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  1. After how many calories do you feel like you blew it?
  2. Birthday's next week...
  3. Depressing yet motivating
  4. Self-inflicted plateau
  5. SCALE INSANITY...I need to just stop...
  6. Scale fluctuations... What is my "real" weight? :(
  7. No Wonder I'm So Dizzy!
  8. Gaining weight with resistance training... Not sure what to do
  9. Is this an excuse??
  10. I never stick with it...
  11. Feeling a little lost
  12. How do you deal if you lose the weight, but then gain it all back and more?
  13. Last night I ate a LARGE pizza and a HALF DOZEN WINGS
  14. Week 2 Weigh In - 427 to 417
  15. Motivation Brings Us Back
  16. Need to get this over with
  17. Trying to start again..
  18. Just feeling really down :(
  19. Only waist inches count? Bah.
  20. I'm convinced the secret to losing weight is learning how to cook.
  21. What I learned This Weekend
  22. Doesn't Make Sense - Body won't lose or gain
  23. BMI Advice
  24. Tea=water weight?
  25. Obsessive about leftovers, remainders, etc.
  26. This baby loooves refined carbs!!
  27. New Girl-Need Support! :)
  28. How do YOU recover from a FOOOOOD-packed weekend?
  29. Can You Try Too Hard To Lose Weight?
  30. Day 5
  31. Metabolic Destruction/Starvation Mode -opinions?
  32. Doing a little math...
  33. Fighting with motivation
  34. NSV.....8.2 Miles!!!!
  35. An overeater detected! Could you help me?
  36. How to curb 'instant gratification'/'worry'
  37. One of my biggest motivators....
  38. I feel like a complete & utter failure
  39. So, this is what it feels like to be naturally thin
  40. How do I get out of the 140s??
  41. Scared
  42. Need advise... In the men department! Lol
  43. Feeling like a failure after Valentine's Day
  44. I really need help and advice...
  45. Chocolate...My Drug of Choice
  46. Am I losing fat or water?
  47. Fun ways to keep track
  48. Everyone Weigh in 02/15/13
  49. Stomach bug...
  50. Changed my goal weight and I feel a weight lifted!
  51. Underarm bumps
  52. I know I shouldn't compare (pity party)
  53. Starting to Lose Motivation! GAH!
  54. Just a rant, don't mind me :-)
  55. Cupid slung the best arrow ever!!
  56. Strategies for Surviving Overwhelming Cravings?
  57. Question About Size and Weight
  58. No Longer 427 - New Weight 421.4
  59. Hats Off to Those of You with Snackers
  60. Lent - Eating Healthier Motivation?
  61. Hey I'm new here!
  62. Drinking X amount of water
  63. I don't miss
  64. Need help now :(
  65. Doctor wants to prescribe me Bontril and Vitamin B12 shots?!
  66. Well, Here I Am Again.
  67. When did your weight loss start to plateau?
  68. Feeling Hungry
  69. Lacking Inspiration
  70. Staying on plan vs. planned cheat days
  71. First Week Over - Second Week Starting
  72. I'm always exhausted!
  73. totally freaking myself out
  74. Im posting here because i dont know where else to turn.
  75. Stopping BCP - lose or gain weight?
  76. Back at it again
  77. Finally lost 1 (yes, one) pound!!
  78. Altruistic Missions: Weight Loss Support and Nutrition Knowledge
  79. A Letter To My Mother
  80. Hold my hand and be nice to me, please?
  81. Anyone do Gluten-free and sugar-free?
  82. How to tell my mom to stop sending me food
  83. So happy ttom came early - gives a chance...
  84. Dieting while being constantly demoralized
  85. Where to start?
  86. I have two questions
  87. How do you react when somr one comments on your loss?
  88. The skinny chair
  89. Decided to change.
  90. Losing the last 15-20 lbs.
  91. Feeling Protective Of Food?
  92. So... if formerly obese people forever alter their metabolism
  93. Everyone Weigh in 02/08/13
  94. Holy Unbelievably Sweet!
  95. Paid it all back, right away!
  96. Calorie-counting and snacking on high-fiber foods
  97. What "Tipped the Scale" For You?
  98. Please excuse my brain fart! Lol
  99. Talk me down!
  100. Countdown to? (Please Join In)
  101. My personal trainer doesn't quite believe my weight loss pattern
  102. Not losing weight! Frustrated & lost!
  103. No longer suicidal and new life style advice needed
  104. What does five pounds of fat look like?
  105. Losing weight for a failure
  106. Lean Body Mass and Goal Weights
  107. Reaching a milestone...and a stall
  108. Over-thinking weight loss
  109. The best compliment ever....
  110. really need some advice on will power
  111. Low blood sugar grouchiness
  112. The Scale Is Moving:):)
  113. I just had a freaking epiphany on maintenance goals
  114. Why are you allowed more calories when maintaining??
  115. 2 pound weight gain, feeling awful
  116. Looking For Support
  117. Do you gain weight during your period?
  118. Weight Loss Plateau
  119. Keeping the yo-yo at bay
  120. In a serious rut!
  121. Superbowl was NOT worth it!
  122. Giddy with excitement...
  123. Depressed and Frustrated
  124. Hard Time Getting "Enough" Calories Today
  125. 4 Weeks to Lose 4%
  126. Been a tough week...
  127. Just curious
  128. Weight loss myths and misconceptions
  129. Happy Fat . .
  130. Curvy Ladies and Burly Guys - Higher Goal Weights
  131. Lost 3 lbs in 4 days. Good or bad?
  132. Does anyone else just want to throw out their whole closet?
  133. Diet Struggles
  134. I need a little encouragement....and reassurance?
  135. What keeps YOU motivated?
  136. Help me figure out why I'm not losing weight?
  137. Everyone Weigh in 02/01/13
  138. Stress eating...the other extreme
  139. Saddlebags
  140. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - February 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  141. Actually getting started?
