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  1. it wasn't as bad as i thought...
  2. A Small Victory--Resisting temptation
  3. on a compliment high!!!
  4. How many Calories-A POLL
  5. Newbie wanting advice!
  6. I just want to cry!!
  7. Hit all time low
  8. your thoughts?
  9. reacting
  10. Jan 27th, plan for a perfect day
  11. Help!!!
  12. Introduction and a request for help for Da Bug :)
  13. Reaffirmation: I am Fat
  14. Wonderful Surprise!
  15. Stretch Marks?
  16. Fell off the wagon, & needing support!
  17. Gonna walk in my first 5K on Feb. 18...any tips?
  18. Journal on line-help
  19. Biggest Loser restaurant families. I'm rooting
  20. Starting....AGAIN!!
  21. What are you looking for, here at 3FC?
  22. Fast food woes......
  23. xenical release?
  24. No Appetite
  25. People are SO MEAN!
  26. What have I done wrong?
  27. Jan 26th, plan for a perfect day
  28. well its not quite rock bottom but it's darn close...
  29. Impeccable Timing
  30. Someone e-slap me
  31. Need some advice bad!!
  32. Seperate meals for me and my family??????
  33. Can anyone recommend a good scale to buy...
  34. Eviliptical and Dreadmill mental games?
  35. Well, my official weight is....
  36. Finally had the courage to get on the scale...
  37. Jan 26th Plan for a perfect day
  38. Losing weight while in college
  39. Weigh in Tomorrow (not friday)!!!
  40. Good advice from maintainers
  41. Learn From My Mistakes!!! My old before/after
  42. Help!
  43. My New Motivation
  44. New plan . . . . advice?
  45. What am I doing wrong?
  46. I had a dream
  47. Is Your Job Making You Fat?
  48. Thank GOD for 3FC!
  49. Jan 25th plan for a perfect day
  50. Well, I finally watched Super-Size Me
  51. I Lost!!!!!!!
  52. Not wanting to get hopes up
  53. Jan 24th Plan for the Perfect Day
  54. I'm excited...
  55. Didn't meet my weekly goal
  56. I feel like a big fat failure!!!!!
  57. How do you want others to support you?
  58. why????
  59. Where oh where are my pair of magic jeans?
  60. 627 lb woman and half ton man
  61. Before and after pictures please!
  62. Need a vent!
  63. What am I doing wrong?
  64. Jan 23rd, plan for a perfect day.
  65. Losing for April Fools! Wk 5, Jan 23,2006
  66. My story--yo-yoing
  67. So ready to give up :(
  68. A Little Discouraged :(
  69. Scared of the toll weight loss takes on your body
  70. New here..advice/support please!
  71. Did anyone hear a thud last night?
  72. Public Confession
  73. Help! How does weight loss work???
  74. Negative comments on physical appearance
  75. Is it possible or reasonable to want to lose 26 lbs. in 13 weeks?
  76. argh!
  77. Well Poop
  78. Jan 22nd Plan for a Perfect day!
  79. Motivating quotes
  80. Awkward Moment at the Gym...
  81. What are your Fat/Protien/Carb Ratios?
  82. Do you ever feel like work gets ALL your energy?
  83. Help Help Help!!!!!!!!
  84. Jan 21st, Plan for a perfect day!
  85. What kind of workout do you do?
  86. Who is that girl in the mirror anyways!
  87. annoyed by well meaning stuff
  88. To sticker or not to sticker...HELP
  89. Thank You!
  90. Jan 20th Plan for a Perfect Day
  91. What was your, Oh My Gosh I'm Huge, moment?
  92. Different Times of Day
  93. Jan 19 ... plan for the nearly perfect day
  94. Do I belong?
  95. Is it destiny?
  96. I've officially lost my mind!
  97. quick Recipes?
  98. didn't exercise today & feel cruddy
  99. Mantra - What is yours?
  100. Wasn't sure where to post this...
  101. Need Ideas
  102. Got a new scale & compulsive about weighing
  103. How do you deal with a crappy day?
  104. Needing some support and butt-kicking!
  105. Scarsdale Diet :) Support :)
  106. Challenge ... a nearly perfect day
  107. I Did It!!
  108. One Small Step....
  109. looking for inspiration......
  110. Good day gone terribly wrong...
  111. Why the Binge???
  112. Frustrated!!
  113. A New Beginning...
  114. Can someone please tell me what's going on?
  115. Losing for April Fools! Wk 4, Jan 16,2006
  116. May Challenge
  117. Attn: LovesBassets
  118. Have you ever been *afraid* to be thin?
  119. Quick question...
  120. Fitday question-Activity
  121. My first week first week dieting!
  122. Personal Rewards for Meeting Goals
  123. I'm HUNGRY !!! AHHHHH
  124. I found a fun exercise !!! :)
  125. Its been really bad week
  126. New here, compulsive overeater, questions!
  127. Weird question.
  128. Attempts Until Success
  129. Trying again (multi-posted)
  130. Just a bit of venting going on
  131. i'm a dietary train wreck.
