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  1. still dieting, no more weight loss...
  2. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - October 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  3. Favorite Nutrition Tracker?
  4. Finding it harder this time around.
  5. Juicing???
  6. Trip to the Tailor got me feeling so down:(
  7. Help! I get A LOT of food as gifts!
  8. new and dont know where to begin
  9. Motivation Monday
  10. Still obese
  11. at the bottom.
  12. Advice for Calories Intake and Losing Weight Gradually
  13. The Plus Side - New Look for Full-Figured Fashion
  14. Forgive me, Scale, for I have sinned...
  15. How much weight did you lose before people started noticing?
  16. For those who are at the finish line....
  17. Those last 50lbs...
  18. dreaded last 20
  19. What do you do if your weight loss buddy is struggling?
  20. This is so disheartening! :(
  21. Why am i Gaining weight?!
  22. Obsessed with food.
  23. Is a calorie a calorie or not?
  24. weekend bender to vegas, and I was bad
  25. Revaluating my plan, would appreciate some input
  26. Does where you hang out increase your food intake?
  27. New here!
  28. Unlimited champagne brunch tomorrow
  29. Just got back from the store
  30. Weight training but not losing fat pls help!
  31. Scale showing a large range of weight !!!!
  32. lost motivation for a year
  33. Ideal Protein Diet ~ no inches lost in past 2 weeks
  34. My scale needs to be fired!
  35. Milestones!
  36. leaving the 200s for the unknown
  37. September impatience .....
  38. Tell your story and support others
  39. 200 days ago
  40. Calorie deficit question.....
  41. SO ANGRY (primarily venting)
  42. Feeling sick when eating first bites
  43. Any MISFIT SHINE users?
  44. Losing too fast?
  45. So frustrated with myself!
  46. Libido loss?
  47. Hungry at night
  48. What are some weight loss struggles that you have overcome & learned from?
  49. Me vs. Bridesmaid Dress
  50. Frustrated
  51. Thank you to 3FC and everyone here!
  52. Back from holiday....
  53. Help ! Why can't I lose weight ?!
  54. Team Effort
  55. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - September 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  56. Looking 4 Weight Loss Buddies
  57. Guilty eating calories
  58. Anything but negative support, anything at all
  59. How has your face changed with weight loss?
  60. Alternating cabbage soup diet and Atkins. Thoughts please?
  61. Starting over, again?
  62. Midnight snack queen
  63. I stopped cardio and I'm finally losing weight!
  64. It's the "little things"
  65. Low carb diet for a month
  66. How is this even possible?
  67. Isn't it funny how the 2nd time is fatter?
  68. Has this ever happened to you?
  69. Food Guilt
  70. Maaaannnn
  71. Stuck in a rut and scared to gain all the weight back
  72. Drowning Sorrows in Food
  73. Cannot lose weight despite exercise and healthy eating
  74. Holiday starting tomorrow
  75. Drastic Dieting and Sustaining Weight Loss
  76. The September Challenge!!!
  77. Need short people! 5'0" female 167 pounds
  78. Trying to get back on track with friends!
  79. What is hunger?
  80. Random gain?
  81. Why can't I stay motivated???
  82. I dont know what to do :(
  83. Stuck
  84. Hasimotos and Weightloss Hardships
  85. Help from other grad students please!!
  86. Health concerns
  87. Cravings
  88. Struggling with jealousy from husband's weight loss
  89. Need Guidance
  90. The time you work out
  91. Back again :(
  92. Bridal Shower Hangover
  93. Completely lost
  94. My fitness pal question?
  95. 123 Success 2000 How do you maintain?
  96. Progress
  97. Here we go again
  98. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - August 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  99. I'm Back!!
  100. Body image
  101. Why can't I lose the weight? :( so sad/frustrated, feel like giving up..
  102. What does weight loss help you with vs. what it doesn't
  103. Eating everything on your plate
  104. Newbie needing encouragement...PLEASE!
  105. Weight loss buddy?
  106. Obese yesterday-overweight today-obese tomorrow
  107. I'm not sure which thread for menopause
  108. Fell off the wagon.
  109. Heartburn?
  110. Motivation Help
  111. Losing inches but not losing much weight?
  112. What a difference _______ makes!
  113. Surprised and sometimes not in a good way
  114. Weight loss and your period?
  115. Whoosh
  116. Realizing you're still obese
  117. UGH. So Freakin' Sad
  118. strategies to combat boredom eating???
  119. Needing New Ideas
  120. Does anyone else feel...lost?
  121. Extremely slow weight loss in a significant deficit
  122. Handling a vacation?
  123. Losing ten pounds in one month? Realistic or not?
  124. Letting go of the WEIGHT and a RELATIONSHIP
  125. Stuck again already?
  126. I can't beleive it!!!
  127. losing weight after trauma-induced binge eating disorder
  128. Need Help Making It Past the First Week!
  129. "Reasons" and "justifications" for you find those quotes hurtful?
