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  1. New, just bought Medifast and I have questions
  2. a reminder to Medifast health coaches and advisors
  3. Pb2?
  4. Scale Watcher
  5. Is this a diet I can do?
  6. Look at this cool thing......
  7. The VIP Plan
  8. Day 3 and I don't know if I can do it!
  9. Happy Easter
  10. Favorite meals?
  11. Starting Saturday
  12. Caffiene
  13. Preparing Shakes
  14. Just starting Medifast... looking for a few hands to hold!
  15. Newbie!
  16. March Chat
  17. Did Medifast help you reach your goal?
  18. Dying to Try MediFast
  19. What made you decide to try Medifast?
  20. Question?? Medifast V.S Nutrisystem????
  21. I'm back
  22. Half way through February....
  23. If you miss bread, try MF waffles!
  24. Medifast and weight watchers?
  25. newbie hello
  26. 2nd Free Week is different than the first!
  27. this possible
  28. Medifast and hair loss
  29. Processed meats, okay or not okay? Too much salt?
  30. Diet after Medifast
  31. One more question... what does water have to do with weight loss?
  32. Friends who want to keep us fat
  33. Question about ordering Medifast for the first time
  34. Medifast Newbie?..maybe..with questions
  35. In love with... Medifast! Our February Chat
  36. Has anyone thought about subbing different soups or bars?
  37. Im thinking about starting,,have a question.
  38. Exercise Anyone?
  39. Favorite MF Foods
  40. Anyone get tired of all sweet food?? Soup suggestions please.
  41. Questions
  42. oatmeal :/
  43. Help with preparing for first day on MF at work please
  44. Checking my pic
  45. Eating Out?
  46. Here's the POLL that Ruth mentioned
  47. Not sure how to tell you this but....
  48. Need help with start-up
  49. I did it!!!
  50. Your favorite flavor drops?
  51. Only 20 posts per Page?
  52. Medi Chat - Jan. 8 to later on
  53. Ketosis - What is it?
  54. Wow! We really did JUMP into January!
  55. Recipes for Medifast Users
  56. My goodness, a new MF forum?
  57. Travel while on MF?
  58. What's for lean and green? Suggestions.
  59. Medifasters Jump into January
  60. Taking a shot at Medifast...
  61. MEDIFAST Recipes
  62. Shopping List for Medifast?
  63. Day 17 on Medifast -- loving it!
  64. OK, so here goes with Medifast
  65. Medifast via Ebay???
  66. Dieting with Diabetes and Medifast
  67. Medifast Buddies
  68. Has anyone tried Medifast.....