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  1. Any Weight Watchers refugees?
  2. CC Christmas Challenge
  3. cooking thanksgiving dinner
  4. How many calories do you eat?
  5. OMG SO frustrated!!
  6. Help Please
  7. Low-cal, low-fat, what's a girl to do?
  8. When you can't count calories?
  9. How to estimate Activity Level?
  10. I don't know what to do, help!
  11. How do I get one of those cute
  12. Food Poisoning. Ugh.
  13. What's going on here?
  14. Hi, I have another question,,
  15. Missing nutrition information, estimates vary
  16. Road Trip
  17. does/how much do calories change when going from raw to cooked?
  18. eating @ maintenance calories to lose?
  19. Craving PIZZA!
  20. Being driven nuts by a calorie issue...
  21. Popcorn
  22. I did it!!
  23. What is the average weight loss per week when counting calories
  24. Still the fat twin even in my 40's
  25. How this sound... to you.
  26. help! Gaining weight!
  27. doin without instead of settling
  28. Can anyone help me with some math?
  29. Foods that make your diet easier
  30. Small Changes
  31. Help with a small change in my lunch
  32. What is your fat?
  33. Struggling to get through all these calories
  34. A couple of Questions
  35. New, really new to Calorie Counting
  36. Help! Unplanned meal out at Cracker Barrel..
  37. Ok Calorie Counters I have some questions for ya!!!
  38. I just realized..
  39. My sister's meal plan, since everyone was so helpful on my post :)
  40. This is turning into a headache.
  41. More snack ideas?
  42. Getting married in 4 months!
  43. Week one summary
  44. My Food "Routine": Thoughts?
  45. Critique my calories-- what's your opinion?
  46. And hello again
  47. A good recipe calorie calculator
  48. Is only 500-1000 calories per day unhealthy?
  49. Premixed Breakfast Shakes
  50. Small calorie-counting nsv (Popeye's)
  51. Water Weight?
  52. A friend is doing very low cal diet
  53. Best Choice @ Mexican Restaurant: 500 cals
  54. Mexican food
  55. way off :|
  56. New!
  57. CalPal?
  58. Quick question.
  59. 2 servings in ONE can of tuna??? Anyone ever had just 1?
  60. cooked vegetables
  61. Typical Lunch Calorie Intake?
  62. Anyone see this article re: Twinkie Diet
  63. 6:44, pitch dark out, and still hungry.
  64. Help! Bad Blood Work
  65. Meat Shrinkage??
  66. Snack suggestions
  67. Confused Calorie Counter
  68. Hi Calorie counting an Alton Brown
  69. Does this sound right to you?
  70. Ugh. Did I break my food scale?
  71. 12lbs for Christmas challenge
  72. Net calories? Whoa!
  73. Too much too fast??
  74. Accuracy of online calorie calculators?
  75. Online Calorie Counters?
  76. Healthy Thanksgiving
  77. How Many Calories Really??
  78. Daughter's Wedding
  79. I don't think it was worth it.
  80. How many calories did you eat to lose weight?
  81. Not eating enough calories??
  82. Chicken?!
  83. How to break a plateau?
  84. ANTI-Calorie Tracker
  85. Has anyone used nutritiondata.com?
  86. who should i believe?...her or the spark?
  87. Calories in salad?
  88. Impatience or...?
  89. How many calories if it says 0?
  90. Jogging
  91. CC Thanksgiving Day Challenge
  92. Real life example of why calorie counting better than "eating better"
  93. Struggling to get enough calories
  94. New Here! Not new to dieting!
  95. Calculating the amount of calories from milk in cereal
  96. Attack of the Cheese Plate
  97. Calorie cycling... does this sound right?
  98. Eat planned treat or not?
  99. How many calories are in a vanilla latte, anyway?
  100. Popcorn question
  101. Breakfast - Protein heavy or carb heavy?
  102. Daily Calories Need Input
  103. Why won't 1000-1200 cal per day work if I....?
  104. was exercising but can't do it anymore
  105. Obsessive!
  106. Jumping in this thread - HI!!
  107. Hello Counters...Getting my count on!
  108. my first cheat day in 8 months
  109. Which Online Calorie Tracker....
  110. What are some GOOD low-calorie desserts?
  111. Fat Grams?
  112. calorie question
  113. Got my new scale
  114. What do you eat for breakfast?
  115. Hypoglycemia?
  116. Don't want to backpedal
  117. Making Granola Healthier
  118. Deelish Lunch Today!!!
  119. low cal bread and the restroom...
