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  1. I'm crying on your shoulders...
  2. So weight lifting...and weight.
  3. "binged" for the first time and my mind felt freer than ever
  4. At what age did you get cellulite?
  5. Chocolate binge, but why don't I feel more guilty?
  6. Sodium Question
  7. Am I imagining things?
  8. Simple dinner gone wrong
  9. Every time I reach "Onederland" I want to cheat...why?!
  10. I haven't made a thread in here in a while.
  11. Why do I feel like this??!!
  12. Things are changing.....
  13. ???Has Anyone Around 300lbs Ever Tried This???
  14. Guys Help Me
  15. Really p..d off :(
  16. Chip Addiction
  17. How to lose weight when doing a desk job???
  18. So Determined, But so Frustrated
  19. How to get out of this self induced plateau?
  20. Can you get back to your high school weight?
  21. MOTIVATION: What 5, 10, 15 and 20 lbs of fat looks like!
  22. You know what's shocking?
  23. Simply Filling Technique (SFT) question
  24. Mini rant (well maybe not so mini)
  25. wearing through the inner thighs of my pants - LEAST favorite thing about being heavy
  26. The science of addictive food
  27. Pity Party for One
  28. Darn Impatience!
  29. Frustrated with rate of weight loss!
  30. 32lb took 5 months
  31. I don't know what to do anymore :(
  32. Deep sigh!
  33. How do you know when to stop?
  34. Salads are just... Blah!!!
  35. Feel Like Giving Up
  36. Oh. The Feels.
  37. Scale Fluctuation Q (Scale Issue, not salt or water or anything!)
  38. To weigh or not to weigh....
  39. How do I choose a diet?
  40. help! how do i lose pounds instead of inches?
  41. I feel like giving up...
  42. HCG advice?
  43. Needing some support..
  44. Ruminating
  45. To post-it or not to post-it
  46. Need a kick in the A$$
  47. I fell off the bandwagon
  48. New here...week 4 of SBD and feeling frustrated!
  49. Getting active after surgery
  50. Reached goal weight, got insulted same day
  51. Spike day (maintenance day)
  52. Put all the weight back on
  53. Scale epiphany (for now)
  54. My first time eating out, having a panic attack.
  55. You Know You're Diet Obsessed When...
  56. Frustrated with water weight
  57. Why am I craving sweets?
  58. Anyone deliberately stopped near goal...
  59. Weekend Resolution!
  60. Lawl @ my mother
  61. Food and grieving
  62. Starting again - weight loss post eating disorder
  63. How much do you nibble?
  64. Everyone Weigh in 03/08/13
  65. weight loss and sleep
  66. Question about hunger
  67. Opinions on Refeeds, Plateaus, etc...
  68. Just when I think I understand my body...
  69. Oh apple and peanut butter lunch - how I've missed you!
  70. Fat v. Muscle (with pics)
  71. Binge dream
  72. I Call Sabotage!!
  73. VERY Frustrated
  74. Excited out of my mind!! AWESOME, Colorado.
  75. Love this quote I read today
  76. What's your favorite thing about YOU
  77. Just slipped big time. :(
  78. NERVOUS: First Day Back, I'm Getting Hunger Pains and Growing Doubt
  79. The Things The Thin Folks Don't Quite Get
  80. My body needs a break?
  81. Feeling really anxious about P.E. class on Friday :(
  82. Yeah, I messed up. I feel gross.
  83. Mini-Goal Rewards
  84. Stuck!
  85. Lesson Learned - No More Alcohol
  86. Dont wanna b obese animor!!hate tantrms:(
  87. Um, am I being stupid?
  88. Newbie and stuck!!! :( In need of buddies to motivate me!
  89. Let's celebrate our good habits!
  90. Sad...Depressed...I hate myself!!!
  91. Do you ever just want to yell your fat away?!?!
  92. Working to much to exercise
  93. Finding motivation through depression.
  94. The Case of the Cow & the Chicken
  95. Stuck stuck stuck
  96. A NSV weekend
  97. Feeling Discouraged!
  98. What a good birthday!
  99. Is there a point to beginning again? AGAIN?
  100. Getting frustrated
  101. Where to start?
  102. Losing weight for revenge?
  103. How are your 2013 goals coming along?
  104. Big girl panties? NSV
  105. First results + Very depressed
  106. Why O Why!!
  107. BodPod results today and 8 weeks ago
  108. So... who else has been hiding behind winter clothes?
  109. Lose 10LBS by April 1st!
  110. Everyone Weigh in 03/01/13
  111. Why are Carbs so taboo?
  112. Saying goodby to Lbs using a different name :)
  113. So Close I Can Taste it...
  114. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - March 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  115. Hate myself....
