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  41. 10th June 2006
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  60. how long?
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  64. Snack Timing
  65. When to weigh myself? [Silly question, yes I know]
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  70. yikes, holidays, birthdays, oh my!
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  72. Goin' on Vacation & I'm takin' my scale
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  80. Battling no hunger
  81. Bodies are so weird
  82. I wish someone would notice!
  83. In Your WeightLoss Journey
  84. Whatcha Eating Today? Are you Planning? :)
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  86. Abbreviations
  87. Visible Motivation
  88. The Scales that hurt
  89. Recommitting to myself...
  90. Hello everybody
  91. Discouraging
  92. I don't get it ... (basal/lifestyle calories)
  93. newbie/intro!
  94. wow! i can post! i had the hardest time
  95. Making myself accountable
  96. April 18 - Plan for the Nearly Perfect Day!
  97. Weird thing with fitday... anyone know?
  98. Food Journals?
  99. What is your reward!!!
  100. what do you do?
  101. Confession! I've been careless!
  102. HELP! Im only 13, turning 14 this year and im 230 lbs
  103. Frustrated and Discouraged
  104. What got you motivated and what is keeping you motivated?
  105. I'm Sooo Tired
  106. Lose It By July 4th -- 11 weeks
  107. I am failing, and feeling like loser
  108. confessions of a wannabe Ex-chocoholic!
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  114. any tips?
  115. Interesting Day...
  116. Make-Up Secrets?
  117. Fat -> Easter Clothes -> Depressed
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  119. ANOTHER "Is this normal-is it just me" question
  120. Love Handles and Upper Legs
  121. Unsupportive Husband
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  123. being sick...and BINGING!!!
  124. Victory is sweeter than candy!
  125. Mirrors and Pics
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  127. I don't understand.
  128. April 14th Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  129. Too much exercise
  130. 4 weeks and no loss!
  131. Best book for Calorie counting
  132. starting over
  133. I having an "I feel fat" day
  134. Running Pains
  135. Arrgh!! Pants Still Too Tight!!
  136. Inspiration
  137. water bottle
  138. Don't know where to start
  139. April 13th - Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
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  141. Lost 2lbs!!!!!!!!!! :)
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  143. my adventure begins!
  144. Feel like a fraud
  145. Could running be making me hold onto some weight?
  146. What Made You Finally Take Control?
  147. Have you heard the new thing?
  148. Whoohoo
  149. ? about those BMR calculators
  150. I am new and need support!
  151. Height and size buddies
  152. Dropping weight TOO quickly?
  153. April 12th - Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  154. UGH...I need your help!
  155. What is wrong with me??
  156. So Hungry Today
  157. July 4th Challenge -- Weigh In
  158. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh this PLATEAU!!!
  159. Dealing with weight loss
  160. How do you all do it???
  161. Advice?
  162. Lost 45 lbs and still feel like a cow....
  163. Tired of FALLING OFF the WAGON!!! HELP ME!
  164. double chin
  165. Hanging on to the wheel of the wagon
  166. I hate it when people...
  167. Newbie here, but not to dieting
  168. Yippee! I Broke Through My Plateau!!!
  169. JUST Fruit and Veggies??????????.
  170. Do you think that....
  171. Self Defeat?
  172. I need to rant!!!
  173. Soul searching
  174. April 11th - plan for a nearly perfect day!
  175. Skinny Jeans!!
  176. Before photos... ugh...
  177. Obsessive Personality Diet Plan
  178. Somersizing anyone?
  179. Lose it by July 4th -- 12 weeks
  180. Maybe this might brighten your day?
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  182. I want to be a size 6
  183. Morning Exercise
  184. can't seem to lose, help please
  185. Food Pushers (you know what Im talking about)
  186. A serious question.
  187. Do you ever wonder...
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  189. Went to the doctor and the doctor said...
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  191. I annoy my roommate with my healthy lifestyle!!
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  193. Whoohoo
  194. April 7th - Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  195. Yippy, I just finish my 3rd week
  196. Please Help...
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  198. new scale
  199. Question about Products
  200. Clingy Hubby's
  201. Im new here
  202. April 6th - Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  203. Wanting to loss for Summer
  204. OH God.. my eyes...
  205. Holy Cravings Batman.....
  206. A question about Milk
  207. push on!
  208. A quick update
  209. Do you know the difference between a registered dietitian (R.D.) and a nutritionist?
  210. April 5th Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  211. Plantain Chips?...
  212. Help! I Can't Lose Weight!
  213. Feeling Overwhelmed
  214. If I move my butt~~~~
  215. I messed up again!
  216. Wasted MONEY!!!!!!!
  217. The Sugar Solution by Prevention Magazine???
  218. Need a good swift kick...HELP Please
  219. Mixed Blessing?
  220. Metabolic check?
  221. I have to pee, I have to pee!!!
  222. Lose it by July 4th -- 13 weeks
  223. HELP!!! I'm New!! :)
  224. Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day - April 4th
  225. Frustrated!
  226. Disappointed I dont see any change
  227. Omron Users... I Need Your Help!!
  228. Is it okay to work our when your sick?
  229. Any advice?
  230. How Did You Decide You Goal Weight?
  231. Exasperated.. please help!?!
  232. Just a little extra help...
  233. I have a female question
  234. GI diet
  235. April 3rd - Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  236. Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day - April 3rd
  237. What is the thing you want to do most?
  238. New Week
  239. Afraid to be Weighed...
  240. Need a Pen Pal to share diet tips with!
  241. I don't know what to do to help my friend....
  242. The often smudged line between guilt and deprivation
  243. What dont you miss from before your diet?
  244. Anyone here from New York Area???
  245. Thanks guys!
  246. Ex Smoker w/ delayed food reaction
  247. Pick a goal, any goal...
  248. Re-Commited Today
  249. Do hot flashes Burn calories?
  250. Ugh!!