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  1. Stressed out and gaining (vent)
  2. Too many calories?
  3. The Good things that keep you going...
  4. Is this good or pitiful, I can't decide.......
  5. Just miserable
  6. March 9th Plan for a nearly perfect day
  7. Bad Food Habits
  8. Little Things that Help
  9. What makes it hard for you to lose weight?
  10. tough times
  11. Anyone on a Medical Fast?
  12. I had an epiphany! Bordom makes me hungry.
  13. At a loss
  14. March 8th Plan for a nearly perfect day
  15. well, shoot.
  16. Going out sucks!! (rather random)
  17. Hating the "No, No, No, No"
  18. excellent website
  19. Steppers?
  20. I weighed myself today and was so upset...
  21. Why am I so paranoid?
  22. How many calories is enough?
  23. What body part?
  24. Is Doubt the Enemy?
  25. March 7th plan for a nearly perfect day
  26. Feeling Frustrated
  27. You Inspire Me!!!
  28. I have accepted....
  29. Progress Pics - a bit of difference!
  30. Losing for April Fools! Wk 11, March 6,2006
  31. Health scare
  32. Accurate Weigh In (women only please)
  33. How do you eat healthy with 2 kids and a nonsupportive spouse?
  34. Another Bad Day
  35. March 6th plan for a nearly perfect day!
  36. March 5th Plan for a Nearly Perfect Day
  37. Food alergies and their symptoms
  38. Problems with Body Image
  39. support from a diff angle...
  40. For you weight loss veterans ( and you know who you are!)
  41. new
  42. How do you get back on track?
  43. Successful weight loss but a little dissappointed
  44. slow and steady wins the race (weigh ins anyone?)
  45. Opinions needed Does using exercise machines get easier??
  46. Do parents count as obstacles??
  47. Addict?
  48. March 4th Plan for a nearly perfect day
  49. Best/Accurate scales?
  50. "Calling all Canadians -- March Chat"
  51. *rawr*
  52. Need some help/input.
  53. bump in the road
  54. A question....
  55. march 3rd plan for a nearly perfect day
  56. I'm Hungry!!!
  57. Protein foods?
  58. Floundering and Grasping at Straws
  59. Must Read Book!
  60. Confusion and Great News!
  61. March 2nd Plan for a nearly perfect day
  62. does it get easier?
  63. Need Advice, please help
  64. fat carb protien proportions?
  65. I Need Your Advise!!!!
  66. Difference
  67. Today is a good day
  68. I seriously need to talk...too MUCH attention!
  69. March 1st plan for a nearly perfect day
  70. grocery list
  71. Feb 29th Plan for a nearly perfect day!
  72. how much is too much?
  73. Losing for April Fools! Wk 10, Feb 27,2006
  74. How do you find the time/motivation??
  75. Whats a girl to do????
  76. any tips would be super
  77. lizzbabe... and anyone else
  78. Problem starting then sticking to it...
  79. Help...
  80. Feb 28th - Plan for the perfect Day
  81. SusanB!! Where you be??
  82. the past still haunts me
  83. Feb 27th - Plan for the perfect Day
  84. Switching "diets"
  85. Being kind to myself.
  86. Promise to myself for today - you too?
  87. Its A New Month! (almost)
  88. Anyone else experience this?
  89. anyone interested??
  90. feb 26 plan for a nearly perfect day
  91. Another thing about age -
  92. Ladies.. I need some advice.
  93. To much for Dinner
  94. Protein...
  95. Mommy's no chick!!!!
  96. My first real eating binge
  97. How do you decide on a diet
  98. So frustrating, but I'm not giving up!
  99. Wedding Band
  100. JustJuneBug
  101. Plan for the Perfect Day - Feb 25
  102. What am I doing wrong??
  103. ***STUPID*** question about weighing yourself ...
  104. heeeeeelp
  105. Calorie Confusion HELP!
  106. To Track or Not To Track?
  107. I give UP!!!!!
  108. Plateau (since MAY!!!!)
  109. Need your support
  110. Gained back 3 pounds - help!
  111. How To Get Husband to See Reason
  112. Step on it.
  113. this day is full of temptations...
  114. im starting, again!
  115. Weights
  116. New at this and in need of help
  117. ok need advice
  118. I've lost 10 lbs this month - why does it (mentally) feel like I'm on a plateau?
  119. Plan for the Perfect Day - Feb 24
  120. caffiene and headaches
  121. walking mileage
  122. tea
  123. do ya ever just "feel" fat?
