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  1. Thanksgiving Day is NOT an Excuse!
  2. All New "How Motivated Are You Today?" Holidays Edition
  3. Work around food?
  4. Fast Weight Loss in Five Simple Steps
  5. Sleep and carbs
  6. craving ice cream?
  7. What is wrong with me?
  8. Ugghh
  9. I'm bacckkk!
  10. Looking forward to a new start (again)
  11. This season's plans
  12. Getting Out of the 170s!
  13. I just don't know what to do ...
  14. Crying myself to sleep
  15. Help Please
  16. Any other Autism moms/dads here?
  17. Getting nowhere :(
  18. November 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  19. Yet another reason to hate getting periods!
  20. Why water helped me loose 140lbs
  21. Flippin' Father-in-Law. Grrrrr
  22. **NYU Nutrition survey participants needed!**
  23. Cooler weather making me hungry
  24. Are YOU a candy pimp???
  25. So you had a goal for the year and you are almost there? Please be my partner!
  26. After 10 years, I've been dumped :(
  27. Weekend urge to binge
  28. Losing weight...and hair. :(
  29. Photo documenting journey: when did you start to see change
  30. Introduction
  31. (Help) How many calories to have a day?
  32. have to go to a wedding party, nothing in my closet fits
  33. Feeling trapped + weight gain
  34. I want to cut out all junk food.
  35. I used to have other interests.....
  36. Wow!
  37. Bones!
  38. How To Be Healthy When Your Family Isn't?
  39. Feeling a little sad.
  40. Why do I get more cravings/hungrier when I eat >1200 calories/day?
  41. How bad is skipping breakfast?
  42. October 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  43. Day 1, must find my inner happiness.
  44. Need to update my ticker!
  45. Newbie. It is hard to keep the weight off.
  46. Cramps in Ideal protein?
  47. About to get my mom from airport and see her look of disappointment
  48. Newbies & beginners September 2015?!
  49. Feeling encouraged today.
  50. Anyone NOT weigh themselves?
  51. Dieting AND family dinners?
  52. Fat girl in wedding pictures
  53. daily meals feedback, please
  54. Throwing things out...
  55. Fat loss cannot be more than 2 lbs a week correct?
  56. cant stop
  57. Thoughts on EDNOS: BED & Orthorexia
  58. Looking for a weight loss buddy!
  59. Apple shapes, what works best for you?
  60. I hope this diet will work! Diet X
  61. Struggling w/the scale not moving
  62. Something that stopped you from an unhealthy eating moment?
  63. One year weight-loss journey-140 pounds Released
  64. Ack! Haven't wanted to eat junk for nearly 4 months... and then...
  65. How Committed Are You Today? (part 2)
  66. Bad anxiety, trying to stay on track
  67. Evenings and Nights Destroy Everything
  68. Can you message buddies? Any live chats?
  69. I am so angry all the time
  70. Dreading my mom's face when she sees me
  71. Just getting started - where do I begin
  72. All that work for one measly pound. How to be happy?
  73. Do measurements change first then weight?
  74. Calories, Working Out, and Macros
  75. I feel like crap despite my changes
  76. Day 1 here. Status: self hatred
  77. please help, anyone?
  78. September 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  79. What motivates you?
  80. Feeling really messed up.
  81. Chewing food for 32 times helps in weight loss!
  82. Good or bad idea?
  83. confused about my calorie intake and activity level. Help?
  84. The addictive nature of junk food
  85. Why do I have to change for respect?
  86. Can anyone tell me about weight loss w/vi-shape
  87. Sharing weight loss journey and when people start to see a "change"
  88. Feeling Stuck.
  89. Calorie Creep
  90. Starting! Buddy please?
  91. Onederland - the line in the sand support group - 2
  92. Before & After pics 120 pds down
  93. Is my eating habit healthy? Is it beneficial or harmful for my growing?
  94. Having trouble losing weight on Power90
  95. Depression
  96. Getting out of the 180's???
  97. Experiences with Gut Bacteria
  98. Has anyone tried weight loss hypnosis audio sessions?
  99. Excuses, Excuses -- Trying to diet with people who don't want to diet -- Rant
  100. Totally irrational, but don't you hate it when bathroom
  101. 7 Week Plateau Finally Over!
  102. Are people with carb addictions likely to have a tendency for other addictions too?
  103. One Month
  104. August 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  105. Former Pro-Ana...
  106. Tony Robbins' The Body You Deserve
  107. Weight Loss Confessions Part Deux
  108. My DAD doesn't care I lost some weight
  109. Has anyone done DietBet?
  110. Belly fat! Surgery the only fix?
  111. Starting diet again after holidays
  112. Confused about how many calories to eat?
  113. So many diets out's overwhelming!
  114. I've fallen off the wagon.
  115. Weight Loss = MORE Cellulite??
  116. Tea Monster!
  117. so ANNOYED with myself
  118. It is possible to lose some serious weight with no plan; just "eat less and exercise"
  119. Frustrated. New fitness routine and weight gain
  120. It's been a REALLY rough road :(
  121. What's water weight and what isn't?
  122. Buying a new scale
  123. Whatsapp buddy
  124. Anybody on Sparkpeople?
  125. Add me! I would love some support :)
  126. Need encouragement to get through this plateau!
  127. I said I wouldn't get excited about milestones, but
  128. Strength Workout V Injuries
  129. PLEASE HELP... desperate to loose
  130. TMI-Adult material OMG it's happening again!!!
  131. Mothers apron belly... I've never been pregnant...
  132. Weighing in and Going Up
  133. Motivational Pics for Weight Loss
  134. I'm here for the long haul
  135. Please Help Me: I started exercising a month ago; now I want to eat the whole world.
  136. How do you deal with: "You're too skinny now, please stop. You look sick!"
  137. "You look so pretty now."
