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  1. No More Timed Goals
  2. So I just undid 8 weeks of work in 3 days. Yay.
  3. i want chocolate
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  15. friday ostarA religious feast
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  17. Eating disorder they go hand-in-hand with weightloss?
  18. Topamax and food?
  19. desperate, exhausted, resentful and no support
  20. Weight fluctuations
  21. My husband is not supportive of my weightloss
  22. I'm tired of being obese, starting exercise program
  23. Just one of those days!
  24. Things naturally skinny people do...
  25. 11 weeks to lose
  26. eating below BMR is it bad?
  27. Belly Fat - Yum Yum - Leg of steel just keep growing
  28. The Up vs. Down Phenoma
  29. binge eating - no lbs lost in a week
  30. You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Or Can You?
  31. FitBit advice please
  32. Rough Time
  33. Eating for work
  34. Absolutely, positively stuck. Help!
  35. uncomfortable feelings and use food to help
  36. March 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  37. Any plateau on a walking weight loss program?
  38. Measurements Down but Weight is Up?
  39. trying to push through...UGH
  40. Skinny things I'm looking forward to
  41. Found the best description of my diet in a 600 page book
  42. anyone have a reward they want?
  43. Dealing with Midnight Snacking
  44. I finally got it together
  45. Need a de-stress ritual
  46. Eating under calorie limit but still gaining
  47. When you get an injury
  48. I will never get out of the 160's :(
  49. Fell off the wagon...
  50. Here again
  51. This is not who I want to be
  52. defective Scale?
  53. Trying to stay motivated? Here is what helps me:
  54. I am writting this on behalf of my fiancée who cry s every morning on the scale
  55. Emotional eating
  56. Dividing calories throughout the day
  57. Screw the Scale!
  58. Weight will not come off!
  59. My diet - advice needed please?
  60. Extreme hunger carb/sugar craving during PMS
  61. Going to the bathroom and weight loss?
  62. Did I eat too much?
  63. Buying "Skinny Pants" As Motivation?
  64. HELP - I want Pizza
  65. perks
  66. I lost 20 pounds in a month and a half is that normal?
  67. Need Some Encouragement
  68. Feeling defeated after weight gain
  69. Need help/support/suggestions!
  70. Need to loss 100 pounds
  71. Things about Weight loss you are good at!!!
  72. Need to start watching carbs more closely
  73. Very interesting study
  74. Anyone else deliberately going slow?
  75. I can't seem to lose weight!
  76. For the love of Pete
  77. Justifications (Food Lies)
  78. Water retention -- how long?
  79. No Motivation
  80. Logical Monthly Goal?
  81. Hunger
  82. The scale won't go below 139!
  83. Nsv!
  84. Diet Slump!
  85. February 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  86. How to know accurately how much Calories you need?
  87. Everyone Welcome - Weight loss chart
  88. Increased calories and scale is moving again.....
  89. 577 pounds and looking for some advice
  90. Help me get out of my funk, im desperate
  91. Alot bigger than I thought I was....
  92. Need to lose weight but nothing is happening!
  93. Round 2! January 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome
  94. Bummed :(
  95. One week in Beast Mode and.....
  96. My Fish Tank!
  97. calories in a cupcake? 1, 2, 3.....go!
  98. 3 days with no weight loss
  99. Bad cold weight loss, real or not?
  100. Help Needed And Appreciated
  101. Hubby Having Trouble
  102. food weight question
  103. No variety in my diet
  104. No longer being the "fat" friend
  105. It is a lot harder this time around... What is your workout/daily caloric intake
  106. "Help"
  107. Tiny little victory
  108. Why did you pick your specific goal?
  109. Getting out of the 190s!
  110. Portion size help
  111. Who is trying to lose when they are close to a healthy BMI?
  112. NEW...introducing myself
  113. I don't know if this fitbit thing is good or bad.
  114. Help With My Weight Loss!
  115. Help for Those Who Feel Hopeless
  116. Should I give myself one cheat day?
  117. Whats your best TIP from 2014 to help others
  118. How did you survive the holidays?
  119. I need a pick me up/cheering section
  120. It finally sunk in - Im getting married!
  121. Please help me to help my sister
  122. How do I finally get to my goal?
  123. Just so annoyed
  124. A few thoughts on patience for the new year
  125. Hi, need some advice on how to start this new life.
  126. 2015 Weekly Weigh-in - Everyone Welcome!
