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  1. The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron
  2. The Doctor's Diet by Dr Travis Stork
  3. 2010 article about diet experimentation by fit athlete
  4. The Body Book: Cameron Diaz
  5. Marianne Williamson...21Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight
  6. F*** Calories by Krista Scott-Dixon. A free e-book. December 2011
  7. Overcoming Binge Eating
  8. Brain Over Binge
  9. Books about Maintenance
  10. The end of overeating
  11. Maintenance Methods ...
  12. Keeping Weightloss Off For Good ...
  13. You on A Diet by Dr. Oz
  14. The Fat Trap - NYTimes
  15. Eat This Not That
  16. 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food
  17. Body Image/Self Esteem Book Recommendations?
  18. My Big Fat Secret Diet
  19. Reading Intuitive Eating
  20. Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself
  21. Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It, by Gary Taubes
  22. "Benefits of Exercising Before Breakfast" article
  23. Another reason to stay active
  24. Good Baking Books?
  25. Tales from the Scale (book)
  26. Has Anyone Else Read Skinny Witch (Ahem) (Link for maybe vegetarians)
  27. Book Discussion: Water with Lemon
  28. Program - How to Be Slim
  29. Law#10 Use you brain
  30. Law#9 Avoid stupid mistakes
  31. Primal Law#8 Get adequate sunlight
  32. Primal Law#7 Play
  33. Primal Law#6 Get adequate sleep
  34. Primal Law#5 Sprint once in a while
  35. Primal Law#4 Lift heavy things
  36. Primal Law#3 move frequently at a slow pace
  37. Primal Law#2 Avoid poisonous things
  38. Primal Law#1 Eat lots of plants and animals.
  39. Primal Blueprint - a book discussion
  40. NYT Article: How Exercising Keeps Your Cells Young
  41. Article: The Scales Can Lie: Hidden Fat
  42. Article: Is Your Junk Food Habit Making You Depressed?
  43. NYT: Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier
  44. "What if it's all been a big fat lie?" [NY Times Article]
  45. Do Our Stomachs Actually Shrink?
  46. The Men's Health/Women's Health Big Book Of Exercises
  47. Mainteners: What do you think is the best exercise book out there
  48. Master your Metabolism - Jillian Michaels
  49. Read Such A Pretty Fat.
  50. What if Bad Fat is Actually Good for You? [Article]
  51. The End of Overeating (Book)
  52. Top 10 reasons why the BMI is bogus
  53. Books that have helped motivate you or helped you lose weight
  54. Men want Miss Average Article
  55. The Big Skinny by Carol Lay
  56. Article - Ready For Losing Weight?
  57. When unhealthy foods hijack overeaters' brains
  58. Book Review: Break Through Your Set Point by George Blackburn
  59. Romance books about curvy women!?
  60. The Complete Beck Diet for Life
  61. 8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes
  62. Does how you lose it influence maintenance?
  63. The Beck Diet Solution
  64. Have any books helped on your weight loss journey?
  65. Article - Twinkies Get Slimmed Down
  66. Refuse to Regain
  67. Skinny B**** Take a look!
  68. Joining the Thin Club
  69. BBC News article titled "Obesity gene 'affects appetite' ", based on scientific study
  70. Swim Your Way to Good Health (Article)
  71. Article - Can't Keep The Weight Off? Perhaps Leptin Is The Culprit
  72. NYT Book Reviews: "Achieving Wellness, Whatever That Is"
  73. Article - Supermom: She gives birth to six, runs marathon
  74. Article - Red Wine May Curb Fat Cells
  75. Article - Losing the ‘matronly look’ of menopause
  76. Article - For Heart Health, Sprints Match Endurance Training
  77. Article - Even a thin person can get diabetes
  78. Article - Coffee habit may be good for your heart
  79. Article - So, you've lost 100 pounds. Now what?
  80. Article - Fat Bias Worse for Women
  81. Article - Jared Reaches His Ten Year Anniversary As A Maintainer
  82. New South Beach book???
  83. Article: After the Diet: Counseling Helps Keep Pounds Off
  84. Valerie Bertinelli Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time
  85. Non-diet books having import as to dieting.
  86. "Thermodynamics and Weight Loss" blog article by Michael Eades, M.D.
  87. Did Looking Good Now's Lindsay make it to goal?
  88. "What to Eat" by Marion Nestle
  89. Article from April "O" Magazine
  90. Body Intelligence
  91. Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork
  92. Mindless Eating
  93. You on a diet
  94. Fit for Life - Harvey Diamond
  95. "Metabolize: The personalized program for weight loss"
  96. Study About Maintenance And Exercise
  97. Has anyone read "The End of Diets"?
  98. AP article on weight maintenance
  99. Now That You've Lost It
  100. What about e-books?
  101. need fictional weightloss novels
  102. info on metabolism?
  103. Does anyone know the name of the mary lou henner book?
  104. TFL Key #10: Don't Go It Alone
  105. TFL Key #9: Get More Out Of Life
  106. TFL Key #8: Face Life Head-On
  107. TFL Key #7: Move It To Lose It
  108. TFL Key #6: Learn The Art Of Positive Self-Talk
  109. TFL Key #5: Nip It In The Bud: Break The Relapse Cycle
  110. TFL Key #4: Accept The Food Facts
  111. Glad To Be A Part Of The Group
  112. TFL Key #3: Do It Your Way
  113. Anyone Ever Read These Books?
  114. TFL Key #2: Take The Reins
  115. Motivation weightloss books??
  116. TFL Key #1: Believe That You Can Become Thin For Life
  117. Welcome To The Thin For Life Discussion Group!
  118. Flip the Switch
  119. Our Internal Voices
  120. Book Lists
  121. Best Books ??
  122. Anyone read "The 9 Truths about Weight Loss" ?
  123. Book/Play About Body Image - "The Good Body"
  124. What's Cooking? Recipes And Cookbook Recommendations
  125. New Krista Smash 'Rant'
  126. Favorite lowcal/lite cookbooks?
  127. The Maintenance Library
  128. Discovery Health On Weight Maintenance
  129. Maintenance - not a 12 Week Program (Venuto)
  130. Overweight, formerly overweight, and normal weight body image
  131. Cravings

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