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  1. A Revelation:The Problem Is Supper
  2. Thread for inspiring sayings
  3. Wwyd?
  4. I need advice. . .
  5. Do you set a cut point for night snacks?
  6. I've figured out why I don't try to look my best.
  7. My first official weigh in....
  8. Just an observation
  9. I've got to start somewhere because it's all seeming so hopeless..[long]
  10. If you are overweight, are you insecure about seeing old friends?
  11. Losing Weight Easier When Heavier?
  12. Weight fluctuations- frustration and insight
  13. Any one else get mad at their doctor (rant)?
  14. In Denial
  15. Hi, my name is Lynsey and I'm addicted to
  16. Feeling fatter even thru weight-loss?
  17. Healthy restaurant eating easier than you thought?
  18. Plateauing afer 4 months-need advice
  19. 3 lbs lost today!!!!!!!
  20. Willpower
  21. Weighed myself again today.....
  22. In need of support
  23. Do things such as these bother anyone else?
  24. Everyone weigh in 06/29/07
  25. Is anybody else "goal less?"
  26. How hungry are you?
  27. The big D diet - and D isn't Dallas (Divorce)
  28. Stressful Job and Dieting
  29. Am I doing things right?
  30. opinions wanted please.....
  31. What have you learned about you?
  32. Confused by scale reading...did I lose
  33. Organizing my clothes - various sizes
  34. The Yo-Yo Diet
  35. Kids who binge
  36. When Others Like You Fat
  37. Eating more fiber? (potential overshare)
  38. **Scale Panic, SOS!**
  39. Help! Going on vacation and won't have much control over food
  40. My First "Feel Good" compliment...
  41. Help Me!!
  42. How much water weight
  43. Ack! Weight went up, measurements went down!
  44. Just some thoughts....
  45. Bad day!
  46. Anyone in Armed Forces?
  47. Mini Rewards
  48. Finally become Routine?
  49. Looking for folks with 70-ish to lose...
  50. Planning & Journals 6/25 - 7/1
  51. I'm having a hard time...
  52. That's what I'm here for...
  53. Speaking of accurate are the calorie counts?
  54. Help, Gasric by-pass didn't work
  55. BF support troubles
  56. Unexplainable hair loss
  57. Eating right when traveling for business? Ideas?
  58. For those who use fitday...
  59. Soda Detox
  60. Calling maintainers who have lost 75+ lbs...
  61. Looking for some accountability.
  62. Struggling with my eating today
  63. How not to offend?
  64. Anyone have a saboteur around them?
  65. Dieting under extreme and constant stress
  66. Calorie Intake
  67. Does anyone worry about..
  68. Getting over the anger and the blame game
  69. Mom's Bad Diagnosis
  70. Everyone weigh in 06/22/07
  71. It is a marathon, not a sprint
  72. Can't Stop the Candy!
  73. Question about
  74. Need some quick info
  75. Can't get motivated...
  76. 1lb shy of halfway, and I'm stalled!
  77. Fluctuations in Scale Weight and Water Weight
  78. Should I even continue?
  79. Things to look out for when dieting??
  80. Oy Vay, What now??
  81. My Very Long Term Goals...
  82. do you give yourself positive or negative pep talks?
  83. question for those who do weigh-in's each week.
  84. My mini goal 180
  85. I LOVE ... (weight loss related)
  86. Losing hope...
  87. Just want to say....
  88. What do you think of Alli?
  89. Sad Sad Sad
  90. 6-19 Weigh-In!!!
  91. What do you do for a salt craving?
  92. I HATE... (weight loss related)
  93. Need some inspiration...
  94. Heat and weight jump related?
  95. I have to get started but....
  96. Frustrated
  97. Night shift RN, troubles with diet
  98. Diet Coke Support
  99. What do you feed your children?
  100. if something doesnt happen soon.......
  101. Fit plate or The Daily Plate
  102. Does anyone have a small goal?
  103. Low or No Calorie Tricks
  104. I simply gave up
  105. Planning & Journals 6/18 - 6/24
  106. Weekend Eating
  107. Scale accuracy
  108. when is everything is not ok? (rant)
  109. It's always the pants!!!
  110. Mexico Lindo
  111. Yikes!
  112. HOW to focus on ME when ...
  113. newbie failing:more or less
  114. Is he Super Supportive?
  115. Er.... Weight Loss... Dreams? (or nightmares)
  116. So frustrated
  117. Sabotaging ourselves?
  118. Veins?
  119. Everyone weigh in 06/15/07
  120. Ugh.. Why?
  121. Calorie Counting Works???
  122. Minor illness and weight loss
  123. Do you read other's FitDay
  124. Um. not getting skinny here!
  125. Fat distribution?
  126. Minor setback after lumpectomy.
  127. **BIG** sigh....
