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  1. Anyone sticking to the points plus instead of the new plan?
  2. Potato Cakes
  3. Points Question
  4. Can't lose on 26 points
  5. Activity Points vs. Calories
  6. struggling to eat my daily points
  7. About 0 point meals
  8. WW Points change when you add extra ingredients
  9. Points question
  10. Back after 4 years
  11. Are all fruits and veggies free?
  12. Activity Points
  13. Points?
  14. Old Points System, want to try it......
  15. App issues
  16. Revelation!
  17. Forget you! Spaghetti
  18. Weight Watchers says I'm losing too fast
  19. Question
  20. marinades?
  21. too many points???
  22. ms. impatient
  23. Serving size
  24. Well THAT was stupid! ggrr
  25. Need more dairy in my diet
  26. What do you put on your popcorn?
  27. What I did & is it a good idea?
  28. Favorite Low Point Snacks?
  29. Pts plus vs old points
  30. Wow I use a lot of points
  31. Flex Points on Multi-Serving Containers
  32. What would you get? (help)
  33. calculating recipes
  34. Advice?
  35. "Protected" Carbs and Point Calculating
  36. Oatmeal points question
  37. Active link
  38. Calculating Activity Points on Pedometer
  39. Number of points for TVP?
  40. Apps for Android Phone
  41. Subway sandwich points?
  42. Japanese Food
  43. Wwyd?
  44. Fruit and Veggie points
  45. Is everyone tracking points on Thanksgiving?
  46. Have I Got This Right?
  47. Calculating Multiple
  48. Just asking for some help
  49. Minimum Daily Points+ Allowance?
  50. calculating Points help!!
  51. Mexican Fiesta Points Plus Values!
  52. Travel/Airplane Food/Unknown Points
  53. Am I doing my points right?
  54. Brown rice...confusion
  55. Need Info
  56. Points Plus info for eating out
  57. Jimmy John's sub
  58. How would you calculate this?
  59. Points Plus for Kettle Corn?
  60. How do you divide your points?
  61. Confused about points for fruit
  62. 48 Points?
  63. Can you look over this menu pls?
  64. Am I the only one who feel ripped off by some activity point calculations?
  65. Anyone know the points for a fish called Skate?
  66. Deep fried points!!?
  67. New Food Find!
  68. How would you figure the points for this?
  69. confused about mixed veggies
  70. how many points?
  71. To many points?
  72. Points plus values for red robin
  73. "Old Books vs New Books"? Do I need new ones?
  74. Points for homemade recipes. So confused!
  75. Calculating points
  76. activity points vs weeklies
  77. Oopsy Chinese Takeout xD
  78. Could anyone confirm these propoints? ^_^
  79. Portion and serving size-Newbie here
  80. Help converting from old pts. to points plus!
  81. coconut milk points anyone?
  82. Newbie question re: points
  83. Points Calculator
  84. Why do I do this?
  85. Do you use your weekly allowance points?
  86. Recipe Builder
  87. free fruit points
  88. WW Apps for iphone
  89. Kale chips
  90. Serving Sizes
  91. Points plus allowance too big?
  92. Questioning points vs. calories vs. carb-counting
  93. New To WW - How many points am I allowed??
  94. Upping points for better weight loss?
  95. Wawa Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino?
  96. Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Iced Coffee Points
  97. I need some food guidance...
  98. ahh! trying not to feel guilty about..
  99. How to feed men on WWPP
  100. At the minimum daily points
  101. Lowest Points, Best Tasting Peanut Butter
  102. As long as I stay under my points limit, I won't gain, right?!
  103. Biggest changes from old plan to new plan?
  104. Am I not eating enough?
  105. Lobster Tails
  106. Crystal lite pure
  107. WW Snack Bars: Shocked!
  108. Following WW for 6 weeks and no loss, please HELP
  109. Banana points
  110. Is there such a thing as too many carbs?
  111. old recipes to new points plus
  112. Restaurant food advice..
  113. Subway
  114. Orange Juice?
  115. Boxed meal points question.
  116. Popcorn Calculation
  117. Frustrated w/ PointsPlus.. input appreciated.
  118. Question about points
  119. Weekly Points and Activity Points - should I aim to use them all?
  120. Points Question: Rita's Water Ice and tomato pie
  121. WW snack cakes, will they derail me?
  122. Need help with Abuelo's menu!
  123. how would slim fast fit in?
  124. Calculation Question - please help
  125. Questions!
  126. Point question in tortilla pizza
  127. More Fat = Less Points +
  128. High point allowance
  129. Coffee and propoints
  130. stir fry with salsa--YUM
  131. Plain potato skins (points?)
  132. wings help !!
