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  1. Weight loss advice from skinny people...Ugh!
  2. My food scale broke!
  3. Are these steppers any good?
  4. "Dear Me..."
  5. any other moms of littles have a hard time getting out to exercise?
  6. Food Porn
  7. "Dressing up" to exercise
  8. If your fat is jiggling is that a good sign?
  9. Do I need smaller goals if my big goal is right around the corner?
  10. So here it is....30lbs regain
  11. Need strategic help
  12. How is this even possible???
  13. I could kick myself!!
  14. Me, My Husband, and Our Shirts
  15. Results of binging for one meal
  16. "Afterburn" effect
  17. Now is NOT the time for a pity party!
  18. Part two: Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - May 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  19. Everyone Weigh in 05/24/13
  20. Some days I don't have any issues getting through without overeating..
  21. Six pounds in one day?
  22. Jealousy! Envy! Using the feelings to push myself!
  23. I LOVE this!!
  24. Do you think this Visualizer gives a good estimate of what you look like shape wise?
  25. Just having a blah day...
  26. What's a good Multi Enzyme supplement..
  27. Hey you!
  28. Pity party
  29. Cold weather cravings and demotivation
  30. NSV - from the sheriff!
  31. NSV--too light for my diet
  32. Meal Plans and Exercise routines
  33. Is there such thing as too much support?
  34. Blocking Things Out
  35. Emotions and weight loss
  36. Bad Lab Results
  37. Help, I need encouragement
  38. Starting to binge..
  39. Today I stepped on a scale
  40. Do I deserve these clothes?
  41. Writing it all out
  42. 28 lbs down, can we see the difference yet?
  43. Plateau =(
  44. Little bit of a mental quandary--dress shopping
  45. Looking for weight loss buddies
  46. More Advice please?!
  47. Two things I would have once punched you for if you said I would ever buy/do them...
  48. <<Getting to 160>>
  49. Blessed Mystery - Reduced Appetite
  50. The woosh fairy must be dizzy, she circled back to me again this week!
  51. Review Your Progress
  52. Is this good?
  53. Walking and calorie burn
  54. How to make your day better
  55. Why are people so rude??
  56. Clothing NSV
  57. Keeping Myself Accountable
  58. Gained 15
  59. I want to be the "prettiest mommy" to my son....
  60. Officially "Re-Losing"- It Changes Things!
  61. New to 3FC: Am I alone?
  62. For anyone that uses frozen meals for their diet, questions..
  63. I think I am losing it
  64. Calories or Nutrition?
  65. How open to suggestion are you?
  66. Some Thoughts about Rude Behavior
  67. Therapy to help with weight loss issues?
  68. Airplane Seats
  69. Just a fabulous week
  70. Everyone Weigh in 05/17/13
  71. Resetting Metabolism? (3000 calories?)
  72. Very rude comment about my weight.
  73. How do i think more like a thinner person?
  74. thin body, very large stomach
  75. No change on the do I stay focused?
  76. Fat and Depressed
  77. Too much protein?
  78. Help! Am I on the right track????
  79. damnit i keep gaining weight T_T
  80. Bad, crazy day
  81. How do I stop adding salt to my food?
  82. I snooze, I lose
  83. Trying to get back in the Groove
  84. Looking larger at the same weight?
  85. Should I go to the doctor
  86. Had an awful experience at the doctor today.
  87. I feel like Ive ruined my diet. How can I recover after gaining weight and inches?
  88. Living with non-dieters, and the office chocolate
  89. A Much Needed Conversation
  90. Food questions?
  91. I don't feel like a giant anymore
  92. compulsive eating
  93. Rewards
  94. How to Stay Motivated?
  95. "Problem Areas"
  96. I think I need to to more mental work
  97. Why thank you very much, woosh fairy!
  98. I've lost my way and could use some encouragement
  99. bought a blender - bad choice?
  100. Inspirational Quotes/Phrases.
  101. The Word Forever
  102. Is it possible to be naturally chubby/skinny?
  103. Summertime edema
  104. Smile, yes you...
  105. My Weight Loss Reward Bracelet...
  106. Upcoming weekend challenges & plan
  107. Everyone Weigh in 05/10/13
  108. So sad :(
  109. craving ice cream
  110. What's your opinion on eating breakfast?
  111. Feeling kinda blue today
  112. quitting smoking- help!!
  113. When did you start noticing a change?
  114. New to posting and ready to get this weight off!
  115. Allisgirl
  116. Men and Curves
  117. The more weight I lose, the less confident I feel?
  118. I win.
  119. NSV--blood test results
  120. Water weight? Belly suddenly bigger?
  121. Plateau? Starvation Mode? Why am I not losing????
  122. I feel like I'm starving.
  123. Stressed
  124. Why don't see a difference ?
  125. The relationship between fat loss and weight loss: I am confused.
  126. A close call/A victory/A telling moment
  127. 31 Days Go Raw May Challenge - Join me any time of the month !