  128. I Am So Frustrated
  129. Are there any events you're looking forward to as a slimer you?
  130. I Do Feel Dissapointed An I Am Wondering
  131. What keeps you motivated to excersize??
  132. I'm confused.. Why am I losing weight?
  133. How many calories are too few?
  134. How Bad Is This For My Body?
  135. "aunt flow" and weight how does it affect you?
  136. Heavier than I thought
  137. how do you deal with stress while dieting
  138. advice pleeeeeeaaasssseeee.
  139. Have you seen Tann's pix in the mini album?
  140. Where do you lose it from first?
  141. Sounds great.....but I'm still bummed
  142. Exercise and ice cream
  143. "Non-Diet" diets
  144. Planning and Journals 6/11-6/17
  145. what are your fav diet blogs?
  146. 10kg in a week!
  147. Basal numbers - I'm confused. Please help
  148. back on track
  149. Somebody Stop Me!
  150. Why did I do this to myself?
  151. Help The Scale Is Stuck!
  152. Food epiphany?
  153. Isn't it GREAT when.....
  154. why? today its on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. Needing support for a project that I'm only sharing with you :)
  156. Everyone weigh in 06/08/07
  157. It's good to be back!
  158. Helping Us Feel Better
  159. I'm not going anorexic, so stop trying to force feed me McDonald's!
  160. how long does it take to drop a dress size?
  161. Aweful measurement!!!
  162. What motivates you?
  163. Smellology?
  164. So I sorta crashed on my bike with kids in tow
  165. fat camps
  166. Here's my story now who wants to be crazy with me?
  167. lost 117lbs in 3 months?!?!
  168. Could I lose 14lbs between June 15th and September 1st?
  169. What's the deal with Crystal Light?
  170. ok, you have your life on hold.... for what??
  171. Non-understanding husband
  172. Odd fat storage?
  173. How many hours between meals?
  174. Poo!
  175. What was the moment that made you say...
  176. goal?
  177. Social anxiety due to weight gain - anyone else?
  178. Life on Hold
  179. Help - Am On A Plateau...
  180. I am a WeightWatchers drop-out!!!!!
  181. binge- exercising to "make up" for it.
  182. 1200 calories!
  183. Fat/Carbs/Protein ratio?
  184. Have I been overdoing it, or is my mom being paranoid?
  185. Pattern: out of control eating after compliments
  186. Those late night munchies...
  187. Question for Meg!
  188. Picnic - Hate!!
  189. Does dieting mean no more Starbucks?
  190. No one ever told me...
  191. The *POSITIVES* of weight loss
  192. BMI calculators
  193. Do you hold out on yourself?
  194. How do you count calories? Website? Book?
  195. Help me! I can't control my cravings durring that time of the month...
  196. Beck Diet Solution
  197. Birthdays...what do you do?
  198. Planning & Journals 6/3-6/10
  199. Have you ever heard of this!?!
  200. One year mark.....
  201. Question about lower carbs and hypothyroid weight loss
  202. How Do you Treat Yourself?
  203. I feel so guilty and mad at myself.
  204. Tell me it's okay...
  205. Quick (dumb) question HELPPP!!!!!
  206. June's Goals....
  207. More Calories? Should I?
  208. Everyone weigh in 06/01/07
  209. Losing inches, not pounds
  210. weight loss retreat
  211. All my bags are packed...
  212. Will I Ever Turn The Corner????
  213. My excitement has turned into anger
  214. what kind of scale do you own?
  215. Other than your gym...
  216. Anybody Sit on an Exercise Ball at the Computer?
  217. Addiction.... to Food??
  218. what re-motivates you when you have no more motivation left?
  219. semi-RANT anyone else anxious to lose it all already?
  220. Whats Wrong with me
  221. Day After Memorial Day Weigh-In..AHH!!
  222. Hypothyroid and need some hope!
  223. This has probably been asked before...
  224. Getting re-remotivated
  225. How Did You Do On Memorial Day?
  226. I just dont know where to start..
  227. Up 4 pounds in 2 days...???
  228. Quality matters...
  229. Do I look my actual weight?
  230. Planning & Journals 5/27-6/2
  231. Olive Garden
  232. Boys!
  233. EFAs?
  234. Let's offer help!
  235. how is it fair?
  236. Need some insight
  237. I feel sooooo drained...what to do?
  238. Feeling full?
  239. Eating at night = ARG!
  240. Today i`m ofiacilly starting my post degree program
  241. Sticking to it, 1 more day: Fri. May 25
  242. Everyone weigh in 05/25/07
  243. Thank you
  244. increase in triglycerides
  245. This has to stop
  246. Conquering PMS Mega Munchies
  247. US Holdiday weekend--what's your plan
  248. Thinking first on Thursday May 24
  249. choosing a plan or program?
  250. Lunch is so hard!