  120. Flavored coffees?
  121. Hi again!
  122. About this "ideal weight" thing
  123. What low-cal meal keeps you full longest?
  124. I'm so hungry!
  125. Looking for Opinions/Thoughts on dropping calories
  126. What are your desserts??
  127. Help me analyze!
  128. Question about husband.....
  129. Has anyone tried calorie confusion?
  130. Soup recipes please!
  131. I want to know what everyone thinks: To eat or not to eat the 12 egg omelet?
  132. What food scale do you have?
  133. Those lying cottage cheese containers
  134. Extra calories.
  135. I have a confession...
  136. i won't be doing that again...
  137. Crazy weekend-good news/bad news
  138. UGH. Back on the wagon.
  139. How many calories are right for you?
  140. android app suggestions?
  141. LiveStrong. Anyone use it?
  142. Does anyone else track fat/protein/carb ratio?
  143. I'm Struggling People!
  144. Question for those who do calorie cycling!
  145. How do you messure your veggis?
  146. unsalted roasted almonds
  147. brown rice
  148. Appetite and Weightloss?
  149. I'll be MIA for a few days, and could use some willpower vibes!
  150. Alcohol blues
  151. Delicious quesadilla
  152. Question for CC who are in maintenance!
  153. Something I found about portion sizes
  154. Wine-ing about losing!
  155. Phone Apps
  156. CC Day After Halloween Challenge(Nov. 1st)
  157. Struggling to stick to deficit - more exercise?
  158. WOW! First week in!
  159. Do you adjust your intake for exercise?
  160. Do you love Quaker High Fiber Oatmeal?
  161. Natural and health food restaurants
  162. Guilt. (Cross posted?)
  163. tips for newbies
  164. Crystal Light Energy (wild strawberry)
  165. Getting Through The Holidays
  166. Calorie counting success stories!!!
  167. Hello fellow calorie counters!
  168. What are some food items you will NOT give up?
  169. so what's for dinner tonight?
  170. those yummy jalapeno chips
  171. Love pesto but hate the calories?
  172. Does this mean I should increase my calories?
  173. How long will a body hang onto "Starvation Mode"?
  174. Helpful site/iOS app for calorie counters
  175. Kashi Strawberry Fields Cereal
  176. molasses and chocolate and butter, Oh My!
  177. Any Vegetarians?
  178. what do people have against ground beef?
  179. Livestrong Daily plate
  180. Hi and please help.
  181. Things that are full of calories that are 'healthy'
  182. Suggestions
  183. I'd love some help and input on a serious note...
  184. baked falafel
  185. starbucks.....
  186. Protein! Carbs! Fats! Oh My!
  187. Sushi, again, and that ginger dressing!
  188. pizza night for the family
  189. Is there such a thing as too few net calories?
  190. Holy Starbucks!!!
  191. Tips for a calorie conscious/healthy burger?
  192. Protein powder?
  193. Weigh-in tomorrow
  194. what does a portion look like?
  195. Why do the stalls always happen right before a milestone??
  196. Tracking and junk.
  197. Yay!
  198. When should you weigh?
  199. Calorie Counters please help!
  200. what did you do when things stalled?
  201. Feedback On Calorie Count
  202. Time for a change. What do you think?
  203. Kinda OT: How much sleep do you need???
  204. low cal creamy coffee?
  205. Does Anyone Count Calorie Points (Not WW Points)?
  206. Sodium driving me crazy...
  207. Hi all-Can I play with you guys?
  208. cant lose when eating more than.....
  209. When will it go away :(
  210. Rough summer.... back again
  211. To listen to my trainer or not to listen...
  212. Jello Mousse Temptations
  213. newyears ?
  214. Fiber one bars= Flatulance (tmi)
  215. CC-ing and WAY TO LOW!
  216. I know it's sacrilege not to own a tablespoon...
  217. Calorie Tracking Website Recommendations?
  218. Hungry Girl
  219. New.
  220. Back on the saddle AGAIN
  221. gimme numbers...brag it up
  222. Takeaway night
  223. Is there anything you DON'T count?
  224. Neg reaction to food
  225. French food!? What would you do?!
  226. pizza calories
  227. Need help with dinner ... what to go with shrimp?
  228. Going on a cruise...how do I stay on track?
  229. Help!!!!
  230. Enough is enough
  231. how low do you go?
  232. New Leaf Metabolic Profile
  233. I have a question for all you lovely people...
  234. So Disgusted
  235. Turkey burgers?
  236. Sparkspeople vs Fitday
  237. Want to make sure
  238. Who here has goal 'rewards' for themselves?
  239. Vitamins?
  240. Suggestions on this transition I am going through
  241. Favorite protein powder?
  242. calorie counting advice!
  243. How to count homemade soup calories?
  244. Anyone eat much indian food?
  245. So Glad I Found You Guys!
  246. Confused as always..
  247. Frustration
  248. No motivation
  249. Ways to add more calories?
  250. Mexican street salad?

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