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  1. The Scale Lies! Find out exactly why it changes day-to-day…
  2. Rhubarb tea
  3. New study: Possible explanation for diet soda weight gain
  4. Intermittent Fasting starting to go mainstream
  5. How Much Protein Do You Really Need?
  6. Are they serious?
  7. Whaddya know..About Your Stomach
  8. Regain after weight loss
  9. On Cravings, Binging, and the Science in Between
  10. Messy Kitchens could make you Eat More
  11. Hunger is Psychological, Dieting Only Makes it Worse
  12. It does matter when you eat!
  13. Nutrisystem buys South Beach Diet
  14. Want to lose fat? Make sure to sleep!
  15. One Size Does Not Fit All!!
  16. Leftover pasta (or other simple carbs) are healthier than just-cooked versions
  17. "Food porn", IE and dieting
  18. Where's your state rank?
  19. Dear Fat Girl
  20. Rachel Taylor - Facebook & Offence
  21. Why don't weight loss websites/blogs quote real studies?
  22. New York Times "The Fat Trap"
  23. Dangers of science journalism
  24. Could Chinese Thunder God Vine be a Godsend?
  25. A calorie is not an (available) calorie
  26. Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch has died at 91.
  27. There aren't the words for how tragic this story is
  28. New US dietary guidelines - eat more plants, less meat
  29. BBC - Compare your BMI with others worldwide
  30. Meta analysis on meal frequency and weight/fat loss
  31. Fat Acceptance VS Anti-fat?
  32. Study shows there are many ways to lose weight
  33. How Has The Obesity Epidemic Disrupted Romance?
  34. Artificial Sweetners Linked to Obesity
  35. Another weight-related interesting article
  36. After losing 172 Writer Refuses to Wear a Shirt for Her After Shot
  37. Why There's So Much Confusion Over Nutrition and Health
  38. Eating behavior
  39. The Lure of Forbidden Food
  40. Morning Light = Lower Weight?
  41. Tshirt/capris violate dress code at gym - if you're too fit, that is
  42. Are Artificial Sweeteners Just as Bad?
  43. Whole fat milk for weight loss?
  44. The Science of Fat
  45. A different POV on weight loss: Eat More, Move Less
  46. Obese persons make up 50% of all adults hospitalized for flu - double the usual %
  47. Teacher Lost 37 Pounds Eating McDonald's
  48. Look what I found
  49. University of California Official Obesity Study Results
  50. Article on Weight Loss surgery
  51. Blood Pressure treatment guidelines revised
  52. TED Talk about obesity
  53. Doctors Told to Address Obesity
  54. Maintainers impress me
  55. Body Fat: 8 Things You Didn't Know
  56. Mayo Clinic: High Carb Diet Linked to Alzheimer's
  57. Full Beauty Project
  58. Burger King's Saitsfries
  59. News about obesity and cancer treatment
  60. 'Fat Letters' Harmful or helpful?
  61. Quinoa--A Superfood?
  62. My Big Fat Revenge
  63. ...in the "you're not crazy" dept...& maybe some future help
  64. Weight Bias in Higher Education Admissions
  65. Studies Showing Fat Shaming is Causing Weight Gain
  66. A Week of Groceries from 15 Countries
  67. A Tale of Two Mice - bisphenol a
  68. Weight Loss and Metabolism Changes
  69. Meal timing and size may matter after all!
  70. Every Night You Lose More Than A Pound While You're Asleep (For The Oddest Reason)
  71. Red meat, bacon & hot dogs = linked to diabetes (type 2)?
  72. Possible link between food packaging chemical and obesity in children
  73. The Biology Behind Binge Eating
  74. Are Happy Gut Bacteria the Key to Weight Loss?
  75. CBC interview with Harley Pasternak (trainer)
  76. Carnitine (found in red meat) linked to heart disease?
  77. Biggest Loser Trainer: "Food is a drug"
  78. Ted Talk regarding food evolution since the Paleolithic era
  79. Plus Size Mannequins
  80. Huffington Post article on Lose Weight Your Way
  81. A calorie is a calorie? Opinion about this article
  82. NY Times article on the science of designing snack foods
  83. For Valentine's Day: A Librarian's Tips for a Healthy Heart
  84. very inter. Read about Food at the Chain Restr.
