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  1. stretch marks!
  2. Do you ever feel like a fake?
  3. Stretch marks
  4. dry, weird skin
  5. Shrinking Boobs and Bras
  6. For Those Who Have Lost A Significant Amount Of Weight
  7. belly after twin pregnancy
  8. the dreaded belly 'apron'
  9. Getting rid of the pooch!
  10. Glad to have found this board!
  11. Extra skin
  12. Regarding loose skin after weight loss...
  13. I Hate My Body!!!
  14. Is/Was It Hard For You To Stop Losing? Why?
  15. Thigh Lift
  16. Body Image And Weight
  17. Wow! Finally!!
  18. Stretch Marks
  19. did your arms tone up after your weightloss?
  20. Larger sized Bra question/Boob rant
  21. extra skin is annoying
  22. Has anyone had armlifts (brachioplasty)?
  23. Breast surgeries
  24. What can you do for a double chin
  25. Face Changes (?)
  26. Taking Jeans Out Of The Dryer
  27. Panniculectomy Surgery
  28. Breast lift surgery after losing weight
  29. freeeezzzzing
  30. After weight loss breast augmentation
  31. Self Image / Clothes
  32. looking healthy?
  33. OK, so why can't I see it?
  34. A Question For You Wonderful Maintainers!!
  35. More on Weight Loss and Body Image (Venting alert!)
  36. Weight Loss And Skin FAQs

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