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  1. Keeping motivated
  2. Diet Plan
  3. Difficulty Getting Started on this Weight Loss Journey
  4. New here...but really not so new...
  5. Mother's Day Challenge
  6. How do you get through the first week, without going to meetings?
  7. 40-Something May Day Challenge
  8. How much and when to drink H2O?
  9. Online dating for the over-40 crowd
  10. MARCH Chat
  11. dr.oz....7-keto
  12. Inches vs Pounds
  13. Green coffee bean pills
  14. No joke - We can really look better in our 40s than we did in our 20s
  15. How many calories
  16. Help, I'm addicted to diet pop
  17. So I just turned 40...
  18. How to eat so little
  19. 40-something St. Patrick's Day challenge
  20. Do we even know what healthy looks like anymore?
  21. back again starting over
  22. What advantages and disadvantages do you have in the weight loss game?
  23. Eating plan gets messed up
  24. Please advise on exercise calories vs. eating calories
  25. February Chat
  26. Need Lentil Soup Recipe
  27. I'm So Excited!
  28. Exercise after LEEP
  29. ISO: Attractive, Affordable, Age-Appropriate Workout Clothes?
  30. Facing Menopause
  31. I am an emotional wreck
  32. So severely disappointed in myself!!!
  33. The age old muffin top chat
  34. 40 Something Valentines Challenge!
  35. Help calculating calories
  36. Ideas for getting exercise in small ways
  37. 2013 I turn 40.
  38. Help! Need recommendations! What used to work for me no longer does - suggestions
  39. Tae Kwon Do milestone, NSV
  40. Happy 2013 everyone!!
  41. One Positive Thing About Me Today Is
  42. 40-Something January 2013 Chat!
  43. Completely New Here ... Post #2 actually
  44. Facing Menopause
  45. trying to be healthy AND look good.
  46. Any others out there home all day while kids in school?
  47. Any new NSVs lately?
  48. 40-Something December Chat!
  49. Winter Onederland By January 1st, 2013
  50. Ladies do you wear junior appareal?
  51. Arthritis anyone?
  52. So you might not want to get the flu shot...
  53. Visualizing Gaining it all Back...
  54. Mixed feelings about turning 40
  55. 40-Something November 2012 Chat!!
  56. Perimenopause & weight loss & missed period
  57. Snack foods
  58. Slip ups
  59. The 160s...
  60. Every Woman Wants to Feel Beautiful
  61. Favorite exercise DVD
  62. Exercise is killing my feet.
  63. October Chat!
  64. Breakfast
  65. What diet are you following?
  66. Does your fat get looser?
  67. October goals
  68. May I join?
  69. What's hanging in your closet that you are trying to fit into?
  70. Weekend over eating
  71. dress size issue...
  72. Hopeless and need help
  73. September 2012 Chat - 40-Somethings Hangout!
  74. Quit smoking and spinal surgery
  75. 1 lb from goal - and blew it
  76. How did this happen?!
  77. cannot lose ?
  78. PMS~ Piling in Mouthfuls of Sh... stuff!
  79. Help Me Handle Over the Top Reactions Gracefully
  80. Are We Destined to Gain it all Back?
  81. 40-Somethings August 2012 Chat!
  82. First hurdle and I came out a winner
  83. I just realized its time to focus on me for a change.
  84. Thread Titles I Wish I Could Write
  85. Stuck in the 150s ...maybe I am just getting too old?
  86. What Is Your Mini-goal Motivation
  87. Are your kids thinner/heavier than you are?
  88. Coworkers finally noticed
  89. Question about stomach muscles...
  90. 40-Somethings July 2012 Chat
  91. Back (yet again) to support and receive support!
  92. 42 - dieting and exercising and pants seem tighter?
  93. Trying To Get Out Of The 170's?
  94. Hi everyone!
  95. 40-Somethings 4th of July Challenge!
  96. Just went past goal weight by 2 lbs. Yeah!
  97. 40-something weekly weigh-in
  98. If I am eating healthier
  99. May 2012 NSVs
  100. Who juices?
  101. Memorial Day Challenge
  102. 180's
  103. Progress NSV
  104. new thinking...
  105. The man I'm dating wants to eat out all the time!
  106. Well, I am finally horrified at how I look
  107. I had the nicest compliment
  108. 40-Something chat in April!
  109. Do you feel it when the fat is burning?
  110. April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge
  111. Body image issues
  112. New here--could use some encouragement
  113. I'm a 20-something, looking for some wisdom..
  114. Are you happy/content?
  115. Standing Next to a Thin Girl
  116. Hey!
  117. Local Buddy Wanted
  118. Yeah, 25 lbs gone!!!!!
  119. Guess What???
  120. 40-Something Chat in March!
  121. I'm so confused..............
  122. Evil Eye!
  123. 190's
  124. March Madness Challenge
  125. New OLD Member
  126. fired from doctor...her loss.
  127. 150's and 140's
  128. Do You Regain Agility Once The Weight Is Gone?
  129. 40-Something February Chat. We LOVE newcomers!