  85. Butter Vs. Margarine
  86. New BMI index published - affects shorter, taller ends of spectrum
  87. Penalties on smokers and the obese
  88. Fat People Need Not Apply
  89. "Mixed-weight couples" fight more
  90. Fat Chance?
  91. Weight Loss Pump -- a new bariatric device for weight loss
  92. A Librarian's Tips For Preparing To Diet
  93. GMOs, and doesn't THIS put a different light on the subject?
  94. Too much unabsorbed calcium causes obesity
  95. Overweight People Live Longer
  96. Three Strategies for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions
  97. Sugar! Some interesting thoughts about Sugar!
  98. interesting article-"greatest weightloss myth ever told?
  99. Customers called "Fat Girls" on restaurant bill
  100. A Librarian's Tips for Healthy Holiday Parties
  101. Peope at Risk - Bariatric Surgery
  102. NPR Feature: Losing 160 Pounds, One Photo at a Time
  103. Which Diet Works?
  104. Food Matters documentary
  105. Interesting Article about Low Carb vs. Other Plans
  106. Stigma: The Human Cost of Obesity
  107. The Men Who Made Us Fat
  108. the 9 biggest lies of modern nutrition
  109. New Study Says Drinking Water May Have Little Benifit
  110. Every 1 lb lost takes 4 lbs of pressure off knees
  111. A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity - 3 years for weight to stablise
  112. Obesity and Autism - did anyone else's heart sink?
  113. Some interesting Research
  114. Is your personality making you fat?
  115. Interesting Perspective Shift
  116. Low-fat, schmo-fat. Only calories count.
  117. Safflower Oil??
  118. obesity
  119. The Fat Trap
  120. This is your brain...this is your brain on multivitamins
  121. weightloss re-affirmation
  122. Changes to Weight Watchers~? What are they?
  123. New drug causes 10% body weight reduction in 1 month by killing fat cells
  124. I like this story.
  125. The TYRANNY of the ideal image of beauty!!
  126. Dr. Oz
  127. A must watch documentary about weight loss
  128. Article on weight loss and nutrition fundamentals
  129. Kirstie Alley: size 4???
  130. Switch hands to eat less
  131. We Need More Sleep!
  132. A visual representation of rising obesity stats
  133. It's Time to End the War On Salt
  134. 40 chews per bite may be key to weight loss
  135. Majoring summa cum laude in Not Getting the Point
  136. Loving Your Body
  137. Very Cool Info On Carbs!!!! ****
  138. OH NO! not another one!!!
  139. New York Times article on factors that contribute to and prevent weight gain
  140. "'Love Your Body' to Lose Weight"
  141. It's not just the U.S. w/ the weight problem anymore
  142. Should Parents Lose Custody of Super Obese Kids?
  143. miss sc lost half her body weight!
  144. Diet sodas don't help with dieting
  145. Potatoes worse for you than dessert?
  146. Flavored Milk voted OUT of the Los Angeles Unified School District
  147. USDA Food Pyramid Replaced Again
  148. Facebook Ceo's Diet
  149. In Defense of a Daily Doughnut
  150. Interesting Article: Doctors refusing to treat overweight patients
  151. Dr. Oz's #1 Fat Cure?? Green Drink? Anyone had any results from this?
  152. Study pours water on omega-3 weight loss possibility
  153. New "Meal Snap" App for smartphones?
  154. You Can't Out-Exercise Sitting All Day
  155. Group Calls to Pull Alli from Shelves
  156. "FDA approves wider use of Lap-Band"
  157. Addicted to Food
  158. Great article on food, status, and cost from Newsweek
  159. BMI Flawed?
  160. New Study-Exercise and Premature Aging Prevention
  161. 1 in 4 Canadian adults obese: Statscan
  162. Dear Abby, why do you coddle fat people?
  163. Hey CNN - This wording is offensive!!
  164. Obesity and abuse link?
  165. Fighting Fat with Facebook? How Social Media Has Changed Dieting Forever
  166. Truth about calories article
  167. A big breakfast doesn't reduce calorie intake
  168. Canadian Fat Chicks
  169. Very good article on Yahoo!
  170. Slate's "Clean Plate" blog
  171. Scientists say Carbs are Bad!
  172. Yes, HFCS is worse than sugar
  173. i just had to post this-America's top model
  174. A&E show: HEAVY
  175. so THATs what I should be eating!!!
