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  1. where can i go get measured for a bra?
  2. dark under arms.. due to being heavy?
  3. the biggest loser show got me depressed.
  4. Once Again
  5. Goal for End of May
  6. How do you work on your BELLY FAT
  7. after how long is it no longer "water weight"..
  8. Let's talk PEDOMETORS
  9. HELP-6wbmo
  10. Compulsive eater back after gaining 40 pounds in 4 months... I'm going to crack!
  11. Need advice / someone to listen . .
  12. Ok its going slow but still going
  13. I look like Rosie?
  14. Motivation please help!!
  15. Ever been judged by a stranger?
  16. IT STILL SUCKS! In fact its WORSE
  17. Would I be welcome here?
  18. 500 days... cripes!
  19. "Free" diets
  20. RANT big girls in lowrise jeans.
  21. Need a little advice
  22. The Cafeteria is testing me. . .
  23. Need success stories for article
  24. I feel myself!
  25. Why is this happening?
  26. Concern about The Daily Plate
  27. Fat Free?
  28. Planning - 5/6/07 to 5/12/07
  29. This is the first time...
  30. Had set my calorie goal WAY too high, apparently... *sigh*
  31. Anyone else eat just because they LIKE it?
  32. what to eat for cinco de mayo
  33. For people who worry about numbers!
  34. Weird dreams help me to stay on track
  35. Attacking the "why" I eat
  36. Ughh! Starting over again...
  37. thanks much!
  38. On my way
  39. Nervous
  40. Accountability thread? Friday planning
  41. please respond n give me hope! :)
  42. How to Break the Plateau...
  43. Social Anxiety Eating
  44. I'm so proud of myself...
  45. Everyone weigh in 05/04/07
  46. Feeling icky!!!
  47. scale problems, can you help me?
  48. I'm back and missed everyone!
  49. Where the heck have I been?
  50. No Such Thing as CHEATING!
  51. Support Policy - Agree to Disagree
  52. So tired/exhausted while dieting....
  53. Having trouble getting motivated to exercise...
  54. grrr
  55. The big maybe
  56. What is more important?
  57. Diverticulitis
  58. Pictures from Peru!
  59. Trying to get past the dirty looks
  60. Am I doing it for the right reason?
  61. Are you scared of Onederland?
  62. Flagging motivation
  63. Am I horrible for eating a club sandwich?
  64. OK, here's the article I was talking about (calorie restriction)
  65. Is there a way to move FitWatch to FitDay?
  66. I am NOT too thin.... am I??
  67. Not losing weight....
  68. calories needed calculator
  69. Planning 4/30/07
  70. Thank Goodness for 3FC's!!
  71. plus one
  72. It's all been a lie
  73. Realization......happy, happy girl!
  74. "I'm sorry that I am FAT!"
  75. I'm Back, Taking It Day By Day
  76. Can you visualize yourself thin?
  77. Education is one of the keys
  78. My Sister Not Losing Weight
  79. Ugh!!!! Need answers.
  80. Sneaky mid week WI's DO YOU?
  81. How much Weight loss?
  82. I think I get to FINALLY change my ticker!
  83. What to do about work...
  84. Do you have high blood pressure, too?
  85. im new to this :-)
  86. Everyone weigh in 04/27/07
  87. Im so mad at me right now
  88. Body Dysmorphia
  89. calories & Carbs?
  90. weight loss dreams...
  91. how?
  92. I am a failure :(
  93. So today is Thursday...
  94. Fighting the cupcakes at work- without gloves
  95. Stood on the scale and am terribly upset
  96. Scale Quandry
  97. Can I get a pep talk? :)
  98. Clash of the Titans: Calorieking VS Fitday
  99. How long before people noticed your loss?
  100. Need Advice w/ 13 year-old daughter
  101. How I've been
  102. What have you done for YOU lately?
  103. Im new here
  104. Newbie looking for Abs Diet group
  105. Hit a little bump...
  106. Questions
  107. What is this secret longing saying about me?
  108. Old clothes???
  109. Love the skin you're in baby!
  110. How old do you LOOK???
  111. Yuk I Look Terrible
  112. Quit’cher whining
  113. What is ur ok cheat???
  114. Help, its so confusing.
  115. i need friends!!!!
  116. Anyone has experienced this?
  117. How much water to drink?
  118. Sugar is from da'Devil!
  119. Great News!!!!!
  120. Staying on track while under extreme stress?
  121. Why, oh Why dear heaven??????
  122. a little bit confused about my 5 pound loss?