  130. Self Esteem: Is it aging or eating?
  131. has anyone here tried EMDR?
  132. All this crap food at work!
  133. Silly question but…
  134. Help! I need some encouragement!
  135. Not sure what I'm doing wrong
  136. Exercise Embarrassment Tears
  137. 6 lbs in one day?
  138. I slipped... big time.
  139. My story
  140. Hunger or Craving?
  141. Need some ongoing motivation to get from 89kg to 75kg
  142. Sticking to healthy habits while staying with my parentes- Please help!
  143. Body for Life 3.5 weeks in
  144. Suggestions and encouragement needed!
  145. One meal a day, anyone? Experience?
  146. Need some experienced advice
  147. About to give up!
  148. Sugar addiction?
  149. Under budget for day - splurge?
  150. Plateau
  151. better scale?
  152. Don't Ever Give Up! :)
  153. Just Looking to start a small support group
  154. Finding Motivation
  155. Angry at myself
  156. ugh, had a pretty rough week and a half
  157. For those of you who have reached your goal, are you as happy as you imagined?
  158. Nothing works
  159. Residual self-image
  160. Need some motivation/cheering section
  161. The "right kind of fat"
  162. Motivation needed!!!
  163. Facing a surgery, need some tips
  164. Reality Check in Photos on the Beach
  165. Anyone have tips for the last few pounds?
  166. Is walking "enough" to lose weight? I'm so discouraged!
  167. So embarrassed
  168. Diet tips? Little or big
  169. The Obese Me Is Finally Dead
  170. I've started over and over again..
  171. Nutrient density vs calories
  172. What works?
  173. Stand up!
  174. How to eat like a normal person?
  175. Exercise lots but not losing weight?
  176. *Sigh*
  177. Ambushed! Pissed!! Help!!!
  178. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - July 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  179. From children you hear the truth...
  180. Continuing the motivation after hitting a big goal
  181. Lose Weight Before School Begins!
  182. Exhaustion and apathy
  183. Need a Weight Loss Buddy
  184. Celebrating a milestone without food
  185. TOM and weight loss
  186. Meh.
  187. Support is amazing.
  188. Back again...
  189. Happy to see my bat wings returning?
  190. Question for tall people...
  191. Impossible to budge plateau!
  192. Weight loss and sleep
  193. I didn't gain back any weight!!!
  194. Feeling disgusted and frustrated
  195. bitterness in marriage
  196. First time having to lose weight, any advice? :?:
  197. I surrender
  198. BMI made me feel bad again
  199. Join me in tracking our successful summer
  200. Me and my back fat grrrrr
  201. If I can go do can you!
  202. "What is the DEAL with doctors' scales vs. home scales?" she asked in all seriousness
  203. New to this site, in need of help/support.
  204. Had a slip up and..
  205. Sometimes Tweaks are Needed
  206. Do you really know what you look like?
  207. Sigh, back and fatter
  208. Weight gain with heat - don't sweat it!
  209. Any Asian chicks?
  210. Dining hall food has lots of carbs!
  211. "Food babies" when you get close to goal??
  212. What do you do on days that your hungrier?
  213. Is a nutritionist worth it?
  214. How can my stomach possibly be grumbling?
  215. Strange or random goals.
  216. Keeping a Food Journal
  217. Can anyone help me with watermelon?
  218. Eat, treat, cheat
  219. What's it going to take?
  220. Why doesn't anyone notice?!
  221. Im not a cheat...Im not!
  222. If it ain't broke...
  223. Positivity Train
  224. Need some encouragement, celebrity photos
  225. plateau - tried everything!
  226. Long break in my journey. Re-motivating?
  227. I am in need of help
  228. Does anyone have an addiction that is healthy?
  229. Feeling discouraged...
  230. Looking at photos of myself when I was thin and I thought I was fat
  231. Day 1: Feeling Good!
  232. The Expense of being healthy.
  233. What advantages do you have on this journey?
  234. Just wondering…
  235. Real life choices
  236. Frustrated!
  237. what the EFF is this all about?!?!?!
  238. Happy Dances
  239. Had a mini brag with myself
  240. Getting out of the 190s!
  241. Had a bit of a slip up
  242. What makes food an addiction
  243. Frustrated
  244. Menopause...... Damn you!!!!!
  245. Such support on here!!!!!
  246. now that I'm close to goal...
  247. I'm back and bigger than before for the 80th time.
  248. Mindset
  249. Reverse before and after photos
  250. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - June 2014 - Everyone Welcome!