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  1. Qnexa? Anyone heard of it?
  2. Plus size models
  3. Researchers warn of toxin increase in heated HFCS
  4. BMC Health Services Study - Physicians' attitudes about obesity
  5. Newsweek article - The Fat Wars: America's Fat Hatred
  6. Brace yorselves for this one!!!
  7. Bob Harper goes Vegetarian, Cholesterol drops
  8. Mercury found in every fish tested in the US
  9. PETA’s New Ad Mocking Fat Women as ‘Whales’ Causes Anger
  10. Fla. doc fired over 'doughnuts equal death' sign
  11. Time Article - Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin
  12. Get Fat, Live LONGER!
  13. Child Obesity considered Abuse?
  14. A fitness journey
  15. Beyond BMI - Why doctors won't stop using an outdated measure for obesity.
  16. As nation gains, 'overweight' is relative - article
  17. An article about cleanses, detoxes, and Hollywood
  18. WSJ Article on Diet Delivery Plans
  19. Them (Kirstie Alley, Melissa Joan Hart +) v. Us
  20. The Truth About Diet Soda
  21. "Dried Plums" for appetite control?
  22. Fat Princess Video Game
  23. Are Hidden Food Allergies Making You Fat?
  24. Hydroxycut Recall
  25. Conditioned Hypereating -- a new theory
  26. Do US fast food outlets display calories?
  27. Newspaper article follow-up on "The biggest loser"
  28. obesity and ADHD now linked
  29. Can't STOP Obesity
  30. Too good to be true
  31. Diet Betting article in the NYT
  32. Fat Busting without Lipo
  33. Did you see the brouhaha over Jessica Simpson's "weight gain?"
  34. "The World is Fat" author on Wisconsin Public Radio
  35. so being fat is contageous???
  36. Losing It by Laura Fraser
  37. Warning about acai berry weight loss product scams
  38. how many episodes for DietTribe lifetime show?
  39. new cover stories at US weekly & People Mag on weight loss
  40. Scientific American Special on Weight Loss Science
  41. NYC Article on Posting Calories
  42. One little bite...
  43. Study suggests sugar may be addictive
  44. Gene may "Trigger Unhealthy Eating"
  45. Bone Loss - Another Reason to Avoid Extreme Diets
  46. Foodies Pitch to Obama
  47. The Health Halo
  48. 5 nutritional deficiencies and how to correct them -article
  49. "Obese Philippine Flight Attendant Grounded"
  50. Crazy HFCS Commercial
  51. New Type of Weight Loss "Surgery"
  52. Give up that soda!
  53. MSNBC Article about Overeating
  54. The "Mediterranean diet" is in decline in the Mediterranean
  55. Anyone read "Rethinking Thin?"
  56. Instead of Eating to Diet, They’re Eating to Enjoy
  57. Plastics linked to Diabetes/Heart disease in Human study
  58. Why Snack Packs Don't Work
  59. Fructose again linked to fat building
  60. Pro-High Fructose Corn Syrup Commercial
  61. Latest Obesity Statistics for the U.S.
  62. My Weight Loss Coach Nintendo DS ANYONE TRY
  63. Fit and fat: US study shows it's possible
  64. Wanna be an Olympian? Eat McDonald's!
  65. Ethics-Kraft macaroni and cheese crackers
  66. "It's All Too Much" book discussion
  67. 10 Healthy Carbs That Won't Make You Fat
  68. Articles: Fast-food/Lack of Veggies and How they affect us and our children
  69. New Exercise Pill???
  70. No new fast food outlets in poor area of LA
  71. "Fattest States in the USA"