  176. Normal weight obese
  177. Yet another indication that we are all different...
  178. Short-Term Overeating Could Make Long-Term Weight Loss Tougher
  179. Is a calorie really just a calorie?
  180. Have you read Your Appetite Switch: Master Your Eating by Anne Katherine?
  181. Incredible Offensive Blog Post at MArie Claire
  182. Diabetes trend
  183. Meridia pulled from market
  184. The Girl Who Can't Gain Weight
  185. Research on addictive behavior and sugar in rats
  186. Calorie counts on airplanes and movie theaters..
  187. Twitter Weight Loss Plan
  188. Women giving up sex to be skinny?
  189. Interesting article about obesity and surgery
  190. Obesogens
  191. America's Next Top Model commercial shows girl with tiniest waist EVER!
  192. New Slogan for Pretzel Crisps is causing controversy.
  193. Good Article on Making Changes in Your Life
  194. Size 10 Women are the Happiest
  195. Kicked out of the gym for being too fat...sheesh!
  196. "Celebrity Cellulite" issue of Nat'l Enquirer: glad I'm not famous
  197. Brain of obese people reacts differently: WSJ article
  198. Jamie Oliver talks on TED about his "Food Revolution"
  199. Thought This Might Be Of Interest
  200. Huge
  201. Jillian Michaels' new show
  202. Binge eating a psych diagnosis, obesity is not
  203. FDA issues warning on acid-reducing drugs
  204. Salt and weight loss
  205. Faster Weight Loss = Better Results - Study
  206. Say What? "Chocolate Milk Diet"
  207. Quick Weight Loss May Be Best for Long-Term Success
  208. Obesity Linked to Lowest Earnings
  209. 7 Weight Loss Mistakes Healthy Women Make
  210. Lane Bryant ad controversy...what do you think?
  211. "Being fat is bad for your brain"
  212. Ugh! Is It Just Me?
  213. Jamie Oliver - Tomorrow on the Doctors
  214. Jennifer Hudson's weight loss
  215. The Right to be Fat
  216. Dr. Oz DNA diet
  217. Dr. Phil's - The Fat Debate
  218. Has anyone read Geneen Roth's new book?
  219. Increasing portion sizes in 1,000 y of Last Supper art
  220. Calories on the Menu!
  221. Childhood Obesity In the News
  222. Older women need 1-hour workouts to fend off flab
  223. Princeton Study on HFCS
  224. Beauty Queen fifts to ban swimsuit competition
  225. Fat Is In; Thin Is Out
  226. healthy vs healthier junk food
  227. Working Towards 1,000 lbs.
  228. The Guardian -- Obesity and modern food
  229. MSN Article on Latest Research
  230. Heads Up: Consumer Reports March 2010 ShopSmart
  231. Heart Attack Cafe in AZ on the Travel Channel
  232. New York schools regulation: Commercial packaged snacks ok, but no bake sale stuff
  233. Minor weight fluctuations are normal. How to keep them from adding up
  234. interesting article
  235. Jamie Oliver's good ideas
  236. Jillian Sued Over Diet Supplement
  237. Whole Foods discriminating against overweight employees
  238. Not exactly weight loss but always a hot topic
  239. Overly dramatic article about the affects of sugars on the body...
  240. Whole foods bases employee discount on "health factors"
  241. Nerds only: Amazing Gary Taubes lecture
  242. Can You Be Overweight and Still Be Healthy?
  243. Too much Vitamin C can inhibit weight loss
  244. Weekend eating wrecks diets, study confirms
  245. Jillian Michael's WL Supplement review
  246. Low-carb, high-carb diet both help keep weight off
  247. Gov't funds for the obese
  248. Montgomery county, MD - Calorie counts going on menus!
  249. Japan passes law concerning waist size
  250. Obesity causes cancer

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