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  1. So Frigging Depressed
  2. Over 45 stomach ulcers and weight gain!
  3. suggestions on eating times for oddly scheduled work day
  4. Food addiction
  5. 43 year old new mom- need to lose
  6. Monthly chat?
  7. 40 and never been so heavy need support
  8. First Day
  9. Turning 40 this month and I'm going to do it right!
  10. making a good morning a great morning
  11. getting out of a rut
  12. check in!
  13. Parasite cleanse
  14. Newbie
  15. Bad Day
  16. Life Happens
  17. New week!
  18. karencat
  19. Measurements
  20. Tracking
  21. Friday Weigh In!!
  22. water
  23. Fitbit
  24. Its paying off!
  25. Shaking Things Up At The Office
  26. Where do you get your fit on?
  27. Yo-yoers and @ss kickers
  28. What others around you eat
  29. Happy monday!
  30. Short term goal for the week
  31. In the back of your closet
  32. rewarding and beating yourself up
  33. How often do you weigh yourself?
  34. I officially turn 40 on Sunday!
  35. T.g.i.f.
  36. day off
  37. mini goals and challenges
  38. Consistency
  39. exercising
  40. eating out
  41. Anyone else following a keto eating plan??
  42. motivation
  43. Meal Prep
  44. Hello
  45. How much worse after 40?
  46. 2017 Non-weight (but related) goals
  47. Whoa! My account is still here!
  48. November 16 Chat
  49. Trying to lose back the 47 pounds that have crept up over the last 4 years
  50. How long does it take?
  51. Starting afresh, a bit about me and some portion control
  52. Hi everybody!
  53. Determining Goal... what's your answer?
  54. Lord, where's that time machine?
  55. HRT and weight loss
  56. Emotional eating
  57. The Plateau of All Plateaus
  58. Moving Forward 12/31/2016 at 46
  59. 20 lbs by Christmas
  60. Mini Goal Achieved - Normal BMI!
  61. 42 and Starting over
  62. July 2016- Melt it off! (Or burn it keeping warm for our members below the equator)
  63. Back with my head hung low
  64. Almost 2 months in
  65. Happy Birthday to Me
  66. Helllpppp 5'3 190 41 2 babies
  67. June 2016 Thread - Graduating to Lower Weights!!
  68. Here we go!!!!
  69. taking care of me.....again
  70. How Do We Ladies Prevent PMS Weight Gain Monthly?
  71. Its May!!!!
  72. April, come she will...
  73. Holding Steady @ 185 and NOT 2 Happy about this!!
  74. Worked Late Today and No Gym
  75. Tired After Work but Still Worked out @ Gym After
  76. Water Weight up Today , Not 2 Happy about This
  77. What Makes You Re-Gain Weight After a Small Success?
  78. 40Something and on a diet is a Challenge
  79. March-a-doodle-do Thread!
  80. non-scale goals and achievements
  81. What's Your Weight Loss Plan?
  82. Whitney Thore's Response to Body Shamers
  83. Is Obesity a Permanent Condition?
  84. Pre-emptive February 2016 Thread
  85. Is there anybody out there?
  86. It's way past time (newbie)
  87. It's Time . . .
  88. Reward Ideas
  89. 43, Ideal Protein, and a Veg! Hello!
  90. November Accountability
  91. October accountability
  92. Intro.....Hi I'm new.
  93. Mean Girls Turn Into Mean Women
  94. I Hate Thinking of My Next meal
  95. Fell Off the Diet Train Today
  96. Forty something and Whole30
  97. Good Vibes Please!!
  98. If 1 Is Gaining From Maternity Weight
  99. Since friday I have dropped 4 lbs,YEY...
  100. Motivation issues
  101. Still Chuggn Along, down 5 Lbs.
  102. Not New Here But Need Advice and Encouragement
  103. Still No period in Sight and terribly Bloated
  104. Really Miss My Summer to very busy day work schedule and only liquid diet as its the
  105. Just to get an idea...
  106. Experienced Severe Acid Reflux Choking sensation while in car
  107. Bloated in Spite of Eating less?????
  108. Not on Relacore Anymore
  109. So discouraged: gained weight in first two weeks!
  110. please help, tuck...
  111. Hi
  112. where to start!
  113. Seriously, is it my age?
  114. menopause battles....
  115. Lost 10 Lbs in last month ,feel Wonderful.
  116. Went off Anti Anxiety Med and lost 10 Lbs
  117. Not going to sit here
  118. preparing for vacation
  119. What am I doing wrong?
  120. I look pregnant!
  121. Coping with stress and depression
  122. Book-based plan suggestions for 40-something bride-to-be?
  123. Finally broke the sonic barriar and got below 200Lbs.
  124. Terrible, No Good, Grouchy Day
  125. So Flustered over Distended Belly and Abdominal Bloating Currently
  126. Help, I'm stuck on a weight loss see saw and can't get off
  127. On Relacore and up to 3 diet pills Daily.
  128. Am I The Only One With The...
  129. Oh, for the love of Peter, Paul AND Mary
  130. Has anyone tried Relacore OTC weight loss to lose weight?
  131. The House was So Cold This Morning upon Awakening 53 degrees.
  132. Had Insomnia Last night and Needed Milk n Cookies to do so:
  133. Why are there 0 replies on my Threads?
  134. Has anyone tried Relacore OTC for weight loss?
  135. Introduction here?!
  136. Hi All I'm Back at my gym again and eating Lean Healthy Choice PM's.
  137. Feeling Good February
  138. So...in booked my procedures !
  139. Back again...hello everyone...
  140. Did something fun!
  141. New here
  142. Re-Introduction
  143. 40-Something Weigh-Ins (The Continuing Saga)!