  72. Interesting blog
  73. Lower calories = longer life
  74. Article - Can't Keep The Weight Off? Perhaps Leptin Is The Culprit
  75. Omega -3's & Weight Loss
  76. Obesity thought to be a factor in Alzheimers
  77. Study - independent calorie/fat testing of restaurant items
  78. Harvard's New Food Pyramid
  79. Buying Weight-Loss Aids on-line
  80. Diet Pills Don't Work
  81. Science of Gastric bypass
  82. Prison Diet
  83. Calorie postings in NYC
  84. First ever size 16 girl reaches Miss England final
  85. The Politics of Obestity video
  86. Japanese Government Tackles Overweight Pop...
  87. Hungry Girl
  88. "Man donates kidney to best friend"
  89. "Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind" - NYTimes article about willpower
  90. "normal Weight Obesity"
  91. Waist Size and Dementia Risk
  92. I Can Make You Thin
  93. Sneak Attack: True or False?
  94. New Sweetener?
  95. Fatworld
  96. Food irridation - not weight loss related
  97. Study: Artificial Sweeteners Increase Weight Gain Odds
  98. Are the health risks of obesity overblown?
  99. Mississippi to ban obese people from restaurants, active bill
  100. Caffeine and Blood sugar level link?
  101. US Weekly mag got me :)
  102. Kmart New Day Your Way
  103. Healthy Habits Can Mean 14 Extra Years - article
  104. Great to watch: THS investigates Diet Fads on E!
  105. Has anyone seen this book? The 3:00 Secret
  106. The Truth About Food - It's on Tonight
  107. Did you ask for Dark Chocolate in your Stocking?
  108. Cupcakes BANISHED from school? In my day we didn't even HAVE cupcakes in school
  109. McDonald's offer on report card envelope ...
  110. WIC Program Revised to Provide More Whole Grains, Produce
  111. Study finds even minimal fitness can stave off death
  112. Oprah Show Today
  113. thirty mins exercise a day not enough?
  114. Obese Hedgehog makes headline
  115. *******
  116. Good Calories ~ Bad Calories ~ Say What!?
  117. The Truth about Food - Discovery Health Channel
  118. America's Killer Diet on CNN Sunday 8pm (sept 23)
  119. Dole salad recalled after E. coli warning in U.S., Canada
  120. Scientists discover ‘skinny’ gene
  121. Women confused about ovarian cancer
  122. Gestational diabetes and future child obesity link?
  123. Obese girls less likely to go to college
  124. From Yahoo: Obesity rising in US
  125. Who saw this USA Today article about "Fat March" ?
  126. Study: Virus may contribute to obesity
  127. This Book Looks Interesting "Good Calories, Bad Calories"
  128. obese folks eat more sugar
  129. Child's weight course is a family affair
  130. Eye of the beholder
  131. Fat Tax
  132. Anyone caught Shaq's Big Challenge last night?
  133. Fructose
  134. Alli Diet Pill&Plan
  135. Kellog's to make cereal changes
  136. Kids and obesity: tell it like it is?
  137. fiidgeters likely to be thinnner
  138. Maintaining Weight Loss
  139. First FDA approved OTC weight loss pill?
  140. Pic of a Size Zero in a bikini
  141. TIME Magazine Special Report: The Way We Eat
  142. World's heaviest man - on a diet
  143. Your biology and your diet
  144. For the office workers who are slaves to the desk . . .
  145. Rising Dough cookies at Jamba Juice (alert)
  146. People Magazine - How they Lost 100 Lbs.
  147. An excerpt from the book: ‘The Secret and Your Body.’
  148. June Edition of Consumer Reports - Rates Diets and Diet Books
  149. Hollywood's latest diet fad..
  150. Article - When determining who’s fat, is BMI bunk?
  151. Poisoned Pet Food May Have Entered Human Food Supply Via Hogs
  152. How many calories more important than the types of foods you eat
  153. Watch PBS "Fat" documentary online
  154. Dieting may not be the answer in the long term (research)
  155. One more round of the obvious
  156. NYT Article: Will Diners Still Swallow This? - Reduced Portion Sizes
  157. MIAOZI pill.. health caution
  158. 3 Fat Chicks cited
  159. Star Jones-Reynolds New Pic!
  160. News Item: Grocery Lists Don't Guarantee Healthy Choices
  161. Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower
  162. 3 Chains Pull Nutritional Info
  163. anyone else see the video of the 400 lb girl?
