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  1. Sodas might now get warning labels.
  2. Hello!
  3. Things you want to change
  4. support from your doctor
  5. Feeling Down after a bad day!
  6. How do you manage Fluid retention / swelling in the summer months?
  7. What are good lunch ideas?
  8. Question about gaining with exercise
  9. Losing motivation...exercise, etc.
  10. How to eyeball portions
  11. I have a scale addiction!!!
  12. Sucess in week?
  13. Quit smoking recently and gaining
  14. can i eat?
  15. Ugh, I'm disgusted!
  16. Inspiration
  17. Question about caloric intake
  18. Feeling awesome!!
  19. Period gains!!
  20. Where to measure...
  21. What is a reasonable goal...
  22. To our English posters
  23. ok
  24. Ugh!
  25. How am I gonna do this now??
  26. Getting enough calories and the body's starvation mechanism
  27. Timing in when you eat?
  28. I am so hungry... HELP!
  29. What am I doing wrong? (weight won't go down...)
  30. Strength training question
  31. Need help with calories!!
  32. Ticker & Sig Goals Post em
  33. tell me
  34. Oh. Crap.
  35. portion perception
  36. Good day/bad day
  37. Happy Birthday Morticia!!!!!
  38. Goals
  39. Just started getting serious...need help!
  40. First WW weigh-in
  41. Need to know what to look forward to for my motivation...
  42. Why NOT to get on the scale too often...
  43. can yall tell me?
  44. So weird
  45. Can I do a weekly weigh in?
  46. My ticker moved!!
  47. Should I change my ticker?
  48. Emotional RoLlEr CoStEr about to begin.
  49. Need advice
  50. Back at Square 1
  51. Curious...
  52. A taste of success!
  53. But who is taking care of YOU?
  54. Aaaacccckkk! Unprepared!
  55. Help!
  56. New here, finally ready to do it...need some emotional support.
  57. how do i enter the elliptical on fitday?!?!
  58. Healthy eating for those who hate to cook
  59. Which was harder for you?
  60. Don't know how to dress myself anymore
  61. Frusturated
  62. Too close to 200?
  63. This might sting a little
  64. Help! Calorie counting and not losing..
  65. proud of myself
  66. Summer Time Heat
  67. Does drinking ice water burn calories? A link inside...
  68. Looking for words of support
  69. I want to...
  70. Tell me all the reasons that diet soda is bad.
  71. Thank you, 3FC!
  72. Help! I'm New at this!!
  73. Where is my MOTIVATION!
  74. Handicap with CP and have Diabetes! I need to know am I doing my diet right?
  75. Finally back online
  76. in need of encouraging words..quick!
  77. I am angry!
  78. Starting ALL over??
  79. Help I need some advice on safe places to eat
  80. Please HELP me
  81. So what am I doing wrong? Take a peek please
  82. Whoo Hoo New Pics
  83. that time of the month....
  84. Pepsi withdrawl
  85. Here I go again..
  86. help
  87. I am frustrated.
  88. Hard to Not Be discouraged
  89. I feel like just giving up!
  90. The scales are stuck!
  91. Really Need Some Support Right Now
  92. When You feel you have not lost enough
  93. My body fat % is what??!!
  94. Mourning my "fat clothes". Please tell me I'm not alone.
  95. When you're depressed do you ever feel like it doesn't matter WHAT you eat?
  96. dreams about bad food!
  97. Pant Size?
  98. Isn't it ironic...
  99. Starting off Strong
  100. Mini Successes
  101. I love water, but...
  102. argg-weight gain
  103. New stretch marks while scale stays the same?
  104. Does this make sense?
  105. The Big Lie
  106. My Story
  107. Please Help Me,Health Problems due to weight...
  108. therapy
  109. I rule BECAUSE...
  110. Going out to eat tip
  111. Dieting w/o family and friend pressure
  112. Less Is Not More!!!
  113. 40-something
  114. Tom
  115. Very scared!
  116. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and I found a solution!
  117. I did it!! I got to my first mini-goal weight!!
  118. Can I scream please?
  119. support please!
  120. I failed...
  121. Working on staying motivated!
  122. First thing vs. noon
  123. PUMP me up
  124. sigh
  125. hungry.....
  126. What Motivated You to Start Over?
  127. food and exercise logs
  128. Motiviation? Prasing? or Love?
  129. Please Help ME
  130. Problems with Vitamins?
  131. "compliments" that aren't?
