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  1. One of those days
  2. No-Care Zone
  3. ideas, please.
  4. Ladies I need a little support.....
  5. Low cal/point camping options?
  6. "...nothing special about being thin"
  7. Were you scared a first to lose weight?
  8. Update :]
  9. New scales :(
  10. I'm so dumb.
  11. Everyone weigh in 07/13/07
  12. What scales to buy?
  13. Scared into reality
  14. Supermarket scales
  15. Scales! Argh.
  16. I have this friend...
  17. Meaurements all screwy???
  18. Addictive Personality?
  19. I don't get it!
  20. With or without thats the question...
  21. I am at loss can anyone help
  22. Those of you who weigh
  23. What happened to you?
  24. Good calorie counter sites?
  25. Saturday goal
  26. Day two with a headache
  27. Why does FitDay do this?
  28. oh for goodness SAKE
  29. Failure..
  30. C'mmon Guys!! We CAN do it!!!
  31. Shopping in the back of my closet
  32. Feeling shaky and lonely
  33. Calorie calculator for kids?
  34. Ahh what a feeling
  35. A Wacky New Diet
  36. That really sucks!
  37. I Want Pizza
  38. Got my first
  39. Just Realized Alot About Me
  40. VERY slow weightloss...
  41. Question about fat and ketones
  42. Complexes you've developed (and resolved!)
  43. Why am i so sleepy????
  44. Question for other females!
  45. Which is best?
  46. What do you think is the cause for me not loosing weight? I can't figure it out!
  47. Planning & Journals 7/9 - 7/15
  48. How much weight to drop a size
  49. Rough Weekend
  50. I have an unsupportive best friend!!!
  51. Need Ideas
  52. Overnight Worker Blues
  53. Plateau=tears
  54. Did you know?
  55. Is it easier to lose weight if you can cook?
  56. I'm so silly sometimes...
  57. Biking mishaps
  58. Back To The Boys'
  59. NSV for me!
  60. correct way to measure waist
  61. Starting a new habit this week??
  62. Does a "free day" help you out or sabotage your diet?
  63. Is it getting easier for you?
  64. Help!
  65. Back...
  66. Air Travel
  67. Ugh!
  68. It's easier being fat in the fall/winter months!
  69. Don't think I can exercise today :(
  70. Scale devastation
  71. Fat grams...
  72. Do people who post here the most, lose the most?
  73. Pounds and Inches
  74. Calorie question....
  75. Do you judge your...
  76. Did you ever just HIT that moment...
  77. Oopsies.
  78. I think I inspired my mom
  79. Do you find yourself always looking for more compliments??
  80. I have a new uncontrollable urge
  81. Scaling Back Calories
  82. Now, *I* want to cry
  83. Do you wait around for a new day too?
  84. Measurements going up?
  85. Everyone weigh in 07/06/07
  86. Just need some motivation
  87. Are you kidding me?
  88. Getting back on track
  89. Yay! I'm dying!
  90. Easing into diet vs. jumping straight in?
  91. I'm scared
  92. Curvy Vixen's
  93. *sigh* I feel so great about myself, and then..
  94. Where do people get this for their avatar?
  95. I Hate My Body
  96. So Far
  97. Newbie! Considering surgery. Help.
  98. Are you less hungry in the heat of summer?
  99. I just want to cry
  100. Party/Barbecue Strategies!
  101. Planning & Journals 7/2 - 7/8
  102. Stress causing weight-loss?
  103. Need help in regaining focus!
  104. Set points and plateaus
  105. Whats best
  106. Wow I thought I looked okay til...
  107. Going to the Movies: popcorn and snacks...
  108. Wish me luck!
  109. How did I lose almost 3 lbs this week?
  110. Which nutrition site connects with FitDay?
  111. Question about activity levels and calorie calculators...
  112. Stories of increased confidence!
  113. July's Goals.....
  114. A Revelation:The Problem Is Supper
  115. Thread for inspiring sayings
  116. Wwyd?
  117. I need advice. . .
  118. Do you set a cut point for night snacks?
  119. I've figured out why I don't try to look my best.
  120. My first official weigh in....
  121. Just an observation
  122. I've got to start somewhere because it's all seeming so hopeless..[long]
  123. If you are overweight, are you insecure about seeing old friends?
  124. Losing Weight Easier When Heavier?
  125. Weight fluctuations- frustration and insight
  126. Any one else get mad at their doctor (rant)?
  127. In Denial
  128. Hi, my name is Lynsey and I'm addicted to
  129. Feeling fatter even thru weight-loss?
  130. Healthy restaurant eating easier than you thought?
  131. Plateauing afer 4 months-need advice
  132. 3 lbs lost today!!!!!!!