  123. Good all day then lose it at night
  124. Plateau Question!!
  125. Isn't It Strange, How Quickly We Change?
  126. Hope is dead...
  127. new and excited to be here :)
  128. for some reason I am so sad today
  129. Weekend Planning: 4/21-4/22
  130. Planning for Fri 4/20
  131. I need a mentor
  132. What is your ideal body type?
  133. I didn't realize what you do for me....
  134. Everyone weigh in 04/20/07
  135. Fast food cravings? Try this!
  136. Best Ways to Combat Sabotage
  137. How to break a plateau?
  138. what are good intervals to take pics of loss?
  139. Planning for Thursday, April 19
  140. Do your dating standards go up as weight comes down?
  141. Is you husband jealous...
  142. What 1 pound a week REALLY looks like
  143. Dreaming about bingeing...
  144. My stomach ailment
  145. Planning: 4/18 Wednesday
  146. Feeling Low....
  147. HUGE Plus- Different points of view
  148. An insane case of Thirsty
  149. Do you use food to calm, cope, and medicate yourself?
  150. Follow-up on carolva's thread about no dieting
  151. I have a wrinkly saggy tummy!!!!!!!!
  152. Fat Rant
  153. Diets SUCK!
  154. people who weigh the same as you, but look bigger?
  155. I feel like I'm always hungry
  156. Starting today...need support!
  157. This is so not fair.
  158. Saw some recent photos of myself...
  159. Planning: Tuesday 4/17
  160. I dont want to go on another diet
  161. Starving and no calories left for dinner!
  162. Fell off the wagon-big time
  163. Feeling...
  164. Prayers for families at Virginia Tech
  165. I wanna lose 100 lbs by October
  166. Diet Success
  167. Books you have read concerning weight loss
  168. What do you do.....
  169. Planning for Monday April 16
  170. losing but still need help!!! really!
  171. Is this progress?
  172. Help! Need To Get Fit For My Wedding!
  173. It's been one month, and guess what?
  174. Stressful week & went up 6 lbs!!
  175. Hit a Plateau, need help!
  176. Planning for April 14-15
  177. does this sound normal to you?
  178. Is this safe?
  179. What can I do?
  180. So I'm doing this thing, and I could REALLY use some help.
  181. CHOLESTEROL Level Down!
  182. 1,000th Post Love Letter to 3FC
  183. RMR test update
  184. can u gain weight working out?
  185. Planning: April 13
  186. Those Hungry Days
  187. Everyone weigh in 04/13/07
  188. HELP Why do i Binge Eat?
  189. Don't you just hate...
  190. I just had a revelation ....
  191. Power Struggle
  192. Too much emotional hurt so I'm finding it hard to take care of myself
  193. Unfortunately you HAVE to eat...
  194. Exercise is putting on weight???
  195. how do you weigh/measure progress?
  196. backshift?
  197. RMMs
  198. Wanting to snack too much...
  199. Planning for Thursday, April 12
  200. Guess What I Did Today????
  201. 10 lbs to go and Need some Support
  202. Trigger Foods
  203. Planning for Wed 4-11
  204. need to rant and rave for a little bit
  205. An odd thing just happened to me.
  206. Pls Help Me Get Out of this State of Mind
  207. Grrrr! Bad Shari, Bad Bad!
  208. Sex and weight
  209. Question: Exercise vs. Calorie Intake??
  210. Guess What I Bought Yesterday?
  211. One small step for some, one giant leap for me!
  212. What Shape Are You?
  213. Planning for Tues. 4/10
  214. Reality vs. Perception
  215. I'm Back from my vacation
  216. Any other new mommies out there?
  217. Please Help, I'm losing control (long)
  218. Coming to Terms with the New Me
  219. That thing we call food, ya, its controlling my life
  220. Why do you whant to get slim?
  221. First steps to take/one thing to do?
  222. What is your relationship with food?
  223. Menu Thread 4/9
  224. Scientific Paper on Willpower: Is it Depletable?
  225. accountability partner...
  226. Any emotiional eaters out there ?
  227. Spinal Stenosis????
  228. 1 Scale, 2 Scale, whacha gonna do scale?
  229. Yikes! I'm shorter!
  230. How to combat "that was good, I think I'll have another"
  231. Good luck today!
  232. help appreciated
  233. elliptical machines...
  234. Choosing to take action (long and rambling)
  235. ok, with all the kids' easter candy in the
  236. I have a question....
  237. Just a little update.
  238. 39 day challenge
  239. I have NO motivation to get off my butt.
  240. Addiction Transfer
  241. Planning for Friday 4/6
  242. Help me get back on track!
  243. Darn Otis Spunkmeyer!!!
  244. what do I need to do?
  245. Everyone weigh in 04/06/07
  246. Support Buddy
  247. When you're down?
  248. I could use some support...
  249. I need some support....
  250. planning Thurs. 4/5