  127. I don't look like I should be exercising!
  128. The first ten pounds
  129. January 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  130. I have become lost in my weight.
  131. The Venus Factor - Anyone here tried it?
  132. Different person after losing weight?
  133. Getting into Onederland
  134. Does cellulite ever go away??
  135. So how did you fare at Xmas?
  136. First 3 days
  137. Getting ready to have ankle surgery...
  138. Insomnia?
  139. Married and losing weight
  140. Weight loss support - new to here!
  141. "Are you on a diet?"
  142. When the scale won't budge...
  143. Staying out of the kitchen
  144. How to lose weight when you have no support
  145. How to get motivated through the day
  146. Cooking for your Health
  147. An age old problem...I'm sure many can relate... Stress Eating...
  148. Some Questions for those who have lost some or all of it!
  149. Post of shame
  150. Fear of losing weight - What if nothing changes after weight is gone?
  151. Enjoyed grocery shopping today
  152. "She's so fat she's like as big as you!"
  153. Feel a binge coming on
  154. 230/202/140 33 y.o. Anybody similar?
  155. Weight Change around TOM
  156. Struggled with weight, then found I was diabetic
  157. I'll be glad when I finally...
  158. BMI OF 42 - work out 6 times per week - gaining weight!!!
  159. Feeling Sick After Eating Certain Foods
  160. December 2014 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  161. Deep philosophical scale thoughts...
  162. How do I start? Work and school
  163. I regained weight and now I want to cry.
  164. Bride to be in shape
  165. Loose Skin?
  166. Do you tell people?
  167. Fat me lives in my mirror
  168. Struggling Emotionally
  169. How to fight chocolate and potato chip cravings???
  170. Upping calories after a week of VLCD
  171. Work as an obstacle
  172. Scale changes with temperature
  173. Why would this motivate me?
  174. Binge Eating after losing weight...
  175. Confidence and body image
  176. Why do I keep doing this to myself?
  177. New Goal
  178. What happened to the Blog Posts?
  179. What makes you fall?
  180. What are you enjoying most about your current weight loss?
  181. Restart after medicine weight gain - ugh
  182. Restarts and the guilt that comes with it.
  183. "Restarting" woes...
  184. In need of a buddy
  185. Well that was obvious eating for the wrong reasons....
  186. Holiday Eating Woes
  187. "Punishing" others with your diet?
  188. Newbie looking for insight
  189. Exercise and diet are seperate, so why do I abandon one when the other goes south?
  190. Getting Back To It, Need Ideas!
  191. Question about very low calorie diets
  192. Newbie here with lots of questions and starting to plateau
  193. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - November 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  194. How do I get motivation back
  195. How much have 3FC members lost so far? #2
  196. Question About Water Weight
  197. Motivation with CURRENT photos!
  198. Loving yourself through it all?
  199. ~*Delicious for Christmas & New Year 2014*~
  200. Not hungry. Sore throat.
  201. Have you lost any "friends" from weight loss?
  202. Getting out of the 170's! The NEW new thread!
  203. Like Kicking a Stubborn Horse
  204. What is your diet and exercise "formula"?
  205. Emotional support please? :(
  206. Newbie today
  207. What do you treat yourself with?
  208. Help... Can't stop emotional eating! =((
  209. help in motivation
  210. Depo nightmare
  211. How to deal with the food patrol?
  212. AHHHHH the last 15
  213. Gerd, Acid Reflux
  214. Two Separate Weight Goals in One Relationship
  215. Preventative steps to keep from falling
  216. First Week Anxiety
  217. Does anyone else go through this...?
  218. NO motivation.... I need a kick in the butt
  219. Is counting calories a must?
  220. Hunger!
  221. Did detoxing help you??
  222. *New* Getting out of the 160s!!
  223. Just getting started.....
  224. Skipping Holidays
  225. Back with 40 pounds to lose
  226. Another binge thread
  227. Struggling to eat.
  228. Non-Food Rewards
  229. Do You Have a Dysfunctional Relationship With Food?
  230. Question:
  231. Vanity pounds
  232. To lose NINE pounds by Halloween...
  233. Hi Everyone :-)
  234. On "will power" and "personal responsibility"
  235. The NEW getting out of 150's
  236. Finances, and not eating out so much
  237. What are your incentives for losing weight?
  238. Get me out of my funk
  239. still dieting, no more weight loss...
  240. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - October 2014 - Everyone Welcome!
  241. Favorite Nutrition Tracker?
  242. Finding it harder this time around.
  243. Juicing???
  244. Trip to the Tailor got me feeling so down:(
  245. Help! I get A LOT of food as gifts!
  246. new and dont know where to begin
  247. Motivation Monday
  248. Still obese
  249. at the bottom.
  250. Advice for Calories Intake and Losing Weight Gradually