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  1. The zero effect...
  2. Odd mind tricks to encourage your weight loss
  3. Called "fat" more often AFTER losing weight
  4. The jiggly stomach fat is even more jiggly!
  5. Inner thighs are dark
  6. Don't look Down....WOW :-/
  7. Loose skin?
  8. Finding a bra that fits after losing 150 pounds
  9. My Husband asked a very honest question: if he could snap his fingers ....
  10. Short-waisted = apple shape?
  11. Do you ever get the stink eye from other women?
  12. 260 lbs and 2 tummys :(
  13. Is Anybody HAPPY??
  14. Prevent boob-sagging?
  15. A promise is a promise, my dear
  16. Fraxal laser
  17. "Body Frame"
  18. How can I help my brain catch up to my body?
  19. Avocado and Jojoba Oil to Tighten Skin?
  20. Stretch Marks?????
  21. Super veiny hands?
  22. Struggling with body image
  23. Acanthosis Nigricans?
  24. Body Image :/
  25. Boobs and weight loss
  26. Need recommendations on Louisiana Plastic surgeons...
  27. Vanity, Body Image and other people??
  28. Fishing for complement fail
  29. When do you start to feel thin?
  30. On the hunt for a high waisted bikini
  31. Young, nervous...
  32. Weight loss and temperature
  33. Is therapy my last option?
  34. It's not enough
  35. Learning to accept?
  36. Offending fat people by being slim..
  37. the blob that follows me everywhere
  38. 34 pounds gone and no one notices
  39. People can't make up their minds...
  40. Need help from someone experienced, How to tell if you have excess skin for removal?
  41. Clothes issues
  42. Why don't I see the new me?
  43. skin removal surgery
  44. Crazy comments...
  45. will a tan look be better for arms flab
  46. The mental disconnect between the inner me and my reflection in the mirror
  47. When did you lose the "buffalo hump"?
  48. when does skin sagging start?
  49. Chub rub
  50. OK! I gotta Ask!
  51. Cellulite
  52. Good Tee to hide arm flab
  53. Turkey neck syndrome and getting older...HATE IT!
  54. Unrecognizable
  55. Inner thighs, yikes. (pics, tmi)
  56. Post Weight loss Cosmetic Surgery (had it or planning)
  57. losing weight and resenting the men who find you attractive
  58. Is that really me????
  59. Gross Stomach Pictures
  60. "I can't imagine you fat"
  61. The dreaded stomach flap!
  62. I feel all "pebbly" under my skin
  63. Iím feeling ostracized
  64. What's the sexiest thing you've worn/done since weight loss???
  65. Parting with your old clothes
  66. Did you have to deal with upseting remarks & gossips?
  67. A realization about my obsession
  68. Skin, skin and more skin!
  69. less weight=less makeup?
  70. If i loose weight, will my stretch marks go away?
  71. stretch marks!
  72. Stuff you never expected
  73. I lost the weight, why don't I love myself?
  74. Thigh Tape, Lmao.
  75. Skin Elasticity, before and after
  76. Breast lift...I'm definitely gonna need it...
  77. How Do You Deal Ladies
  78. Looking for a link
  79. Its finally starting to happen...
  80. Ohhh another stretch mark question..
  81. I have my appointment with the plastic surgeon on Wednesday...
  82. What's up with Sizing?
  83. Will I ever have abs? LOL
  84. The guys at my new job
  85. Replacing food addiction with clothing addiction....
  86. AGH! It got me! Insecurity STINKS!
  87. bones
  88. Lasers For Stretch Mark Improvement
  89. Dealing with massive weight loss - discussion? book recommendations?
  90. Anyone Else?
  91. Is anyone at or close to goal who had HUGE arms?
  92. Maintainers-Eating before, now after
  93. Lower Body Lift?
  94. Has anyone 300+ female lost weight and had skin shrink back?
  95. Body changes in the last ten pounds.
  96. Body Image affecting intimacy??
  97. almost at goal, but not looking forward to wearing a swimsuit!
  98. Uncomfortable Comments :-/
  99. Skinny Fat-I think that's what they call it!
  100. destined for a tummy tuck???...
  101. Is this a compliment?
  102. Clothing - figuring out how much a new item with stretch when you get it home!
  103. Brachioplasty pros and cons, and input needed...
  104. Tapioca Skin
  105. Lots of questions regarding tummy tuck and breast lift, thanks!
  106. I just want scream "It's not fair!"
  107. Feeling bigger than ever
  108. Ummm, so i think my starting weight might have been more than i thought
  109. I really don't want to resort to surgery- help
  110. Remembering last Christmas...
  111. Well Hello Stomach, How are you?
  112. Noticing a Difference
  113. turkey neck
  114. When your self-perception is skewed, who or what do you trust?
  115. Mortified to post this...Strange fat "placement"
  116. The Way Always-Thin People See Weight Loss
  117. 1st Date Stinker
  118. A higher "after" weight and attitudes
  119. Secrets coming out??
  120. Am a worthy enough to date?
  121. Feel so skinny - mirror disagrees
  122. Bony AND flabby?
  123. Not overweight, but still losing
  124. Shrinking broad shoulders
  125. When did you treat yourself to new nice clothes?
  126. the recurring body image issue
  127. Sick of living in wedgie-land
  128. Stretch Marks
  129. What to expect from goal?
  130. This is NOT your typical body shot.
  131. not sure what I expected or do expect
  132. Weight loss and that "C" word
  133. Do I Look As Terrible As I Think I Do??
  134. Is There Ever A Point Where You Stop Feeling Fat?
  135. Took a look in the mirror today. (pics)
  136. Defined by what I WAS
  137. When did you start feeling cold all the time?
  138. Rashes under breasts and stomach
  139. do I really look *that* different?!