  138. Need support- wanting to emotional/binge eat
  139. How long will my weight loss be stopped?
  140. Losing steam due to schedule change
  141. Body Dismorphia
  142. Only eating when hungry is A LOT harder than I thought!!
  143. in need of some support/advice for staying motivated
  144. There are no thrill of milestones for me
  145. Active and Online Buddy Search
  146. Green Tea Extract
  147. 11 Pounds This month! 111 pounds total!
  148. Weightloss from giving up fast food
  149. Craving for Sugar!!!
  150. 117 pounds lost and all I hear are negative comments.
  151. How to lose weight without depriving myself
  152. Not being hungry for more than 18 hours is that a concern
  153. When you diet and exercise, but your spouse gets bigger
  154. Definitely need some advice/support
  155. Stressed, tired, cannot lose weight
  156. 4th of July without overeating
  157. Getting sick sucks!!!!
  158. "Unintentional Sabotage" from a spouse?
  159. ? for KatMarie & those who have lost over 100lbs
  160. Hydrostatic Body fat testing
  161. To get a treadmill desk, standing desk, or just an ergonomic chair?
  162. Going to an "all inclusive" resort
  163. Plateaus in the same spot?
  164. Frustration 9 weeks into my diet
  165. The lowest size!
  166. Not able to lose my water weight?!
  167. Losing Pounds but not the Fat
  168. Anyone lose a lot just using moderation and healthy eating?
  169. Not Getting Down on Yourself
  170. July 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  171. Any trip tips?
  172. IBS and Diet!!!!!
  173. I got asked if I was pregnant at work THREE seperate times
  174. Took a sneak look-now down 108 pounds! 9mo.&18days
  175. Losing Motivation
  176. why is exercise so difficult and how am i supposed to keep this up
  177. New here and my goal is to lose 2 pounds per week
  178. I am a newbie and have a long way to go!!
  179. Hungry!
  180. Taking a cheat.. week.. how bad is it?
  181. Cheat days : maintaining sanity or slippery slope?
  182. I've only lost a little weight but my undies are too big! Anyone else?
  183. Food and guilt, can you relate?
  184. Question about calories, low-carb, and no-flour-no-sugar
  185. It's been a good day.
  186. I think I expect too much of myself.
  187. Terrified of getting loose skin!
  188. Last time I hope
  189. Starting this journey
  190. Just beginning. .. Help
  191. Anyone else's body do worse when eating less?
  192. Losing weight but feel fatter than ever
  193. First plateau since starting and am super annoyed
  194. Ever had people tell you that they prefer you with extra weight………….?
  195. Falling off the wagon and getting back into shape again with a 12 WK challenge
  196. Looking so, so much bigger in photos
  197. starting to get discouraged
  198. Scale is finally going down - new birth control pill
  199. A million goals. I've gone loopy with the weight loss.
  200. My mom had a heart attack and it shouldn't catch me off guard
  201. I need to let go of my past weight losses
  202. Secret Sugar Film
  203. Why isn't the scale matching my calories?
  204. For Everyone: How did YOU get through that first diet week hunger?
  205. I have a problem
  206. 3 Fried Chicken Meals, last yr, 6mo ago & Today!
  207. Pinching ear to control appetite?
  208. *grizzle grizzle*
  209. How committed are you today?
  210. Having a hard time
  211. How to deal with negative weight loss comments?
  212. Venting, clothes shopping stress
  213. What do you love/hate about weight loss?
  214. How to fight cravings?
  215. Plateau Frustration
  216. How articles of clothes sometimes tell the best story
  217. An oldie.
  218. The Scale Is Ruining My Motivation.
  219. Maybe my issue is family, not weight..
  220. Regained it all after 10 years maintenance.
  221. All or Nothing
  222. The carb debate is "trickier" than I thought.
  223. Clothes Fitting Different Going Down?!
  224. June 2015 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!
  225. Kind of a backhanded NSV
  226. Why does regain happen so fast?
  227. AAAH!!! Cravings!!!
  228. Wondering how people are that I used to know here
  229. Getting to the One-der land
  230. Dog ear boobies
  231. A small triumph
  232. Just started 3 weeks ago.
  233. Regained it all
  234. Is exercise the key?
  235. Self Sabotaging Mental block brand new insecurities... please help :(
  236. Am I being a silly newbie juicer?
  237. And again, and again...
  238. Activity Trackers/Distance Walked
  239. Not feeling support in my home
  240. Feeling some relief
  241. I really think I'm okay with this Plateau...
  242. It started 6 weeks ago
  243. How do you deal with rude comments?
  244. Stopped a binge
  245. Help can't shake my food cravings
  246. Awkward question about losing your cloak of invisibility...
  247. Hey
  248. Really struggling with the marathon mindset
  249. Defining moments
  250. Proof that scales don't tell the whole story -183# in both pics