  133. Weight Watchers April Food Points
  134. phpne app vs w booklet
  135. Having trouble using the PointsPlus Calculator
  136. NOT eating enough points?
  137. new to ww
  138. Light Beer
  139. Barilla whole grain shells- 0 points?!
  140. Favorite food products?
  141. WW points calculating for dry vs. cooked
  142. Help, cannot get WW Points Plus Calculator anywhere!
  143. New to WW and have a points question
  144. Low Point Cereals, High in Fibre and Protein
  145. Question about oatmeal
  146. Confused and Uncertain...
  147. sunflower seeds??
  148. I am starting WW
  149. WW and iPhone...
  150. hooping points?
  151. 94% Fat Free Popcorn?!?!
  152. Points question
  153. Extra 1/2 serving adds more than 1/2 points?
  154. Just Starting Out - a Few Q's about Points and AP Points
  155. New Points Program Really Low Carb??
  156. Healthy ways to eat more points
  157. Yep Not using all points and still gaining
  158. Having a hard time getting all 43 points--help!
  159. V8 juice on points plus~
  160. dreamfield pasta?? any thoughts
  161. Please help to start
  162. Fruit Juice
  163. Target Points Plus
  164. Need Tasty Frozen Entrees Suggestions
  165. Shaved Steak
  166. Dinning out Companion
  167. Points for Noodles/Pasta
  168. PP for Pillsbury s-f cake mix / sugar alcohols
  169. Calculating confusion with new plan - may be stupid question!
  170. New program help
  171. Activity points question
  172. Activity Points for Weight Lifting
  173. Please help with figuring out point allowance
  174. ProPoints change Question
  175. Sonic Points Question
  176. What's up with carrots?
  177. Changing a day: 24 hours vrs breakfast to dinner...
  178. Points confusion?
  179. 35 Any time Points.... friend or Foe?
  180. Question on points for my bread
  181. Anyone use meal replacement shakes?
  182. Eating less
  183. WW Points For Foods I Have Found In My Journey
  184. Can someone help me with daily points?
  185. quick ?
  186. Frustrated. Weight Watchers has skewed math logic.
  187. Rico Salad at Mi Cocino
  188. Question about Pasta
  189. Hi, I just rejoined online and I keep going over my points
  190. What to pack for lunch
  191. So how do you eat at a restaurant that doesn't give nutritional info?
  192. Flavored Teas
  193. Longhorns question
  194. Fruits/Veg w/ points
  195. 4th of July Menu?
  196. Weight Watchers Program early 1990s
  197. Too many points in a short amount of time/feeling full issues
  198. Not sure how to calculate this...
  199. Weight Watchers Points Questions
  200. Vita-Brownies & Multivitamins
  201. Points in One Big Bowl of Pho?
  202. Question
  203. ww points vs counting calories confused
  204. Mcalisters Savannah Salad
  205. Work Popcorn Arguement
  206. Ummmm Chocolate for 0 points!!!
  207. Points vs caloric intake Q
  208. Newbie question
  209. Any idea on points for this recipe???
  210. Favorite Fat Free Milk etc.
  211. My zero point food mistakes...
  212. WW Strawberry Smoothie frozen yogurt bars
  213. WW Smartones
  214. Points for PB cheese bake
  215. Joanna Lund Recipes
  216. dining out quide
  217. points on Oil-Free Three-Bean Salad
  218. Misleading Zanto Pizza Labels
  219. Not sure how to count these points...
  220. What are your filling foods/dessert staples?
  221. Points for this recipe?
  222. Golden Star Jasmine Rice
  223. grams protein to be considered protein
  224. Soon to be newbie,got a ?
  225. Girls get the bum deal with points
  226. Hi I am new and have a question
  227. Diner Breakfast
  228. "Skinny Soup" points for multiple servings??
  229. What meal do you eat the most points?
  230. Dairy requirements
  231. Cooking with Oil
  232. It's NOT all about the points, right?
  233. low fat? Low sugar? I'm confused, not sure what I need
  234. WW treats
  235. Great WW recipes
  236. Set Points?
  237. Question - Filling Recipe - Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
  238. Etools points help!
  239. New WW Slowcooker Cook Book
  240. Points in soynuts ???
  241. weight watchers
  242. Diet Soda Cake
  243. Eating Out Help Needed
  244. Has anyone else mourned their old food?
  245. Chicken Fingers recipe... need help figuring out points
  246. Day 4 of points system HELP!!!
  247. I Need help figuring out points!
  248. Any WW point apps out there?
  249. what if you don't use a whole serving ?
  250. Should you eat all your daily points ? What about Flex?

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