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  1. I am getting there!
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  22. SCALE is now a four letter word
  23. I need HELP/SUPPORT!
  24. HOW did we get so FAT?
  25. I am backkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
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  27. Well I have to re-start now!
  28. Re-starting my diet...
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  31. Weighing in??
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  33. doing everything right but not losing
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  36. Help!! chocolate
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  39. I just don't know where to turn
  40. How Do You Get Back IN Control When You Are So Out Of Control?
  41. This is weird to me.
  42. Is a pound a week okay?
  43. 3fc 2008 Goals!
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  45. Weight Loss Rewards?
  46. Night-time noshing no more!
  47. Fiding The Reason You Overeat
  48. Ever see a co-worker on 3FC?
  49. Oh, God, kill me now...(pity party)
  50. Big gurls need love too!
  51. body size chart?
  52. Screw New Year's Resolutions...
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  54. That sucks!
  55. Pedometer?
  56. What size will I end up being???
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  58. Please help me feel better :( 4 pound gain from a week-long holiday binge :(
  59. Christmas Day Binge
  60. my parents are here and i am losing weight
  61. Anyone give up diet sodas?
  62. Family Crisis! 21 years too old. Holiday stress [bookish Long]
  63. I want to try again
  64. Something like Motivation.
  65. HI EVERYONE!!! Updates on my progress!!
  66. How do I make him understand?
  67. Thank goodness I used to be FAT
  68. MAYDAY! I think I should be here!
  69. Turning 35
  70. Out Of Control!
  71. Kicking myself for the 1000th time
  72. Everyone Weigh in 12/21/07
  73. OMG checked the scales today!
  74. how do I find the best diet for me
  75. Did you hate the weight before & love it now?
  76. Does Anyone Have A Remedy For Me???
  77. Things SEEMED to be under control...
  78. Anyone else having trouble?
  79. Dag Nab It! My pants are falling off
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  81. Adding powdered fiber?
  82. Hrmph. Wounded ego.
  83. To Those "Addicted to Food"
  84. In need of Help ...
  85. Binge eating
  86. I Gained So Much Weight I Feel So Embarrassed
  87. Stuck! / I'm Baaaack / Update
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  89. Evening binging :(
  90. Were You Treated Differently After Losing A Lot of Weight?
  91. Liquids vs. Solids
  92. Why am I hungry when I'm sick?
  93. Why would my boyfriend say this???
  94. i need to start a new life
  95. question about fiber intake
  96. Work Times
  97. Everyone Weigh in 12/14/07
  98. I am a Monster
  99. Top 8 Tips for Holiday Party-Going
  100. I'm ready to do things differently....
  101. The problem with Volumetrics....
  102. Really need some help.....
  103. How about the Baby Steps Plan?
  104. Any Suggestions?
  105. Two Simple Questions For Anyone With Even Relative Knowledge of Weight-Loss
  106. how to make a commitment
  107. Who uses crushes as motivation?
  108. Holiday Chocolate Coping!
  109. Unsure about realistic goals.
  110. Anyone switch from artificial sweeteners to sugar?
  111. Holiday Parties and New Diets
  112. Most important things learned?
  113. Holidays and drinking
  114. Besides Fit Watch what are other analyzers?
  115. What do you use for motivation?
  116. How to heal a broken body image
  117. Lacking motivation or something else?
  118. Why Do I Always Give Up??
  119. What kind of lunch box do you have?
  120. High fat/High carb - The dangerous combo?
  121. Why?
  122. Im new at this and need some advice
  123. First time I've gained...really depressed...
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  125. Overeating, but healthy foods.
  126. Low energy - could it be diet? (LONG)
  127. lost weight this week, feel discouraged
  128. The scale at the Doctors office
  129. Interesting Article Body Image Weight Loss
  130. My New Friend ~ Pot o' Blackberry Tea !
  131. Lack of hunger
  132. 21lbs down but why is there no difference?!!