  124. weight loss and alcohol
  125. February 23rd - plan for a nearly perfect day
  126. WOW LOOK AT THIS!!! Reverse eating = big losses!
  127. Give Yourself a Prize!!!
  128. Attention all Parents: What can schools do to help your children to be healthier?
  129. Back on track....I hope!
  130. Conquering binge-eating
  131. February 22nd Plan for a nearly perfect day
  132. I have a question re: Coffee and weight loss
  133. Trousers
  134. Something my company sent to us that I wanted to share
  135. What has your child said about your weight?
  136. Hey I am new here
  137. My Duct Tape Double
  138. need some "STEP AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE" vibes!!!!!!!!!
  139. How do I maintain on a business trip ?!?!?
  140. the worst confidance breaker EVER!
  141. I'm having a Norwex party.... must feed guests....
  142. I'm bad
  143. Weight vs body fat % for progress indicator?
  144. Anyone know anything about this?
  145. Why Did I Do It?
  146. Nutrition Master?
  147. Quit Smoking...Scared to death of gaining weight!
  148. Bad days
  149. taking the plunge, to take the weight off
  150. Weird Dreams
  151. Diet aids
  152. Feeling a snack attack coming on!
  153. pickles allowed?
  154. February 21th plan for a nearly perfect day
  155. May the Force be with me on this!
  156. What was the eye-opener for you?
  157. self sabotage?
  158. Just need to vent about a plateau
  159. What are your best "Tips" for weight loss?
  160. Anyone else have a broken scale ?! I'm so discouraged !!
  161. Need weight loss help
  162. I'm so glad!
  163. Question about Jillian Michaels workouts
  164. February 20th plan for a nearly perfect day
  165. Frustrated and Lost
  166. Losing for April Fools! Wk 9, Feb 20,2006
  167. Should I feel guilty??
  168. Extremely discouraged
  169. AH! Ah! Baking Horror!!!!
  170. Rate of weight loss?
  171. What's going on? Help me!!!!
  172. Question reguarding calorie consumption vs. calories burned....
  173. The things we do.....
  174. Just registered
  175. Who are you cheating when you "cheat eat"?
  176. Tummy tuck
  177. Bruising?
  178. How many pounds before buying new jeans?
  179. February 18th plan for a nearly perfect day
  180. Starvation Mode
  181. New Diet
  182. Well.. I just suck :o(
  183. So what is your motivation???
  184. Question About Weigh-In Days
  185. Did everything right and no weight loss
  186. back to smaller meals and question
  187. What's going on with my body?!!
  188. Anyone ever tried the sacred heart diet?
  189. Anyone here do Curves?
  190. Are there other families like this?
  191. Today is weigh day
  192. February 17th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  193. 8 years and I'm ready to give it all up
  194. Birth control and weight loss
  195. the good, the bad, and the ugly
  196. Passing out
  197. If being fat were acceptable...
  198. New here and wanted to say hello
  199. February 16th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  200. Emotional Eating
  201. Quitting Smoking
  202. New study shows weight gain depends on how many calories we eat, and not when we eat
  203. Obsessing and very depressed
  204. Setting Mini Goals
  205. newbie here, in need of some serious starting help
  206. I'm so upset!!!
  207. February 15th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  208. Snack Attack
  209. Scale Phobia
  210. Just Wondering!!!
  211. Spring Fling, 10 lbs b-4 first day of Spring
  212. February 14th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  213. Hi
  214. Age
  215. Introduction&question
  216. Help with amount of calories to eat/burn
  217. Hi there.. have a question
  218. Is this the dark side of losing weight?
  219. Losing for April Fools! Wk 8, Feb 13,2006
  220. To weigh or Not to weigh.. That is the question
  221. February 13th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  222. I Can't Seem To Keep Motivated
  223. Dealing with a Permanent Plateau
  224. I'm feeling like I can't do this.
  225. All along I thought my stomach was the problem- turns out it's my brain!
  226. Starting Over
  227. When You're Sick...
  228. Hi All! New here
  229. Do you ever wonder....
  230. Roundabout Remarks...
  231. February 10th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  232. reminder whats lurking around the corner
  233. I did it! I did it! And I'm sooo excited!
  234. Anyone travel A LOT for work? Diet help please!
  235. I fell off of the wagon.
  236. Newbie looking for a few good supporters
  237. Off the wagon, struggling to get back on!
  238. Who do you want to look like?
  239. Massachusetts - Walk For Hunger
  240. OMG is THAT what I look like?!
  241. February 9th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  242. It's been a year since I've had a cookie...
  243. Yay!
  244. What is wrong with me!!!!
  245. What will you do when you reach your goal?
  246. Back again!
  247. Me & FitDay do not agree...
  248. New, Confused and Discouraged. I could use some help...
  249. February 8th - plan for a nearly perfect day
  250. Does anyone [who is] feel 'not fat'?