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  1. Facts about Fat article
  2. Article - It's All In Your Head
  3. Boost Your Calorie-Burning Power
  4. 14 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism
  5. What Should You REALLY Weigh?
  6. The new way to burn fat - set yourself on fire - Article
  7. But I Want My Superfoods - Experts Urge Less Focus on Antioxidants
  8. Study: Daily weigh-ins help dieters keep weight off
  9. Was it something I ate? (food poisioning)
  10. If you want to live a long, healthy life, follow this 101 YO guy.
  11. Turkey Day Is Coming
  12. Motivational CD's
  13. The Hacker's Diet
  14. The 29 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
  15. The Feel-Good Addiction
  16. Office meets Gym
  17. Research shows how lack of sleep breeds obesity
  18. Governor Arnold signs bills to trim obesity in CA schools
  19. connection between calcium and honey
  20. Daily Multivitamins: A Ubiquitous Article of Faith
  21. Walking to, from school good for teen health
  22. Fatter Than Ever (from SF Chronicle)
  23. Doctor in trouble for calling patient obese - Article
  24. Favorite health books
  25. So What's Next In Restaurants?
  26. So What's Next In Diets?
  27. Before copying articles for the library....

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