  132. Maintenance calories?
  133. what a great place, glad I found it
  134. Introducing Myself
  135. I need help...
  136. Does it seem like every fat man on tv weighs less than you?
  137. Extra Skin
  138. Salllllllllllllllty!!!
  139. Height Weight chart
  140. In need of some ideas.....
  141. My best friend is trying to fatten me up.
  142. STUCK!!!!!
  143. New here
  144. I am feeling sooo hopeless
  145. New to Webgroup
  146. New Girl in Town Needs Advice
  147. Way to keep from overeating?
  148. What is a good plan?
  149. I am having a rough day!
  150. What is a realistic goal?
  151. Be Accountable! Post your food diary -- June 2005
  152. Pics
  153. I need HELP!
  154. I need some help, support, advice, GRR!
  155. Ways 2 Celebrate Reaching Weight Goal?
  156. Oh no! What's going on? :'(
  157. enemy!
  158. pedometers
  159. very unsupportive BF :(
  160. How Do I Handle People's Reaction to the New Me?
  161. Frustrations about health
  162. I don't know which is worse....
  163. Hunger control
  164. Plateau?
  165. Break-up binge HELP!
  166. What is your (emotional) weakness, and how do you overcome it?
  167. What is your weakness and how do you overcome it?
  168. Down another 2 lbs.
  169. Hello
  170. cellulite
  171. New to this
  172. How quickly will I start to see results????? I need encouragement...
  173. In Need of a little Encouragement
  174. how much weight do you gain during that TOM?
  175. Help! Can't get motivated
  176. Hello beautiful ladies
  177. diet schmiet
  178. Diet Tips
  179. I just can't stop eating!
  180. A Happy Medium?
  181. Jane Pauley show today.....
  182. Sugar attack
  183. New birth control patch, Evra-weight gain?
  184. Smoking/Weight Loss
  185. occasional indulgences v. sabotaging lifestyle change
  186. motivation for the last 20 lbs
  187. setback day, family crisis
  188. Does it take less to drop a dress size vs. a pants size?
  189. Hello! I'm new....
  190. very in need of support
  191. Almost halfway
  192. fresh start
  193. List of what I ate today
  194. Hello ladies
  195. Help! Why is this so hard?
  196. A newbie with a slow metabolism...
  197. Stuck in a plateau and giving up
  198. Light Bulb Lessons
  199. Help! How Did I Gain It All Back In 2 Days!??
  200. Help
  201. Using fat and energy
  202. Woohoo! I exercised today! (post your daily exercise here!)
  203. bad news
  204. I have to gush!
  205. I'm a SLACKER
  206. Hair loss linked to weight gain
  207. plateau buster!
  208. Munchie Attack!
  209. not sure what to do help
  210. boredom munchies when you are trapped
  211. Strange taste in my mouth?
  212. Be accountable! Post your food diary-May 2005
  213. a ray of hope...
  214. I'm seriously bugging out!
  215. very new and need support and motivation
  216. New and need support
  217. Old feelings/emotions come back?
  218. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO ready for a change!
  219. sigh...the scale is stuck
  220. The bat's theme for this week... portion control!
  221. How do you keep yourself motivated?
  222. Summer Challendge!!!
  223. newbie - - need some accountabilty/buddies!
  224. Argh! MY scale....!!!
  225. you're not gonna miss it when its gone
  226. Day 4 ~ I'm miserable ~ HELP!
  227. Goal Question
  228. urgh, this is sucking depressed about exercise
  229. any night time strategies
  230. I've done horribly
  231. Stuck!
  232. Anyone have relationship issues because your depressed?
  233. Sleeping?
  234. New here, some questions!
  235. binge eating in the weekend
  236. In Need of A Boost
  237. I'M QUITTING! (smoking that is...)
  238. What is going on with my weight/the scale?!!
  239. Ready to go....again
  240. Hi everyone, My name is Linda (1st post)
  241. How often do you weigh yourself?
  242. Having trouble getting started
  243. No sleep last night and not tired now...
  244. EMOTIONAL Eating.. Yikes.
  245. Sick (and Tired)
  246. Back At The Gym Yeah
  247. Need to vent about free food!!
  248. Has Anyone Ever Noticed?
  249. Just Venting
  250. need MAJOR help