  140. Why hasn't my period come back?
  141. i'm nuts
  142. Diaper rash cream - use it if you need to
  143. am i just weird?
  144. Body Image issues
  145. Stretch Marks...AHHHHHH
  146. What do Others Really See?
  147. Itching/Rash
  148. How do people react?
  149. I'm not a fat chick anymore, who am i?
  150. Saying Adieu to my Boobs
  151. So, what about stretch marks?
  152. We know what too skinny is, what's skinny?
  153. unretouched photos - I love the reality check! where else to find doses of reality?
  154. I Don't Feel Thin
  155. Shoe size?
  156. dear calf muscles - plz shrink!
  157. Does anyone lose weight and get perkier breast?
  158. Unusual waist measurements
  159. Losing weight, but boobs getting bigger?
  160. Sagging, non-existant breasts!!
  161. Pubic Pouch
  162. Arms
  163. Loose Skin - Oh my gosh!! Advice, please
  164. "Phantom" fat
  165. Surgery to remove excess skin
  166. Got a Slap in the Face Yesterday
  167. Dealing with Hanging Skin/Excess Skin
  168. Help please ...i need advice ...
  169. Do I have body dysmorphia?
  170. flabby skin?
  171. Preventing Loose Skin
  172. How did you know when to stop?
  173. Questions for those that have lost a lot of weight and/or have lost baby weight
  174. My "new" bones gross me out
  175. Dating and body image after diet?
  176. Dwelling On Your Past Appearance?
  177. Gross!
  178. regarding saggy skin
  179. why even try?
  180. Taking your clothes off! How do you feel about it?
  181. breast reduction surgery?
  182. Stretch Marks- Any suggestions
  183. Hubby doesn't find "Fit me" attractive
  184. Dating guys who knew you when you were fat??
  185. I'm going to dress nice if it kills me!
  186. Does excessive sweating stop after weight loss?
  187. How long do you have to stop exercising for boob lift/redux?
  188. Losing hair badly - picture
  189. How do you know what your goal weight is?
  190. Should I be worried?
  191. For Those of you considering a Tummy Tuck or BA...
  192. Sometimes I Wish I Hadn't Bothered
  193. Loose skin issues
  194. Flabby under arm wings
  195. Breast issues after weight loss
  196. Thinning hair and weight loss
  197. muffin top
  198. If losing less than 50 lbs, will I have loose skin?
  199. Having trouble adjusting to my size...anyone else?
  200. The Way You Walk
  201. Cup size decreases...hellllppp..when??
  202. Losing my hair?!?!
  203. Can't see myself how other people see me . . .
  204. Bony bits and bruises
  205. Dating
  206. Distorted body image
  207. Crease hiding belly button - does it go away?
  208. for the mommas out there.
  209. Maintaining but still feel fat
  210. Voice Change
  211. Stretch Marks & Excess Skin
  212. Double Belly Question
  213. Crazy Abs!
  214. Considering breast implants.....eeek!
  215. The Knees, Please
  216. Lose skin Timeline
  217. How does your stomach look?
  218. Saggy Boobs
  219. "Your belly is getting big - are you pregnant?"
  220. "You have such a pretty face."
  221. the tummy thread
  222. I did it.. but MY BUTT FREAKING HURTS!!!
  223. Skin, Skin, Skin.
  224. I didn't even realize I HAD Varicose Veins - ick!
  225. Hair, Skin, Nail vitamin?
  226. Breast Lift Surgery, Small Breasts, No Implants
  227. Male attention and how to deal with it.
  228. Bye Bye Belly, Hello Mudflap
  229. Visible veins??
  230. summer clothing to cover up massive loose skin
  231. question for people who have lots ALOT of weight
  232. I can't picture myself....how do I change this body image?
  233. Annoying and cool NSV
  234. plastic surgery experiences and recommendations
  235. The BELLY BOUNCE! what do to when exercising?
  236. Arm skin NSV
  237. Loose skin after a 50lb loss?
  238. Anyone lose 100+ and not need a tummy tuck, etc.
  239. Loose skin meltdown
  240. Why do I look like a deflated balloon?
  241. Reaching goal and feeling disappointed?
  242. Not Cellulitis
  243. Skin while losing weight and lotion question?
  244. Cellulitis?
  245. dry brushing?
  246. Prevent loose skin?
  247. Breast reduction...
  248. story about my arm lipo :)
  249. Breast Size Question
  250. Odd-Looking Fat Loss

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