  130. Hysterectomy Anyone?
  131. 6lbs lost on Medifast but can't stand the food any longer!
  132. Alkaline Diet...anyone else doing this?
  133. Has anybody else had weight gain from spinal epidurals due to buldging discs?
  134. Name the things you are doing right!
  135. Weight Fluctuation
  136. Lets try this again!
  137. Please Critique my food intake today
  138. Remembering that "thin" is not problem-free
  139. My mirror lies...photos shock me!!
  140. Nearly 40!
  141. Question for those of you successful at losing weight.
  142. How do you develop a casual relationship with food?
  143. 40-something Valentine's Day Challenge
  144. 40-Something Chat. New Year = Fresh Start! Welcome!
  145. Something for energy? I'm too tired to exercise.
  146. Weight loss in the 40s---actually easier?
  147. I'm back!
  148. Medium? Moi?
  149. SlimQuick
  150. Are there any other 40 something new mums?
  151. Scared of Piling on "Hybernation Pounds" During Winter
  152. M&Ms
  153. Are you open about your weight loss struggles?
  154. Losing weight without a 'diet"
  155. Looking for a Buddy
  156. Scared of Replacing Food Addiction with a Different Addiction
  157. My sister called and the diet went out the window
  158. Peri menopause
  159. A Warm Hello to Everyone!
  160. New to 3 Fat Chicks!
  161. Special k chocolate cereal helps when craving sugar
  162. I'm new...and will need a support group !
  163. Weight Loss Confessions
  164. The Routine Excuse....
  165. Old member new again
  166. Weight lose and perimenopause
  167. My Plan
  168. 40-Something Chat/Accountability All Welcome!
  169. NOT my first time here!!! SO WHY CAN I NOT STICK WITH IT< AAHHHHHH!!!!
  170. Today I want to eat :( Help! Need Motivation
  171. Dealing with reality...
  172. Exercise vs Diet
  173. Intro - my story
  174. Why Bother!!!!
  175. Defining Moment
  176. Fat & Fatigued
  177. Whine Thread
  178. Newbie
  179. Hi! I'm new here
  180. Hi everyone, My bio. nice to be here....just sayin.
  181. Turning from a pear to an apple at 40?
  182. OMG! Can't believe I did it!
  183. Trying!
  184. Hiding Out
  185. 40-Something Chat/Accountability A September to Remember! All Welcome!
  186. Almost 40 Newbie
  187. 40ish newbie
  188. Coping with Setbacks
  189. Newbie
  190. Your Best Diet (lifestyle change) Tip
  191. getting movited to exercise
  192. Howdy!!
  193. New to forum
  194. August daily food log
  195. Losing size on one side but not the other....
  196. 40-Something Chat! Surviving August's Heat Together! All Welcome!
  197. August Accountability/Chat-All Wecome!
  198. Do you weight yourself during TOM?
  199. Embarrassed by Weight Loss
  200. Weight Keeps Me From Love Ones
  201. Taking Capsaicin
  202. Breaking the Diet Beverage Addiction
  203. Awesome App!
  204. Having a drink?
  205. no more water weight (post pms)???
  206. hello question
  207. 40-Somethings SUMMER SHOW DOWN CHALLENGE....ends August 1
  208. Stuck in the 170's ... badly want out
  209. 40-Something Chat! Celebrating in July! All Welcome!
  210. Back on the wagon.
  211. 40 SOMETHING Fourth of July Challenge!!!!!!!!!
  212. Anyone on optifast?
  213. going to be 48
  214. Where do you lose weight first?
  215. My fat rules my body mind and soul...
  216. My fat rules my body mind and soul...
  217. Anyone not see their bodies clearly?
  218. Someone assumed I was....Pregnant!!!!
  219. Comiserating with my older pals...
  220. 40-Something Chat! June In! All Welcome!
  221. I'm new today
  222. Menopause without Hormones - any tips?
  223. Hi, new fat chick!
  224. Just curious how many have young kids?
  225. Confused About Sizes
  226. extreme back pain
  227. Age 40? okay. 41? WTH???
  228. 40-Something Chat. Happy May!
  229. Shoes Make All the Difference - Motivation
  230. Feeling Down About Weight
  231. 40's SUMMER CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. not new to this site but needing some help
  233. 40-Something Chat. All Welcome and that's no April Fools!
  234. Hi!
  235. Walk/run training for half marathon, and weigh 257 lbs??? Can it be done?
  236. well heck. I'm back.
  237. New decade, same old situation:(
  238. 40 sometihng SPRING AHEAD! Easter challenge!
  239. Stress Eating - Need Help!
  240. looking for meals similiar to bistro md
  241. Not a new member but new to this board.
  242. MARCHing Into Spring/40-Somethings Chat
  243. hard time getting motivated
  244. Pot O' Gold = 10lbs lighter by St. Patty's Day
  245. Are there any fellow Atlantic Canadians here??
  246. Anyone here Vegan/vegetarian?
  247. Im Back!!!!!
  248. New Day, New Week, New Life
  249. Onederland, here I come - Shera formerly known as Hydra
  250. Eye Opener

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