  132. Is my body done losing?
  133. Who doesnt want a little daily support?
  134. #$@$^^$*&$% scale!!! HELP ME AVOID A SETBACK!!!
  135. So I took all of your advice.....
  136. Help! Need some encouragement!! Quick!!
  137. I am on a roll.
  138. Too Fat To Deserve To be Pretty... (Rant)
  139. My Family Doesn't Seem to Understand!! (Family Meals)
  140. Honest Opinions Please (pictures)
  141. A Little tired!
  142. interpersonal issues
  143. "You are obese" ~ The truth hurts...
  144. Hunger
  145. Newbie..Anyone with Menopause weight?
  146. Significant weightloss topics..Entering last few pounds stage
  147. Wow Really?!
  148. Need to be good! (It's so hard!)
  149. The gym
  150. Can it hurt..
  151. Help!!!!!
  152. Body image & THIN MODELS!
  153. Help!!!!!
  154. Frustrated with myself
  155. Is Week One Horrible For Everyone?!
  156. where on your body?
  157. Am I eating way too much?
  158. I've bought the I have to lose the weight!
  159. Binge Free Challenge for January
  160. New member needs help
  161. Need encouragement to exersize
  162. carbs, protein, fat
  163. Just Diet
  164. Sick and feeling guilty!!!
  165. Why do I feel awkward?
  166. How do I stop eating at night??
  167. venting!!
  168. Losing for April Fools! Wk 3, Jan 9,2006
  169. Do you ever feel narcissistic?
  170. Making the Choice
  171. POLL: Candy bowl at work, sabogatoging?
  172. Calling all Canadians!
  173. When you reach your target
  174. Emotional Eating
  175. Facts?
  176. Allowing Yourself a Treat?
  177. What Photographs!
  178. Gradual or Intense
  179. Calories
  180. Exercise Needed?
  181. How old were you when you first thought of yourself as *fat*?
  182. yes, I've come crawling back
  183. Stretching Exercises
  184. My own plan of action.... I will do this!
  185. I Need Help
  186. I did it again...
  187. Couldnt tell the difference until today
  188. Is my goal weight realistic?
  189. I am so MAD right now!
  190. I dont know if I can do this!
  191. A suggestion for pasta lovers....
  192. Foods so delicious it's hard to believe they are healthy!
  193. Starting fresh!!!
  194. How do you deal with...
  195. What's the consensus on caffeine?
  196. 30 is just around the corner
  197. Pasta?! Who knew...?
  198. After 4 months, I'm ready to get serious again!
  199. Needing motivational support
  200. Now or Never ! ! !
  201. Starting over
  202. I have a confession to make
  203. Back from holidays 8 lbs heavier.
  204. newbie
  205. Waist to Hip ratio
  206. Always Tired
  207. Just Starting
  208. What Motivates You?
  209. day 2 and this is what my day looked like
  210. Question about sizes
  211. I'n Scared Of Failing.....again
  212. I am new need help please
  213. Sound Familiar?
  214. New and can't wait to get started!
  215. Losing for April Fools! Wk 2, Jan 2,2006
  216. 23 and determined to make a change NOW!!!
  217. Happy New Year!!!
  218. Im 24 and ready to change my life
  219. I have a question about aprons
  220. Stress Out Single Mom Wants to drop lbs!
  221. ANyone currently on Nutrisystem??
  222. Help I Can't Stop Eating
  223. Can't cook. Any hope for me?
  224. Exercise help needed.
  225. can u drink too much water???
  226. how do i get rid of this?
  227. Can you drink too much diet pop?
  228. Does everybody journal their food?
  229. Cleaned My Fridge And Went Shopping!
  230. I am feeling great!!!
  231. can you look smaller, but the scale hasn't changed
  232. Obese patients needed for clinical trial
  233. Weighing yourself
  234. What is wrong with my leg?!
  235. Trying to buy Meridia online
  236. Fitday
  237. lets get pumped for the new year!
  238. "Diet" foods
  239. What are you maintenance calories?
  240. Have you seen TODAY show!!!
  241. Stomach flu, dropping weight, afraid to gain it back!
  242. Winter Blahs
  243. Nice sister!!!!!
  244. my weight
  245. Losing for April Fools! New Challenge!
  246. I made the nurse weigh me twice!!!!
  247. i need support ladies
  248. Let's Calmly Reassess the Christmas Mess
  249. Why can't people just mind their own business?
  250. Frightened to lose weight