  133. Willpower
  134. Weighed myself again today.....
  135. In need of support
  136. Do things such as these bother anyone else?
  137. Everyone weigh in 06/29/07
  138. Is anybody else "goal less?"
  139. How hungry are you?
  140. The big D diet - and D isn't Dallas (Divorce)
  141. Stressful Job and Dieting
  142. Am I doing things right?
  143. opinions wanted please.....
  144. What have you learned about you?
  145. Confused by scale reading...did I lose
  146. Organizing my clothes - various sizes
  147. The Yo-Yo Diet
  148. Kids who binge
  149. When Others Like You Fat
  150. Eating more fiber? (potential overshare)
  151. **Scale Panic, SOS!**
  152. Help! Going on vacation and won't have much control over food
  153. My First "Feel Good" compliment...
  154. Help Me!!
  155. How much water weight
  156. Ack! Weight went up, measurements went down!
  157. Just some thoughts....
  158. Bad day!
  159. Anyone in Armed Forces?
  160. Mini Rewards
  161. Finally become Routine?
  162. Looking for folks with 70-ish to lose...
  163. Planning & Journals 6/25 - 7/1
  164. I'm having a hard time...
  165. That's what I'm here for...
  166. Speaking of accurate are the calorie counts?
  167. Help, Gasric by-pass didn't work
  168. BF support troubles
  169. Unexplainable hair loss
  170. Eating right when traveling for business? Ideas?
  171. For those who use fitday...
  172. Soda Detox
  173. Calling maintainers who have lost 75+ lbs...
  174. Looking for some accountability.
  175. Struggling with my eating today
  176. How not to offend?
  177. Anyone have a saboteur around them?
  178. Dieting under extreme and constant stress
  179. Calorie Intake
  180. Does anyone worry about..
  181. Getting over the anger and the blame game
  182. Mom's Bad Diagnosis
  183. Everyone weigh in 06/22/07
  184. It is a marathon, not a sprint
  185. Can't Stop the Candy!
  186. Question about
  187. Need some quick info
  188. Can't get motivated...
  189. 1lb shy of halfway, and I'm stalled!
  190. Fluctuations in Scale Weight and Water Weight
  191. Should I even continue?
  192. Things to look out for when dieting??
  193. Oy Vay, What now??
  194. My Very Long Term Goals...
  195. do you give yourself positive or negative pep talks?
  196. question for those who do weigh-in's each week.
  197. My mini goal 180
  198. I LOVE ... (weight loss related)
  199. Losing hope...
  200. Just want to say....
  201. What do you think of Alli?
  202. Sad Sad Sad
  203. 6-19 Weigh-In!!!
  204. What do you do for a salt craving?
  205. I HATE... (weight loss related)
  206. Need some inspiration...
  207. Heat and weight jump related?
  208. I have to get started but....
  209. Frustrated
  210. Night shift RN, troubles with diet
  211. Diet Coke Support
  212. What do you feed your children?
  213. if something doesnt happen soon.......
  214. Fit plate or The Daily Plate
  215. Does anyone have a small goal?
  216. Low or No Calorie Tricks
  217. I simply gave up
  218. Planning & Journals 6/18 - 6/24
  219. Weekend Eating
  220. Scale accuracy
  221. when is everything is not ok? (rant)
  222. It's always the pants!!!
  223. Mexico Lindo
  224. Yikes!
  225. HOW to focus on ME when ...
  226. newbie failing:more or less
  227. Is he Super Supportive?
  228. Er.... Weight Loss... Dreams? (or nightmares)
  229. So frustrated
  230. Sabotaging ourselves?
  231. Veins?
  232. Everyone weigh in 06/15/07
  233. Ugh.. Why?
  234. Calorie Counting Works???
  235. Minor illness and weight loss
  236. Do you read other's FitDay
  237. Um. not getting skinny here!
  238. Fat distribution?
  239. Minor setback after lumpectomy.
  240. **BIG** sigh....
  241. I Am So Frustrated
  242. Are there any events you're looking forward to as a slimer you?
  243. I Do Feel Dissapointed An I Am Wondering
  244. What keeps you motivated to excersize??
  245. I'm confused.. Why am I losing weight?
  246. How many calories are too few?
  247. How Bad Is This For My Body?
  248. "aunt flow" and weight how does it affect you?
  249. Heavier than I thought
  250. how do you deal with stress while dieting