  116. Lost 11lbs in 5 weeks -stalling
  117. How I overcame foods power over me>>>
  118. Reaching out for help..
  119. Who else gets in a funk if they don't exercise daily?
  120. just some feedback please
  121. Constant grind or break and maintain along the way?
  122. Food Feelings, and how they change.
  123. 3rd Weigh In - Now At 414
  124. those pesky plateaus
  125. Why Can't I Lose Weight?
  126. My stomach feels like its getting bigger...
  127. Let's get it done - let's be inspired
  128. omg, that did not just happen
  129. Helping someone else
  130. Lose 15 lbs by April 15th !!
  131. Finally seeing the scale move downward!!
  132. harder than I thought it would be
  133. Just Did 1 Push Up - LOL
  134. Diet, binge, diet, binge - stopping the cycle
  135. Pant size question
  136. 6 week plan to focus and in need of support
  137. Feeling down and fat now
  138. Good idea or bad idea?
  139. I just had TWO BEERS!
  140. Short term goals: think big or something conservative?
  141. Weight Loss = Hard on The Liver?
  142. I have an additction
  143. I didn't think the scale would EVER move
  144. I Need Some Serious Advice-wl Related
  145. Motivation for last few pounds
  146. Horrible horrible out of control week :(
  147. Buzzing
  148. gained it all back again...
  149. **PART 2** Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - February 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  150. This past month has given me a big giant learning experience.
  151. Finally Feeling Good - Progress!
  152. Why do we find it so difficult?
  153. Q for repeat losers...
  154. Letter to myself...
  155. A letter to my TOM
  156. Everyone Weigh in 02/22/13
  157. Good Phone Apps for Weight loss / diets
  158. Do Metabolic Setpoints Exist?
  159. After how many calories do you feel like you blew it?
  160. Birthday's next week...
  161. Depressing yet motivating
  162. Self-inflicted plateau
  163. SCALE INSANITY...I need to just stop...
  164. Scale fluctuations... What is my "real" weight? :(
  165. No Wonder I'm So Dizzy!
  166. Gaining weight with resistance training... Not sure what to do
  167. Is this an excuse??
  168. I never stick with it...
  169. Feeling a little lost
  170. How do you deal if you lose the weight, but then gain it all back and more?
  171. Last night I ate a LARGE pizza and a HALF DOZEN WINGS
  172. Week 2 Weigh In - 427 to 417
  173. Motivation Brings Us Back
  174. Need to get this over with
  175. Trying to start again..
  176. Just feeling really down :(
  177. Only waist inches count? Bah.
  178. I'm convinced the secret to losing weight is learning how to cook.
  179. What I learned This Weekend
  180. Doesn't Make Sense - Body won't lose or gain
  181. BMI Advice
  182. Tea=water weight?
  183. Obsessive about leftovers, remainders, etc.
  184. This baby loooves refined carbs!!
  185. New Girl-Need Support! :)
  186. How do YOU recover from a FOOOOOD-packed weekend?
  187. Can You Try Too Hard To Lose Weight?
  188. Day 5
  189. Metabolic Destruction/Starvation Mode -opinions?
  190. Doing a little math...
  191. Fighting with motivation
  192. NSV.....8.2 Miles!!!!
  193. An overeater detected! Could you help me?
  194. How to curb 'instant gratification'/'worry'
  195. One of my biggest motivators....
  196. I feel like a complete & utter failure
  197. So, this is what it feels like to be naturally thin
  198. How do I get out of the 140s??
  199. Scared
  200. Need advise... In the men department! Lol
  201. Feeling like a failure after Valentine's Day
  202. I really need help and advice...
  203. Chocolate...My Drug of Choice
  204. Am I losing fat or water?
  205. Fun ways to keep track
  206. Everyone Weigh in 02/15/13
  207. Stomach bug...
  208. Changed my goal weight and I feel a weight lifted!
  209. Underarm bumps
  210. I know I shouldn't compare (pity party)
  211. Starting to Lose Motivation! GAH!
  212. Just a rant, don't mind me :-)
  213. Cupid slung the best arrow ever!!
  214. Strategies for Surviving Overwhelming Cravings?
  215. Question About Size and Weight
  216. No Longer 427 - New Weight 421.4
  217. Hats Off to Those of You with Snackers
  218. Lent - Eating Healthier Motivation?
  219. Hey I'm new here!
  220. Drinking X amount of water
  221. I don't miss
  222. Need help now :(
  223. Doctor wants to prescribe me Bontril and Vitamin B12 shots?!
  224. Well, Here I Am Again.
  225. When did your weight loss start to plateau?
  226. Feeling Hungry
  227. Lacking Inspiration
  228. Staying on plan vs. planned cheat days
  229. First Week Over - Second Week Starting
  230. I'm always exhausted!
  231. totally freaking myself out
  232. Im posting here because i dont know where else to turn.
  233. Stopping BCP - lose or gain weight?
  234. Back at it again
  235. Finally lost 1 (yes, one) pound!!
  236. Altruistic Missions: Weight Loss Support and Nutrition Knowledge
  237. A Letter To My Mother
  238. Hold my hand and be nice to me, please?
  239. Anyone do Gluten-free and sugar-free?
  240. How to tell my mom to stop sending me food
  241. So happy ttom came early - gives a chance...
  242. Dieting while being constantly demoralized
  243. Where to start?
  244. I have two questions
  245. How do you react when somr one comments on your loss?
  246. The skinny chair
  247. Decided to change.
  248. Losing the last 15-20 lbs.
  249. Feeling Protective Of Food?
  250. So... if formerly obese people forever alter their metabolism