  144. BBC documentary about diets
  145. How often do you weigh yourself and why?
  146. UUGGH! Back to square one again.
  147. Which plan to follow for Auto Immune and Pre Diabetic?
  148. Surviving December Thread
  149. Am I doing something wrong?
  150. Returned to my walks/Gym
  151. took a gym brake and chunked up 10 Lbs,Arghhh
  152. compounded hormone replacement?
  153. Thankful November Challenge
  154. trying something different
  155. November 4th Californian's GO VOTE: Still on my diet too...
  156. Setting attainable goals
  157. Oy! I don't even wanna to talk about it...
  158. Unexpected Monthly Fee---Yikezzzz!!!
  159. Any vegetarians/vegans here?
  160. Fabulous Forty Something Fall Thread
  161. Why am i feeling more tired awakening than when going to bed 10ish PM???
  162. IF-----Then(Ultimatiumz)!!!!!Anyone heard any lately?
  163. No More Falling Back In Fall
  164. What are 2 of your biggest weaknesses
  165. Went back on my Hoodia today:
  166. Does everyone Have a REAL diet plan on this site?
  167. Can't Stop Eating these Rice Chip Crackerz
  168. I am so tired of this # i keep seeing on scale
  169. Anomie and Lack of Peer Support:(Anummy?)
  170. Oodles and Oodles,and Oodles of noodles n mid age spread
  171. 43 soon too be 44 ..
  172. Darn it! I'm PMS ing all over again!!!!!
  173. I want to go shoppiiiiiinnnng!
  174. Can I do this? NO, no, I MEAN - I CAN DO THIS !!!
  175. Am i the only 1 here, Reading and @ times Responding?
  176. Indicator Pants!
  177. So what then do we 40Something women do to rid water retention?
  178. ok, seriously?
  179. Going vegan - and expelling waste
  180. It was soo much easier to Not gain weight during college. I wonder Why???
  181. It was soo much easier to Not gain weight during college. I wonder Why???
  182. Decided I need my teeth cleaned every 3 mo's .
  183. Been fasting, and gymmin, periods late and blood sugar is up too?
  184. W-A-T-E-R R-E-T-E-N-T-I-O-N Blues....
  185. I'm back older and hopefully wiser:)
  186. Help, Im stuck on a weight loss roller coaster
  187. What am I doing wrong? Advice please!
  188. 40-Somethings Summer Chat Thread
  189. One good choice I made today is:
  190. Please allow me to be - irrational
  191. possibility of cancer
  192. Ladies over 40 years old, personal question
  193. Grain Brain
  194. 40-Somethings June Chat Thread
  195. I'm a newbie and 43 and love that I found your support group i would love to join
  196. First day of summer goals!
  197. Have you personally found it easier or harder to lose weight now you're in your 40's
  198. Back to finish what I started 2 years ago.
  199. Hello-may I join you?
  200. 46 years old and going to have Gastric bypass
  201. 40-Somethings May Chat Thread
  202. Back After Long Absence
  203. 40 Somethings: NEW Dance Like A Chicken Day Challenge Thread
  204. introduce myself
  205. 4 Months strong!!
  206. Lose 50 by 50
  207. 40-Somethings: Struggles Welcome Here
  208. Putting weight ON is so much easier than taking it OFF.
  209. COMPLICATED diet!
  210. I think I've finally found something that works!
  211. Nsv
  212. 40-Somethings Dance Like a Chicken Day Challenge
  213. New 40-Something looking for support
  214. 40-Somethings March Chat Thread!!
  215. curiosity
  216. stuffed on empty??
  217. 40-Something St Patrick's Challenge
  218. State of the Susan Address
  219. A new playlist for 2014
  220. February 2014 40-Somethings' Chat
  221. 40-Somethings Valentine Day Challenge and Daily Accountability Thread ~ Part 2
  222. Can I join this group??
  223. Did that number 40? throw you for a loop?
  224. Energy Needed
  225. 40-Somethings January 2014 Chat
  226. 40 year old getting serious
  227. 44 Year old lifelong yo yo dieter
  228. 40-Somethings Valentine Day Challenge and Daily Accountability Thread
  229. Just crossed the BMI index into Obese!!
  230. Welcome LettingGo2 and Marla D and other newcomers!
  231. Is there room for an almost 40-something...
  232. 40-Somethings December Chat Thread
  233. Christmas Eve Challenge
  234. So, what are you guys eating...
  235. I'm baaaack
  236. Wth??
  237. New and desperate
  238. Question about fluid retention
  239. New to the forum
  240. the muffin top experience
  241. 40-somethings November chat
  242. Facial wrinkles question
  243. In NEED of a TRUE accountability partner
  244. Respect
  245. Back in the Saddle
  246. Pre-Thanksgiving Day Challenge
  247. 40-Something Weekly Weigh-In
  248. 40-Somethings October Chat
  249. New here. Need support please
  250. 40-Somethings September Chat

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