  206. Roughly the same weight as before, but my body looks WEIRD.
  207. Running with Patellofemeral Syndrome
  208. Wii Training
  209. Zumba? And what else?
  210. Just Started Jogging...
  211. What's more effective, a short strenuous workout or a long so-so one??
  212. water weight?
  213. Question for runners especially if your an ex smoker!
  214. Calling all swimmers!
  215. Retaining water from exercise, should I take a day or two off?
  216. Resistance Vs. Weights
  217. Diet is for weight loss, exercise is for fitness?
  218. Spankings, Wedgies and High Fives - My June 2012 Exercise Log
  219. June Running! Run from the Sun!
  220. Would Mini Exercises Work?
  221. June Running - Bring on the Summer Heat!
  222. Cycling with a flat tyre
  223. Calories burned walking...this can't be right!
  224. I did It!!!! Ran my first 5k!!!!
  225. Anyone else have feet deformities that affects your running?
  226. Swam over a mile!
  227. How much does walking really help?
  228. Gym Rut!!!
  229. Endomondo or MapMyRun...Suggestions?
  230. Should I give in to the sleepiness?
  231. Trouble maintaining body heat?
  232. 30 mins of intense cardio not enough?
  233. Signed up for my first group hike!
  234. Is Walking Enough?
  235. Audio Books
  236. Sore knee
  237. How much exercise a night?
  238. High Ankle Sprain :( Any Advice?
  239. Stairmaster difficulty level
  240. Can exercise cause an early period?
  241. Guess what?! I CAN DO IT!
  242. For those who hate to exercise...
  243. I hate stair machines but I have to do them!
  244. Fall half-marathon!
  245. For those of you in the Utah area
  246. shy about running
  247. Roller Skating?
  248. First Bike Ride in 10 YEARS!
  249. In regards to following a work out regime that promises [X amount lost in a month]...
  250. Running better with a stroller???