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  1. I feel like I can't even get through one day.
  2. Losing weight and bras...... frustrated
  3. My first before/after picture. 25 pounds gone, 45% there.
  4. Nsv
  5. Floppy thread made me think...
  6. Anyone tried Rockin Body?
  7. Do you think there is enough information out there...
  8. Do I look fat in this dress - going to see the Great Gatsby
  9. Happy Birthday, wannaskipandlaugh!!
  10. Candid photo taken and I actually don't hate it
  11. Looking for 3FC members in NE Houston area
  12. I Look Thinner Every Where BUT My Arms...
  13. Weight loss made it go all floppy
  14. People that were thinner than you now look big
  15. was feeling great till I saw a pic of myself
  16. Breaking plateau?
  17. Am I doing enough?
  18. Crappiest i've ever felt. Ever.
  19. What The World Eats (in pictures)
  20. I really want to KILL myself!
  21. Wow, you lost a TON!
  22. Should I buy a swimsuit if I reach 146 on 4th of July this summer?
  23. You're going to stop now, right??
  24. Is this appropriate for wedding / Do I look fat in it?
  25. Switched from afternoon shift to day shift - gained
  26. I'm already starting to feel discouraged :(
  27. Dropped off the map for a bit...
  28. Everyone Weigh in 05/03/13
  29. My old belt fits!!!
  30. doctor's office called re: my weightloss
  31. Little bit of a meltdown right now
  32. Plateaued -- HELP!
  33. 120 Days Today!
  34. Looking for low glycemic WOE buddy
  35. Lane Bryant Sale BOGO--today and tomorrow
  36. the smaller I get, the sadder I get
  37. ... I can't do this!!! :( :( :(
  38. So confused! Did I really gain that weight?
  39. Maybe a Dumb Question: Measurements?
  40. Need First Day Advice and Tips!
  41. I know I post a lot but...I had my first bad day yesterday on my diet
  42. Still 4 kgs to go! + Praise of PTs
  43. When do you really feel like you're "over" emotional eating??
  44. Clothes size is still the same!!
  45. Protein drinks
  46. Ladies question!
  47. Still going f@@@@@@ nuts!
  48. lol Can I Make it the 29 Day Shred?!
  49. 1500 calories not enough?
  50. Lose 10 lbs by JUNE 1ST!!!!!!
  51. Dieting Help
  52. Metamucil for stomach bloating?
  53. How much do you want to lose by June 1st?
  54. Blank looks from servers
  55. Lbs down, inches UP ?!
  56. Inches vs. Pounds
  57. Could have had a wardrobe malfunction, have you?
  58. Question about the rate of fat loss
  59. Does stress really stall weightloss?
  60. Nine day Period and weight loss.
  61. More thoughts on "naturally thin"
  62. Frustrated
  63. Frustrated beyond believe
  64. ED Fighting Support-Reasons not to purge (make myself throw up)?
  65. Size....what?!?!
  66. Flattering, modest swim suits
  67. The Afternoon is My Downfall
  68. Need a seat belt as I keep falling off the wagon
  69. Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - May 2013 - Everyone Welcome!
  70. Supporting Each Other on our Weight Loss Journey
  71. Dumb *** weigh-in moves
  72. Tiny little loss of motivation already!
  73. food addiction?
  74. Will you guys support me in fighting this?
  75. Do some NSVs make you sad?
  76. So I live in a house with unhealthy eating habits.
  77. Some more before and after pics...
  78. Bell peppers (red/green/yellow) question?
  79. Tomorrow is my birthday and...
  80. How much weight could I lose by June 9th?
  81. Burger King now delivers. McDonalds may be next
  82. Did I really just gain weight like that?
  83. I need some motivation to lose weight.
  84. Some Weight Loss Encouragement from Yesterday's Dear Abby
  85. Yearly blood work.
  86. going on a weird trip and don't know how to "keep it up"
  87. Lose more when Not working out?
  88. Everyone Weigh in 04/26/13
  89. Another life challenge!
  90. Just Got An Awesome Compliment!
  91. They Fit!
  92. Cannot let myself get that hungry...
  93. Struggling with my Goal Weight
  94. Ugh... I really did that
  95. Anal Fissures - anyone else?
  96. So proud of myself!
  97. Oh no...I had sweets!
  98. NSV- No Gestational Diabetes
  99. A habit to replace weighing myself so often?
  100. I don't know how many points I used?
  101. What gives you motivation?
  102. One Crazy Year But I'm Back!
  103. Weight Loss Blogs
  104. Well... That was just weird.
  105. My weight loss journey so far - 19 lbs lost!
  106. This isn't a loaded question, I swear! Yoga pants...
  107. I could use some guidance
  108. First Weigh-In Jitters, Help?
  109. Lost 22 in a half pounds
  110. Make Your own 5 lbs. of Fat replica
  111. Discouragement... I need advice and help from someone.
  112. NSV Able to Play with the Grands
  113. Back again... regained :(
  114. I lost almost 20kg (~44lbs) in 3 months. Am I healthy?
  115. I dont know where to start!
  116. suffered a loss, back on plan
  117. 41 lbs by June 30th...tough but doable!