  133. Finally loosing weight!
  134. handling unwanted attention
  135. Anyone feel nervous when starting new eating lifestyles?
  136. Do you think it's denial?
  137. Who does this besides me???!
  138. Okay I'm back/need a kick in the pants
  139. How is this possible?
  140. Oh OK, so I'm silly :D
  141. Olive Garden & Macaroni Grill - Study by Center for Science
  142. Losing inches instead of pounds
  143. Self-sabotaging
  144. I need help....
  145. Sugar--Bad or Not?
  146. Back again
  147. I can't win - Scale Psychology
  148. The professional perks of being thin
  149. I survived! (Huge honeymoon NSV!!!)
  150. Just have to put it in writing...
  151. Good News and Bad News...
  152. I'm new, 20 lbs from goal, any advice?
  153. Everyone Weigh in 11/30/07
  154. I have a question ... Beef Jerky
  155. Omgz!!!!
  156. 2008 Plans and goals???
  157. Life Is Gym ! A new trend...
  158. Did anyone see Oprah's weight loss show yesterday?
  159. Losing Weight & Quitting Smoking Challenge
  160. Emotional Eating
  161. My Promise in 2008
  162. The one 4-lLetter "F" word we should ban from our vocabulary!
  163. How do you get your bf in the gym with you?
  164. Question about water intake...
  165. Oh no! I'm fatter than I thought I was.
  166. Upset with myself
  167. what does it take to get things going?
  168. motivation loss
  169. I think I can..well maybe
  170. Breaking Up/Food Vent
  171. Sodium!!
  172. Feet that hurt due to weight gain...
  173. Everyone Weigh in 11/23/07
  174. Thanksgiving Success!
  175. Gaining Weight While on a Diet
  176. Join me in Turkey Day Planning?
  177. Even more confused!!!
  178. How about little rewards for every 5 lbs, BIG rewards for every 10?
  179. I think I need help...
  180. Kick in the pants, please!
  181. Staying Active witha Toddler
  182. Do you see yourself as fatter then you "really" are?
  183. Going down, down, down!
  184. omg stressed out!!!!
  185. I've done messed up now!
  186. How often do you eat out?
  187. Im hungry ALL the time.
  188. calorie reduction and sleep
  189. I can stick to it!
  190. Body Fat
  191. My Lifestyle Guideline of healthy eating :
  192. Weighing myself every day
  193. Do You Have Saturday Off?
  194. I need help, please
  195. No appetite
  196. Worried about post weight loss body
  197. Gaining weight when emotionally/mentally unbalanced?
  198. Everyone Weigh in 11/16/07
  199. Moving the Big 50 lb. Block
  200. Help me stay away from the Cookies!
  201. How many calories???
  202. Something weird is happening....
  203. Need a good book for a gift!
  204. Your favorite water?
  205. First Time Out To Dinner....sigh...I made it!
  206. "Normal" bmi... and feeling kinda meh?
  207. Calories counting.
  208. **loco**
  209. women's health issue - quitting the pill
  210. How many lbs did it take before you noticed a difference?
  211. New Scales- 7 lb difference ???
  212. I've fallen and need to get up!
  213. Weigh In: week 4
  214. What happened to my goal?
  215. More Duh
  216. I'm just curious
  217. Need a nice group to join
  218. sometimes feel a bit like Jeez... suggestions?
  219. Any Other Night Shift Nurses Out there?
  220. should i eat less now...
  221. Back tracked - and how to get back on track?
  222. Help... Crackhead on the loose!!!
  223. How do you deal with body image?
  224. Oops
  225. Setting Goals: A Procrastinator's Dilemma
  226. Not there Yet, But will be
  227. Everyone weigh in 11/09/07
  228. I just started again trying to lose weight and I am count calories
  229. Calories or Calories from fat?
  230. New Job w/ Food. Frustrating
  231. How does one persons weight change so much in a days time
  232. I skipped the cake
  233. This Bites!
  234. I flubbed up already :O(
  235. Who Hid My Breakfast Protein?
  236. Protein Bars. How many a day?
  237. I Am The Walrus (and not in a good way)
  238. I'm stuck...
  239. Cravings!
  240. back from hiatus
  241. Needing some encouragement
  242. Sooo Hungry
  243. Menstrual cycle and weight loss question
  244. Weigh In: Week 3
  245. Buddy needed.... doing Weight Watchers
  246. I want to cry...a lot
  247. Husband of 20 years moving out tomorrow.
  248. How often do you weigh yourself?
  249. Workout Buddy Needed - Baldwinsville, NY
  250. Everyone weigh in 11/02/07