  128. Wheat free packed lunch ideas?
  129. Practice what you preach, yep I owned it!
  130. Nsv Face Before And After + Collar Bones!!!
  131. Does anyone eat whatever they want as long as it's within your calorie range?
  132. Ever feel like you curse yourself? Keep my mouth SHUT!
  133. More bread = weight loss??
  134. I feel like I can't even get through one day.
  135. Losing weight and bras...... frustrated
  136. My first before/after picture. 25 pounds gone, 45% there.
  137. Nsv
  138. Floppy thread made me think...
  139. Anyone tried Rockin Body?
  140. Do you think there is enough information out there...
  141. Do I look fat in this dress - going to see the Great Gatsby
  142. Happy Birthday, wannaskipandlaugh!!
  143. Candid photo taken and I actually don't hate it
  144. Looking for 3FC members in NE Houston area
  145. I Look Thinner Every Where BUT My Arms...
  146. Weight loss made it go all floppy
  147. People that were thinner than you now look big
  148. was feeling great till I saw a pic of myself
  149. Breaking plateau?
  150. Am I doing enough?
  151. Crappiest i've ever felt. Ever.
  152. What The World Eats (in pictures)
  153. I really want to KILL myself!
  154. Wow, you lost a TON!
  155. Should I buy a swimsuit if I reach 146 on 4th of July this summer?
  156. You're going to stop now, right??
  157. Is this appropriate for wedding / Do I look fat in it?
  158. Switched from afternoon shift to day shift - gained
  159. I'm already starting to feel discouraged :(
  160. Dropped off the map for a bit...
  161. Everyone Weigh in 05/03/13
  162. My old belt fits!!!
  163. doctor's office called re: my weightloss
  164. Little bit of a meltdown right now
  165. Plateaued -- HELP!
  166. 120 Days Today!
  167. Looking for low glycemic WOE buddy
  168. Lane Bryant Sale BOGO--today and tomorrow
  169. the smaller I get, the sadder I get
  170. ... I can't do this!!! :( :( :(
  171. So confused! Did I really gain that weight?
  172. Maybe a Dumb Question: Measurements?
  173. Need First Day Advice and Tips!
  174. I know I post a lot but...I had my first bad day yesterday on my diet
  175. Still 4 kgs to go! + Praise of PTs
  176. When do you really feel like you're "over" emotional eating??
  177. Clothes size is still the same!!
  178. Protein drinks
  179. Ladies question!
  180. Still going f@@@@@@ nuts!
  181. lol Can I Make it the 29 Day Shred?!
  182. 1500 calories not enough?
  183. Lose 10 lbs by JUNE 1ST!!!!!!
  184. Dieting Help
  185. Metamucil for stomach bloating?
  186. How much do you want to lose by June 1st?
  187. Blank looks from servers
  188. Lbs down, inches UP ?!
  189. Inches vs. Pounds
  190. Could have had a wardrobe malfunction, have you?
  191. Question about the rate of fat loss
  192. Does stress really stall weightloss?
  193. Nine day Period and weight loss.
  194. More thoughts on "naturally thin"
  195. Frustrated
  196. Frustrated beyond believe
  197. ED Fighting Support-Reasons not to purge (make myself throw up)?
  198. Size....what?!?!
  199. Flattering, modest swim suits
  200. The Afternoon is My Downfall
  201. Need a seat belt as I keep falling off the wagon
  202. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - May 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  203. Supporting Each Other on our Weight Loss Journey
  204. Dumb *** weigh-in moves
  205. Tiny little loss of motivation already!
  206. food addiction?
  207. Will you guys support me in fighting this?
  208. Do some NSVs make you sad?
  209. So I live in a house with unhealthy eating habits.
  210. Some more before and after pics...
  211. Bell peppers (red/green/yellow) question?
  212. Tomorrow is my birthday and...
  213. How much weight could I lose by June 9th?
  214. Burger King now delivers. McDonalds may be next
  215. Did I really just gain weight like that?
  216. I need some motivation to lose weight.
  217. Some Weight Loss Encouragement from Yesterday's Dear Abby
  218. Yearly blood work.
  219. going on a weird trip and don't know how to "keep it up"
  220. Lose more when Not working out?
  221. Everyone Weigh in 04/26/13
  222. Another life challenge!
  223. Just Got An Awesome Compliment!
  224. They Fit!
  225. Cannot let myself get that hungry...
  226. Struggling with my Goal Weight
  227. Ugh... I really did that
  228. Anal Fissures - anyone else?
  229. So proud of myself!
  230. Oh no...I had sweets!
  231. NSV- No Gestational Diabetes
  232. A habit to replace weighing myself so often?
  233. I don't know how many points I used?
  234. What gives you motivation?
  235. One Crazy Year But I'm Back!
  236. Weight Loss Blogs
  237. Well... That was just weird.
  238. My weight loss journey so far - 19 lbs lost!
  239. This isn't a loaded question, I swear! Yoga pants...
  240. I could use some guidance
  241. First Weigh-In Jitters, Help?
  242. Lost 22 in a half pounds
  243. Make Your own 5 lbs. of Fat replica
  244. Discouragement... I need advice and help from someone.
  245. NSV Able to Play with the Grands
  246. Back again... regained :(
  247. I lost almost 20kg (~44lbs) in 3 months. Am I healthy?
  248. I dont know where to start!
  249. suffered a loss, back on plan
  250. 41 lbs by June 30th...tough but doable!