  142. My sweet tooth....wants sweets!
  143. My Fitness Pal-Weight in 5 weeks
  144. Waiting to eat with the family for dinner about KILLS me!
  145. Weight Loss Goal Tag
  146. Water Weirdness!
  147. Coping with weight loss comments from others
  148. Dieting during adversity
  149. In NEED of support and motivation
  150. How often do you weigh yourself?
  151. 18 pounds lighter by April 1: WHo's "INSANE" with me?
  152. A Little frustrated
  153. I notice but no one else does?
  154. No exercise = weight loss, exercise = no weight loss
  155. Most important weight loss tip
  156. Disappointment
  157. Water weight in the morning?
  158. OMG! Graphs ROCK!!!!
  159. Cheated or not.....?
  160. I need to get out of this body!
  161. Ugh! Can muscle significantly change/minimize fat?
  162. Too depressed
  163. Lose 10LBS by March 1st!
  164. Need support and a push
  165. 0.2 of a Pound Gain, Two Days in a Row?
  166. Weight in morning vs night
  167. The dreaded backslide!
  168. Random observation
  169. Ups/downs
  170. Goal and Mini Goal Rewards...Ideas?
  171. Resisting workplace temptation success!
  172. Oh curses to you cake batter! Why do I always succumb to it?
  173. binging rant
  174. My Husband Is Being Incredibly Supportive
  175. Sleep eaters?
  176. so frustrated and down after seeing the scale
  177. Scale Victory - No Longer "Obese!"
  178. Fail, fail, fail
  179. Struggling this week
  180. Preparing for Family Dinner Before Weigh In
  181. No more "ERR" on my scale :)
  182. Hungry!
  183. Feeling Cold All The Time
  184. Just as I hit my first goal, I binge. Big. Two Days in a row.
  185. 26 Straight Days OP and Exercising!
  186. Yet Another Question: Jiggly?
  187. sometimes I get shy...idk... Will losing weight help any?
  188. Article on REAL fat loss...
  189. pity party
  190. Everyone Weigh in 01/25/13
  191. New Thread Threw Me Back Out of ONEderland
  192. For Those of You Who Started at 220+
  193. Confused?
  194. Eating more and feeling so much better
  195. Whoa, feeling jittery after a sugar binge.
  196. Weight issues after hysterectomy
  197. Mini-goal rewards: what do you promise yourself?
  198. Tracking Calories
  199. OMG this month is dragging :(
  200. Please help! I beg you to help me.
  201. When should I do weigh-ins
  202. Force Feeding?
  203. Calories
  204. My husband's thoughts on my goal weight - food for thought...
  205. How do you calculate percentage lost?
  206. So I got asked the big question...
  207. I'd love some advice, ladies!!
  208. First TOM Since Starting Journey. Obstacles?
  209. Measurements up ? What is going on !
  210. >>getting to 180<<
  211. A little disappointed in myself
  212. Dieting well on vacation. Yes or no?
  213. How do you determine cals for recipes
  214. Ahaha try this!
  215. Hello
  216. 9-5 job, I finish all my calories before I even get home!
  217. I am so proud of my mummy
  218. At what point did your losses slow?
  219. Long Crotch = Sign of Weight loss?
  220. Feeling generally ugly..
  221. Times that I hate dieting.
  222. Don't want to see my friends
  223. Not really feeling I have a place anywhere
  224. Frustrated with self - too early in process!
  225. Losing 2 pounds/week long term?
  226. Starting to struggle
  227. Cabin fever
  228. Has your journey rubbed off on your kids?
  229. Water consumption question
  230. An INSANELY emotional day
  231. Holy Binge, batman.
  232. 3.5 lbs down and day one of 30 day shred :)
  233. Going to a baby shower tomorrow. First "event" since starting over.
  234. Met a Couple of Milestones for Myself...
  235. Does it ever go away?????
  236. Even though I know my body, I still don't like this pattern!
  237. Need to vent...
  238. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - January 2013 - Everyone Welcome! - PART 2
  239. Everyone Weigh in 01/18/13
  240. End of week 3 and feeling a little diappointed
  241. Get Me Out Of The 170's/160's/150's Part 2
  242. Disappointed with myself tonight
  243. I Am The Queen Of Will Power!
  244. So discouraged :(
  245. smacking my forehead! It wasn't DIET!!!!
  246. Getting used to being smaller?
  247. No support from husband just want to give up.
  248. An apology for something I did in this forum.
  249. I need help
  250. Why am I feeling this way?!