  118. Tip on dealing with colleagues....
  119. I don't know what to do...
  120. Exercising and not losing!!
  121. NSV Bank teller questioned my identity
  122. Lose the weight for someone else?
  123. Nsv
  124. Can't stick with it!
  125. I Should Be Celebrating - What Is Wrong With Me?
  126. I don't know where to start, and I'm scared :(
  127. Everyone Weigh in 04/19/13
  128. No cake for you. Really?
  129. So.. what would you do at this point?
  130. Went from an 18 to a 16?!?
  131. Finding balance while pregnant...
  132. Gaining "Weight" in the Hospital
  133. What a great feeling
  134. John P.
  135. Eating when i'm bored. Help.
  136. Failing on the green smoothie diet, help?
  137. I bought some calipers last night
  138. Stalling?
  139. Cheating on your diet
  140. Hypnotherapy for weight loss.
  141. How do you get rid of the afternoon sweet craving?
  142. When your clothes get too loose!
  143. depressed, lost control and gained: how can I break this pattern?
  144. Thoughts on Eat more to weigh less and metabolic damage?
  145. Lost a lot, still have a lot to lose, but where is it gonna come from?
  146. Mental Plateau Causing Weight Plateau?
  147. When I go off plan, I feel . . .
  148. Good news celebrating by sharing, not eating
  149. Please tell me not to give up!!!
  150. feeling disappointed....
  151. So, what does "a healthy relationship with food" really mean?
  152. Got married! I'm back and ready to get back to the grind!
  153. A serious & scary wake up call
  154. Help!
  155. Weighing in...
  156. Who's in the last 20 lbs before goal?!
  157. Zumba tonight, feeling a little anxious
  158. Need your help
  159. First Weigh In...Was It Too Much?
  160. tip to NOT gorge on chocolate
  161. Gained half back...Setting 4 rules for my LIFE.
  162. The reasons we eat
  163. Tips for dining at friends'?
  164. Scale!!!
  165. Your First Diet
  166. Question about exercise and weight loss.
  167. Why is the 220s the male ONE-derland?
  168. Hashimotos Thyroid and Weight Loss?
  169. Weight Loss Buddy Needed!
  170. Oh My...
  171. Feeling proud of myself
  172. How do you work cheat days?
  173. Nasty row with my mom
  174. Hospitalized and depressed
  175. Permission to Eat My Trigger Food? It's Been 3 Months Without Ice Cream!
  176. very frustrated..
  177. Climbing back on the wagon
  178. Stalling!!! How do I break a stall?!?!?! Will intermittent fasting help?
  179. A whoosh of a whoosh of a whoosh!
  180. Everyone Weigh in 04/12/13
  181. Healthy relationship with food?
  182. Affirmations, Meditations and Guided Relaxations
  183. One Last Virtual EZ-5k in Memory of Gary
  184. I ran today....
  185. It's working!!
  186. Time to Lose 10lbs
  187. Prom in a month, need to slim:)
  188. I feel like giving up
  189. I just can't lose weight.
  190. I'm back in the ballgame!!
  191. Frustration!
  192. Not confident, not happy, only 17):
  193. Please tell me that weight gain after surgery is temporary!
  194. My horrible GYM ANXIETY...
  195. Havin' a good year...
  196. Ideas for rewards??
  197. Can you feel weight loss?
  198. How much do you want to lose?
  199. What defines a "binge"?
  200. Starvation mode
  201. Why isn't going down as easy as going up??
  202. Fat Face
  203. Rubber face!
  204. Off Track
  205. i don't even know...
  206. How did you find the motivation to continue losing weight?
  207. NSV at the grocery store
  208. Bravery gathering post
  209. Busy schedule suggestions
  210. How to lose weight with NO time?
  211. Driving license
  212. 3 months on DASH...verdict is in.
  213. Starting new, looking for diet buddies
  214. Why have I only just figured this out....
  215. Distorted Body Image: Having an Issue...
  216. I'm back and ready to lose! (very long re-intro)
  217. People that inspire you!
  218. I Did It!!!
  219. Weight Loss Patterns- Do you have one?
  220. This is REALLY it for me
  221. It's a total bummer that....
  222. Weightloss: Calorie or Carb counting?
  223. i don't want to!!!!!
  224. Posting for Accountability's Sake!
  225. We've all seen that fat vs muscle photo, but...
  226. Last portion of weight loss..
  227. How much weight can you lose safely in a week?
  228. Is there a lost and found department around here?
  229. I don't think I'm doing this right...
  230. Horrible day!
  231. Everyone Weigh in 04/05/13
  232. Judgement
  233. I Hate This
  234. New here and ? About weight goal
  235. Shrink Waist, Shrink! Fellow Apple Shapes - when did your waist shrink?
  236. Anyone In/Around Augusta, Georgia?
  237. Fifty Pound Milestone
  238. Setting realistic weight-loss goals
  239. Why?
  240. New Idea for Goal Motivation!
  241. How do you reward yourself for losing weight?
  242. A lady plea:
  243. still need help please
  244. I can't eat this !!!
  245. Mall NSV!
  246. People ask how you do it?
  247. Inches without the pounds
  248. I really CAN do this!!
  249. I gained ten pounds, but I look the same. Normal?
  250. Ugh, having trouble staying motivated.