  164. What do you all think of this? Mother may lose custody of obese child
  165. Did U buy the new Oprah Magazine?
  166. Sleep apnea could be causing your weight gain
  167. Article - New heart guidelines urge women to exercise, cut fat, consider aspirin
  168. MetroWest 'fat' ads attract the ire of national obesity tolerance outfit
  169. NEW YORK bans trans fat!
  170. A Great Idea
  171. Anna Nicole Smith Dead
  172. Ask the Doctor: Consider weight surgery with care
  173. transfats linked to female infertility?
  174. Today's Oprah show
  175. Weight Loss Surgery Tested On Kids
  176. 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Obesity - Article
  177. Interesting Article...BINGE EATING DISORDERS...
  178. What are your favorite weight-loss novels?
  179. Inspirational story on cnn.com w/pix
  180. Bugs in your Gut study
  181. Cool Risk Assessment tool
  182. To the "Looking Good Now" Magazine Fans
  183. Putting On The Pounds
  184. China Bans Overweight Parents from Adopting
  185. Fat Studies 101
  186. Mindless Eating
  187. A few more reasons to get in some exercise (and take the BMI with a grain of salt)!
  188. As if we don't have engough fried foods... ....'Fried Coke'
  189. Want To Prevent A Cold? Start Exercising! - Article
  190. size: 00 clothing - yes, that's a double zero...
  191. Sleep the Fat off (not a gimic)
  192. Overeating 'like drug addiction'
  193. NYC trying to ban Trans Fats!!
  194. E. Coli Outbreak - Spinach - SERIOUS!!
  195. Ban on Skinny Models
  196. Why 18th Century Women Weren't Fat
  197. Incentive to use my treadmill...
  198. retouching Katie Couric
  199. Extreme Dining
  200. Microwave popcorn causes cancer
  201. Exercise better than dieting to trim waistline - article
  202. National Association to Advace Fat Acceptance
  203. Science Daily Article about Intuitive Eating
  204. fat cells - do they grow or do they multiply???
  205. Skin Donation
  206. Are Parents Morally Obligated to Prevent Obesity in Their Children?
  207. Just one high-fat meal can be bad for arteries - article
  208. Obesity Vaccine
  209. CBS News- Vegan Vs. ADA Diet For Diabetes
  210. How Our Fat Cells Work
  211. Article - 10 Weight-Loss Myths That Can Ruin Your Diet
  212. Death risk rises in women as obesity worsens - article
  213. New blog on obesity and weight stigma
  214. Cheeseburger made with what?!
  215. Because We're All In This Together - Love the new book!
  216. Starbucks
  217. Name your price
  218. KFC Sued... Again
  219. Women's Health Issue: FDA Approves Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  220. Another Dr. Phil Show...
  221. Vanity Sizing
  222. Weight GAIN linked to lack of sleep
  223. Are you addicted to food?
  224. Exercise Forbidden
  225. Study: Bullying keeps overweight kids from exercise
  226. "My Dinner with Marion" - from April 2006 O Magazine
  227. Skinny models facing srutiny in Spain
  228. UltraMetabolism
  229. And if you don't think the "magic pills" work...
  230. Calorie-Burning Soda Says It Helps Shed Pounds - article
  231. Dr. Phil and 700 Pound Woman
  232. Mediteranean diet and alzheimers diet
  233. 101-pound man eats 6,500 calories a day - Article
  234. Exercise Trumps Diet for Weight Loss
  235. BAD exercises
  236. "Honey, we're killing the kids"...
  237. How often do you weigh yourself?
  238. Walking Toward Fitness
  239. What are we doing to ourselves and our children?!
  240. Taught to diet
  241. San Mateo County (CA) plan to fight youth obesity
  242. Is it okay to be fat but fit?
  243. For hot pepper lovers . . .
  244. "Pumping Iron" slows the dreaded spread
  245. Books?
  246. Study casts doubt on South Beach Diet
  247. The Big Lie (great article about being obsessed w/ weight)
  248. Facts about Fat article
  249. Article - It's All In Your Head
  250. Boost Your Calorie-Burning Power

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